20 Best Video Recording Camera Apps For Android (2023)

Are you in search of the best video recording camera apps for Android smartphone? This guide explain all you need to know about the best video recording camera apps for your android device.


Videos are by far the easiest form of information to acquire and are the finest approach to draw attention from your audience.

The good news for content producers is that making amazing films has never been simpler to record and edit. The days of requiring a tonne of pricey equipment or massive downloads are long gone.

Right now, everything is literally in your hand.


When you consider that a smartphone can be found in almost every pocket worldwide, this all makes sense. Statista predicts that the world’s population of mobile users will reach an incredible 7.5 billion by 2025.

Numerous apps are competing for your attention as being the greatest or even most entertaining because of the size of the market (with filters and extras).

There are a tonne of apps available for Android. These apps let you perform a wide range of tasks. There are numerous apps available, including ones for texting, video editing, and photo editing. There are a tonne of these apps available online.


But the selection of Video Recording Camera Apps is, to put it mildly, overwhelming. You probably already know what the topic of this post is. We’ll assist you in locating the top Android video recording app. We’ll suggest a few of the top apps for you to download.

However, you’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the best app to utilise. We’ve chosen the top 20 video recording camera apps in this post based on their performance and feature set, in our opinion. Find the one that best suits your needs by reading on!

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20 Best Video Recording Camera Apps For Android (2022)

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

People who work in design, photography, or desktop video editing are familiar with Adobe CC. Additionally, they have recently made their potent software available on cellphones.

The power of Premiere Rush’s desktop counterpart is transferred to your hand. The tool’s purpose is to hasten the completion of the film. Given this, it includes a lot of features that will be recognisable from earlier iterations.

Simply choose the video files you wish to work with to get started. Among other alternatives, you can access your photo library, Dropbox, and Creative Cloud.

There is a free, constrained version of Premiere Rush as well as a monthly membership that offers limitless projects and 100GB of cloud storage.

2. Apowersoft

Apowersoft, one of the most well-liked video recording programmes, is a fantastic tool for generating instructional and recording video games.

Simply shake the screen to begin recording and shake it again to stop. It allows for screen recording with both internal and speaker-phone audio.

You may use the software to mirror the screen of your phone on a computer, share recorded video clips with other apps, and add “Privacy Protection” to prevent sensitive data from leaking while recording.

3. FiLMic Pro

Among the video recording apps, FiLMic Pro is a favourite due to its excellent performance and simplicity of use. When shooting videos, it’s simple to feel knowledgeable thanks to well-designed panels and controls.

Features portrait or landscape shooting orientations, variable zoom speed, options for slow and rapid motion special effects, customizable time-lapse recording, and standard, manual, and hybrid shooting modes.

You may even make adjustments to recorded video (exposure, contrast, saturation, hue, and colour temperature) and save presets.

4. Camera Plus Pro

Another choice among the Android video capturing apps is Camera Plus Pro.

With the help of its capabilities, users can quickly select the most useful video settings.

In addition to providing a time-lapse feature that lets you speed up your recording from 0.25 to 2 seconds, it also offers gridlines so that you may better stabilise your recordings.

5. Cinema FV-5

You can shoot with the best of them and receive access to a variety of image correction tools with Cinema FV-5.

The features include 4K compatibility, zooming in and out while filming, audio and video codecs, and image management (such ISO, exposure, and white balance).

Only Android users can get Cinema FV-5.

6. Camera JB+

Camera JB+ is the best option for individuals who desire practicality when it comes time to record because of its very user-friendly interface. The features are all clear to see and simple to use.

This is one of the video recording apps that is exclusive to Android and offers features like the ability to modify the screen, change the image quality, and record in 4K.

You’ll have to shell up US $1.99 to download this app.

7. EZ Screen Recorder

The EZ is a well-known video recording programme that enables you to effortlessly and cleanly capture what appears on your device’s screen.

To capture a screenshot, just use one tap. Different video resolutions, frame rates, and the ideal settings for your device are all selectable.

You may quickly share the finished video or screenshot with other apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

8. VideoShow

Want to create different, entertaining, and original content for your social networks, online courses, and much more? Want to record complete videos? Your app is VideoShow!

More than 50 music video-generating themes, hundreds of backing songs, several text styles and fonts for subtitles, filters, animated gifs, memes, and emojis, as well as sophisticated editing tools, are all available in the programme.

The app is available on the Play Store and is excellent for creating original videos.

9. Open Camera

Except if you have an iPhone, Open Camera brings features from the world of professional video production and editing to the palm of your hand. This open source app is only available for Android.

