20 Best Apps To Watch Korean Drama On Mobile (Android & iOS)

People, especially young people, are now fond of Korean dramas. If you are one of them, here are some websites and apps to watch Korean dramas on the go.


In Korea, Korean drama is called k-drama, short for Korean drama, or Korean drama in English.

Dramas such as these have become extremely popular throughout Asia and are increasingly popular around the world. Korean dramas have been a significant part of the general phenomenon called Hallyu.

Many KDrama fans prefer to watch Korean movies directly from the streaming apps on their smartphones instead of downloading and watching them from websites.


Our smartphones are now equipped with available Korean drama watching apps, and these apps are legal as well.

Humortainment has compiled a list of the best Apps to watch Korean Drama on Mobile; for Android (APK) and iPhone (free streaming available). Let’s get started!

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20 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama on Mobile (Android & iOS)

1. Hooq


The app is a subscription based application. Both the website and the mobile app work very smoothly. The subscription price of the app is not very expensive.

The app has a variety of subscription plans based on different users’ needs. The app can be downloaded from Play Store on Android phone.

For iPhone users the app is available on App store. The website can be accessed from any browser.

Apps to watch Korean Drama

2. Viu

Viu is one of the most common Apps to watch Korean dramas. The good thing about the app is that you download the dramas on your Smartphone. This application is highly popular in Drakor lovers.

The application provides English Subtitles as well. The movie gives English subtitles so that non-Korean viewers can also watch the dramas.

The best thing about Viu is that it is free. You can watch movies and dramas for you if you watch the advertisements. If you don’t want to see the ads you can shift to the paid plan.

Apps to watch Korean Drama

3. Viki

Viki is one of the most popular Apps to watch Korean Drama. The application is also legal for watching K-dramas.

The application allows downloading the dramas. It also provides English subtitles. The best thing about the app is that it is free.

It doesn’t charge anything but a few advertisements to watch those K-dramas. If you don’t want to watch the ads you can opt for the paid options as well.

There are various options for the monthly and yearly subscriptions. Both the mobile app and website of the application provide the same content to the users.

4. Netflix

Probably the most popular application for streaming any content is Netflix. The same is true for Korean dramas.

There are many Netflix specials that you can only watch on Netflix. Unlike many other apps that provide free service Netflix charges for the content.

The app provides English subtitles for non-Korean viewers. The Netflix subscription plans vary a lot from monthly to yearly plan depending upon the user’s preference.

Apps to watch Korean Drama

The website of the application also provides the same content for the users. Unlike many other applications that are basically centered on Korean dramas, Netflix allows the viewers to watch many other native dramas with a paid subscription.

5. Iflix

Iflix is also one of great Apps to watch Korean Dramas and series. Just download the app install it create a new account and subscribe and you will be able to enjoy the Korean dramas and movies.

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6. iQIYI

This is another application that is recommended for watching Korean dramas. The application provides watch history to the users. The watching history helps the user to check from where they have to watch the ongoing drama.

Another good thing is that the application provides very high quality content to the users. The application also provides options for download. The application is available on both Android based and iOS based mobiles.

7. WeTV

The application has many great features for watching K-dramas. Many people recommend the WeTV application for watching Korean dramas and movies.

Many people consider WeTV as the best platform to watch Korean dramas, films, and shows.

All the shows and films are available with English subtitles.

The application is free. You just have to watch a few ads to watch your shows for free. However, sometimes these ads might feel troubling.

8. Drakor

This is one of the updated applications to watch Korean dramas and films. The application can be downloaded for free.

The good thing is that it consumes very less space. The application is very small in size.

The native language of the application is Indonesian. The good thing is that the language can be translated easily using Google translate.

9. KBS World TV

The application is made by the Korean TV station KBS. The application is available on Android based and iOS based mobiles.

Just download the application and create an account and you are good to go.

Apart from all the K-dramas available in the application the application also provide popular music program named Music Bank.

The application is also free. You can easily watch high quality K-dramas for free.


This application is also one of great Apps to watch Korean Drama for users who want to stream HD dramas for free.

