Top 20 Best iPad Pro Accessories For Artists In 2023

One of the preferred devices for digital artists is the iPad, and Digital artists need iPad Pro Accessories to spice up their designs. Thousands of artists use (iPad Pro) Accessories every day; it is the most potent and small drawing tool available.


iPads are more of an all-in-one gadget that are built to appeal to numerous use cases than traditional drawing tablets, which are created exclusively for producing digital art.

iPads are used for a wide range of activities besides creating digital art, including web browsing, viewing videos, playing games, taking online courses, and more.

We are aware of how challenging it is for a creator to oversee several tasks simultaneously. Sometimes, the workload can be too much.


However, we have your back. We have covered all the essential components in this article. The Apple pencil will be your greatest saviour if you’re a digital artist.

However, if you want to turn your iPad into a laptop, take a look at the selection of keyboards we provide.

In this article, we’ve chosen a few of the most important iPad Pro Accessories that will enhance your drawing capabilities.


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Why Do You Need Ipad Accessories? (As An Artist)

Well, there is no trouble utilising only the Apple Pencil and the basic iPad without any other accessories.

But if you’re a critical thinker, you probably want to guard against drops, scratches, and scuffs on your gadget.

You also want to improve the Apple Pencil’s sketching experience, which you can do by adding accessories to your iPad or Apple Pencil.

The ergonomics and comfort follow next.

If you frequently use your iPad for business, you should set it up at an ergonomic angle so that drawing is as pleasant as possible.

Top 20 Best iPad Pro Accessories for Artists (2022)

1. Digital Pencil for iPad – Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil, which was created exclusively for artists, will work miracles and greatly simplify your life because it is compatible with iPad mini, air, and pro models. The Apple pencil of the second generation will give you next-level excellence and unleash your creativity.

You can achieve accuracy when painting, sketching, doodling, taking notes, and other tasks with this Apple pencil. Another benefit of this Apple pencil is that it can be quickly and easily charged wirelessly.

If you still want to take advantage of the finest deals and rates, order this Apple pencil from Amazon to be delivered right to your home.

2. Hand Glove– Huion Artist Glove for Drawing

If you frequently get smudges on your designs, an artist glove will come in very handy. The two-finger glove has an anti-fouling design that helps prevent smudges on your tablet, monitor, or any other priceless device. It can be worn on either of the two hands.

With this glove on, you’ll also notice that your smartphone gets scratched less. You’ll be able to work more flexibly and with less resistance thanks to the soft lycra and nylon material of this glove. You will be saved by this ideal glove.

Therefore, we advise you to purchase this one of iPad Pro Accessories to improve and simplify your artistic life.

3. Stand – Elevation Lab DraftTable Kit for iPad Pro

This elevation table is a need for any professional utilising an iPad at their workstation. This table has an incredibly wide angle range and is sturdy enough to remain put while being used.

The kit features an armrest for added convenience and a special Apple pencil space. You will adore this product due to its sturdy hinges and improved frontal lip because it will provide comfort unlike anything else.

The stand’s solid steel construction and high-quality design make it worthwhile to purchase. Additionally, it folds flat for improved storage.

4. Tripod Stand– iPad Tripod Stand by Bijisi

If you’re a designer, having a tripod stand for your iPad or tablet is one of the necessities. This stand includes a height-adjustable feature with a range of 20 to 60 inches. Here, it is quite convenient to shape the tripod stand whatever you need.

Additionally, this stand offers a 360-degree rotation and supports devices in both portrait and landscape orientations. It is quite sturdy, and you won’t have any issues at all.

The stand can be carried anywhere and its angles and positions can be changed as needed. It is also lightweight and portable. It is not only portable and light, but it can also be folded up to take up less room in your backpack.

5. Power Bank– Anker USB-C Power Bank; A Charging Stand and Hub

Due to the fact that this power bank is your ultimate saviour, you won’t have to deal with low battery modes any longer. This C-type power bank has a 20000 mAH battery capacity, which would provide more than five and a half charges for iPhones and two complete charges for iPads.

You won’t have to wait long for the 18-watt charging to start working. Instead, all you need to do is wait till your phone or iPad is charged for a few minutes. It takes less than seven hours to fully recharge the power bank.

