10 Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria (2023)

For a while now, people in Nigeria have been using Buy Now Pay Later, a payment option that lets them buy phones and other accessories or any other form of electronics, and pay for it later.


It’s like getting a loan with no interest, Buy Now Pay Later is like paying for them at a discounted price and you’ll get them later after you complete payments. In the last few years, we have seen many platforms, fintech solutions, and stores offering people the opportunity to Buy Now Pay Later.

With the requirements to Buy Now and Pay Later in place, you might be interested in checking out the best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria listed here. The platforms allow you to purchase goods and pay them back in installments.

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Best Buy Now Pay Later

Only one answer, Slot.

Slot sells mobile phones, computers, accessories, and various types of electronics in Nigeria. They also provide other services as well. Like mobile phone engineering, phone screen insurance, phone trade-in, stolen phone recovery, and a flexible payment plan (Buy now pay later) for customers.

To use SLOT’s Buy now Pay later service, you need to visit a SLOT store near you and make enquiries regarding the device(s) you want to buy. They’ll let you know the price, payment plans, and any other details that you need to know.

If the payment plans and pricing is fine with you and you want o go ahead with the BNPL service, you’ll be given an application form to fill and some documents to submit. After submitting the form and documents,your application will be processed in 24 hours.


If approved, the device you want to purchase will be given to you and you can continue with the payment plan you chose. SLOT has 60 outlets spread across 18 states in Nigeria, so finding one close to you might not be a problem.

Buy now pay later

Requirements To Buy Now Pay Later In Nigeria

To buy now and pay later as a Nigerian, you must have some documents that’ll qualify you to be able to buy now and pay later, but how do you know if you’re fit enough to apply for this credit opportunity? Well here are some required documents below and if you have them complete, you can apply to buy now and pay later across any stores or platforms in Nigeria.

  1. 6 months of your SALARY bank statement.
  2. Bank Identification Number (BVN).
  3. Work ID CARD/Employment letter.
  4. A valid Government Issued ID CARD (either Driver’s licence, National Identity Card, Voters card or Nigeria passport)

List of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria

1. Slot

You can buy a phone and pay later from Slot Nigeria stores. Slot limited offers customers a flexible payment plan. Additionally, you can also trade in your old phones for a new one. Fortunately these options are also available to other items such as laptops and home appliances.

To take advantage of this financing options, you have to visit any Slot outlet nationwide to make you request.

2. Zoomba is an e-commerce store in Nigeria that offers customers convenient payment plans on all items.

With Zoomba, customers can shop online and pay in installments aka Layaway but this is what most people refer to as ‘buy now, pay small small’.

When shopping on Zoomba, If you see any item you like, if you cannot afford to make a full payment, you can lockdown the item(s) in Layway, this then gives you the option to pay in several installments.

On Zoomba, you can buy phones, clothes, beauty products, home appliances etc and pay later. To try out this amazing payment plan, visit the website on Zoomba.

3. Parktel Online

Customers who wish to buy phones and pay in installments in Nigeria can shop with Parktel Online. However Parktel Online only offers buy-now-pay-later plans to customers in Lagos and Abuja. Also note these financing options are only available for phones from N50,000 and above. To take advantage of this offer, you can visit the store or website.

4. Easybuy

Easybuy is a mobile-based loan app in Nigeria, and it’s one of the best loans apps in Nigeria as well and on this app you can loan any amount from 10,000 Naira to 50,000 Naira with a 6% interest rate that’ll allow you to pay within 91 days to 180 days. While Easybuy allows you to loan money, you can also buy smartphones of any brand you want on Easybuy and you’ll make payments in instalments. Buy Now Pay Later is very easy on Easybuy and this is how it’s done.

If you want to buy a device on Easybuy, you’ll need to pay at least 30% of the price for the device you want to get, and you’ll be asked for the tenures you’ll use in completing your payment, you can choose between 3 to 6 months. You will need to link your bank account and the amount you agree to pay monthly will be debited from your account until you’ve completed all payments. Easybuy offer one of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria and this platform is owned and operated by Palmcredit.

