10 Best Websites To Buy Car And Pay Later in Nigeria (2023)

In Nigeria, buying now and paying later has largely made the impossibly feasible, allowing individuals to buy what they want even when they don’t have the money to do so right away.


In Nigeria, it is now feasible to buy electronics, phones, and even cars on loan and pay for them later. Are you trying to figure out how to buy a car in Nigeria and pay in instalments? Here is a list of websites in Nigeria where you can buy a car and pay later.

Now you may get your ideal car on a loan, and after you’ve done everything correctly and provided the required paperwork, you’ll get the keys and be required to make the agreed-upon monthly payments.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for websites in Nigeria that let customers buy car and pay later. These websites are featured on Humortainment.


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10 Best Websites To Buy Car And Pay Later in Nigeria (2022)

1. Autochek

One of the most popular websites in Nigeria for buying both new and used cars is Autochek. In addition to allowing you to buy and sell cars there, Autochek also offers car financing and assists you in finding the ideal vehicle to meet your needs.

On Autochek, you can apply for a loan to buy a car, and until your loan is paid off, you’ll have to make a monthly payment of a specified amount. They can spread out the payback duration up to 24 months, with an annual interest rate starting at 18 percent.


When you physically visit their branch, you may receive the prior to the arrangement you have with them.

2. Cars45

Another popular website in Nigeria where you can buy, sell, and occasionally swap automobiles is called Cars45. They are renowned for being among the greatest auto buyers and sellers in Nigeria; on their website, you can always find cars that are affordable and in excellent condition. They’ve developed a lending arrangement that will let both salaried individuals and business owners purchase cars with payments deferred.

If you want to buy a car and pay for it later, you can apply for Cars45 Financing. You’ll have to make payments every month until the loan is paid off in 12 months, and there is a 1.25 percent interest rate associated with this financing option.

3. Betacar

One of the best places to buy Tokunbo cars in Nigeria is on Betacar’s website. You can find good, functional cars there for a reasonable price, and if you want to borrow money to pay for it, it’s simple and they give you a long repayment period so you can pay when it’s convenient for you.

Betacar payment terms range from 12 to 24 months, and before you can obtain a vehicle on loan, you must deposit an initial sum equal to at least 30% of the car’s value. However, you must first use the loan calculator to determine your monthly income and how you will be making payments.

4. Cheki

Another trustworthy online store where you may find tokunbo automobiles in Nigeria with ease and from the comfort of your house is Cheki. The platform acts as a middleman between the buyer and the seller, making it risk-free for you to purchase a tokunbo automobile.

Some of the vehicles on the internet are also eligible for instalment payments.

You can buy a car now and pay later in Nigria with Cheki.

5. Carnotautomart

A well-known online/e-commerce car trading website is Carnotautomart is the place for you if you’re searching to purchase or sell a car online in Nigeria.

You can Get Financing for your Dream Car with Carnotautomart.

Simply by visiting their website, you can buy a car or even become an owner. You ought to look them up on.

6. Spicy Auto

Another safe site to buy, sell, or quickly trade in your old vehicle for a newer or better one is Spicy Auto.

You can find a wide selection of automobiles from many manufacturers, like Volks Wagon, BMW, Lexus, Camry, and other hot tokunbo cars, at reasonable costs from various sellers, on the Spicy Auto website. Consider checking them out.

You can buy a car now and pay later in Nigria with Spicy Auto.

7. Tokunbo Cars

Looking for a reputable store in Nigeria to purchase tokunbo cars?

You can count on Tokunbo Cars. In Nigeria, TokumboCars is a great resource for purchasing reasonably-used vehicles. They act as a conduit between buyers and sellers of tokunbo vehicles in all regions of the nation.

8. Auto Auction Mall

A reputable and trustworthy source to find tokunbo automobiles locally in Nigeria is You may quickly find top-notch secondhand foreign automobiles on the platform. Additionally, the website offers auto loan services that enable users to purchase their ideal vehicle and make payments over time.

You can buy a car now and pay later in Nigria with Auto Auction Mall

9. Chutku

This is yet another well-known website in Nigeria where tokunbo automobiles are available. It was included on our list due to its stellar reputation and lengthy presence in Nigeria.

They are among the top websites for finding a stylish and vintage tokunbo car in Nigeria, therefore we suggest you check them out.

You can buy a car now and pay later in Nigria with Chutku.

10. Car Buyer Broker

Another popular website in Nigeria for purchasing old or tokunbo cars is Car-Buyer-Broker. They function as a liaison between the buyer and seller of the automobile and also guarantee quick transaction success, earning them the tenth and the last spot on our list of reliable websites To Buy Car And Pay Later in Nigeria.

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These are the greatest websites to use for buying vehicles in Nigeria and paying for them later; they all provide high-quality, reasonably-priced cars in Nigeria, and their car financing options are always the best.


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