20 Best VPN For Amazon Fire TV And Firestick In 2023

This is a comprehensive guide on the best VPN For Amazon Fire TV. Amazon fire TV stick is a fantastic tool for watching your favourite shows on Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other video streaming services.


On the other hand, pairing a VPN with it can greatly enhance your binge-watching experience in a number of ways.

By establishing a connection to a virtual private network, you may both unlock the Netflix collection that is being blocked and conceal your preferred movie viewing habits from your Internet service provider (ISP).

Strong security precautions are also in place with VPNs to protect your online identity and prevent pointless monitoring.


Since it’s inconvenient if there isn’t an app, we’ve only recommended services that have one. A lot more VPN providers now provide apps for Fire TV.

In this article, here are our picks for the top VPN for Amazon Fire TV and FireStick.

What is Amazon Fire TV?

Users of the Amazon Fire TV product line may access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube and watch movies and other video content on their TVs as a result.


Users have two options for Amazon Fire TV: the Fire TV Stick or the Fire TV Cube (cable box) (plug-in stick). Both devices can be linked to your TV using the HDMI port to allow a virtually limitless number of streaming options.

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It’s also important to note that there are various Fire TV device models. For instance, the first- and second-generation Fire TV Cube, as well as the first-, second-, third-, fourth-, and fifth-generation Fire TV Stick. The two most recent and finest video quality options are the last two.

20 Best VPN For Amazon Fire TV And Firestick In 2022

1. NordVPN

Overall, NordVPN is the top VPN For Amazon Fire TV. You can effortlessly stream in HD or 4K thanks to its dedicated app, which is readily available on the Amazon Appstore and has some of the greatest speeds in the business.

VPN For Amazon Fire TV

This VPN also combines the SmartPlay technology and the Smart DNS function. Because of this, you can enjoy the best streaming on your Fire Stick without sacrificing security because all of your traffic is still encrypted.

Additionally, Netflix (not just the US library) and other streaming services work perfectly with NordVPN. Unblocking services like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and HBO will also be possible. You shouldn’t have any trouble selecting the preferred local version to view thanks to the 5500 servers spread throughout 60 countries.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is difficult to beat in terms of speed, security, and unblocking skills. Following a setback in 2020, ExpressVPN is once more leading the pack among the fastest VPNs we’ve tested. In our 2022 speed tests, ExpressVPN only reduced our speeds by 2%, so whether you’re streaming in 720p or 4K UHD, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting fast enough speeds.

You often need to install the VPN’s router software and configure your connection to span numerous devices if you’re using ExpressVPN on a smart TV or gaming console. However, if you own a Fire TV or Google TV, you may install the ExpressVPN software directly on your smart TV and completely avoid ExpressVPN’s customised router setup.

3. Surfshark

Another top-notch VPN For Amazon Fire TV that offers unlimited simultaneous connections is Surfshark. It may be used on as many devices as necessary, and you can stream the most popular shows with your family and friends.

The Surfshark Fire TV Stick app is simple to use and is available for quick download and installation on the streaming device. It works with Fire TV Sticks of the second and third generations as well as 4K models.

Additionally, this VPN grants access to the majority of popular streaming services and provides good speeds with the newest WireGuard tunnelling technique. In all of our testing, we were able to unblock Netflix, Peacock, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube without any issues.

4. PureVPN

In addition to the 4K Fire TV Stick, PureVPN supports Fire TV Sticks from the second and third generations. It also enables you to choose from 6500 servers in more than 78 countries and supports up to 10 simultaneous connections, making it a superb VPN option for your streaming stick.

It easily gets through geo-restrictions and is quick and secure. Netflix, DAZN, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube were effectively unblocked when we tested it with these well-known streaming websites. To elaborate, PureVPN can provide you with excellent speeds via the WireGuard protocol. As a result, your Fire TV Stick will enable limitless HD and 4K streaming.

Even better, it uses AES-256 encryption, which is also employed by other top VPN companies.

5. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is a reliable option for Fire TV Stick streaming. It contains dedicated Fire TV Stick software and speed-optimized servers for 4K streaming of your favourite entertainment. You also get an unlimited number of concurrent connections, allowing you to watch on all of your devices even simultaneously.

The WireGuard tunnelling technique contributes to the excellent speeds of Atlas VPN. No streaming issues, including buffering when testing unblocked geo-restricted websites, came up during our tests. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube are all easily accessible.

