20 Best Websites to Download Mod APK Android Apps & Games for Free (2023)

Looking for where to download mod APK Android app and games for free? Here is a list of the best sites that allow you to download your mod APK Android app and games.


You’re not the only one looking for the top websites to obtain MOD APKs. You might occasionally enjoy a certain app, but the premium features are often quite expensive.

You can choose MOD APKs in these circumstances. All of the source assets and certificates required to run the app without having to pay for the premium features are contained in these files.

They can be installed on your phone’s Android operating system, and the app can then be used as usual after that.


We must, however, make a disclaimer at this point. MOD APKs and occasionally even their websites might be challenging to evaluate. Numerous websites make the claim to offer you genuine MOD APKs but instead download and install spyware and viruses.

In such circumstances, it can brick your phone and seriously harm the software. Downloading programmes from their official websites or the official App Store is always preferable.

Although the payment procedure may be time-consuming, you won’t damage your phone and you’ll get a legitimate software.


In light of this, let’s examine the top 2022 websites to download MOD APK.

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20 Best Websites to Download Mod APK Android Apps & Games for Free (2022)

1. BestForAndroid

Your one-stop shop for all things APK is BestForAndroid. Many other kinds of modified APKs, including games, entertainment, tools, social programmes, and more, are available.

On your Android device, you may also get how-to manuals for utilising apps and cures for a variety of problems.

Websites to Download Mod APK

The best part is that downloading APKs from this website won’t even require you to register or sign up. You can have the APKs you want directly on your device in a matter of seconds to minutes.

2. Android Hackers

One of the best online resources for Android apps with mods is the Android Hackers website. Typical Android APK websites concentrate on a single genre. On the other hand, the website for Android Hackers offers us a huge variety of games, players, and tools.

Android Hackers has all of the most recent apps and their modifications. Examples include VPN apps, Netflix, and Spotify. Additionally, there are Twitter apps like CamToPlan and Fluce.

3. APKPure

APKPure is rated as one of the best online libraries, offering a wide selection of APKs. Since it offers such a wide variety of programmes, it truly is one of our go-to places for APKs.

We suggest visiting APKPure if you’re looking for the greatest apps for your Android and Fire TV device.

For current Android smartphones, APKPure offers a wide variety of apps. You can anticipate finding programmes with mods as well as music, games, tools, utilities, and utilities.


One of the top websites for modified Android apps right now is APKMB. It allows users to download and set up cracked software, modded games, and streaming software including Media Lounge, PC Apps, and Top Paid Apps Pack.

There is no need to create an account; you can just use APKMB to download an unlimited number of programmes.

6. APK4All

APK4All is a great resource for finding the top MOD APKs in 2022. You can use a variety of games and programmes on your mobile thanks to it.

Because you may select from a wide range of APKs that are divided into areas like Art and Design, Auto & Vehicles, Beauty, Books and Reference, Comics, Entertainment, and many more, the website is rather well organised.

7. Moddroid

A really cool place to download mods is Moddroid. It offers a wide range of genre-specific gaming apps. You may also find non-gaming apps to turn your tablet and smartphone into the ultimate entertainment system.

You won’t ever get bored experimenting with your device using Moddroid, we guarantee it.

Because of this, we’ve named Moddroid as one of the top websites for modified apps.

8. Pirated Hub

Pirated Hub is the site for you if you’re seeking for one that has it all. You name it, Pirated Hub has it—gaming apps, PC software, VPNs, photo and video editors, among many more.

The site does have pop-ups, so be aware of this and be patient when dismissing them.

Pirated Hub is on our list of the Best Sites for Modded Apps because it generally offers variety.

9. AN1

You may download and install cracked software for PCs and laptops as well as modded apps for touchscreen devices from the interesting website AN1.

In addition to serving as a hub for downloads, it offers reviews of the newest devices from consumers and players.

Having said that, AN1 is undoubtedly among the top websites for finding just about everything.

10. AndroPalace

AndroPalace is a one-stop shop website that provides the newest games and software. It also does a great job of providing users with tutorials and walkthroughs.

As soon as you enter the website, you’ll discover that your device can play a tonne of offline games.

We have no doubts about the excellence of the apps and games it provides. The website AndroPalace is an excellent resource for finding free apps, so check it out!


On the website APKMODY, users may find installation instructions and tutorials for installing modded programmes on various devices.

