20 Best Tactical Gloves Of 2023

Without your hands, it’s pretty difficult to gain any kind of tactical edge. Now, while gloves may not actually turn your hands into an assault rifle, they do provide a number of advantages.


Your gloves’ main function is to keep your hands safe by shielding your skin from infection and abrasion.

Reinforced knuckles and durable, breathable material save you from being wounded tactically.

Have you ever punched someone without covering your hands? Damage might include everything from fractured fingers to sliced knuckles.


Tactical gloves significantly enhance grip in addition to protecting your hands.

The advantages of tactical gloves are unquestionably extensive, but choosing the appropriate pair might be difficult.

Something that won’t limit your dexterity yet is thick enough to keep you safe is what you desire. To help, we’ve found the top tactical gloves available, along with some suggestions for choosing wisely.


These male tactical gloves, in our opinion, are the best available. We made sure to include all the essential components you can’t do without.

Additionally, we looked hard to find some tactical gloves that go above and above and provide you capabilities you wouldn’t anticipate, but could be…useful!

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to spend hours skimming through countless tactical glove reviews online!

For this list of the top twenty tactical gloves, we scoured the terrain for the best palm and finger fortification for use in battle.

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What Are Tactical Gloves?

A specific kind of glove called a tactical glove is made to safeguard your hands in risky scenarios like deadly combat and those using harmful equipment.

Military gloves is a fitting second moniker for them because they are frequently used by military personnel.

But not just courageous troops wear them. Both men and women frequently use tactical gloves.

20 Best Tactical Gloves Of 2022

1. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves

PIG produces excellent men’s tactical gloves that are very well-made. These gloves are available in five sizes, from extra-small to extra-extra-large, and four colours. This variation of tactical gloves is undoubtedly wonderful to behold.

They have consistently met the unique requirements of American Special Operations forces, which is the fundamental reason why we adore them. Exceptional dexterity and unquestionable durability are provided by the combination of high-quality materials used in their construction. They have cushioning on the knuckles, but they’ve kept it thin so you can still reach into your pocket for more ammo without getting tangled in it.

This is in addition to any maps and other tools you might require.

2. Sig Sauer Tactical Men’s Gloves

These excellent tactical gloves were created by Sig Sauer in collaboration with the folks at First Tactical. On the market for tactical clothing, First Tactical is a major player. They were Sig’s ideal ally in this situation. These fantastic musky-colored gloves are available in five different sizes.

These men’s tactical gloves are incredibly lightweight and strong. When you require the most mobility possible, they won’t make you feel heavy. They offer softer neoprene padding in addition to TPR knuckle protection. With their Velcro closure, these gloves’ fit can be considerably customised to your preferences.

Another pair that allows touchscreen functionality is this one, and it will help you save time.

3. Magpul Industries Breach Gloves

These Magpul gloves are available in three colours: black, charcoal, and coyote. They are made for hunters and occupations that require using firearms, heavy machinery, and tools. This is due to their exceptional dexterity and long-lasting construction.

To endure scrapes and collisions, they boast strong knuckles and reinforced leather palms. They may be adjusted at the wrists so that you don’t have to settle for tactical gloves that fit decently. To ensure that the gloves fit your hands precisely, this was put into place.

Additionally, they can be used with three-finger technological gadgets. This goes beyond the typical thumb and index finger.

4. Ironclad Tactical Operator Impact Gloves

Ironclad gloves are every bit as hardy and stylish as they sound. There are four earthy colours and five sizes available for their Tactical Operator Impact Gloves. This makes it possible for everyone to pick a model that meets their demands.

TRP has been installed throughout the back of the hand area to guard against collisions and scrapes. This contains a TRP cuff with a hook and loop fastening that cannot be undone accidentally. To lessen vibrations, the palm has been stiffened specifically.

To prevent Hands and Arms Vibration Syndrome in males who use vibrating machinery, this is ideal (HAVS).

5. Seibertron Men’s Special Ops Full-Finger Tactical Gloves

Our buyer guides have now covered Seibertron gear a few times. It’s a true monument to their capacity to create high-quality items across a variety of markets. They also make tactical gloves for guys. They are available in half-finger versions, but exclusively in the colour black. Even for males with really little hands, they come in a whopping seven sizes.

Nobody is left out by Seibertron, not even some members of the US government.

To make them survive longer than typical tactical gloves, they are primarily constructed from synthetic leather, polyurethane, and a carbon fibre shell. They have numerous combat and security applications. However, in the summer they also make excellent motorcycle gloves.

