30 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets in 2023

In addition to being legally required in the majority of states, motorcycle helmets are the single most crucial item of riding equipment you can wear to assist protect your life in a motorbike crash.


Finding the proper size, shape, and style for a helmet is extremely important but not always simple because no two heads are the same and no two helmets are either.

You must always be sure you wear your helmet, even if you are on a leisurely stroll on your cruiser motorcycle.

A high-quality head safety device will protect you and might possibly save your life in the event of an accident.


However, finding the ideal cruiser helmet that satisfies your needs and highlights your style can be challenging.

With so many models and brands available, making a choice can be difficult and even dizzying.

We have therefore put together this carefully chosen list of our all-time top cruiser motorcycle helmets to aid you in your search.


People who enjoy travelling on open roads will adore cruiser motorcycles. They’re simple to ride and provide lots of adventure.

The best cruiser motorcycle helmets to buy in 2022 are important to know whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider. Using information from our research, these are the top 10.

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30 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

1. LS2 Bagger Motorcycle Helmet

What better way to begin this list than with a product from the brand that has the best safety record? For their clients, LS2 Motorcycle Helmets, who have long been recognised as a favourite by many riders, has created an intriguingly clever and effective Bagger Motorcycle half helmet.

Motorcycle Helmets

Are you tired of having sweat irritate you and leak from your eyes? If so, it’s crucial to choose a helmet that is both breathable and easy to clean. Thankfully, the LS2 Bagger provides both of them. It keeps the temperature around your neck stable and encourages fresh air inflow to keep you cool with its numerous vents and detachable zip-off neck skirt.

2. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex Helmet

For any cruiser and their supporters, the name Scorpion doesn’t need an introduction. They have consistently promised outstanding performance from their products. The incredibly comfortable ScorpionExo Covert Adult Helmet has also been included to our list.

Overall, we are impressed by the Scorpion Covert Helmet’s design and flexibility. It has a sleek, contemporary appearance when turned on. You might have a cyberpunk hero’s appearance, and you’ll undoubtedly stick out—especially when people appreciate your style.

3. Bell Qualifier full face helmet

Bell Helmets is rightfully recognised as the largest and most reputable brand of motorcycle helmets due to its years of experience in the production of safety equipment for vehicles. The cruiser, novice, and professional riders have all been drawn in by their newest full-face helmet, the Qualifier, thanks to its notable features and safety.

Bell Qualifier is composed of incredibly light polycarbonate plastic and complies with and exceeds DOT and ECE safety regulations. It has an incredibly aerodynamic form for cruising at high speeds and an ABS shell structure. Furthermore, thanks to its three variable shell sizes, it is adaptable enough to be worn comfortably by riders of all head shapes!

4. Shoei J-Cruise II helmet

Another well-known, respected company that consistently tries to meet the high standards set by its customers is Shoei. Their J-Cruise II is the ideal helmet for casual cruising and trails on highways and hills because it checks off safety, breathability, and technology!

Shoei finished the J-Cruise II in an attractive and simple style, well aware of how important a streamlined design is in any cruiser helmet. The J-Cruise rider is usually the most fashionable one on the road thanks to its aerodynamic shell form and variety of colours.

5. Shoei J-Cruise II helmet

Another respectable and well-known company, Shoei, has consistently worked to meet and exceed its customers’ high standards. Their J-Cruise II is the ideal helmet for casual cruising and trails on freeways and hills because it checks off safety, breathability, and technology.

Shoei created the J-Cruise II in a beautiful and simple manner since they fully understand how valuable a streamlined design is in any cruiser helmet. The J-Cruise is the most fashionable rider on the road because of its aerodynamic shell form and variety of available colours.

6. Shoei RF-1400

You want a helmet that will work well in 99 percent of situations, make you feel safe and comfortable, and you’re an average motorcycle rider with an average-shaped head who rides a street bike. Which helmet should you buy? The Shoei RF-1400 is what you should buy if your budget is in the middle range.

The RF-1400 is a unique helmet that provides excellent protection with a Snell 2020 rating, a wide range of shell sizes to maximise comfort and save weight, fantastic looks, and excellent ventilation. This is our preferred place to start when someone needs a helmet but is unsure of what to buy.

7. AGV K6

AGV undoubtedly doesn’t come to mind when most people think of affordable helmets made for daily riding, but that’s exactly what it introduced when it unveiled the K6. It is a full-face helmet that costs $500 and has four shell sizes, the majority of which weigh under 3 pounds. The K6 has a Pinlock insert in the box and is ECE approved. It also comes in a variety of colours and artistic styles and is really gorgeous.