5. Spredda

Spredda is an e-commerce based website in Nigeria where you can buy home appliances, electronics, mobile phones, furniture, computers, generators, fashion and beauty products, sports and fitness products at affordable prices, and on this store, they have two options of buying and paying later, and both options are PayQart and Lay-by.

When you buy now pay later using the PayQart option, it means you’re allowed to take the item with you and you’ll be given a six-month payback tenure and a little interest might apply if payment isn’t completed under six months. Lay-by on the other side doesn’t attract interest, and it lets your item be reserved for a period of three to four months with an advanced payment of 20%. Spredda is one of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria and they have a good customer relation.

6. Alternative Mall

The Alternative Mall is an e-commerce based website in Nigeria where you can buy home appliances, electronics, mobile phones, furniture, computers, generators, fashion and beauty products, sports and fitness products at affordable prices, and this website is being owned by Sterling Alternative Finance, and it makes buying things for both salary earners and non-salary earners. The Alternative Mall seem to be the best because it doesn’t attract any charges.

Shopping at The Alternative Mall is very easy, you can buy now and pay later within 12 months, you don’t need to deposit any amount and you will be billed based on your annual income, and that only attracts 33.3% of it. If you meet the certain criteria needed, you’ll need to create a SAF account that’ll be used as a repayment account. The Alternative Mall is one of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria.

7. CDcare

CDcare is a big marketplace in Nigeria, and it operates on Android, iOS and also the web. This website allows Nigerians to be able to buy any gadgets or household appliances that they want using the Buy Now Pay Later method and it doesn’t attract any interest. On this website, you can buy anything you want, from phones to gadgets, or even kitchen appliances like freezers, microwaves and many more, and if they don’t have what you want, you can request it.

On CDcare, buyers are given a payment scheme that’ll help them pay an equal amount weekly or monthly when they buy an item. If a customer makes a 50 per cent instalment, the item will be delivered and the rest of the payment will continue after that, a buyer can set how he or she wants to pay and all will be reviewed. CDcare is very easy to use and it’s one of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores in Nigeria.

8. Spar Nigeria

Spar Nigeria is a top online shopping store in Nigeria with large inventories from which you can shop for anything. The Spar Nigeria buy phone and pay later is made possible through PayEasy

PayEasy allows its customers to buy any of their favorite products through Spar Nigeria and pay in installments. Spar NG PayEasy is backed up by some eligible criteria which you have to meet up before you are qualified.

9. 3CHub

3CHub is one of the top phone companies in Nigeria with major dominance in the offline space. They are both wholesale and retail companies that are trusted and tested as reliable.

Through the help of EasyBuy, you can buy a phone of your choice at 3CHub and pay in installments.

10. Gudiesplanet

Gudiesplanet is an eCommerce platform where you can buy phones and other electronics from the comfort of your home and pay later with ease and convenience.

They use Credmart, a company that helps individuals buy things on credit and paylater.

However, Guddiesplanet is only available to salary earners.

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The Benefit Of Best Buy Now Pay Later To Consumers

Customers have the option of buying items and paying for them with flexible terms ranging from 3 months to multiple years, depending on the provider, improving the customer experience and making it frictionless.

They can receive their item before completing a full payment. The payments are interest free and sign-up is much faster than for credit cards.

There are also other benefits of BNPL, such as:

  1. Saving time – Rather than waiting for the next paycheck, consumers can get what they need now.
  2. Ease of Use – Allowing payments to be made in instalments is very convenient and easy, especially for more expensive items.
  3. Convenience- Consumers often don’t have to worry about paying costly interest rates or late fees!


The ability to buy now and pay later allows you to get what you want even in the most difficult circumstances, and these online stores have brought such good results to Nigerians. The best buy now pay later stores in Nigeria right now are those we have mentioned, where you must only be qualified before you can buy now and pay later.


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