Qatar Embassy In Nigeria And Contact Details

The Qatar embassy in Nigeria is where all correspondences and communications between Nigeria and Qatar are handled. The embassy represents the interest of the Qatar Government in Nigeria.

They are also saddled with the responsibility of protecting Qatar citizens in Nigeria in accordance with the Nigerian Law and Constitution.

Qatar is an independent state in the Arabian Gulf with Doha as its capital city. It is on the continent of Asia. It has a progressive economy and it’s one of the world’s most important producers of oil and gas.

The State is majorly an Islamic state upholding Islamic traditions. English is widely spoken, the official language is Arabic. The average temperature is 106 Fahrenheit. Nigerians interested in going to Qatar would need to have the following information.

Qatar Embassy In Nigeria Visa Fee?

The price of the Qatar Visa is ₦17,398.75 ($41.84).

You can pay in cash or debit cards at the Qatar Embassy in Abuja. Alternatively, you can use your debit card if you are making an online application.

Please note that Naira values are subject to fluctuate, according to the Qatar Riyal / Naira exchange rate.

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Qatar Visa Requirements in Nigeria

  • A valid Nigerian International passport with at least two free consecutive pages, and a validity of 6 months
  • An honestly filled (in block letters) and signed application form.
  • 2 recently taken passport photographs in white background.
  • Applicants will require any one of the following documents:
  • -Hotel-stay details – for tourist visa applicants.
  • -An invitation letter from a sponsor in Qatar – For family visa applicants.
  • -Income tax returns for the last 2 years.
  • -And any other documents supporting the purpose of the planned visit.
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Visa application fee receipts or evidence of payment of visa application
  • Stamped Bank Statement of Documentations of financial capacity
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Marriage certificate
  • Children birth certificate (if any)
  • Six-months bank statement
  • Proof of ownership
  • Family pictures
  • Tax clearance

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Types of Qatar Visa & Visa Requirements in Nigeria

1. Qatar Tourist Visa

The Qatar Tourist Visa is issued to persons who intend to explore Qatar’s beautiful sites and people who want to visit family members and friends. The Tourist visa is more like a holiday visa, and it is valid for 2 weeks (No extension). Applicants for the Tourist visa must present their itineraries for their trip. Financial statements to prove the ability to sustain expenses incurred during the trip is required. Validity Period – 14 Days.

2. Qatar Transit Visa

A special category of the tourist visa is the Transit visa issued to persons who want to want to travel to another country through the country. This visa is valid for 2 days from the day of entry. People who have a connecting flight from an airport in Qatar do not need this visa. Validity Period – 2 Days.

3. Qatar Business Visa

The Business visa is issued to members of organizations intending to attend business meetups, conferences, academic seminars, professional expositions or any other kind of formal meeting. This visa is usually valid for 30 days from the day of entry. Validity Period – 30 Days.

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4. Qatar Student Visa

The Student visa is a temporary visa issued to persons who want to run an academic program in the country. The visa is valid until the course duration elapses. Applicants for this category of visa must have already received provisional admission prior to their student visa application. Also, a letter from the academic institution is proof that the applicant can apply for the visa.

5. Qatar Work Visa

Work visas are granted to persons who want to work in Qatar. Like the student visa, the applicants for the work visa must already have secured a job in the country before being eligible to apply. The applicant’s employer would need to apply for a NOC Certificate. Without this certificate, entry into Qatar would be disallowed. Applicants, on getting into the country must apply for a residence visa. On arrival, using a single-entry visa, the applicant needs to apply for a residency visa and according to the employer’s specification, undergo some certain medical tests including HIV and TB.

6. Qatar Family Visa

The family visa differs from the visit visa. It is issued to persons who have a family in Qatar. The family visa does not expire as long as the sponsor is still living in the country and can still sponsor the applicant. The sponsor would need to apply for a residence permit for the coming family member(s).


Qatar Embassy In Nigeria: Abuja

Qatar’s embassy in Abuja is the only Qatari representation in Nigeria.

Street Address

Transcorp Hilton, No 1 Aguiyi Ironsi Maitama, Shehu Shagari Way, Abuja

Contact Details

(+234) 909 426 4010

Operating Hours

From 9AM – 4PM

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How Can I Apply For Qatar Visa in Nigeria

These are the steps to follow in applying for a Qatar visa in Nigeria:

  1. Download the visa application form, by visiting the Qatar embassy website.
  2. Print out the hard copy, carefully fill in your details. (If you’re unable to get it online, better obtain it directly from the Embassy)
  3. Submit the duly completed visa application form signed by you to the Qatar embassy.
  4. Attach the following required documents:
    • Your International passport with at least six months validity and unused visa pages.
    • Photocopy of the data page of your passport.
    • Two recently taken passport-sized photographs with white background.
    • Evidence of Basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover your entire stay in Qatar.
    • Evidence of hotel reservation or proof of accommodation in Qatar.
    • Evidence of flight booking indicating your arrival and departure dates from Qatar.
    • Statement of reasons for travelling to Qatar.
    • Evidence of medical insurance.
    • Your last six months bank account statement duly signed by the Bank.
    • Attach the payment receipt of the visa application processing fee
    • If you’re invited, a letter of sponsor from your person in Qatar, address to the embassy. The person will include the photocopy of his/her residence permit or national identity card.
    • Additional requirements for a business traveller:
      • Letter of invitation from the sponsor or company inviting you,
      • Photocopy of the company’s business registration.
      • Evidence of accommodation arrangement and financial responsibility.

How to apply for Canada Visa Online

You can apply for Qatar Visa online. In order to apply for the Qatar eVisa, foreign nationals must meet the necessary requirements. Firstly, the applicant must be from a country that is eligible for the eVisa for Qatar. All international travelers submitting an online application must provide the following:

  • Valid passport from an eligible country
  • Flight booking reservations from an airline
  • Current email address
  • Credit or debit card to pay the online fee

After the application is processed, the approved Qatar eVisa is delivered to the email account provided. It is advisable to print a copy and bring it to Qatar.

It is important to travel with the same passport as the one used in the online application since the Qatar eVisa is electronically linked to one specific travel document.

If the traveler’s passport is lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise rendered invalid and has to be replaced, they must reapply for the Qatar eVisa with their new passport.

How Long Does It Take to Process Qatar Visa in Nigeria?

Tracking of application status begins with respect to meeting necessary requirements and submission of the application form. Usually, processed between 4 to 15 working days, Several factors affect processing time. There is rarely any way to expedite the processing time.

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The Qatari economy is thriving despite opposition from many quarters. The country has put a great deal of effort into preparing for the World Cup in 2022. In spite of critics’ criticism of Qatar’s soccer stadiums, the country has built world-class stadiums with modern amenities.

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

In response to critics’ complaints of weather, Qatar constructed the stadium with full air conditioning.

In terms of security, Qatar provided state-of-the-art security equipment and trained its security personnel to ensure first-class security.

In response to critics’ complaints of the Arabia heat, Qatar is considering moving the tournament from June or July to January or February, when the Arabian winter season is in full swing.

Qatar will definitely come up with a solution for whatever they desire since it is a winner at all times.



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