Top 10 Most Affordable Online degrees in the UK in 2023 [Cheapest Online master degree]

British education is known for its high quality education globally. The United Kingdom has been a major center for hundreds of high-quality universities, many of which now offer online education options.


Although tuition fees for university in United kingdom can be quite expensive but in this article we’ve researched the most affordable online degrees in the UK.

Online education offers you flexibility, it enables you build your skill, transition into a new career, fulfilling your family obligations at your own schedule.

One of the advantage of Online education for International students is that it saves you the cost of traveling and cost of living in UK (which could also be expensive) and you will still earn the same degree certificate from best universities in Uk just like those in the campus.


Humortainment curated a list of the top 10 most affordable online degrees in the UK, so you can get the most out of your money without compromising on quality.

How much does a UK masters degree cost?

Getting a degree in the UK can be more expensive than in other European countries, there are certainly affordable options out there.

Many typical degrees range in cost from £8,000 to £25,000 or more.But Humortainment have researched some of the most affordable online degrees in the UK, which start from £2000 per course.


However, tuition fees vary depending on the degree and the location of the university.

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What are the benefits of studying online?

First, studying online offers a lot of flexibility, as students can manage their coursework on their own schedule and time.

Another benefits of studying online is that it helps you to network with people from different countries with different cultural background.

The online discussion group allows you to meet with people that have different ideas, opinions and insight into how things is done in other countries or culture.

In addition, distance learning means you can be anywhere in the world while undertaking your degree.

In theory, you could be working a part-time job, living at home or even on holiday whilst doing your degree!

Moreover, Online helps you to save transportation or traveling cost while you do your learning at anywhere you choose to be.

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Most Affordable Online degrees in the UK

Here’s is a list of the most affordable online degrees in the UK.

1. Global MBA at the London School of Business & Finance – LSBF

One of the most affordable online masters degree in the UK is the global MBA London School of Business and Finance.

This tuition fees to study this programme at the London School of Business and Finance is £9000 . This Online degree is highly flexible for students.

This online degree comes with a choice of starting the programme at one of four entry points during the year and can decide how long they want to take on the degree.

This masters degree could take up to 18-36 months to reach completion.

This online masters degree is customised in such a way that those who may be working during their degree and need to balance time between studying and their professional life could possibly do so.

If flexibility is what you opt for, this top-notch masters programme may be the right one for you.

2. International Banking, Finance and Risk Management at Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University‘s online masters degree in international banking, finance and risk management is another great option that you might want to consider.

This affordable online master degree has been highly sought for since the economic crisis of 2008, financial institutions have been scrambling to hire knowledgeable risk management professionals.

Moreover, Glasgow Caledonian collaborate with major financial institutions like Morgan Stanley and the Royal Bank of Scotland to help place students in internships and jobs as well as to validate the course content.

3. Conversion MBA at York St. John University

York St. John University offers an affordable online MBA conversion programme at.

Students looking forward to improve their professional skills and have already possessed a masters degree in a business-related field can apply to this programme to gain an MBA qualification.

This online degree is best for business professionals who are looking to advance their professional career after their initial masters degree.

The tuition fees to study at York St. John University just £4000. With this low tuition fees online degrees you can earn a conversion MBA at great university of York St. John University.

This online degree is one of the most affordable online masters in the UK and also one of the highest quality.

4. Data analytics at Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University offers one of the most affordable online degrees in the UK.

Their MBA in data analytics is a great way to combine a business degree with a highly lucrative line of work like big data.

This UK university’s online degrees prioritize its focus on the practical skills needed to be a successful leader, and in particular the involvement of data with that.

Due to the huge demands of big data professional, 99% of graduates of the online MBA programme at Nottingham Trent University found work within six months of earning their degree.

Do you like to explore the world of big data then you should seriously consider this degree at Nottingham Trent.

5. Strategic management at Apsley Business School.

Are you interested in studying strategic management in a good business school? Then you should consider Apsley Business School‘s MBA in strategic management.

