15 Best Rich Men Dating Sites and Apps in 2023 (Millionaire & Wealthy)

If you’re not looking in the right places, you may find it difficult to find a millionaire to date. Millionaires choose which dating sites they use very carefully and might be very picky about which ones they use.


What are the right places? That’s precisely what this list has, We’ve made a list of the 15 best Rich Men Dating Sites. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and wants based on the details we’ve given below.

Almost everyone dreams about dating a wealthy man, since they get many benefits and privileges. When you are in the company of an attractive person who provides you with the lifestyle you desire, it is such a wonderful feeling.

Your dating life may have become mundane and you would like to elevate it by dating millionaires or sugar daddies for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


If this describes you, you will find what you are looking for by joining one of these ten dating sites.

This article will review the top 15 Rich Men Dating Sites and apps for finding millionaire singles.

Whether you are looking for a website or a mobile app dedicated to mutually beneficial arrangements with a wealthy man, this article will help you find the right one for you.


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15 Best Rich Men Dating Sites and Apps in 2022 (Millionaire & Wealthy)

1. Millionaire Match

Let’s begin with the very site that has millionaire in its name. As you can guess, the site is designed to date a millionaire and match with each other.

But it’s not strictly for millionaires, as many other members from all social classes can sign up and match with millionaires on it.

The site has been around for a couple of decades now, but they have made clear the point that MillionaireMatch is not a sugar arrangement website, it’s only for either attractive or successful individuals looking to date and get into relationships.

Registration on Millionaire Match requires you to go through a strict verification process.

As a result, almost all the profiles among the 3.8 million users are authentic and verified.

It takes around 10 minutes to register on the site, and it’s completely free to do so.

You’re required to verify your email address and upload a valid profile picture to complete the process. You can also use the Facebook registration option.

The membership count is equally divided between men and women, but most of the Gold Membership and Millionaire Badge holders seem to be men.

It only makes sense that the messaging feature is available after you purchase the Gold Membership.

But replying to messages is completely free, even if you have a standard membership.

The profiles on this site are thoroughly detailed and contain information as well as photos.

They also have additional badges and verified profile badges to make finding the right person for you easier.

You can browse through the profiles for free and send a maximum of 50 winks per day on millionaire match.

2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one of the most popular adult dating sites. With 18 years of experience in their name, they are to be the very best in their respective field.

They offer a safe space to all their users, leaving them free to pursue their fantasies and wants.

You can’t hope to find a serious relationship here as it is mostly centered towards helping married people have a casual extra-marital relationship.

However, if you are looking for a one-night stand or a hookup, this is probably the best site for you as you will find like-minded people.

Their registration process is simple but detailed and will bring you one step closer to the match of your dreams.

You would be required to put in your dating orientation, sexual preferences, and contact information.

The user interface is quite easy to work with. You just need to be over 18 years of age to use the services.

Rich Men Dating Sites

3. Seeking

If you’re disappointed that MillionaireMatch is not for sugar relationships, don’t be.

Seeking is here to save the day on that front. Seeking Arrangement is a dating site for sugar daddy dating as its main focus.

You can find short-term hookups, one-time flings, or long-term sugar relationships on Seeking.

The registration process is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete. The options for registration include signing up as a sugar baby or sugar daddy/momma.

Sugar babies who are in college can access the premium features for free if they use their college ID while signing up.

The search option on Seeking is a very advanced one, with filters including age, height, location, interests, and many others.

As such, it’s an ideal site for millionaires to find and date attractive elite singles. The only requirement for it is to either be a sugar baby or the other way around.

Similar to MillionaireMatch, Seeking has a very strict profile verification system in place so all the profiles on it are authentic.

It makes the site one of the safest and most secure places on the internet to find sugar relationships.

4. WhatsYourPrice

WhatsYourPrice has an interesting take on online dating. Unlike the traditional methods, WhatsYourPrice has a bidding system that wins you the date if yours was the highest bid.

Not to worry, though, it has a strict policy against escorting services, so you’ll only find legitimate dates which will be worth the money you spent bidding.

The founder of WhatsYourPrice is the same one who created Seeking, so the bidding mechanism shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

If anything, it turns the date into a thrilling game and, in turn, more fun for its users. It has a 40/60 female to male ratio, and it’s no surprise that women are the ones who get the most bids on the site.

