20 Best Sites To Download Korean Movies & Series For Free In 2023

Here’s a list of the top sites to download Korean movies and series. World-wide interest in Korean films is rising.


You have probably also found yourself sucked into one at some point. For a variety of reasons, people fall in love with Korean television.

Some people adore them for the type of culture they present, others for their morally upright content, and yet others for their attractive performers!

Whatever your motivations, we’ve listed the best websites in this article where you can download Korean movies and dramas.


Korean dramas and series are unavoidable when it comes to internet movie and television downloads. These dramas and shows are well-liked for their intriguing subject matter and plot turns.

We’ve decided to create a list of the top sites to download Korean movies, dramas, and series for free because we know that many people are constantly looking for places to download Korean dramas.

The websites included below are well-known for the powerful, emotive, and captivating content they offer and also contain SRT or English subtitles.


They provide astounding and engrossing Korean films like Iris, Ju Mong, and a number of others that kept their audience captivated to the screens.

The following is a list of several websites where you may download Korean movies and tv series

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20 Best Sites To Download Korean Movies For Free

1. Viki

Viki is among the greatest Sites To Download Korean Movies since it offers subtitles for any language, allowing users to fully appreciate the movie and watch the drama in high definition.

Sites To Download Korean Movies

Virtually all of the dramas, films, and TV shows from Korea, the Chinese mainland, and Japan are available to Viki subscribers anytime, anyplace.

Users have the option of streaming for free or purchasing a Viki Pass subscription for an incredible HD experience that is fully ad-free.

The fact that Viki has so many pop-up advertisements can impair customers’ free viewing experiences.

2. KissAsian

One of the top Sites To Download Korean Movies is KissAsian. They offer extensive and interesting stuff without requiring any payment for download. Visitors will be given access to the most recent dramas, series, and other entertainment, as well as Korean movies. Popular anime series with lots of comedy, action, and history are also available.

Even if you surf the website without having in mind a certain movie, the site offers a random icon to get you started with tasty possibilities. And if you already have a specific movie in mind, just use the search field to find it or utilise the site’s navigation to find it.

3. MyAsianTv

Another intriguing website that is updated frequently with new Korean dramas and films is MyAsianTv. Users can easily download their eagerly awaited movies with only one click thanks to the website’s straightforward design.

The platform’s elegant designs make it one of the top websites to visit. The service offers a variety of other Asian movies, including the most recent releases, in addition to Korean alternatives. Despite having a sizable library of films and dramas, the Asian movie website allows users to request films if they are unable to locate what they are looking for there.

4. Dramago

One of the web’s most intriguing homepages belongs to Dramago. It is one of the best Sites To Download Korean Movies. It has an excellent colour scheme, a really appealing layout, and a simple UI.

There are a tonne of gorgeous films on Dramago from many different nations. In addition to Korean films, there are also films from China, the Philippines, and Japan. You might look for popular dramas that are becoming huge sensations.

They also have a tonne of other features that you’ll like. You might be interested in their surprise parcels, celebrity news, and Japanese manga, for example.

5. Dramafire / Dramacool

Dramacool, formerly known as Dramafire, is another excellent resource for free K-drama downloads.

The website’s design makes it simple to switch between the various drama categories. High Definition (HD) quality serials are available on the internet.

The website’s competitiveness and availability of a variety of Korean dramas in many genres for free are its best features.

6. Sojuoppa

One website where Korean movies can be downloaded is Sojuoppa. The layout of this website is straightforward, making it simple to navigate.

With just one click, visitors of the website can download their preferred movies or television shows.

The moderators upload a tonne of dramas each day, giving the users a wide variety of categories to select from.

The website’s most recent uploads demonstrate how much effort the website’s administrators are doing to provide the finest experience for users.

7. Kingdrakor

Kingdrakor is well-known for having a straightforward website that is simple to use.

Users of the website can choose and download movies from any genre, in MKV quality or lower.

This website’s constant updates to its dramas are one of its positive aspects. Although the website’s adverts can be a little irritating, newbies can easily browse it.

8. Dramabeans

With the option to download as well as stream, Dramabeans is one of the easiest websites for consumers to use to navigate and search for favourite Korean series.

Users now have the choice between predetermined selections for a movie and fresh series or shows that are available on the website thanks to these possibilities.

With so many old and new movies available, it is nearly impossible to imagine the actual depth of the sows present here.

On the website, you can also find movies in a variety of genres, including action, drama, music, dance, and, most significantly, romance.

Celebrity news, movie reviews, film news, drama casting, film news, drama recaps, Kpop news, etc. are additional elements on the website.

9. Gooddrama

One advantage that will encourage you to utilise this site exclusively for your downloads is the way in which Korean movies and television shows are organised on it.

The way these films are structured allows you to search for a certain film using a variety of criteria.

The website is one of the greatest places to get free Korean movies because of how simple it is to access this enormous collection.

The website’s extensive collection of films is due in large part to the addition of films from other Asian nations like Taiwan, Japan, China, and Hong Kong.

The quantity of films from each nation that are offered on this website is simple to comprehend.

8. Newasiantv

You would anticipate Newasiantv, a self-described TV website, to offer every Korean movie genre available. And they haven’t let me down in that regard.

One of the top websites for free Korean movie downloads is The website covers a variety of genres, including animation, crime, fantasy, history, mystery, war, and music in addition to action, adventure, horror, and romance.

Users have the opportunity to view the plot of any movie they choose from the selection of films on the website, giving them a quick summary of what to anticipate from the film or series.

Depending on your option, you can stream each episode or movie online instead of downloading them.

9. Dramafans

One of the best Sites To Download Korean Movies is Dramafans. The website is easy to use and is designed to enable visitors to quickly access a sizable library of Korean dramas from the homepage. It is more of an Asian movie portal because you can also discover the most recent Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese films there.