You must not skip out on a stylish, portable, and lightweight power bank.

6. USB Hub– USB-C Hub for iPad Pro

Flepowa is a seven-in-one hub with a significant expansion. You can add a 4K HDMI video output, a charging port, card reader slots, an AUX port, a USB 3.0 port, and a USB C connector to your iPad right away with the help of this USB hub. If you are a multitasker, this is an essential purchase that you must have with you.

Given that everything is in one area, the product is a cost-effective purchase. Its 4K HDMI visual output will provide you a theater-like experience, while the quick USB port transfer won’t keep you waiting at all.

The attractive design of the USB hub will make your iPad look even better.

7. Fast Charging – iPhone 20-Watt Fast Type C Wall Charger

With an Apple fast charger, you can quickly charge your iPhone 13. Enjoy flawless compatibility when using this wall charger with your original Apple cable.

A built-in multi-protection system on the wall charger will protect your Apple iPhone from over-voltage, over-charge, over-heating, etc. It includes a lightning cable with clever MFi certification that works well with the current needed for your Apple device. Consequently, charging is made secure and safe.

Use this Apple charger to maintain the quality of your Apple device.

8. Apple Smart Folio 11-inch Keyboard for iPad Pro

A smart folio keyboard from Apple is made to provide a wonderful and comfortable typing experience whenever you need it. You may carry the simple access wherever you go because it doesn’t need charging or pairing and is strong and lightweight.

Excellent safety features are also there, and the keyboard cover will guarantee protection for the keyboard’s front and rear. It works perfectly with an iPad Pro and iPad Air that are both 11 inches.

As a result, we advise you to purchase this one from Amazon so you can take advantage of the best deals and rates while also receiving the best original quality.

9. Projector for iOS – Elephas WiFi Mini-Projector for iPhone

Elephas video projector is one of the best for watching movies or for amusement because it was created using the most recent technologies. This wireless projector just has to be connected to WiFi once. You can still connect the projector with wires if you are in an area without WiFi connectivity.

The projector offers the best possible visual experience and a mini-HD movie-like vibe. The projector offers a built-in speaker, an original audio fidelity, and overwhelming experiences like never before. It also has an intelligent and upgraded noise reduction feature. Protection from direct light is one of its particular qualities.

We advise you to purchase this projector so you can have the most incredible movie-theater experience at home or at work!

10. Headphones– AirPods 3 Low-Cost Earbuds

It is a proven truth that Apple products never let you down. These Apple AirPods from the third generation are the best you can get for the cost. It has a spatial acoustic quality that eliminates all possibility of criticism.

Additionally, the third-generation AirPods have an adjustable EQ that adjusts the music to your hearing. Your relaxation and ease will be provided by its elegant design. You can effectively control the environment using the AirPods’ force sensor, which also allows you to accept or deny calls, adjust the music, and other things.

Your AirPods will be protected because they are sweat and water resistant. The AirPods should be treated carefully, though, as they are not sweat- or waterproof.

11. Matte Screen Protector (With The Textured Surface)

The tip of the Apple Pencil frequently brushes against the iPad’s surface while being used.

This continuous rubbing causes the screen to become permanently scratched and marked over time. The marks are unsightly and do not disappear.

The Apple Pencil’s soft, blunt tip helps a little by postponing this screen deterioration. The screen will eventually get scratched, though.

The majority of users who regularly use Apple Pencil advise obtaining a screen protector.

There are two different kinds of screen protectors on the market.

One is the typical glossy screen protector, which has a sheen identical to that of the iPad’s original display.

12. Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

A portable gadget with a sizable screen that frequently comes into contact with your fingers and palms, as well as airborne dust, becomes quickly dirty.

The gradual accumulation of oils, moisture, and grime makes the screen appear dull and hazy; you might even see the rainbow effect.

The screen can be cleaned with a regular cloth, however doing so needs a lot of rubbing and occasionally force, which is bad for long-term use.

You can effortlessly remove all the grease and grime from the screen using a microfiber cleaning cloth, leaving it clean and dry.

13. Multi-device Bluetooth Mouse

It wasn’t that long ago that you couldn’t connect an external mouse or touchpad to the iPad. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

Many jobs, including graphic design, animation, and vector-based applications, call for a great deal of zooming in and out as well as clicking on tiny anchor points and moving point handles.