6. Windscribe

Six Netflix libraries and BBC iPlayer are unblocked by the Windscribe free version. No other (secure) free VPN for Firestick can accomplish this.

P2P traffic is also supported by the VPN service on all of its free servers. This implies that Windscribe is compatible with P2P-based streaming apps as well.

Additionally, Windscribe encrypts your internet connection using AES-256. Your true IP address or DNS credentials are not disclosed by the programme, which does not record user behaviour.

Even though it has a generous quota in comparison to free VPNs like TunnelBear and Avira, you can only do so much streaming with it. To make the most of your monthly bandwidth, try streaming in Standard Definition.

Overall, the free VPN app for Firestick from Windscribe is great. Users of Fire TV will love it.

7. Proton VPN

One of the top free VPN For Amazon Fire TV is Proton VPN. Installing the app is simple through the Amazon Appstore.

Proton VPN stands out since there are no data limits in place.

The VPN is available for unlimited use after it has been installed. This is the rationale behind our selection of the VPN service as the top Firestick VPN alternative.

AES-256 encryption and built-in IP and DNS leak protection are features of Proton VPN, which kept our real IP or DNS address hidden during our tests.

Additionally, the VPN service does not save any records of individual web activity.


While not flawless, Free is one of the few safe free VPNs with a Fire TV Stick app, along with Windscribe.

The VPN’s fast streaming speeds are its most notable feature. It fared better connecting to nearby servers than any free VPN we tried.

It also a free VPN that is safe and anonymous, it offers various additional security settings in addition to a logging strategy that prioritises privacy.

Furthermore, some free VPN servers permit P2P and torrenting activity.

9. IPVanish

Due to its quick speeds, P2P compatibility, and specific Fire TV Stick software, IPVanish is the best premium VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The VPN has one of the best-designed Fire TV apps we’ve ever used, unlimited usage, and a no-logs policy. Additionally, it has a tonne of Firestick- and Kodi-specific capabilities.

Unfortunately, IPVanish no longer supports US Netflix. In the most recent tests, it also failed to unblock Disney+ and BBC iPlayer.

The Fire TV Stick app from IPVanish is user-friendly and obviously tailored to the Fire TV interface. It is one of a select few VPNs that is good at this.

For more experienced users, great improvements include split tunnelling, LAN exemption, and obfuscation.

10. Privado

One of the newest names in the VPN industry, Privado, is unique in that it provides a free plan that unblocks a few streaming services like Netflix US, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer.

Servers in the US, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina are available to those on the free tier.

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The sole restriction, which is reasonable given that it’s free, is that you can only stream up to 10GB each month. Of course, you can purchase a paid subscription if you desire limitless bandwidth.

11. CyberGhost VPN

The Fire Stick app from CyberGhost VPN is excellent for novices and offers pre-optimized streaming servers that can reliably access the best streaming services.

The Fire Stick app from CyberGhost VPN is really straightforward to install, has a modern UI that is simple to use, and offers a quick-connect option called Best Location that connects you to the fastest server. The process of choosing a server manually is straightforward, and automation is a practical choice. When using your Fire Stick in a hotel or another country, you can also set CyberGhost to automatically connect to a server when it detects an insecure network.

CyberGhost states that it supports more than 40 streaming services and that it has specialised streaming servers in various nations.

12. Private Internet Access

Fast connections are maintained via Private Internet Access (PIA), which also has a customisable Fire Stick app and is very reasonably priced.

Because PIA’s servers are spread throughout more than 75 countries, it’s quite simple to avoid crowded servers and locate a server near your home or office to receive fast speeds. In my tests, PIA decreased my speeds on average by 21%, which was faster than Windscribe and CyberGhost VPN but slower than ExpressVPN. This allowed me to stream videos in 4K, 1080p, and HD without any buffering.

Additionally, PIA is compatible with every major streaming service, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and a number of other less well-known ones. Split-tunneling, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and an effective ad blocker are all features of the PIA Fire Stick software (PIA MACE).

13. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN offers a highly user-friendly Fire Stick software, quick connections, and is excellent for streaming.

You may view TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ using the Fire Stick software from PrivateVPN.

PrivateVPN offers decent speeds despite having the lowest server network on this list (200+ servers in 60+ countries).