By clicking site links like By First Letter, Hot Drama/Movie, Browse Drama By Category, Drama/Movie Index, etc., you can rapidly access Dramafans content if you’re still not persuaded. You should be able to swiftly choose your preferred Korean film thanks to this.

10. Dramacool9

Users of Dramacool9 receive hourly updates on Korean movies every day of the year.

The website is current with the newest Korean films and television shows, which may be of interest to you, as demonstrated by this fact. It is without a doubt one of the websites where you can get Korean movies.

Their position on this list of the best sites to download Korean movies is due in part to their movie index, which gives users a quick overview of everything available.

In addition to Korean films and television shows, Dramacool9 also offers films from Taiwan, China, Japan, and other Asian nations.

11. Dramanice

Dramanice’s movie database only includes films from 2007 and after, but even so, the videos are available for download in a variety of formats and are of the highest quality.

Even for those who are new to the site, the site’s interface and design are relatively straightforward.

Dramanice has been around for a while, and during that time they have steadily developed a very devoted user following.

One outstanding aspect that draws visitors to the site is the consistency and availability of the newest movies on this platform.

You ought to investigate it or have a look for yourself.

12. Kshowsubindo

Kshowsubindo is the next website on the list of places to download Korean movies for free.

Users from all over the world can download their preferred Korean movies in their native tongue with our multilingual website for Korean movie downloads.

The site’s diversity also enables them to showcase films from other nations, such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

On the website, users can simply convert the language from English to Korean, Chinese, or Taiwanese and vice versa.

Kshowsubindo provides details on individual movies, including release date, genre, well-known performers, and other crucial details that viewers are likely to search for before moving forward with downloads.

13. DramaKoreaIndo

Another well-known resource for finding the top Korean dramas and films is Your results are available for download or streaming. With a large selection of recent and well-liked Korean films, it has a highly traditional aesthetic that appeals to its customers.

To stay informed about the numerous daily additions to the site, you can also choose to download their app. The website is definitely one to take into consideration.

14. MyDramaOppa

Asian dramas from MyDramaOppa’s collection are mixed. It provides regularly updated, high-quality movies.

This is fantastic since you can watch your favourite videos because they are of such high quality. Consider the other options, though, if you’d rather download your movies.

On MyDramaOppa, you may watch free movies and TV series with English subtitles. The website’s layout is straightforward and user-friendly, facilitating simple site navigation. For a quick search of your options for Korean movies, you should also think about using the search bar.

15. DramaGalaxy

Simply put, DramaGalaxy is a galaxy with added drama. Lol. Yea. Great Asian movies are served up on the website, which also features an A-Z list that can be quickly searched. Drama list, drama movies, popular shows, news programmes, popular movies, and their daily releases are some of the website’s primary categories.

Users can try out their app and stream their favourite Korean movies through the platform. But not all cellphones have access to the app yet. The app can only be used by owners of Android devices. The app is currently being made available for other devices.

16. OndemandKorea

Another intriguing website where you may download, view, or stream free Korean dramas is It would be difficult to not find any of the Korean dramas you want to watch or download with such a vast selection of Korean material available.

It also offers a paid service. By subscribing or upgrading to a premium service, you can watch your favourite Korean television shows uninterrupted by ads and gain access to premium-only content.

You can watch a few Korean dramas with commercials after creating an account on OndemandKorea by using your Facebook account or a working email address.

17. MyDramalist

One of the best Sites To Download Korean Movies is Mydramalist. Even if this is your first time on the site, it will be easier to use because every category has been properly organised for users.

You just need to choose popular dramas if you’re seeking for popular Asian or Korean drama, which could also imply the most-watched and downloaded Korean dramas. Being the most well-liked makes it really captivating to see.

The website uses advertisements to make some money, although they are not as intrusive as those on the majority of free Korean drama websites. The purpose of the ad placement is to ensure that you may continue to watch the movies for free.

18. Asiancrush

For all the most recent or brand-new Korean films and television shows, check out Asiancrush, another online Asian portal. I have got discovered this website as well, and I can assure you that it merits a spot on the list.

When you go to the menu, you have the options “series” and “movies” on the Korea movies portal. If you’re seeking for short films, visit the movies section; however, if you’re looking for long-form television, visit the series section. You may check out a number of fantastic movies on the Asiancrush website.

19. Smallencode

Smallencode is quickly rising to the top of the list of the finest Sites To Download Korean Movies as well as other top dramas and series.

The website enables users to both download and stream their preferred movies. By making your pick based on category, drama index, movie index, etc., you may choose to unravel lovely and excellent Asian dramas and films. Additionally, you’ll learn about the most recent trailers, the week’s top movies, upcoming series, and shows that are wrapping up.

Users can easily surf the website to find out about forthcoming TV series, reviews, ratings, and more. You can also enter the names of your preferred Asian movie titles into the search icon to swiftly find them.

20. Netflix

When it comes to streaming, Netflix is a well-known brand. On practically every device that can access the internet, it provides a large selection of popular movies, TV shows, documentaries, and anime. You’ll be able to view a variety of films, including Korean films, whenever you want without experiencing any distorted content due to intrusive advertising.

Every week, the website receives regular new updates. By just logging into the website with your account, you may watch your favourite Korean movies anywhere you are and whenever you want. You can download to watch offline at a time that works for you.

Netflix is incredibly flexible in how it can be used. You can watch your preferred Korean movies each month for a little service price.

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This article will be of interest to fans of Korean movies as it lists the top 10 websites where they may download these films for free.

These websites offer various elements that set them apart from one another slightly.

You now have a simple method for getting free Korean movie downloads.


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