An very useful instrument for this kind of work is a mouse.

Get a mouse for the iPad if you work frequently on vector projects or are a graphic artist.

Using a mouse on the iPad is incredibly practical because it enables hands-free navigation.

You can launch apps, switch between apps, and carry out standard operations.

14. iPad Carrying Case (Travel Case/ Protective Sleeve)

This one is fairly easy. If you bring your iPad on trips, avoid packing it in the same luggage as your laptop.

Due to their extreme thinness, iPads are really susceptible to bending under pressure, which is plainly undesirable.

A far safer method of transporting the iPad when travelling is to get a padded travel bag.

The bag should include additional pockets to store your iPad charger, Apple Pencil, and other iPad accessories.

Our top picks for protecting your iPad are the Tomtoc Soft and Hard cases.

This soft cover comes in two sizes, 12.9 inches and 11 inches, and it precisely fits each iPad in those sizes.

15. Stylus Grip

You are aware that the plastic Apple Pencil has a slender, pencil-like body.

Because of its plastic shell and compact form factor, the Apple Pencil, according to many artists, can be uncomfortable to use because it is difficult to grip with your sweaty palms.

Well, there is a straightforward accessory that makes the Apple Pencil wider and easier to hold.

The Uppercase Nimble Grip is a premium grip that fits your Apple Pencil easily.

Its design is quite well thought out, with a basic circular grip on one side and an angled flat edged grip on the other.

Therefore, if you’re unsure whether to use a circular grip or a flat, pencil-like grip.

16. Silicon Pentips

We mentioned the textured screen protector, which aids in improving stylus control, in the section on iPad accessories.

Although the textured screen protector is a wonderful solution, the colours on your screen will be obscured by its gritty texture. Some individuals dislike it.

Investing in silicon rubber tips for your Apple Pencil is another excellent option to give the tip of the stylus resistance and enable more controlled movement.

Drawing with a silicon pen tip feels different than using a screen protector, which feels grainy and scratchy.

Soft silicon squishes and creates resistance to the stylus when it comes into contact with the glass screen.

17. Storage Drive

You would be astonished at how quickly the price increases when you upgrade from lesser storage to bigger storage capacity on iPads if you looked at all the upgrade options on the purchasing page.

The majority of artists choose the iPad with less storage and afterwards purchase a storage drive at a much lower cost.

The only thing to keep in mind is that, because you are purchasing storage drives for the iPad, it is preferable to select USB-C models over older USB-A models.

18. AstroPad – Screen Mirroring For Mac And Windows

One of the fundamental tools we suggest to all artists is Astropad.

It is one of the coolest apps available, greatly enhancing the iPad’s capabilities and giving it the same power as a desktop computer.

Even while the drawing apps for the iPad are excellent, as an artist you may already be aware that there are still a number of helpful desktop programmes for artists that are not yet accessible on the iPad.

Astropad, however, enables you to run your preferred desktop programme directly on the iPad.

Additionally, you may interact with these programmes with little to no latency using your Apple Pencil.

All you have to do is use the Astropad App to wirelessly connect your iPad to your PC.

19. Apple Airtag

An iPad is an investment, therefore it’s worth obtaining an Apple AirTag to make sure you don’t lose yours (even if it only slides behind the couch). The AirTag syncs with your tablet with only a tap, and when it disappears within hearing distance, the tag’s built-in speaker helps you find it. Additionally, you may use the Find My app to locate your iPad within a specific radius or the Find My network to crowdsource the location of your tablet with the assistance of other AirTag users.

20. A Clip-on Ring Light

A clip-on LED selfie light offers a portable, rechargeable design that makes it simple to boost your lighting wherever you are if you frequently use your iPad for video chat or selfies. The adaptable design features three brightness settings, a charging cable, and an indicator that lets you know when the battery is getting low. It is also compatible with laptops and smartphones.

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After looking at the important iPad Pro Accessories for artists, act quickly to purchase them and make your life easier overall. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on the top products because the prices it offers are entirely fair for the quality of the goods you will receive.

These necessities will make sure that your job is easier and that the quality of your content is higher. Given that you are a Creative creator, we advise you to purchase these iPad Pro Accessories immediately.


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