10 Best Mouse Alternatives For Carpal Tunnel, RSI, Arthritis And Wrist Pain In 2023

Doesn’t using a mouse cause pain in your wrist? Every year, many people experience discomfort and injury in their forearms, wrists, and fingers.


One of the main causes of muscle cramps and tissue injuries is working on computers for several hours a day on subpar hardware with poor body and hand posture.

Our bodies did not have enough time to evolve as our jobs quickly shifted from being physically demanding to being computer-based. Due to the fact that most computer-related tasks require our hands, particularly the wrist, they had to suffer greatly.

Here is a quick look at some of the best mouse and mouse alternatives for hand injury, wrist pain, and forearm pain caused by using a mouse.


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Our Top Picks

1. Contour Unimouse For Carpel Tunnel And Wrist Pain

Contour Unimouse Mouse Alternatives For Carpel Tunnel And Wrist Pain


2. Logitech Mx Vertical

Logitech Mx Vertical Mouse Alternatives


3. Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical Mouse Alternative

Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical Mouse Alternative


10 Best Mouse Alternatives For Carpal Tunnel, RSI, Arthritis And Wrist Pain In 2022

1. Contour Unimouse For Carpel Tunnel And Wrist Pain

Contour Unimouse Mouse Alternatives For Carpel Tunnel And Wrist Pain


One of the most ergonomic mice is without a doubt the Contour Design Unimouse. You may alter the mouse’s comfort and feel thanks to its many moving parts.

Over a standard flat mouse, an elevated angled mouse offers many benefits. They are easier to use and put less pressure on the wrist area. With its customization capabilities, the Contour Unimouse improves upon this design.

It has a special hinge that enables you to adjust the mouse’s height and tilt to any desired angle. The hinge is robust enough to prevent unintended movement and smooth enough to allow for simple adjustment.

2. Logitech Mx Vertical

Making a vertical mouse is challenging; not only is it challenging to get all the curves and dimensions just perfect, but for some people, it can be a little too awkward to hold. But despite all of these obstacles, Logitech succeeded.

The brand Logitech is well-known for its skill in creating computer peripherals like mice and keyboards. It goes without saying that they have a tonne of experience.

In order to create the Logitech Mx Vertical, Logitech conducted considerable testing and research to determine the ideal angle, height, and size for a comfortable mouse.

The Logitech Mx Vertical mouse is unlike any other mouse on the market in terms of appearance.

3. Rollermouse by Contor design

Rollermouse by Contor design


One of the most cutting-edge mouse designs we have recently seen is the Rollermouse by Contour. This mouse might be one of your greatest selections if you have wrist pain and repetitive strain injuries.

The fact that you do not need to grasp and operate the mouse with your thumb and pinky is one of the primary factors contributing to its effectiveness.

Even the middle and index fingers might be neglected. Additionally, you don’t have to move your hands very much, which is wonderful if you have tennis elbow or forearm problems.

Additionally, because of its design, you may easily transition between using your left and right hands without experiencing any discomfort or learning curve.

4. Touchpad As A Mouse Alternative For Wrist Pain

Touchpad As A Mouse Alternative For Wrist Pain


Although a touchpad may not be as ergonomic as other types of dedicated ergo mice, it has the advantage of eliminating the need to click buttons.

A touchpad can be an useful mouse substitute if you have restricted hand movement or RSI-related pain in your thumb and fingers.

As opposed to using a mouse, you don’t need to move your hands as much. For desktop and laptop computers, there are quite sizable touchpads that provide you complete mouse capabilities without making you feel crammed.

To support your wrist and get additional comfort, you can also use a touchpad in conjunction with a plush wrist rest.

5. ZLOT RGB Wired Vertical

ZLOT RGB Wired Vertical Mouse Alternative


The ZLOT RGB Wired Vertical should be your choice if you’re seeking for something that is best suited for gaming.

Although it isn’t as comfortable as the Logitech MX Vertical, it has some useful features for gamers, including a joystick, a high maximum DPI of 10,000, and 11 configurable buttons.

Additionally, the optical sensor is precise and quick, and the gadget even has amazing RGB illumination that you can change.

6. AUTLEY Wireless Vertical

AUTLEY Wireless Vertical Mouse Alternative


The AUTLEY Wireless Vertical is most likely your best option if your hands are exceptionally big. It has a thicker, heavier construction that is much more comfortable and supportive for large hands.

It has a rechargeable battery that lasts around a week, similar to the Logitech MX Vertical. The sensor is precise, although the DPI range of 800 to 1,600 is average.

In the end, this is a unique mouse that will only work for those with large hands. Additionally, it is equally inexpensive as our preferred low-cost choice, so purchasing it won’t cost a lot of money.

7. Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get Jelly Comb’s wireless option if your hands are on the smaller side. With the exception of being significantly smaller and having a different battery, it is virtually the same mouse as the AUTLEY one.

This mouse uses AA batteries instead of the built-in rechargeables used by the other battery-powered mice on this list.

As long as you don’t mind sometimes purchasing AA batteries, you won’t need to worry about this mouse running out of juice because a fully charged battery will last it several months.

Although it’s not the finest budget option in terms of quality, this mouse is also the most affordable option on the list.

8. VicTsing Wireless Vertical Mouse

VicTsing Wireless Vertical Mouse


The VicTsing Wireless Vertical Mouse is a great option if you’re trying to get your hands on a high-end, well-rounded vertical mouse at a reasonable price.

It offers a maximum DPI of 1,600, a tonne of comfort and support, and superb performance. It also has a fantastic battery life of 12 to 16 months with just one AA battery.

This mouse is a great choice if you need to conserve money, despite the inconvenient placement of the buttons on the back and the fact that none of the buttons can be remapped.

9. Delux Wired Gaming Mouse

Delux Wired Gaming Mouse Alternative


Thanks to a number of high-performance features, such as five configurable sensitivities and four distinct polling rates for precision, speed, and accuracy, this Delux wired gaming mouse is among the best inexpensive ergonomic mice on the market.

The hybrid, horizontal ergonomic shape of the mouse encourages a comfortable grip, and it is finished with an illuminated trim that users may customise and toggle on and off with a button.

This mouse is wired, so it won’t work well in confined spaces, but you won’t ever have to worry about charging it.

10. Logitech ERGO M575

Logitech ERGO M575 Mouse Alternative


The Logitech ERGO M575 combines the greatest ergonomic mouse design with the advantages of a trackball that can be operated with the thumb, giving users accurate control of their cursor without having to use their wrist and arm to move the mouse.

This makes the ERGO one of the best trackball mice for tiny settings, along with its straightforward and compact design.

The trackball makes scrolling in all four directions simple, but because it requires so much movement from the thumb, people with arthritis or other thumb issues might want to consider other options.

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By reducing stress on the joints and ligaments in your hand, wrist, and forearm, finding the best ergonomic mouse for your desk will have a substantial positive impact on your body’s long-term health.

Choose a vertical mouse without a trackball if you already have carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. A trackball mouse is ideal for those with restricted arm mobility or small desks, while a horizontal mouse is the greatest option for gaming and overall flexibility.

That’s all about 10 Best Mouse Alternatives For Carpal Tunnel, RSI, Arthritis And Wrist Pain In 2022


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