Its greatest benefit is that, even if your cell phone doesn’t have a wonderful camera, it has a long number of functions to leave your photographs with good quality.

Focus, colour effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation/lock, face detection, flashlight, and antibanding are just a few of the exposure-related functions available in the app. Along with other features, it offers an inverted vision option for use with attachable lenses and compatibility for external microphones.

10. AZ Screen Recorder

The only screencast programme on the market that allows you to pause and continue recording when screencasting is the AZ screen recorder, which is simple to use and lets you record your screen in FullHD and QHD movies.

This tool is great for creating tutorials because it lets you choose the video resolution, screen orientation, share or erase recorded videos, is time- and watermark-free, and even lets you stream live to social media.

The programme doesn’t show advertising and doesn’t demand root access as improvements.

11. DU Recorder

A top-notch screen recorder that is available for free download is called DU Recorder.

You can enable the front camera, record external sound, cut and combine your videos, add background music, create animated GIFs, and even share the content as a live stream on popular video platforms. It’s easy to use and packed with cool features.

Once complete, you can share the movie instantly on any social network or save it to the memory of your smartphone.

12. Camtasia Studio

Although it is a well-known programme, Camtasia is not the cheapest nor the easiest to use, but it is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive.

You may record almost anything on your computer screen using Camtasia, including websites, programmes, video chats, and PowerPoint presentations. Additionally, it contains a built-in editor, so you can modify your films without exporting them to another piece of software.

This tool for recording videos is a favourite among those used to create online courses since it has so many features that make creating educational content easier, such as the ability to convert presentations into videos and add quizzes, captions, arrows, and annotations to emphasise key points.

13. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a fantastic choice if you want to use your smartphone to record more laid-back videos.

It contains theme effects that let you create a short film using recordings you already have stored on the device or photographs you’ve already taken.

The app’s capabilities include text input, speech filters, cutting tools, filters, and stickers.

Android users can download VivaVideo for nothing.

14. Lapse It Pro

Do you know what time-lapse is? This method, which reduces a lengthy video to a few seconds, has gained a lot of popularity recently.

Don’t worry if you want to make items like this but don’t know how. You can using Lapse It Pro!

In addition to recording and making short changes in the programme, the user can speed up or slow down your movies. And when it’s ready, easily upload it to your social media.

Lapse It Pro is available on Play Store.

15. Super 16

Super 16 is your new, wistful friend if you enjoy the retro aesthetic and long for the days of Kodachrome.

Only grandfather’s 16mm film cameras could produce the textures, grain, and endearing flaws that this video recording tool gives.

For those of you who want your content retro, the results are excellent despite having a little more complicated interface.

Android users can get Super 16 for free.

16. FxGuru

Do you enjoy Hollywood-style action effects and want to easily incorporate them into your productions?

You may include explosions, alien invasions, sound effects, and more with the video recording software. everything that would be present in a sizable film production.

The Android version is available for free download.

17. VHS Camcorder

Another video recording programme with the intention of going old school. But this time, Dad’s VHS cassettes are the main topic.

Along with offering customizable choices for frame rate, cutting tools, and direct sharing on social media, the VHS Camcorder also offers nostalgic effects.

18. VideoCam Illusion

The ability to use the available effects in real-time, i.e., while recording your video, is Videocam Illusion’s main distinctive feature.

From a pen tool to frames, the effects cover the full spectrum. The video recording software also offers two recording speeds, six filters, five effects, and the ability to immediately publish videos to YouTube.

It is an Android app that is free to download.

19. Boomerang

Boomerang is a well-known Instagram feature that has grown into its own app that can assist you in producing amusing and imaginative films.

By going to your Stories section on your social network account now, you can make video loops.

However, you can download the app for free from Google Play if you don’t have an account or don’t want to use it to make a boomerang.

20. Magisto

Magisto is the ideal option for you if you’re not necessary trying to generate professional content but rather want something well-designed and effective to capture your movies and share on social media!

Simply choose the still images and video clips you wish to use, pick a theme, and pick a music from the app’s library, and the software will edit the content into something that is suitable for a fun, shareable Facebook post.

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It will be simpler for you to realise that producing your own audiovisual content is doable now that you have access to our list of the top Video Recording Camera Apps.

Despite this, always keep in mind that having tools like microphones and even tripods on hand will help you produce high-quality footage and produce amazing results.

Here is our ranking of the top Video Recording Camera Apps. Every single one of the apps we’ve highlighted is effective at what it does. Once you give a few of them a try, you’ll see why we included them on our list.


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