Best PS3 Games To Download For Free In 2023

This is a list of the best free PS3 game to download your favorite PS3 ISO games. The Playstation 3 was a incredibly solid console and many gamers today have indulgent memories of playing some of the greatest games of all time on it.


Whether it was multiplatform all-stars or console-exclusive hits, the PlayStation 3 had a lot of great video games.

However, we compiled a list of the best PS3 game that are available for free downloads. These games give you the best features, graphics, and display gameplay you could ever wish for.

So jump right into the best PS3 game to download for free.


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The Best PS3 Games To Download For Free In 2022

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty was created in the 60s during the Cold War, this game follows two CIA operatives, one of whom is trying to recall memories that would enable them to locate an elusive numbers station that is transmitting orders to sleeper agents.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Activision. This part is a continuation of Black Ops III. The ability to conduct a single mission of confrontation with opponents has been added here. As you progress, details of the stories of other characters who are specialists appear.


This takes players across the globe to Hong Kong, Cuba, Laos, and the Arctic Circle, all of which are very well created.

2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare single player is fun, but multiplayer is where things truly eminent, delivering fast-paced and enjoyable chaos.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is where Infinity Ward truly hits their stride. The single-player campaign offers excellent gunplay and action.

Yes, there’s the issue with infinite enemy respawns, but this is still a distinguished experience.The multiplayer is amazing that you can get lost in it.

Everything is at the peak of its genre: level design, kill streaks, player progression, abilities and perks.

This gameplay mix helps keep things interesting and, because every mission is new and interesting, it’s easy to get caught up playing for hours exploring everything this game has to offer.

3. Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 is one of the best-selling PS3 game of all time and it is none other than the fifth mainline entry in Polyphony Digital’s racing simulation series.

Gran Turismo 5 has kept the track record of the franchise’s dazzling visual dexterity and super deep approach to becoming a professional racer.

This game was the first in the series to feature online races for up to 16 players, and its damage system includes unique variations depending on the car models — all 1,000+ of them.

It has 77 different tracks, 29 unique locations. You can still poor hours into doing anything and everything to unlock this game’s offering of 1,000+ vehicles.

The newly implemented car damage model mechanics, time system, efficient weather effects, and custom course editor did a lot to make this Gran Turismo sequel incredibly worthwhile. Big props to his game for implementing the Super GT racing series, too!

4. Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV, following the antics of Niko Belic and his bowling-loving cousin Roman, is one of the best GTA games.

Despite this, the number of new ideas, innovations, and design choices that exist lay the foundation for the future of the series.

From bowling to burger-eating, strip clubs, and crime committing, players would be hard-pressed to run out of things to do and people to engage with… or run over while driving recklessly.

Liberty City doesn’t just look bigger than its predecessors, it feels bigger. The amount to see and do is, at times, intimidating.

The DLC for GTA IV delivers a refined experience and is the reason why so many people were hoping for post-launch GTA V support outside of Grand Theft Auto Online.

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5. God of War III

Kratos can sure hold a grudge, huh? That fact became even more evident as he fought alongside the Titans during his crusade against the Gods of Mount Olympus in this bonafide classic.

Putting players back in control of the brutal Kratos, the ex-Spartan warrior on a rampage against the gods who have betrayed him, this game is arguably the best game in the franchise.

Not only does it pit Kratos against the Gods of Olympia, but his battle with Cronos is without a doubt one of the most epic in gaming history.

God of War III is a graphical powerhouse that upgrades all the God-killing escapades and jaw-dropping cinematics the series rests its hat on.

Kratos’ arsenal of melee/ranged weaponry expanded to allow him to pull off even more gory combos & QTE (Quick Time Event) fatalities that never get old.

As the conclusion to Kratos’ bloody feud with his father Zeus, God of War III brings the series’ original trilogy to a definitive close with a boss fight for the ages.

6. FIFA Soccer 10

Soccer is one of the best popular PS3 games that is widely known across the globe.

It should come as no surprise that FIFA Soccer is an incredibly successful franchise and FIFA Soccer 10 was one of the best.

With updated mechanics that allow for more nuanced ball control and player interaction, living your dreams of being a famous soccer star has never been easier.

This title also came with an improved and expanded Manager Mode that has over 50 improvements that help make it more realistic and true to life.

7. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is a crowning achievement for Rockstar Games. Its existence on virtually every modern platform is a testament to its quality.

Set in San Andreas, a fictional state based on Southern California, this game follows three incredibly memorable protagonists, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

Few games, if any, are able to match the mixture of story, characters, gameplay, and world design. The fact that this game even runs on PlayStation 3 is a minor miracle.

Though technically, the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online didn’t run on PS3, that’s neither here nor there.

GTA V is a video game gold standard and the bar for what every other open-world game desires to be.

Rockstar’s prowess forces other developers to look at this game and ask themselves, “what are we doing, here?” This is the pinnacle not just for the Grand Theft Auto franchise but also one of the best games ever made.

8. Dead Space 2

Issac Clarke had already been through enough hell during his unplanned stay on the Necormorph-filled USG Ishimura.

But he was forced to blast off the limbs of even more space terrors when he made his return in Dead Space 2.

While more action-packed than its predecessor, this survival horror gem kept all the frights intact as players made their way through a horrifying space station called the Sprawl. Dead Space has a winning formula that combines sci-fi, survival, and horror.

Dead Space 2′ incredible single-player campaign and surprisingly decent multiplayer mode make it one of Electronic Arts and Visceral Games’ (RIP) finest works.

9. Uncharted 2

At launch, the original Uncharted isn’t just one of the best PlayStation 3 games but also the birth of a top-tier Sony franchise.

Uncharted 2 was created by an award-winning developer named Naughty Dog, this gripping story throws Nathan back into a world of thieves and treasure seekers that he once sought to leave behind.

Few games even today can match the cinematic perfection that Uncharted 2 pioneered.

Among Thieves captures the magic of those unforgettable movie moments that wow us and delivers them in video game form.

Uncharted 2 wears its inspirations well and delivers what truly is a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience.

There’s a lot of hyperbole that is thrown out in the video game industry, but Uncharted 2 is one of the few cases where it is all rightfully earned.

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10. Portal 2

Portal 2 is more Portal, which is a great thing. The main campaign offers more puzzle platforming alongside a deep dive into the history of Aperture Science.

The writing and humor shine throughout, even carrying the gameplay at times. Cooperative play is where Portal 2 truly shines.

As enjoyable as a full campaign can be, Portal is all about puzzle solving at heart. The addition of a second player, and therefore a second set of portals, offers both new challenges and solutions.

Does it suffer from the typical puzzle problem of already knowing the solutions if you’ve already played through it? Sure. Does that matter? Absolutely not, because sometimes a new set of eyes offers a new way to experience things.

11. LittleBigPlanet

The original LittleBigPlanet was completely unique among other games of its time, and it was incredibly engaging as it allowed players to create and share their own builds with gamers across the world.

This interactivity and collaborative gameplay was an instant hit, and it was made even better by its easy-to-use interface and mechanics.


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