6. 5.11 Hard Time Tactical Gloves

These tactical gloves for guys, which are available in black or coyote, could have the greatest design on our list. The gloves from 5.11 Tactical are designed to fit a wide range of hand sizes and feature some distinctive and dependable materials. Furthermore, they do so for a price that is more than fair.

They are constructed from a panel of Kevlar cloth. Kevlar is not a material to be taken lightly because it is so robust that it has even supplanted steel in the world of motorsport. Your knuckles are kept safe by articulated thermoplastic plates, and the palm is constructed of goatskin leather.

The finger joints are strengthened, and a pull tab is used to further strengthen the hook closure. Congrats, 5.11 Tactical!

7. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves

Another pair of PIG tactical gloves is available, and it is equally awesome as the first. This unique item is available in five different sizes and hues, including a camouflage pattern. These have received the same level of approval from US Special Operations personnel as their other model.

They work well with the majority of weapons, including rifles and handguns.

These men’s combat gloves have pretty superior dexterity. This is undoubtedly one of the top tactical gloves we are highlighting in the article. At the area of your hand and index finger, there is only one layer of substance. To boost shooting sensitivity when using weapons, this is essential.

8. Mechanix Wear MultiCam FastFit Tactical Gloves

There are five sizes available for these tactical camouflage gloves for guys from Mechanic Wear. Additionally, they are less expensive than some of the other gloves mentioned here. Even with their affordable pricing, they still offer a lot of quality to be proud of.

A synthetic leather with a 0.6mm thickness is used in the palm region for durability and breathability. It also makes the wearer more resilient to ongoing vibrations. This frequently results from using particular tools and weaponry. TPR protection on the glove’s rear shields the user from scratches and impact damage.

With these tactical gloves, touchscreen compatibility is excellent.

9. Rigwarl Tactical Gloves

The Rigwarl tactical gloves are a fantastic choice for the winter months. They are constructed of fleece, polyester, and synthetic leather. These gloves have a very thick liner to keep out the cold, and the entire thing has been laminated to serve as a wind barrier.

Even the thumb and index finger have an additional layer of skin.

These two features are what distinguish these gloves as one of the top pairs for winter use. The gloves are even machine washable and include a leather palm. They also have a hook and loop fastening method on top of all of these features. This is, of course, a prevalent feature of some of the best tactical gloves for men available.

10. GAMIT Full-Finger Tactical Gloves

On this list, the GAMIT Full-Finger Tactical gloves are yet another excellent choice. There are four vibrant hues available. For those who like a more natural feel when gripping their tools and weapons, you can even obtain them in a half-finger option.

These are actually excellent for a variety of outdoor activities and may be used throughout the year, rain or shine.

They offer robust knuckle protection and a clip for additional storage. These men’s tactical gloves are comprised of PU material to increase friction when handling hazardous equipment. They have a Velcro strap to help them fit a little bit better.

11. Oakley SI Tactical FR Glove

The most well-known brand on our list, Oakley provides some of the best tactical gloves for men available. They produce superior tactical gloves with the same attention to detail and high calibre as they do cool and protective eyewear.

Their gloves may cost a little extra, but they are unquestionably worthwhile. These gloves come in six sizes and are all a shade of leaf green. In the majority of wooded regions, this will continue to be concealed. They have a Box-finger construction that is added to boost dexterity and a fire-resistant leather palm.

The knuckles are coated with excellent leather for comfort and are protected with plating.

12. CQB Outdoor Tactical Gloves

The CBQ Outdoor Tactical Gloves come in three great colours: black, green, and sand, which is probably included for everyday battle in desert-like environments in the twenty-first century. They provide both traditional and half-finger designs for their tactical gloves.

Both are ideal for paintball, cycling, shooting, and hunting.

Why ought to you be grateful for these tactical gloves? They are more breathable thanks to their microfiber top and four strategically placed rubber perforations. Cowhide leather is used for the finger portion, while imitation suede is used on the palms to prevent slipping and keep you in complete control.

13. FREE SOLDIER Tactical Hard Knuckle Gloves

A smart design from Free Soldier is the next item on our list. These tactical gloves for men are only offered in full fingers and come in three different colours. Although you may have seen these features elsewhere, they are nonetheless worth praising.

This includes a suede anti-skid palm, Velcro straps for a more customised fit, ventilation holes and spandex fibre, and PC rubber knuckles to withstand powerful blows.

They stand out due to their double stitching, which increases their durability. For added comfort, they have been anatomically contoured. The hunters in our pack will love these!

