Top 20 Best Mp3 Music Downloader Apps 2023

Having your mobile device at hand makes listening to music more convenient. You can find many apps that allow you to stream music in MP3 format on your mobile phone, such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android.


Finding apps that allow you to download your songs can be a little harder.

However, several popular apps that could be used to download music from Apple’s store have lately been withdrawn or forced to change.

We’ll look at the top 20 free MP3 music downloader apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android in this article.


The best android apps for music lovers can be found on the Android Market, and mp3 music downloader apps are among the best among them.

People love downloading mp3 music on their Android devices, and when we discuss Android mp3 downloading apps, there is rarely anyone who doesn’t enjoy them. People love searching for new music, downloading mp3 music, and streaming music online.

There was a time when downloading free mp3 music from free mp3 download sites was quite a challenge. You needed a computer and then an Android smartphone or tablet to transfer the mp3 files. But now things are different.


These are the Best MP3 music Downloader Apps for Windows PC, Android, Mac, along with their popular features and websites.

The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) Mp3 songs download software.

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20 Best Mp3 Music Downloader Apps

1. Free MP3 Downloads

Free Mp3 Downloads is one of the best Mp3 Music downloader for Android. It allows you to search, download, and listen to songs that are licensed as “free to use.” Getting started with this mp3 music download app is easy.

When you enter your search query and hit enter on the download tab, many mp3 songs appear in search results for free download. Tap on the song that you want to download, and the song is downloaded to the “music-freeMp3Downloads” folder on your SD card.

From the “Listen” tab, you may listen to all songs downloaded using the Free Mp3 Downloads app. Search your favourite song in the ‘Download’ tab and the app will start downloading it.

This app can also be used as a music player because you can play downloaded music tracks within the application.

Free Mp3 Downloads is available in many languages including English, Russian, German, Indonesian, Brazilian, and Lithuanian. There isn’t any chance of pirated content in the app.

2. Simple Mp3 Downloader

Simple Mp3 Downloader is yet another best mp3 music downloader for Android and iPhone, which lets you download unlimited songs in Mp3 format to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Like Free Mp3 Downloads app, the user interface of Simple Mp3 Downloader is also easy.

From the search tab, you may search for tons of mp3 music of your favourite genres, artists, or albums which you may also download from a single tap. However, the Downloads tab helps you find all the MP3s that you’ve downloaded on your Android.

3. Music Paradise Pro

If you want to be on the safe side and download only authorized sound files, Music Paradise Pro will come to the rescue.

The Music Paradise Pro is a fantastic mp3 downloader app for Android, which lets you download copyleft music files from certain sources offering them.

Music Paradise Pro is a free and fast simple mp3 downloader app. Copyleft means that it is legal for you to distribute the music file.

So, you will have no problem with the legal rights to any song you download. Music Paradise is one of Mp3 Music Downloader Apps.

4. Music Download Paradise

Music Download Paradise is a very popular music and sound search engine for Android users that lets you search and download sound effects and songs on your Android smartphone or tablet.

This music downloading app for Android lets you search out everything from sound effects to ringtones and other short clips, and then you may download them for free.

5. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is one of the best Mp3 Music Downloader Apps on Android. You can listen to and download mp3 songs from almost all genres: Bollywood, Pop, Rock, Bhangra, Devotional, Emotional, Romantic, Party, Old Romantic retro songs.

Mp3 Music Downloader

Also, listen to Punjabi songs, Tamil songs & music in other regional languages such as Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, & Malayalam using this mp3 music downloader app for Android.

6. SuperCloud

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader is a powerful mp3 downloader app that allows you to download thousands of songs to your Android device quickly. This music downloading app also allows you to stream the songs and listen to music online on your Android devices without downloading.

It is one of the good apps to download mp3 music for free. The excellent UI and useful features make it one of the most beautiful music downloading app for Android.

7. Music MP3 Download

Music MP3 Download is yet another fantastic Android music app that allows you to stream and download any song you like.

