Canada shortage occupation list 2023

Canada shortage occupation list 2023, experts in Canada estimate that between 250 and 300 thousand immigrants enter the country every year. The majority of immigrants apply for permanent residency cards and stay in this stunning, wealthy nation forever. Professionals from other countries are frequently encouraged to work in Canada, despite the fact that local authorities are interested in creating as much employment as possible, especially for Canadian citizens, to increase the degree of economic development and prosperity of the state overall.


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Canada has very successful immigration policies that are intended to draw candidates with abilities that are in high demand on the local labor market. On the government’s official website, anyone can fill out an online application form (Express Entry) to examine their employment prospects. The need for a profession in Canada is one of the primary requirements. Also, the candidate’s education, credentials, experience, and language proficiency are examined. It matters how old and healthy a candidate is.

Permanent residence status and long-term employment are the goals of professional immigration programs. You could attempt to get a regular, four-year work visa to Canada for temporary employment. The primary prerequisite is a work permit (LIMA), which is only granted if no Canadian citizens apply for the position and if there is a genuine need for a foreign professional in that country’s economy. Therefore, you must look for a job in advance and sign a contract of employment.

Next, we’ll list the jobs that will be in great demand in Canada in 2023 and have a good probability of being filled in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, and many other significant Canadian cities and provinces.



The top 50 jobs in Canada that are eligible for the Express Entry program for skilled immigrants are listed below. You may get the entire list (500 titles) on the official government website canada.

Immigrants with experience in the kinds of jobs that are in high demand here in Canada have always been treated more kindly. One of the easiest and most straightforward immigration processes in the world, Canada is the most popular destination for immigrants looking for improved chances for professional advancement.


Through a point-based immigration system, Canada is able to select immigrants who have the high qualifications and skill sets needed to fill the country’s employment needs.


1 Veterinarians
2 Doctors of general practice
3 Dieticians
4 Certified nurses
5 Cardiologists
6 Massage therapists
7 Medical laboratory assistants and pathologist assistants
8 Optics
9 Professional therapists
10 Dentists
11 Specialists of primary health care
12 Pharmacists
13 Physiotherapists
1 Aerospace Engineers
2 Plumbers
3 Mining engineers
4 Civil Engineers
5 Geological engineers
6 Mechanical engineers
7 Petroleum Engineers
8 Engineers in industry and production
9 Chemical engineers
10 Electrical and Electronics Engineers
11 Stonemasons
12 Roofers
13 Tilemakers
14 Carpenters
15 Welders
16 Glass workers
17 Plasters
1 Lawyers and notaries
2 Architects
3 Biologists
4 Geologists and Oceanographers
5 Pre-school teachers
6 Managers in retail and wholesale trade
7 Meteorologists and climatologists
8 Butchers
9 Crane operators
10 Bakers
11 Chefs
12 Programmers (different directions)
13 Professors and university professors
14 Social workers
15 Specialists in forestry
16 Physicists and astronomers
17 Financial auditors and accountants
18 Financial and investment analysts
19 Primary and secondary school teachers
20 Chemists

The most sought-after occupations for immigration to Canada in 2023, according to research by Canadian human resource businesses, are handyman, sales representative, accountant, design engineer, business analyst, programmer, and hoist operator.

The average monthly wage in Canada is roughly 4.8 thousand Canadian dollars, it should be emphasized. The minimum hourly salary varies from $13 to $16 depending on the province. There is no more than a 6% unemployment rate. The income tax rate ranges from 15% to 33%.

Canada is experiencing a lack of competent workers in a number of industries, including the skilled and semi-skilled ones. A labor deficit has been brought on by a lack of local talent and an aging workforce. There is a demand for immigrants who possess the necessary abilities due to the skill deficit.

As a result, the Canadian government raised its immigration goals and now plans to accept 1 million immigrants by 2022. This is done to address the manpower shortage that the country’s many industries are experiencing. Following this strategy, Canada hopes to welcome 341,000 skilled workers in 2020. So, you stand a strong chance of finding employment and moving to Canada if you work in any of the in-demand professions.

The ten most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2020 are listed below:

1. Software engineer- The demand for software developers is really high. Companies in Canada are seeking employees with a wealth of professional experience. This career will pay between 92,450 and 157,165 CDN in annual salaries.

2. Aerospace engineer- Jobs for aerospace engineers are in high demand in Canada, particularly in the top four cities of Quebec, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Ontario (Toronto). For this occupation, the annual income range will be between 89,700 and 52,490 CDN.

3. Registered nurse- An aging population has led to a rise in the demand for nurses. Primary healthcare providers, dental nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse assistants, coordinators, and supervisors are all positions that registered nurses can hold. Their annual income ranges from 76,342 to 129,781 CDN.

4. Occupational or physiotherapy assistant-The demand for this profession has also increased due to an aging population. This career will pay between 70,000 and 90,000 CDN per year in income.

5. Business management consultant- There is an increasing demand for business management consultants as more local workers retire or move on to other positions. They are able to make 77, 875 to 132,388 CDN a year.

6. College or vocational instructor-Teachers have been added to the list of high-demand professions in the nation as a result of the thousands of unfilled positions in numerous provinces and territories across Canada and the lack of educators needed to fill them. Also, many who are teaching right now are getting close to retirement. The annual compensation is between 47,736 and 75,408 CDN.

7. Sales associate– To sell their products, Canadian businesses need knowledgeable and experienced salespeople. The wage range for this position is between 52,000 and 62,000 CDN annually.

8. Driver- In Canada, there is a high demand for all kinds of commercial drivers, including forklift and long-haul truck drivers. Individuals with the appropriate licenses can readily obtain employment. The compensation is between 44,850 and 75,770 CDN annually.

9. Industrial electrician- Industrial electricians are in high demand, especially in Canada’s provinces, due to a shortage of trained local personnel. The salary range for this occupation is 49, 334 to 81,491 CDN annually.

10. Welder– Currently, the skilled trade most in demand in Canada is welding. One of the highest-paying positions is this one. The compensation is between 40,938 and 69,595 CDN annually.

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