14. Joe Rocket US Air Force Tactical Gloves

A pair of Joe Rocket tactical gloves are what you need if you want a nice glove with a little history. The United States Air Force has granted formal clearance to manufacture these black gloves with blue trim. On the back of the glove, there is a U.S. Air Force badge and coordinating stars, which add to their allure.

These tactical gloves include thick cushioning around the knuckle and finger areas in addition to the cool connection to battle royalty. Additionally, a leather palm is included as protection from vibrations. They are finished off with a beautiful Velcro strap to keep them secure and the ideal fit for you.

15. Mechanix Wear – MultiCam M-Pact Tactical Gloves

You’re not having a déjà vu moment; we have seen the same manufacturers’ tactical gloves for men previously. These aren’t quite the same, though. These come in five sizes and have a stylish camouflage pattern. Your fingers and knuckles will be adequately protected when donning these through the presence of TPR covering and finger reinforcements.

The gloves’ palms disperse and absorb impacts and vibrations to keep you operating at your peak for a longer period of time. The thumb and index finger of your hand include embossed parts to give texture and improve grip, making it easier for you to hold equipment or weapons.

16. TitanOPS Tactical Combat Gloves

You can anticipate the tactical gloves from TitanOPS Gear to be of the highest calibre. They undoubtedly are! Depending on your preference, you can get a pair of these gloves with full or half fingers. Additionally, three distinct yet equally cool colours are offered for each designs.

They were created with warmth and comfort in mind. They’ve used leather, Lycra, microfibers, and more stitching where you’ll need it most to achieve this.

They have combat- and protection-made knuckle covers, which are essential for men’s tactical gloves. This includes a strengthened palm so you can utilise powerful tools and weapons for a longer period of time without becoming tired.

17. Outdoor Research TAA Suppressor Gloves

These men’s Outdoor Research tactical gloves have a certain air of refinement about them. Both of their accessible colours still cling to this. Goat leather palms and flame-resistant materials will protect you whether you choose the coyote or sage green pattern.

They even use the incredibly robust and long-lasting Kevlar material.

Additional defence comes from the leather reinforcements on each thumb. Unfortunately, this does rule out touchscreen compatibility for these gloves. We do, darn it!

They are water resistant, nonetheless, taking into account how our hands actually rest. They do not arrive in a stiff configuration that quickly fractures after painful use. Instead, they have a pre-curved shape to mimic the way our hands truly rest.

18. ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Tactical Gloves

You might now be experiencing a severe case of déjà vu. We salute you if you believe you have seen these tactical gloves for men previously. These gloves were previously mentioned on our list of the finest motorcycle gloves for men, but their adaptability has brought them to our attention once more.

They can be used as battle gloves, motorcycle gloves, or even paintball gloves. But the really wonderful thing about them is that there is a summer and a winter version. In order to better keep the cold out, the winter version extends further up your arm.

Even both editions are available in full and half-finger styles in four colours. Gotta love the choices!

19. Condor Tactician Tactile Glove

Without a glance at Condor gloves, our list of the top tactical gloves for men would fall short. They are perfect for shooters who require a high-quality glove in an emergency. You can get a set of them in tan, black, or one of two types of camouflage.

In comparison to the previous gloves we showed you, the design itself is rather simple. They are still of a high calibre in many areas, though.

They already go beyond the minimum requirements because they are made of high-quality goatskin leather. But do not be deceived by this. Additionally, the gloves contain contoured cushioning on the back and palms to provide protection and functionality.

20. Tac9er Tactical Hard-Knuckle Gloves

With numerous positive evaluations, the Tac9er Tactical Hard-Knuckle Gloves are undoubtedly amazing. They are available in black and include a Kevlar lining to help them withstand impacts. Even the gloves protect against heat. They succeed in doing a good job of impact protection.

This has strengthened anti-slip palms and double stitching all throughout.

Additionally, they are touchscreen compatible at the thumb and index fingertips and have a hanging hook for storing some of your essentials. The wrist strap and upper strap of the Tac9er tactical gloves for men are distinctive features. The gloves may be kept on without slipping or being readily pulled off thanks to this function.

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Many of these gloves, as well as the other high-quality pairs we’ve highlighted, contain a sizable number of characteristics that are ideal for a pair of tactical gloves.

Many offer additional special characteristics that are exclusive to them in addition to the usual knuckle protection and improved dexterity.

We sincerely hope that at least one of these pairs has made your search for tactical gloves a little bit simpler. We made an effort to include a wide range to satisfy everyone’s demands and tastes. We appreciate you joining this buyers guide and hope to see you back soon to check out more excellent men’s stuff.


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