Its ventilation design is the single factor keeping it from surpassing the Shoei. The K6 has a lot of vents, but because they are small, several testers found it difficult to open them when wearing gloves. I’m done now.

8. Arai Signet-X

Different-sized domes are something that everyone takes into account while purchasing a helmet, but different-shaped heads might not be. Arai has considered this and provides two helmets with the same features but tailored to different head shapes.

The majority of Americans have a head shape referred to as an intermediate oval. That is who the majority of helmet makers target, however your author was fortunate to have both a large head and an oval-shaped head that is longer than average. Accordingly, normal helmets produce hot spots, primarily on the forehead, while the long oval design of the Signet-X fully eliminates it.

9. Arai Quantum-X

So now that we’ve established that the Arai Signet-X covers the long oval and most motorcycle helmets are designed to fit heads with an intermediate oval shape, what should you do if your skull is more rounded? Your needs are also satisfied by Arai Helmets’ Quantum-X helmet. In terms of features and certification, it is identical to the Signet-X, but round-headed people should consider this option because a perfect fit is essential for crash safety and comfort.

10. Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon

Modular helmets, ah. Most well-known for being the helmets worn by many police officers and adventure touring motorcycle riders. A modular helmet aims to fill the space between an open-face helmet’s ease and a full-face helmet’s level of safety (which we DO NOT recommend). By enabling a hard chin bar to rise at the touch of a button, this is accomplished. This makes it simple to talk to someone when you’re stopped without using a phone or other communication device.

Although the Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon is not inexpensive, it makes up for its lack of value with technology and silence. Its very rounded carbon outer shell increases strength while lowering weight.

11. AGV Sportmodular Carbon

One of the lightest and most aerodynamic modular helmets available is AGV’s Sportmodular. The chin bar is made entirely of carbon fibre, which contributes to the helmet’s minimal weight, and titanium is the only metal used in its construction. When the face is closed, it doesn’t even resemble a modular helmet, and that is quite cool.

Although the Sportmodular costs roughly $800, you get a superb shield change mechanism, clever ventilation, a drop-down sun visor, and a Pinlock insert in the box for that money. It will probably be a little louder than the Schuberth, which is quiet-focused, but it will also probably breathe better and be a better lid for warmer regions.

12. Klim Krios

The Swiss Army knives of the motorcycling world are adventure bikes. They have adequate ground clearance and suspension travel to allow for off-road riding, are cosy and powerful for long-distance touring, and are generally quite useful on a winding canyon road. A motorbike rider will likely encounter a variety of scenarios due to their versatility, therefore you’ll want a versatile helmet to match. Put on your adventure helmet.

Adventure helmets have more airflow than road-biased helmets and share characteristics of road-focused helmets including face shields and a more quiet-focused design. The Krios does a fantastic job balancing the inherent tradeoff of an adventure helmet, which often result in heavy lids and odd ergonomics.

13. Shoei VFX-EVO

For a number of reasons, you should choose a very different helmet when riding in the dirt than you would if you were on the road. First of all, because dirt bike off-road speeds are often lower, it’s crucial to have more ventilation in a helmet, which typically means sacrificing quietness. Nobody wants their head to be excessively perspiring.

Second, compared to crashes on pavement, the kinds of crashes you’re likely to experience off-road are considerably different. Due to the uneven surface, an accident on the dirt is likely to produce more rotation of the head and neck, although the overall energy of the crash is probably less due to the slower overall speeds.

14. AGV X3000

Both vintage-styled modern cafe racers like the Triumph Thruxton and the Royal Enfield Continental GT are cool. However, outdated safety equipment isn’t hip. While we completely understand the need to have vintage-looking gear for your vintage-looking motorcycle in order to look as cool as possible, technology has advanced greatly over the years, and you now have the choice of buying a helmet that combines classic looks with modern safety. Our favourite of these is the AGV X3000, made in Italy.

Motorcycle Helmets

The X3000 is constructed using contemporary composite fibreglass technology and has a classic shape that Giacomo Agostini used to win 15 GP championships over the course of his career. It even has a small cutout in the chin bar that he used to rest his chin on the fuel tank of his motorcycle while it was moving quickly. It lacks ventilation and features, like other helmets with a vintage aesthetic, but it’s heavy on premium components like leather and suede. While more expensive than some other retro-look options, it won’t break the bank and should help prevent you from breaking your skull in a crash. It comes in a variety of colours, including a limited-edition Agostini tribute model.

