16 Best Instant Loan Apps In Ghana (2023)

With the world in which we live now being so digital in almost every aspect, these best loan apps in Ghana gives Ghanaian access to loans easier and more convenient.


If you are in Ghana, you can borrow money from the comfort of your home, office, or business area.

Mobile apps developed by companies that lend money and financial institutions in Ghana has made this possible.

There are just a few loan apps in Ghana, and they only provide access to the cash range. Additionally, they only allow you to apply for loans based on the amount you need to begin with.


Right now, you can apply and get a loan with these apps we will discuss here once you need a loan without collateral.

The best loan apps in ghana provide instant cash loans without collateral or paperwork are available in some countries.

With Fintech companies, it has become easier to lend money as you can also apply for loans for unemployed in Ghana or get an online loan in Ghana without collateral.


Currently, the loan application and processing process is made very quick and easier with the use of apps. However, these apps can be downloaded from google playstore or iOS App store with your smartphone.

These best loan apps in Ghana are available for download for both Android and iOS users to apply for a quick loan in Ghana.

This is a selected list of the best loan apps with free collateral that are available in Ghana for users to download and apply for a quick loan.

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16 Best Instant Loan Apps In Ghana

1. Carbon (Formerly Paylater)

Carbon is a leading digital financial service platform that specializes in consumer lending. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, paylater is a global company of over 40 employees with operations in Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom and Portugal.

The Carbon Ghana operates via mobile phones and their loans are accessible through the Paylater Ghana Loan App which can be downloaded from Google playstore and you can register an account with them without any hassle.

2. Kiakia

Kiakia loan is a subsidiary to the sterling bank of Nigeria and it is an online loan shark and financier that provides frank and straight forward personal loans for unemployed in Ghana at a good interest rates and the idea behind the kia kia loan is for a fast, quick and effective loan access without any paperwork, guarantor and zero collateral.

All you need to do is just to visit the Kiakia Loan website and click on the “Get A Loan” option and then a user friendly chat will open for you and you can fill in and complete your entry.

From then, you will be guided through all the necessary steps for the application.

Loan Apps In Ghana

3. Barclays

This is one of Loan Apps In Ghana that offers instant quick cash loan to all current account Holders with them, user’s who are interested can apply through their online banking or Barclays Loan app and get funded in less than 15 minutes.

How Does Barclays Loan Works?

Before you apply for Barclays loan, they will inform you about your loan rate, if they approve your application then the money will be disbursed straight to your account.

You can download their loan app from playstore and sign up with your correct details.

4. Fido Micro Credit

Fido Micro Credit (FIDO) is a financial institution based in Accra, Ghana and licensed by Bank of Ghana. FIDO provides fast and easy short-term loans, called FIDO Loans. With Fido, you don’t need a collateral to get a loan. All you need is to get verified with a valid national ID. Fido provides loans to small business owners, students and artisans among others.

To qualify for a FIDO Loan, you need a valid ID and Mobile Money.

The interest rates for new customers start at 14% for 30 days, the interest amount is displayed in the app before applying. Returning customers having a good history of paying your loans with Fido on time get better interest rate on future loans, the lowest interest rate is 8% for 30 days.

First time borrowers are eligible for a maximum of 200 GHC to be paid within 10 to 33 days. The loan term must be selected in the app when applying.

5. MTN Qwik Loan

MTN Qwik Loan is a financial solution that provides quick and convenient loans to all MTN MoMo subscribers. It has short-term, unsecured mobile money loans in Ghana that users receive into their MTN Mobile Money wallet.

Unlike other lenders, it is easy to access the loan facility from your mobile phone, and you do not need any bank or savings to borrow. If you pay your loan on time whenever you borrow it, you will have access to it anytime you need it. You can get the loan by dialling *170# on your phone. Follow the prompts on financial services and select loans. After reading the terms and conditions, borrow an amount that will cover your needs.

6. Izwe Savings & Loans

Izwe Savings & Loans offers personal loans that can meet your current financial challenges. You can borrow up to GHC 40,000 on a fixed term of up to 72 months. The company has affordable monthly payments, especially for those working in the civil service.

Izwe has four ways of requesting a loan, including through its call centre, agent network, the Izwe branch, requesting a callback, and online. Applying online is a more convenient option. The company will process your application within 20 minutes and disburse the payment in less than 72 hours.

7. First National Bank

First National Bank offers personal loans to its customers to cover unforeseen circumstances. You can borrow some money from the company to get some financing or settle your debts. It also has a financial facility that allows you to consolidate your debt or apply for a new loan online.

