Hummingbirdtechs Review 2023: How to make 50K from

Are you looking for a legit platform to make money in Nigeria?  Hummingbirdtechs is highly recommended.


Before writing this content, we have confirmed this platform to be a trustworthy one. So this is a well researched article on Hummingbirdtechs review and how to make money on

In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about hummingbirdtechs platform and how it works, we’ll also show you step-by-step guides to register and become a member of this platform.

If you have been following us for a while, there is no doubt that we give legit information about online money making platforms in Nigeria and this one won’t be the exception.


Many who have used this platform have seen how legit it is, you make cool money and withdraw easily.

Before moving further, we are going to discuss how hummingbirdtechs works based on our previous experience with the platform.

And before we registered on this platform, we have confirmed its validity from those who have worked on it before. 


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What Is Hummingbirdtechs? ( review)

Hummingbirdtechs is simply an online money making platform in Nigeria where you invest little money and get double of it after some weeks.

You get paid by investing your money in this platform depending on the package you chose.

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How do hummingbirdtechs Works?

After reading what hummingbirdtechs is, you must have eagerly wanted to know how it works.

Alright, as stated above, hummingbirdtechs is an online investment platform in Nigeria where you can earn money on daily or weekly basis, how fast you make money depends on the plan you chose.

Before becoming a full member of this platform and start making money, it’s necessary you sign up, and select your investment plan (keep reading to know the packages on this investment platform).

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How To Register on

To join and become a member of this platform, visit their official website ( and click on register.

Here, you’ll be requested to provide your personal details such as Name, phone number, Gmail address.

Then choose your password, captcha, and finally click on the REGISTER button. That is how to successfully create an account on hummingbirdtechs platform.

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Investment Packages on Hummingbirdtechs


This package cost N3,000, you earn N150 daily and total income after 100 days is N15,000


DRG-02 costs N5,000 to register, daily income is N300 and total income after 100 days is N30,000


Costs N10,000 for registration. Daily income is N700, that means you earn N70,000 after 100 days.


This costs N30,000 for registration. Daily income is N2,400, income after 100 days is N240,000


It is the fifth package that costs N50,000 for registration, daily income is N4,500. That means you earn N450,000 after 100 days.


This costs N100,000 for the registration, daily income is N10,000. Income after 100 days is N1,000,000


It costs N150,000 for registration. Daily income is N18,000, earning after 100 days is N1,800,000

Refer & Earn 

Aside from investing in the platform, Hummingbirdtechs reward you with N300 – N1,800 if someone completes the registration through your referral link. Let’s assume you refer 10 friends, your reward will be N300 x 10 which is N3,000.

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How to Withdraw on Hummingbirdtechs

Before you’re able to cash out on hummingbirdtechs platform, it is necessary to set up your bank account details.

Simply click on “add bank card” option and enter your functional bank details for withdrawal.

Below are step-by-step guides to make successful withdrawal from hummingbirdtechs.

Step 1: login to your account and click on “withdraw” option.

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to cash out in the space provided and click on “confirm submission”

Step 3: after confirming your withdrawal info to be error free, then click on the “withdraw” option.

You’ll receive an alert after 10 minutes. However, it takes 24hours in some cases.

Note: you can withdraw your earnings anytime provided it have exceeded N1,000

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What is the minimum withdrawal?

The minimum amount you can cash out on hummingbirdtechs is N1,000. When you have made up to this amount, you can withdraw it to your bank account.

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Hummingbirdtechs Review: Is Hummingbirdtechs Legit Or Scam? 

Hummingbirdtechs is not a scam. We have been making money and cashing out from this platform for a long-time now.

Also, hummingbirdtechs have been paying a lot of its members since it has been launched.

However, we cannot predict how the future of hummingbirdtechs platform is going to be but it is still working perfectly and we don’t see any reason to call it a scam yet.

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Conclusion On How to make 50K from hummingbirdtechs

Hummingbirdtechs is an investment platform in Nigeria. It has been in existence for some years now and we have not heard any scamming record from them.

Give it a trial and give us the outcome in the comments section.


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