10 Best Pay-On-Delivery Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria (2023)

I know you are here to find out the best Pay-On-Delivery online shopping stores that we have in Nigeria.


Many Nigerians are afraid to shop for goods and always opt for the Pay-On-Delivery payment method when doing so through internet retailers.

I’ve heard individuals call online shopping a scam, and their accusations are supported by the reality that the majority of victims have had their money stolen, especially when upfront payments have been made.

Although there are still online shops in Nigeria where you may order products for delivery and pay when they arrive at your door or when you pick them up at a delivery warehouse, online shopping scams do exist.


In fact, a survey on the Nigerian mobile market released by Jumia, the largest e-commerce company in Africa, revealed that in 2017, 70% of Nigerians preferred the Pay-On-Delivery (POD) or Cash-On-Delivery (COD) option over alternative payment methods like credit or debit cards.

The top pay-on-delivery internet retailers in Nigeria are highlighted in today’s Humortainment article just for you.

We are all aware that one must be cautious while shopping online, and pay on delivery is a technique to reassure clients that they don’t need to pay before their items can be delivered.


You’ll learn more about the 10 best Pay-On-Delivery Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria while reading this article.

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10 Best Pay-On-Delivery Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria

1. Jumia

Jumia is one of the largest online retailers where you can place orders for nearly anything you want to buy when it comes to online shopping for phones and electronics.

Jumia is a multivendor shopping platform, so all kinds of retailers may be found there. You have the option of buying from both regional vendors as well as foreign vendors from places like China and other nations.

Jumia provides a pay-on-delivery option, but it is only available when ordering from local vendors; overseas vendors do not accept pay-on-delivery.

Therefore, make sure you’re purchasing from a native Nigerian vendor if you plan to pay for your item(s) on delivery through Jumia.

Jumia is one of the best Pay-On-Delivery Online Shopping Stores.

2. Konga

One of the largest online retailers in Nigeria is Konga. At this store, you can find clothing, electronics, gadgets, home & office appliances, and other goods at discount prices.

Orders placed on Konga can be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria, and occasionally delivery are free, especially in states like Lagos and Abuja.

If you want to buy something or a few things but are worried about making full payments, you can place your order and select the Cash on Delivery option during Checkout. Konga accepts payments made on delivery. One of the top online retailers in Nigeria for pay-on-delivery, Konga is incredibly trustworthy.

Konga is one of the best Pay-On-Delivery Online Shopping Stores

3. Kara

Another online store in Nigeria where you can purchase PCs and phones is Kara. One of the best internet retailers in Nigeria is called Kara.

Nigerians may purchase online with ease thanks to Kara, and you’ll enjoy using Kara because you can Buy Now And Pay Later. They offer pickup sites where you can pick up your ordered items, as well as door-to-door delivery.

The Cash-on-Delivery payment option is one that Kara offers, allowing you to make payments after your purchases have been shipped and delivered to your door. A great website for shopping in Nigeria is Kara, where you may find high-quality electronics to purchase.

4. Jamarahome

Jamarahome is a reputable online retailer in Nigeria where you can purchase products with nationwide shipping and maybe the greatest deals on electronics and gadgets in the country.

With a 25-month warranty on every order and a focus solely on selling electronics and gadgets, you can buy any type of home appliance from Jamarahome with confidence that you’re getting a high-quality product.

Jamarahome makes online shopping incredibly simple, and there are two ways to pay when you reach the Checkout page’s payment section.

You have the choice of paying with a credit card, using COD (Cash on Delivery), or choosing pickup or home delivery as your shipment method.

5. PayPorte

Payporte is not only a well-known electronic shopping mall in Nigeria, but it also provides customers who regularly utilise its user-friendly platform with helpful after-sales service.

Payporte enables customers to promote their high-quality goods via an e-commerce website, just like Konga and Jumia. They have policies and controls in place to stop dishonest sellers, shielding their clients from all types of fraud.

Additionally, Payporte offers an affiliate network that enables individuals without their own product to make money by recommending high-quality goods from other sellers.

6. Jiji

It’s not really a website like those above, but one of the best places to shop online in Nigeria is Jiji. What sets Jiji apart is that goods are sold there through advertisements, and the products can either be used or new.

Although you cannot check out on Jiji, you can contact a seller there and talk to them about the specific item you wish to purchase from them.

Jiji primarily uses Cash on Delivery, so you’ll need to visit the seller of the goods or items you wish to buy at his or her shop address and make payments once you’re sure the item is in good shape.

7. Olist

Olist is a free online marketplace in Nigeria where you can buy and sell anything. Buyers can locate nearby sellers of the goods they’re looking for.

Almost anything can be listed for sale on Olist. On the platform, people even post job openings.

Olist is a free and easy way to shop online in Nigeria, people adore using it.

8. Ajebo Market

Nigerian online retailer Ajebo market sells clothing and shoes for guys.

On this online store for guys in Nigeria, you can purchase everything from high-quality loafers to sneakers, sandals, and even boots and all kinds of men’s clothing.

Additionally, Ajebo Market provides nationwide delivery.

9. Spar Nigeria

One of the top department store and supermarket brands in Nigeria is called Spar. In Nigeria, Spar also provides online shopping.

Therefore, you have a large selection of products to pick from at extremely good prices when you shop online at Spar.

Only a few cities in Lagos, including as Ikeja, Ilupeju, Victoria Island, and Lekki Phase One, are served by Spar’s home delivery service.

10. Food Locker

An Ibadan-based internet food delivery service is called Food Locker. They offer economical farm fresh food and groceries delivery to residents of Ibadan and Lagos.

So check out Food locker if you’re thinking about shopping online from Lagos or Ibadan.


These are the top Pay-On-Delivery Online Shopping Stores in Nigeria for online shopping and pay on delivery, however any of the websites on the list allow you to do so as well if you choose to pay for your purchases in advance.


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