15. Bell Bullitt

Perhaps the motorcycle helmet that started the trend for vintage-style helmets was Bell’s Bullitt, and it’s not hard to understand why. There is certainly a Bullitt for everyone because to its enormous array of colours and finishes, including carbon fibre, and its rounded shell form and oversized visor, which scream 1960s racer.

However, life is not perfect for the Bullitt. It is noisy and poorly ventilated, like the majority of helmets with a retro aesthetic. The large eyeport may be stylish, but it detracts from the helmet’s stiffness, giving it a less-than-stellar side impact rating from the UK’s SHARP testing agency. Both the DOT and ECE have certified the Bullitt.

16. AGV Pista GP RR

You’re a serious track rider now, or maybe you plan to be, and you’re looking to get your first track-specific helmet, which is awesome. A full-on racing helmet will provide some special characteristics that a helmet that is more focused on the road won’t, but it will also make other compromises that make it unsuitable for an everyday helmet. Many practical elements, such as movable vents and any regard for noise levels, are absent from racing helmets. They provide riders in the tucked position with enhanced aerodynamics and tear-off posts for easy visor cleans.

17. HJC i10

Safety shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of wealthy people when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Affordable helmets with a respectable feature set and a healthy dose of safety are available on the market. The HJC i10 full-face helmet is among the best.

The i10 costs only about $150, but like several of the more expensive lids on our list, it is Snell M2020 certified. In addition, it has a moisture-wicking layer and a lot of breathability, all of which should keep you comfortable. The i10’s polycarbonate shell, which is quite safe but is often a little heavier than fibreglass or carbon fibre, is its main drawback.

18. Shoei Neotec II

One of the best full-face motorcycle helmets is the Shoei Neotec II. It comes with a cutting-edge ventilation system that will keep you cool even on hot days and provides a lot of protection.

This helmet has a removable liner that makes it simple to clean and is also quite comfortable.

Shoei also offers different sizes for this helmet, ensuring that you will obtain the proper fit.

One of the most cosy and well-made full-face motorcycle helmets available today is the Shoei Neotec II.

19. Bell Custom 500

Although it has a vintage appearance, the Bell Custom 500 nevertheless provides neck and facial protection. No of the weather, this helmet’s cutting-edge air circulation system will keep you cool. For added comfort, it also has removable padding.

Additionally, there should be a size for everyone who wears this helmet in 2022 because it comes in three sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.

20. Bell Moto-9 MIPS

Maximum airflow is made possible by the Bell Moto-9 MIPS’s lightweight composite shell. The MIPS energy management system attempts to safeguard the rider in collisions when the head may twist or rotate. The Moto-9 incorporates a magnetic clip system that makes it simple for medical workers to remove it in an emergency.

Motorcycle Helmets

Even though you hope you never use it, it’s comforting to know it’s available. A premier helmet for off-road, adventure, and motocross riding is the Bell Moto-9 MIPS. Cost can be the primary disadvantage for some people. Owners have reported several sizing and magnetic clip problems (particularly the chinstrap).

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets

What Should You Consider When Buying A Motorcycle Helmet?

It might be challenging to choose the best motorcycle helmet for you because there are so many various models and manufacturers, each with its unique characteristics and features. We hope that our information is helpful, but to make things as simple as possible for you, we’ll list the factors you should take into account while purchasing a motorbike helmet.

You must first consider the type of riding for which you will utilise the helmet. This will significantly reduce your options for you. Not every helmet will be suitable for every riding style or motorcycle rider.

How Do You Choose The Right Size Motorcycle Helmet?

If you know how to do it and have a friend on hand to assist, measuring your head for a motorbike helmet is one of those tasks that is pretty easy to complete correctly. You must first ascertain the form of your head. To achieve this, get a buddy to take a photo of your head’s top. The majority of people will be what’s referred to as a “intermediate oval,” meaning that they have a somewhat longer front to back than side shape. Other oval head forms include long oval and round oval, both of which are fairly accurate descriptions.

When Should You Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet?

You should think about changing your motorbike helmet for two main reasons. A crash is the first thing to consider. Expanded polystyrene, or EPS, foam is used in motorcycles as a single-use component because it deforms to intercept collision energy before it reaches your brain. Some people advise changing a helmet if it is dropped, but as long as the shell is intact and there isn’t anything inside the helmet, like a watermelon or a bowling ball, it should be alright.


The Shoei J-Cruise II is the best cruiser helmet available for riders of all ability levels, while being fairly expensive. It is able to combine all the necessary components for excellent cruising and riding without sacrificing your comfort or sense of flair.


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