Viraltrend Review 2023: How To Make Money With Viraltrend (100k Monthly)

If you are looking for a legit place to make 100k and above online in Nigeria, then you are in the right place.


In this content, we’ll teach you how to make money with Viraltrend and Viraltrend review, procedures to register and other vital information you need to know about the platform.

Before investing in any online business, or joining any online platform, it’s important to know more about it so you should be on the safer side.

There are several websites to make money in Nigeria, some are legit but some are also scam. However, we have tested the Viraltrend platform and confirmed it to be 100% legit.


So let dive into Viraltrend review and how to make money with Viraltrend.

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Viraltrend Review: Is Viraltrend Scam?

No! Viraltrend is a Nigeria platform where you can make money online by completing simple tasks such as

  • reposting a post,
  • commenting,
  • liking posts,
  • following Instagram or Facebook pages,
  • and subscribing to YouTube channels.

Majority of Nigerian online business influencers have confirmed Viraltrend to be legit

Unlike other online money making platforms, people have made a lot from Viraltrend for a long time and it is absolutely working up till this writing time.

Now let’s know what Viraltrend is and how you can make at least 100K monthly from the platform.

What is Viraltrend?

As stated above, Viraltrend is a freelancing platform in Nigeria where you get paid by completing simple works from Android, iPhone or PC.

On this platform, you’ll have to complete a simple task for your employer and get paid after considering your work to be ok. Viraltrend is very easy to operate and you can earn even if you don’t possess any skill.

Few days ago, the Nigerian popular online money maker revealed that he earns more than 100K from this app monthly.

Not only him but a lot of Nigerians have started making a penny from this awesome platform and you should not be left behind, start up today and make changes in your life.

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How does Viraltrend work?

Since we have discussed what Viraltrend is, let’s now discuss how it works. It is easy and less complicated. It is a platform that comes up with 2 packages, select any one you like and register for it (the registration fee is N500 for basic plan & N2,500 for premium plan).

 After this is done, you’ll now get access to the platform to seek for a job or get selected by a client to work for him/her. Keep on reading as we’ll discuss the recommended package that is more profitable.

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Earnings proof on Viraltrend

Before moving on, I will like to show you my recent earnings on the Viraltrend platform to motivate you.

Viraltrend packages

As mentioned earlier, there are two packages on Viraltrend. Below are the two different packages on this platform and how they works:

Basic plan : 500 Naira

Premium plan : 1500 Naira

Basic plan is good. But we suggest you go for a premium package because that’s where you’ll gain many more jobs and make 100k and above a month.

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How Legit is Viraltrend?

With no doubt, Viraltrend is recommended to be one of the legit platforms to make money online in Nigeria because those who have joined so far have not said any negative result about the platform. That means it is legit for now.

How to join Viraltrend platform

There is no stress in registering on Viraltrend. You can simply visit their official website and sign in or you can register through someone using his/her referral link.

Step 1: Click on the sign in and fill in your details

Step 2: Click on the promote and earn option

Step 3: They will send a verification link via email, click on it and verify your account.

Step 4: on the homepage of the platform, click on the dashboard and select the package you show interest in. Premium plans are mostly welcome if you have money.

Step 5: proceed to make payment, then you’ll be able to perform a simple task and earn on Viraltrend platform.

How to make money Viraltrend

There are two basic ways to earn from this platform, and both of them are simple.

Completing simple task

Here, you earn by following pages, Subscribing to YouTube channels, liking and commenting on a post, sharing a post, etc.

Referral earnings

In this category, you make money by bringing your friends or relatives to join Viraltrend and it is optional.

The earnings per referral is N1,500 that means if you can bring 10 people a day, your earnings will be N1,500 x 10 which is N15,000

NOTE: Unlike other money making platforms, you can withdraw from this platform without bringing a referral, it is just optional.

As a basic plan member, you’ll earn 30% commission if your referral completes the registration.

However, a premium plan member earns 50% commission if his/her referral joins the platform and completes the registration.

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When can I withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal on Viraltrend is N5,000 and you can cash out once in a week.

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Conclusion On How To Make Money With Viraltrend

Viraltrend is an online money making platform in Nigeria where you can earn money by completing simple tasks.

It has been confirmed by its users. You can earn 100K monthly from the platform depending on how you work.

Do you have any questions, suggestions, opinion, and comments? Drop it in the comment section below!


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