Registration on WhatsYourPrice is free and easy. While signing up, you either have to choose to be a bidder or get paid to be dated.

Getting access to the site requires little information, you can choose to verify the email address you provide, but you get access even without doing so.

It’s advised that you fill out more details to get a better experience on the site.

The minimum bidding amount is 5 bucks but bids usually go way higher than that.

Unlocking the messaging feature requires you to complete your profile by filling out the details (apart from the paid subscription), and you can only message the people that have unlocked their bid or accepted your offer.

5. Established Men

As the name implies, the site is centered around connecting successful rich men with elite singles who want to date a millionaire.

It’s mostly geared towards a sugar daddy arrangement for women, but all kinds of encounters can be found on Established Men.

Established Men is known for its active female members and quick chat replies whenever you try to initiate a conversation on it.

Moreover, it has a 70/30 female to male ratio, with the majority of members aging between 18 to 25.

The registration process on established men requires filling out personal information and the photos that you upload to go through a security check before getting approved.

Despite the thoroughness of it, the sign-up only takes around 5 minutes to complete and you get immediate matches afterward.

The free features on the site are quite a lot. You can use the search with all its filters for free, you can also see your received messages, profile visits, and even messages for free (if you’re a female).

The male members will need a paid subscription to read their messages (which might be quite expensive, but it makes sense because the site is aimed at sugar daddy arrangements for women).

6. Sugar Daddy

As the name implies, SugarDaddy is a site where women can find a sugar daddy without much hassle.

But the site also has opportunities for other kinds of relationships other than the sugar daddy dating option.

The site is only available in a limited number of countries, so the members belong to a limited dating niche.

The site connects millionaires from the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, with attractive females looking for sugar daddies.

Apart from the hassle-free dating experience, the site also has a clean user interface to make navigability a breeze. The customer service on SugarDaddy is also quite reliable.

The registration process is simple and takes two steps to complete. You can skip the email verification and profile picture upload as well.

But to get through the second step of registration, you must fill in a few details about yourself, including a headline for your profile.

Despite only being available in four countries—the combined population of which is over 450 million—SugarDaddy has a lot of active members and you will never be hard-pressed to find your ideal arrangement on the site.

There are two kinds of subscriptions on SugarDaddy, Diamond, and Platinum, with the option to purchase the Full Contact feature as an additional add-on (it allows non-paying users to message you). Non-paying users can browse profiles and send kisses

7. Wealthy Men

Wealthy Men is another site dedicated to connecting a highly successful rich man with an attractive woman.

It’s not entirely focused on sugar arrangements so you can find long-term relationships and commitments on it as well.

It also has verification for income, profession, and pictures so the profiles on it are extremely authentic.

The majority of members on this site consist of women, with almost a 10 to 1 female to male ratio.

The profiles all use a verified badge to mark the authenticity of their information. You can access a 1-day free trial with all features available, either as a man or a woman, so thoroughly testing out the site before purchasing their premium membership is not an issue.

Registration on Wealthy Men is simple and thorough, and it doesn’t cost anything to get started.

The paid membership begins at as low as $17 a month and is required to initiate conversations or contact other members.

You can also purchase the 7-day trial for the Gold Membership at $10, which will put you on the top of all search lists and garner more views from the members.

WealthyMen also has a three-month guarantee, which means that if you do not find your match within three months of registering on the site, they will give you an additional three months for free.

With the multi-layered verification system on WealthyMen, it’s almost impossible to find scams and frauds on the site.

8. Rich Meet Beautiful

The name of this site pretty much tells you the whole story behind its creation. It’s another one of the most popular sugar dating platforms on the internet.

But it’s not as popular as the other entries on our list because it launched only a few years ago.

Despite being a new player in the millionaire gaming websites arena, the site has already reached half a million users from around the world.

RichMeetBeautiful helps wealthy men find sugar babies for either short-term arrangements, or females to have longer relationships with.

You can try the site for free and anonymously, but the signup is also quite easy and requires no admin approval. You can register using the traditional method which requires email verification or just use your Facebook account.

Browsing through profiles will give you plenty of information about a person, but if you’re looking for specific details, the search filters will be your solution for it.

You can search based on location, age, height, hair color, weight, diet and drinking habits, and so many other filters.

9. Luxy

Luxy claims to be the best dating site for people who are successful and attractive. The website has been featured on the likes of CNN, Jimmy Kimmel, Vogue, and more.