The application is free. The application can be used to stream HD quality Korean dramas.

The best feature of the application is that it has easy to use user interface.

Just download and install the application sign up with mail and start streaming in HD.

11. Hulu

Another magnificent application for watching Korean dramas films and many more native dramas and films.

The application has numerous Korean dramas and films for free.

The application provides high quality streaming options. The user interface for the application is very friendly.

The app provides high quality streaming of Korean dramas for free.

12. SC Korean Drama and Movies

This website is another very popular website for watching Korean dramas and films.

The website various filters as well. There are filters like comedy, action, thriller, etc.

The app is only available for Android based platforms. The application also provides the options for downloads.

The app is suitable for streaming in high quality. The app has very friendly user interface as well.

13. Viewster

The application is another very popular application for streaming high quality Korean dramas and films. The application English subtitles as well.

The app also offers various anime and Korean dramas for free. The app also gives the option of Chrome Cast.

This option helps the users to view the high quality content on big screen.

14. Drama TV

The app provides different options for streaming the Korean dramas and films.

Apart from Korean dramas and films the app also provides various animes and Chinese documentaries.

There are filters available in the application. These filters help the users to find their favorite content. There are filters like comedy, horror, romance, thriller, etc.

15. DramaFever

DramaFever is probably one of the best Apps to watch Korean Drama. The application provides multiple options for downloading the Korean dramas and films.

This application also provides HD quality streaming options. The application also provides various other native Chinese, American, and Taiwan dramas as well.

16. Korean TV

If you are looking for the largest online platform that broadcasts Korean TV shows, Korean TV is knocking on your door.

Additionally, you can get all the channels via the internet, and indeed you can enjoy them on vacations or on the road.

Besides, the interface is user-friendly, so anyone can easily go through all the TV channels. Plus, there will be a search bar on the top to help you find any channel you want.

17. OnDemandKorea

OnDemandKorea is simply a broad catalog for Korean content. Indeed, it is one of the best apps to watch Korean drama, and it guarantees to be legal services too.

Besides, this app will get you the latest and famous Korean TV shows, movies, dramas, and much more.

And it does not only include the ongoing contents, but you can also go through the past year’s contents. However, the visual and navigation are of the best quality to enjoy the show.

18. MAXstream

Telecommunication provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel also provides a video streaming service called MAXstream which also provides Korean Dramas in its application.

In the section called Saranghaeyo, you can find the latest and most popular Korean drama titles, most of which you can watch for free.

Others such as Korean dramas that are on-going or recently expired could only be watched when you have paid for a subscription or buy a special package.

19. Dailymotion

Maybe some of you know that Dailymotion more effectively used as an application to watch Korean dramas on a laptop.

But now, you can enjoy the mobile version through an application called Dailymotion – The Home for Videos which is a free download for Android and iPhone users.

Just like YouTube, Dailymotion allows anyone to upload videos of Korean dramas that have been subtitled in them.

So, here you are obliged to rely on the search feature to search for Korean dramas or movies most updates in application Korean drama this one.

20. FluentU

FluentU is currently one of the most popular apps for learning languages nowadays.

The method that it promotes for learning the languages is by watching the videos and movies with native speakers with the subtitles or without.

Thus, it will be even better for those who only learn Korean, but still want to enjoy Korean dramas – in this app, you will get the English subtitles along with the video and will be easy to enjoy the episode.

Moreover, the choice of videos here is truly wide and everyone will find something they like to watch.

Besides, another advantage that FluentU gives you in terms of learning the language while watching Korean videos, dramas, TV shows, and movies – you can stop the video any time, open the subtitles, and check out the word or a phrase that is unknown for you – FluentU has the dictionary right under the videos.

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According to many Korean drama fans, Korean drama is like an addiction, so if you’re a beginner, you may want to think twice before jumping in. Student schedules and people with busy schedules may be adversely affected.

So, if you currently watch Korean drama regularly, I suggest you moderate your watching so that it won’t interfere with your studies and other obligations. As a consequence, the following Apps to watch Korean Drama have the best user experiences for watching Korean drama. Thank you for your time.


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