This degree is also one of the cheapest online masters in the UK. This online degree takes you nine months to reach completion and it costs a total of £6000.

Plus the degree provides graduates with the necessary skills to be effective leaders in the world of business.

Are you part of those looking for flexibility, this programme may be for you.

One of the things that Apsley Business School emphasises most on is quality education over quantity, allowing students to be careful and diligent in their coursework as they are not stressed with high volumes of assignments.

Are you interested in taking this online masters degree, then check out the Apsley Business School to check out the courses that they offer.

6.Financial Investigation at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

Another most affordable online degree in the UK is University of Central Lancashire‘s MSc in financial investigation.

This online degree dive deep into the ins and outs of criminal behaviour within the financial world.

University of Central Lancashire allows students engage with concepts like ethics and accountability, money laundering, complex case management, discovery and recovery of assets and more through lectures, practicals and self-directed study.

At the end of this one-year programme, students can decide to write a dissertation on one of these topics or any of their choice.

This programme at UCLan is also one of the top online masters degrees in the UK that you might to consider studying.

Not that alone, this online masters programme is also one of the affordable degrees you can earn in the world of finance.

7. Strategic Business Management at Online Business School

Let me start by saying Strategic Business Management at Online Business School is one of the cheapest online degrees that is not just affordable but also comes with many other benefits.

This Online Business School offers a level 7 qualification in business strategic management that costs £1995.

This programme at the Online Business School provides students with 120 of the 180 credits needed to complete an MBA.

On completion your online degrees with the Online Business School, Students are eligible to apply for an MBA top-up programme, which usually involves just one additional module or writing a dissertation in order to complete their MBA qualification.

Distance learning at the Online Business School is done by one-to-one personal tutors and around-the-clock student support team, which means that the Online Business School allows you to feel as supported as you would at an in-person university.

Are you looking for an affordable and practical way to a masters in business administration? This Strategic Business Management at Online Business School might be a good choice for you.

8.Finance and Investment at London School of Business & Finance – LSBF

Finance and Investment offered by the London School of Business & Finance is one of best online masters degrees in the UK.

Are you looking to work in banking, financial management and other related field? Then this MSc in finance and investment is an excellent option.

Students that opted for this degree are allowed to choose a specialisation track, including options like accounting and finance, management, investment banking, capital markets, retail banking and money markets.

Moreover, apart from the financial knowledge that you will acquire, management skills are also part of the what you will gain at LSBF, producing well-rounded graduates ready for work in their field of interest.

9. Finance at SOAS University of London

The SOAS University of London is ranked as one UK’s best universities, and it offers an online MSc in finance definitely worth considering.

Students that enrolled for this programme learns a base in finance and then have the opportunity to choose between this four majors of finance: banking, economic policy, financial sector management and quantitative finance.

At the end of the programme, students have the option of writing a dissertation.

Finally, this programme also offers a fair bit of flexibility, with students able to decide how long it lasts from two to five years.

Without a doubt, students can expect a degree from SOAS to prepare them well for work in whatever field they pursue.

10. Accounting and finance at BPP University

Last but not the least on the most affordable online degrees in the UK is accounting and finance at BPP University.

If accountancy is your major area of interest, BPP University offers a unique programme that can puts you as a student on track to becoming certified accountants as fast as possible.

Their MSc programme does not requires any previous higher education qualifications, and students have the opportunity to graduate with both an advanced degree in accounting and finance as well as ACCA qualification.

Further, BPP courses are taught by industry professionals with training in education, making for the perfect balance of experienced, qualified teaching.

For these reasons, BPP University is truly one of the best places for aspiring accountants to prepare for their line of work.

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Here is the list of some of the most affordable online degrees in the UK that you can enroll for.

Do you have any questions, or needs help or solutions concerning online degrees? Please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below and we will try as much as possible to respond to you.


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