When you sign up, there’s a strict vetting process to make sure that your yearly income exceeds $200,000. Luxy claims that 41% of its members are millionaires.

There’s also a vouching system, where existing members of the site vote “yes” or “no” to a new member’s signup.

After 24 hours, if your signup application has more than 50% “yes” votes, your signup will be approved.

It adds the feeling of exclusivity to Luxy, but it’s also an extra hurdle that’s not present on other websites.

The website is free to join and most of the features are accessible to free members. However, free members can only chat with their matches and can’t chat with all the members on the website.

An interesting feature that becomes available to you when you verify your income, even as a free member, is the “video date” feature where you can video call other members.

10. Millionaire’s Club

Millionaire’s Club, also known as Millionaire’s Club 123, is not quite a dating site. It’s a matchmaking service.

What that means is that both millionaires and non-millionaires can apply to the website.

Non-millionaires, both males and females, get accepted for free if they’ve got the “beauty, brains, and charisma”, according to Millionaire’s Club.

Millionaires, on the other hand, have to pay to get accepted and matched. The packages for millionaires start from $45,000 and go all the way up to $285,000 and more. If you want Patti Stanger as your personal matchmaker, it’ll cost extra.

The matchmakers at MC browse their dating pool and match people based on a number of variables.

MC’s dating pool includes people from all over the world, and the service claims that it has a 99% success rate with its matches.

11. Tinder

Everyone and their grandma have heard of Tinder at this point. The site is extremely popular worldwide and has been featured a lot in the media.

While it’s not generally regarded as a millionaire dating service, it’s surprisingly useful as such.

Rich Men Dating Sites

Signing up to Tinder is pretty easy, you don’t have to provide a lot of details.

The service’s location-based matching works pretty well for millionaire dating. If you’re in an elite area or select to filter your matches around an elite area, you’re going to get matches that are more in line with your tastes.

The biggest plus with using Tinder is that, due to its millions of members, you’ll find all kinds of relationships; hookups, one-night stands, FWB, or something else.

Most of the members are between 18 and 35 and the gender split is 40/60 (female to male).

12. eHarmony

Have you ever come across a dating website that boasts of a 2 million users record? Apparently, people find love on this site every 14 minutes.

It sounds like fiction, right? eHarmony is a trusted millionaire dating website when it comes to seeking meaningful and long-term relationships.

But that’s not what you are going to love most about this website. eHarmony consists of several features that make your experience much easier to operate and access.

The site also has plenty of successful relationship and marriage stories of ladies who got to meet rich men online.

Their approach to the dating world is what makes eHarmony stand out from the rest of the dating world.

13. EliteSingles

Meet a millionaire, and maybe you can become partners on Elite Singles, an international rich man dating site with around 381,000 new subscriptions every month.

Their criteria of choice circles around the well-educated and high-quality people of a community. There are, however, no restrictions on who can join the website.

The website requires you to create a profile and fill in a personality profile before interacting with the users.

This means that your page will consist of like-minded individuals who are very serious about this dating process.

The site is easy to navigate from signing up to the matchmaking process. Another exciting feature is that you can see who viewed your profile and the ‘have you met’ feature that allows you to pick a match from a group of individuals.

14. SugarDaddie

Are you tired of short-term relationships between you and your sugar daddy? Or are you interested in fostering a long-term commitment with your preferred sugar daddy? Then this is the perfect website for you. Since its inception in 2002, the SugarDaddie website has seen singles matching and building their relationship for a very long time.

The registration is quick and easy and will only take a few minutes of your time. The most needed data is your basic personal information that you will be required to fill in.

15. SugarDaddyForMe

If you are a sugar baby looking for an extensive selection of sugar daddies, you should check out SugarDaddyForMe, the perfect website for young and intelligent women looking to find their wealthy partners mutually and honestly.

Rich Men Dating Sites

Sugar babies get the chance to be spoiled by their sugar daddy and enjoy their wealth. The website has managed to amass its membership list since its launch in 2004.

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It is now possible to date a successful and wealthy man of your choice through an array of dating apps and websites.

If you want to begin searching for a partner without fear of being manipulated or conned, then the 15 Rich Men Dating Sites above will give you the opportunity to meet wealthy people and form genuine connections honestly and mutually.

This is the best way to achieve the lifestyle you want.


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