All you need to do to download a song using Music Mp3 Download Free CopyLeft is to have an internet connection. Leave the rest on this smart app!

Using this app, you can listen to and download songs for free that are available under the Copyleft Creative Commons License.

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft is one of the best music downloading apps among the many alternatives available to download and listen to free music on Android.

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft also offers a download feature that helps you save the music tracks in your device storage for later.

The search feature allows you to find any soundtrack by its name, artist, genre, album, or type.

8. Skull

Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro is a free music downloading app with an integrated music search engine where you can search for your favourite music and download that mp3 song for free.

If you are looking for one of the best mp3 downloader apps for Android with free music downloads, Skull Music Downloader Pro is the music app for you.

It is one of the best apps to download mp3 songs on Android which also comes with an integrated music player.

You can play the downloaded music using the inbuilt music player within this Android music downloader app.

Skull Mp3 Music Downloader Pro app for Android comes with the set as ringtone feature as well which lets you set the downloaded music as ringtone as well.

While testing this music downloader app to download music on Android, we noticed it is a bit slow.

Hence, you’ll notice some lag while downloading mp3 songs for free using this music downloading app for Android. Skull is one of the best Mp3 Music Downloader Apps.

9. Music Maniac Pro

Music Maniac Pro MP3 Downloader makes it very easy to download your favourite music files on the go.

It is definitely a must-have addition to an Android device. As an added functionality/service, it also lets you download ringtones for your device.

As an added feature/service, it also allows you to download ringtones for your device. So, you can use it for a variety of purposes which include searching for music and downloading it.

Also, searching for a ringtone. Music Maniac is surely one of the best Mp3 Music Downloader Apps around.

10. Saavn Music & Radio (now, JioSaavn)

Chances are you already know about this music downloading app for Android. JioSaavn Music is one of the coolest music downloader apps with high-quality music streaming and downloading. It has a huge collection of over 30 million tracks from Bollywood songs, Hollywood songs, and mp3 songs in Indian regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri. You can download the best film music, bhajans, ghazals, bhangra, pop, remixes, and much more.

Mp3 Music Downloader

The music downloader app offers unlimited free music downloads on Android for free, however, with an in-app purchase of $3.99 per month. The free version of the music downloader app comes with in-app ads, despite that you’ll love the quality of music this mp3 downloading app offers.

The availability of international music and the quality of music it offers is the reason why I’m keeping it on the list of free mp3 downloader apps for Android.

11. Mp3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader is a powerful music streaming app that lets you search and download high-quality music for free.

The app features millions of mp3 music from all the countries covering multiple categories like rap, classical, rock, pop, jazz, etc.

Users can search their favourite music tracks by names, artists, albums, genres, instruments, popularity, current mood, and more.

The app claims to have a fast downloading technique, allowing you to download your favourite track according to the internet speed. With its built-in music player, you can listen to songs live or simply download them to your SD-card or local storage for offline streaming.

12. Trebel

Trebel is a Free Mp3 Music Downloader that makes it convenient to download songs to your Android device. Y

ou no longer need to head to a torrent site or a 3rd party store to download your favourite music file. Trebel offers a huge database of songs, and you can download them for free.

Mp3 Music Downloader

You also get the ability to play them offline, and as per our usage, it was fast enough. Besides, if you have a device that isn’t equipped with enough battery juice, you can still use this app with ease because it is entirely resource-friendly.

13. Gaana

The word “Gaana” is the Hindi meaning of Song and refers to song tracks, primarily mp3 music. That’s what the Gaana music downloader app offers you. Gaana is a top-rated Android app to download music.

Starting as free music streaming app, Gaana introduced an mp3 downloading option later which allows you to download mp3 music for free and brings it to the list of the music downloader apps for Android.

It’s worth noting that downloading mp3 songs using this Android music downloader app is not entirely free and you need a subscription for that.