In addition to the website, it also has a separate app that can act as a substitute app store where you can download apps that have been modified. from games, tools, and even premium streaming apps like Youtube that have been cracked.

You may get any kind of app for free thanks to the excellent app selection.

12. Mobilism

This is a great website to utilise if you have an Amazon Fire Stick and want to get MOD APKs. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you must register on this website in order to download any APKs.

They also feature a sizable selection of modified APKs for Android mobile devices. This website employs an antiquated, forum-based main page, which makes registration simple and usage even simpler. Here you may get the MOD APKs for other services like music and streaming apps like Netflix.

13. APKCombo

APKCombo will continue to be one of the top websites to download MOD APKs among those available. It offers access to several nations, including, to name a few, the USA, Thailand, Turkey, India, and Indonesia. Additionally, the website includes a fantastic selection of modified APKs for practically all paid apps.

For several games, like Tekken 3 and Garena Free Fire, you can find MOD APKs. APKs that have been modified are also available for social media programmes like Facebook and Instagram. Overall, this website is great for downloading MOD APKs from all over the world.

14. HappyMod

HappyMod is a well-known website that provides free Mod Android games and applications. It is one of the best websites available, and one of its cool features is that it has an app. It’s more like having a Google Play Store version on your Android device because of how simple it is to download, install, and remove apps on an Android device.

HappyMod is one of the best websites to download Mod APK Android games and apps for free because it is very safe and it provides quick downloading of Android games and apps. You can download any modified apps from HappyMod, such as WhatsApp Mods, and you can pause and resume downloads when you install the official HappyMod app on your device.

15. AndroPalace

You may always visit AndroPalace if you’re seeking for a website where you can get the newest Android apps and games. You’ll fall in love with the website once more for a variety of reasons, including the fact that you can acquire compressed PlayStation games from them and that they have numerous tutorials on how to use modified Android applications like Zarchiver.

You can always rely on AndroPalace, one of the Websites to Download Mod APK available, to provide you with safe Mod applications for your Android device. There are also offline games available, and AndroPalace offers an unlimited amount of premium and modified Android apps.


One thing that makes APKDONE one of the most well-known Mod APK websites in the world is the fact that it gives away many expensive Android apps. The first location you should always go to when considering downloading Mod Android apps is APKDONE, and you will undoubtedly discover them there.

Websites to Download Mod APK

Premium programmes like Crunchyroll, Kinemaster, Turbo VPN, and more are available on APKDONE. If you’re looking for a premium or modified app, APKDONE is the place to go. It offers a variety of premium Android apps that are made freely available.


TECHBIGS, a well-known website best recognised for its extensive collection of high-end Android apps and games, is another well-known name in the world of downloading Mod Android apps and games. It’s incredibly simple to download any Mod apps or games you want from this website, and it’s also highly trustworthy.

This makes TECHBIGS one of the Websites to Download Mod APK since you can always get the most recent Android apps with updated versions there, along with the most recent tech news.

18. RedMoonPie

Another fantastic source for modified Android games and apps is Redmoonpie. Despite the smaller selection compared to some of the other websites on this list, there are still some excellent mods available. Additionally, the website is simple to use and has a clean design.

Many specialised websites sell mods for various games and apps, so you may also try searching on Google if you’re seeking for a specific mod.

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit the websites of the companies that created your favourite games and apps. In some cases, these companies provide mods directly on their websites.

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19. ApkModsApp

Power users are likely already familiar with ApkModsApp. It’s a fantastic source for everything Android, including games and apps that have been modified. Here, you may find a large variety of mods in addition to useful forums where you can post questions or contribute your own mods.

20. Reddit

Yes, you heard correctly. Reddit will take the position for our final selection. You can find chats and discussions about nearly everything on our community website. Reddit has a specific topic that is regularly updated for MOD APKs as well.

Additionally, because the community is active, you may find advice on how to download and set up the desired apps. The community will respond to all of your technical queries and is typically constructive. Check out this Reddit post if you don’t want to visit a dubious website that can infect your computer or smartphone.


These are the top websites to download MOD APK, in our opinion. You should exercise caution while browsing any of these websites, as we previously said, as they have the potential to download malware or infect your phone or computer.

We would always advise you to get the genuine software and use its features by going to the official website or App store. By doing this, you’ll keep your data on a secure server and extend the life of your device.


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