An advantage of using First National Bank is you can borrow a personal loan even if you have an existing loan. As one of the best instant online loans in Ghana, you can apply by completing an application form online, providing proof of income, and showing your current employment contract.

8. Blue Horizon Microcredit

Blue Horizon Microcredit is one of the many private loan lenders in Accra that offers many loan products to its customers. You can access executive salary loans, group loans, institutional loans, and instant loans. If you are a salaried employee and need quick cash, you can borrow the executive salary loan and enjoy a convenient monthly repayment plan.

Loan Apps In Ghana
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Government workers can also get an instant loan and pack it back with flexible payment options. Apart from personal loans, the company also has group and institutional loans that are ideal for rural communities and workers working for specific institutions.

9. Blue Financial Services Ghana

Blue Financial Services Ghana gives its customers access to credit without a hassle and is the best company to get emergency loans in Ghana. It processes loans and pays them electronically to your bank or mobile money account. Once you apply, the company will give you the cash within 24 hours.

The loan products offered by the company are term and emergency loans. Emergency loans have a repayment period between 30 and 90 days, while term loans have a maximum repayment period of 48 months. The interest rates charged on the loans are competitive and range from 2.62% to 3.96% per month, depending on the repayment period.

10. CashGhana Limited

CashGhana Limited is one of the best companies to get quick loans in Accra. It offers a salary advance to all workers, which means you can get some money to cover your finances until your payday. The company only provides a short-term loan, which you can access without collateral.

When you apply for a loan, the lender will approve your application within the same day. If you want to get some cash to handle an emergency, provide your ID, a letter from your company’s account’s office, fill out the necessary forms, and wait for the approval. Once approved, CashGhana will deposit the money into your account.

11. BloomKash

BloomKash is a safe and reliable online lender in Ghana. It offers instant mobile money loans and makes it easy for borrowers to access credit anywhere and anytime. Once you borrow some cash from the company, you will have to repay it from 91 to 365 days.

The minimum loan amount you can receive from the company is GHC 65, and the maximum is GHC 1,000. All loans come with a minimum interest rate of 0.1% to 1% and calculated daily. However, the annual interest rate starts from 36.5% to 360%.

12. FairMoney

Fairmoney is one of the new easy money lending apps in Ghana. This app offers quick cash for the borrowers. And it comes as personal finance, vehicle maintenance, health emergencies, etc. Fairmoney Loan app accepts loan applications in 5 minutes.

13. Absa Ghana loan

Absa Ghana loan is an online loan in Ghana without collateral, part of Absa group Ltd, an African financial services group with a goal to be the pride of the continent.

The loan app offers different types of loans starting from business solution loans, ordinary loan account, commercial asset Finance, enterprise and surprise chain development loan, Employee salary overdraft and School plan which can be applied through their online website.

14. Kiva online loan

Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 in San Francisco, with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive.

Through Kiva’s work, students can pay for tuition, women can start businesses, farmers are able to invest in equipment and families can afford needed emergency care.

Loan Apps In Ghana
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Kiva work basically through crowdfunding, meaning when you apply for loan, based on the need, Kiva will create a profile for you and ask people to lend or donate to achieve the amount needed. It is best for people in deprived communities facing challenges such as hunger, sickness among others.

15. Aella Credit loan app

They introduce Aella Credit loan app to provide company employees in their interest to source and access loans anywhere. Meanwhile, they offer these loans at the most affordable rates, with no collateral or guarantors involved.

Aella Credit loan app has grown overtime into becoming one of Ghana’s fastest and finest mobile money lending apps. Currently, people in Ghana turn to Aella Credit to seek fast loans to meet their emergency needs.

16. Skika Master Loan

Skika loan is one of the biggest money Loan Apps In Ghana where individuals can apply if they ever ran into in need of cash,

Why Skika Loan?

Skika Loan boost of 24/7 well capitalize internet first, forward thinking, safe, robust, resilient, smart and responsible direct money lender for working class, modern or medium and large business including startups.

User’s can apply and borrow through the Skika loan online and Skika App.

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These best instant loan apps in Ghana are worth trying out, However, the major deal lies with loan repayment, as you may need to get fast loans. Make sure you can repay the loan within the agreed time before applying.

Loan apps in Ghana are currently making financial services like loans in Ghana very convenient for people. Hence, reducing the trauma with financial frustration and the long process of going to a loan company to apply for loans.


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