However, considering the huge database of mp3 songs available for free download and synchronizing of your playlists and music tracks across multiple devices, it’s worth a try. Since Gaana is a top-rated mp3 downloader app for Hindi songs lovers, I won’t recommend it to you if you are an English song fan.

14. Advanced Download Manager

ADM is one of the most popular and best download manager apps for Android. It is an all-rounder download manager app that can be obviously used as an mp3 songs downloader app for Android as well. Advanced Download Manager is originally a free Android app that comes with full functionality without extra charges.

However, to support the developer and to get rid of the advertisements, it does offer a pro version to it. Also, you may observe some advanced settings accessible when you’re running ADM Pro on your device.

15. Hungama Music

Hungama is another best mp3 Music downloader app for Android that offers a huge number of mp3 downloads for free.

The app features mp3 songs from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, and other regional Indian languages.

It is one of the best apps to listen to and download mp3 music for free on Android as it has a huge database of over 4 Million songs available for free downloads.

However, not all songs have a free download option; you need to get a premium subscription which is again free.

Here is a trick: listen to lots of music online, when you stream a song, you get credit points, you can use the accumulated credit point to buy a premium subscription for free.

The best part of this Android app for free music streaming and downloading is that it also has a video player option. You can watch music videos for free using the Hungama music app, and you don’t need a separate video player for Android.

Looking for a premium mp3 downloader app for Android with free music downloads? This is the best Android music downloader you can get.

16. Download Mp3 Music

Download Mp3 Music is a reliable and fast mp3 music downloading app that allows you to stream and download any music track for personal usage. It covers millions of high-quality mp3 tracks, and the company claims this app as “one of the biggest free mp3 music storage points”.

The search box lets you find your favourite songs by genre, albums, artists, and moods. You can easily download the tracks you like with its robust multithreaded mp3 downloading engine. The downloaded songs can be saved directly on the device for easy sharing and can be transferred to other devices.

17. Tunee

Tunee Music Downloader is a free MP3 music Downloader app for android users. Smartphone users can download different types of mp3 music from a variety of websites for free. The built-in search box allows users to search their favorite tracks by name, genre, artist, or album.

The app also features a download option. If you like a song and want to keep it in your device storage for later, you can easily download it with Tunee Music Downloader. The interface of the app is user-friendly and straightforward. And, there are no hidden charges.

18. 4Shared Music

4Shared Music is a top-rated Android MP3 music downloader app that lets you search your favourite mp3 music file, create playlists, add your favourite tracks to the playlist and download them to listen to music whenever you wish.

With 4Shared, you can search for your favourite music files and download them to start enjoying them. It even lets you stream music and videos.

So, it comes down to your final preference whether you want to browse through a variety of available files to download your favourite music or simply to use it as a file sharing and storage app. It provides you with 15 GB of free music download storage, where you may also upload your favourite tracks from your Android device to your 4shared Music.

19. Pep

Pep MP3 Downloader is similar to other Mp3 Music Downloader apps mentioned above, where you can just search for your songs and then download as required. It is a good music downloader app for Android that helps you find the song you’re looking for. It lets you play the songs and preview them before downloading music on your Android devices.

Also, it gives you the ability to check the file size before downloading to be sure of its quality. The music downloads are carried out through a different domain. We don’t know whether it relies on its download server but the download speeds offered are good enough.

20. Omega

Omega MP3 Downloader is a rather simple app that presents you with a basic UI to search for music. It is easy to use this free music downloader app as it allows you to search for songs using title or artist as the query. After you’re done searching for your favourite one, then you may download mp3 with a single tap on your Android device.

It’s not just a download manager app, but it’s specifically for downloading music files. Well, you may not find all of the songs in its database, but it offers incredible download speeds for music. Omega is one of the best Mp3 Music Downloader Apps.

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My picks for the best free music downloader apps for Android and iPhone that I’ve shared above are reliable, safe, secure, and fast. This way, you can easily download mp3 music quickly on Android and take advantage of unlimited music.


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