Switzerland Embassy In Nigeria and Contact Details

This comprehensive guide on Switzerland Embassy In Nigeria and their contact office.

All applications from Nigerians wishing to visit Switzerland are to be directed to the Switzerland Embassy located in Abuja.

Switzerland is a popular destination for tourists and is known for its beautiful scenery. If you would like to visit Switzerland briefly to see this beautiful region, visit someone or conduct business, you should keep reading.

Here is a guide on how you can apply for a Switzerland tourist, visit, or business visa in Nigeria.

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Switzerland Embassy In Nigeria Visa Fee

The fee for Switzerland Visa is ₦37,000 and it’s due at the time the application is submitted and is not refundable. If you withdraw the application or it is rejected the fee will not be reimbursed.

Beautiful Aerial View Of Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland Visa Requirements in Nigeria

  • A valid international passport: Your passport should have a validity that exceeds the duration of your Schengen short stay visa by 6 months. The passport should also have 2 blank pages for your visa to be issued.
  • A filled visa application form: You should fill this form honestly. Filling this form incorrectly could result in your visa application being denied.
  • A passport photograph. The photo you use should have been taken recently.
  • A receipt showing payment of the visa application fee.
  • Letter of invitation: Regardless of if you are applying for a Switzerland tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria, you must have an invitation letter.
  • A letter stating your purpose in Switzerland, the duration of your stay and any other information you feel necessary.
  • A bank statement: This document should be valid and recently acquired. It should show that you have enough money available for your expenses for the period you will reside in Switzerland. You should also provide salary slips to show that you have a consistent source of income.
  • A letter from your current employer: This could be a letter granting you leave from work for a short period. This is proof that you will return to Nigeria when you are done with your visit to Switzerland.
  • Your travel itinerary or proof of flight reservation. Click HERE to reserve your flight reservation for free (Ts&Cs apply)
  • Evidence of hotel reservation for the period that you will be in Switzerland. Click HERE to reserve your hotel.
  • Proof of Schegen Travel health insurance: The insurance policy should outlast the duration of your stay in Switzerland. Also, the insurance coverage should be up to 30,000 Euro. Click HERE to order your Schegen travel medical insurance.
  • If someone else is paying for your trip to Switzerland, you will need to submit his or her bank statement, salary slips and a copy of their passport. Yow will also need a signed letter from your sponsor stating their intention to sponsor your trip and stay in Switzerland.

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Types of Switzerland Visa in Nigeria

1. Transit Visa

If you need to land at a Swiss airport in order to wait in the international area of the airport for a connecting flight that will take you to your non-Schengen destination country, you will need to apply for a Switzerland Airport Transit Visa.

2. Tourist Visa

If you are traveling to Switzerland for tourism purposes, like vacations or sightseeing, then you should apply for a Switzerland Tourist visa for short stays.

3. Visitor Visa

When applying for a short-stay visa to Switzerland, in order to visit a family member or a friend residing in Switzerland on their invitation, you will need to apply for a Swiss Visitor Visa.

4. Business Visa

You wish to go to Switzerland for business purposes and will stay no longer than 90 days you should apply for a Business Schengen Visa to Switzerland.


5. Study Visa

If you are planning to travel to Switzerland in order to attend a study course, training or internship that will last less than three months, then you are eligible to apply for a Schengen Study Visa to Switzerland.

6. Medical Visa

If you are planning to travel to Switzerland to receive health treatment, such as medical therapies, surgery, etc., then you will have to apply for a Switzerland Medical visa prior to your trip.

Switzerland Visa Requirements in Nigeria For Transit Visa

  • A valid visa (if needed) for the final country one is travelling to.
  • The flight ticket for the final country you are travelling to.

Switzerland Visa Requirements in Nigeria For Tourist Visa

  • Bank statement; Preferably for the last 6 months.
  • Travel Itinerary; A description of your trip day-to-day.
  • Proof of how you will be financing your trip to Switzerland.

Switzerland Visa Requirements in Nigeria For Visitor Visa

  • Duly signed invitation letter from the host. The invitation must contain the following details: name, first name, date of birth (exactly same as in the passport) for every invited person as well as the purpose and duration of the visit.
  • Host’s passport, identity card or residence permit.
  • Proof of relationship with the host residing in Switzerland.

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Switzerland Visa Requirements in Nigeria For Business Visa

  • Invitation letter from the inviting company/organization in Switzerland with their detailed address accompanied with the dates of your visit.
  • Proof of business ties with inviting company
  • A letter from your employer. In this letter should be stated why you will be travelling to Switzerland.
  • Proof of trip financing. Regarding the applicant’s expenses during their stay in Switzerland, either the employer or the partner company must state coverage of expenses on the letter or invitation.

Switzerland Visa Requirements in Nigeria For Study Visa

  • No objection letter from the educational institution where you are currently enrolled (if applicable).
  • Internship agreement. Signed between the company in Switzerland, the establishment of origin and the trainee.

Switzerland Visa Requirements in Nigeria For Medical Visa

  • Original letter from a local doctor stating diagnosis with a medical report.
  • Confirmation from the Swiss hospital/doctor stating agreement to treat patient and expected duration of treatment with an estimate of costs.
  • Proof of advance payment of 50 % – receipt from Swiss hospital/doctor.

Switzerland Embassy In Abuja

Street Address

157, Adetokunbo Ademola Cr.
Wuse II
Abuja 900288

Contact Details

(+234) 9 22 00 400 to 2
Fax: (+234) 9 22 00 403

Opening Hours

By Appointment Only

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Switzerland Visa Application Centre in Lagos

Street Address

15, Onisiwo Road (former Probyn Road)

Contact Details

(+234) 1 904 2656
Fax: (+234) 1 904 2660

Opening Hours

By Appointment Only

How Can I Apply For Switzerland Visa in Nigeria

  • Fill the visa application form online and pay the appropriate visa application fee.
  • Make an appointment for the submission of your documents.
  • Compile necessary documents and submit them at the embassy.
  • After submitting your documents, your biometric data will be collected. This includes your fingerprints and a documentation of your facial features. This is the reason why you must submit your visa application in person.
  • Your visa application will then be processed and when it is ready, you will return to the embassy to retrieve your documents and passport. If you paid for the service, your documents can be sent to you via courier.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Switzerland Visa

After applying for a Switzerland tourist, visit or business visa in Nigeria, it could take 2 weeks for your visa to be processed. If further checks are required, it could take up to 2 months before your application is processed. If you would like your application to get urgent attention, you should specify this before you pay the visa application fee.

How To Apply For Switzerland Visa Online

Download the Swiss Visa application form, fill it completely and with sincerity. You can also fill out the Poland Schengen Visa application form electronically and then print a hard copy.

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Switzerland, home to much of the Alps, as well as Lake Geneva and the financial center of Zurich, Switzerland is a hub for both business and tourism – especially for the wealthy – the perfect place to combine business with a little pleasure.



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