The app is also fantastic for those who have never used a VPN because PrivateVPN explains every feature and there are only a few Settings settings to choose from (unlike Private Internet Access). Although PrivateVPN doesn’t offer a quick-connect tool, manually connecting to a server is rather straightforward. While PrivateVPN’s Fire Stick app is simple to use, it does appear a little antiquated and might use an update. Also,

14. Hotspot Shield

Our Hotspot Shield review revealed that this company offers a back-to-basics choice that gives you all you need, and little you don’t, for those searching for a Fire Stick VPN that merely gets the job done.

Hotspot Shield uses its proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol to deliver great speeds, with the highest we saw in our testing being over 400Mbps. This makes it ideal for use on a streaming device where additional security features aren’t going to be particularly necessary. Hotspot is no longer the fastest VPN, but most users won’t care in practise because WireGuard and other proprietary protocols are now the norm.

15. Speedify

In comparison to ProtonVPN and, Speedify’s FireStick app offers 56 free servers, which is quite a generous offering. For faster speeds, you can choose to connect automatically to the closest server or manually choose one.

VPN For Amazon Fire TV

You can choose its torrent-friendly server option, making it a great choice for Kodi or IPTV.

16. VyprVPN

If you have spent all of your funds on an Amazon Fire TV Stick, VyprVPN is the ideal option for VPN For Amazon Fire TV. It is absurdly affordable, efficient, and provides privacy assurance.

First off, VyprVPN has 700+ servers spread across more than 70 nations. It’s important to note that the provider has full control on the server fleet, preventing unwanted access from third parties. In addition, users have the option of switching between the lightning-fast WireGuard and the cunning Chameleon tunnelling protocols.

Geo-blocks are a barrier that VyprVPN can easily slither through. The BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu + Live TV, and many other services have more content available using the VPN. Additionally, it works with Kodi, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku.


The decision to use a VPN is not complicated, but for many people it might be challenging to select the best VPN that can hide their online identity. Because of this, we offer you IVACY VPN, which secures your digital information wherever you are, at any time. There are many malicious individuals vying for access to your data, and they may use it against you.

On every page, there are countless information harvesters at work. IVACY protects against attackers by keeping user data private and obscuring user IP addresses. When you are connected to the IVACY VPN, you can browse the internet without fear of a data breach.

18. FastestVPN

A reliable VPN with lots of capabilities that is capable of doing much more than a standard VPN. It can circumvent censorship constraints and deliver the best material while you sit at home. You can use it to access a huge number of websites, films, and peer-to-peer torrenting. With the incredible tools and resources offered by lightning-fast FastestVPN, you can always keep your data private, secure, and protected. This VPN comes with an end-to-end encryption system called AES-256-bit, which functions flawlessly each time you visit a website or use a social media application.

The majority of people worry about using the internet safely because when you use a public Wi-fi network, such one in a hotel or railway station, your privacy is at risk from hackers. The finest security is offered by FastestVPN.

19. CactusVPN

A VPN with significant safety features is one that is worthwhile purchasing in 2022. A VPN conceals the user’s IP address and location to ensure that no one can access the user’s data or follow their online activities. No matter how you’re connected to the internet, CactusVPN guarantees the safety and security of user data. It prevents Internet service providers and the government from monitoring user activity.

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Additionally, CactusVPN permits stress-free and secure torrenting services. When connected to a VPN service like CactusVPN, you may download and stream anything in a private setting. It adheres to a rigorous no-logging policy and keeps all of its users’ banking information, history, passwords, cookies, and other private information secret.

20. ZenMate

Nevertheless, ZenMate is a brand-new, strong VPN that has 79 servers in total, all of which are lightning-fast for browsing and streaming various applications. The finest features of the VPN include its lightning-fast speed and No-logging policy. Of course! The stringent no-logs policy of the VPN guarantees its users that no user data is saved or retained on the servers.

All platforms, including Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android, can use ZenMate. On your fire stick TV, you can also download a specific programme for the VPN. On all of your devices, unblock geo-restricted material without any lag by connecting to the server of your choice.


The FireStick is an excellent streaming gadget. It has altered how we watch television. Even if you don’t have a Smart TV, you can still turn your TV into one by simply plugging this thing into the HDMI port. All that’s left to improve your entertainment experience is a VPN. You may quickly get around problems like geo-restriction and ISP throttling that tend to ruin the enjoyment with a VPN For Amazon Fire TV.

With VPN safety provided by ExpressVPN, all of your issues are resolved while using a VPN on a FireStick. This VPN will provide you with the greatest experience possible, free from any problems, wherever you are.


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