How to Check your Airtel Number with a USSD Code

In this article, you’ll learn how to check your Airtel number with a USSD code, as well as other unusual techniques.


Have you misplaced your Airtel number and found it difficult to locate your SIM pack with your number prominently written on it? I understand how aggravating that may be, especially if you need your Airtel number right away for something only you know about.

We created this content concept to assist you in any way we can by exposing some cool methods for checking your Airtel phone number in under a minute.

Many people assume that the only way to recover is to use a USSD code, and even then,not everyone knows the correct USSD code to make use of when it comes to recovering lost Airtel numbers.


Methods to Recover Lost Airtel Number

The following methods if follow properly can be used in checking forgotten Airtel numbers within 2 minutes;

  • Using USSD Code
  • Calling Someone
  • Sending an SMS
  • Reaching to C.S representative

For the sake of a better understanding of the topic under investigation, we’ll be using all the above methods to elaborate more on the topic.

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How to Check Airtel Number Using USSD Code


Checking of Airtel number using the USSD code method is one of the most popular means people normally use in checking their Airtel lines in case of misplacement. See below for steps to take in recovering forgotten Airtel numbers using USSD code;

  • First, you need to open your mobile dialer
  • Now insert this code “*121#” and click on the sent button using your Airtel line
  • Now reply to the top-up screen with “3” to select “Manage my Account”
  • On the next screen, reply with “4” to select “View my Airtel Number”

If you followed the above steps correctly, you should be seeing your Airtel number on your screen right now. It’s just as simple as it is written on this page. Anyways, you can check other easy steps below if this method is complex.

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How to Check Airtel Number by Calling a Friend

Using the “call a friend” method to check your Airtel number is indeed one of the simplest methods to consider in case you lost your correct Airtel phone number. In fact, you don’t have to do anything techy – it’ll work provided you know how to make a call. See below for complete instruction.

  • Pick up your phone and open your mobile phone book/dialer
  • Select/enter any number of people close to you
  • Tab on the call button to send a call to the person
  • Check his phone to view your Airtel number (even know your number is not saved on his phone).

You see this is why I mentioned earlier that it is the easiest method you can think of in case the USSD method is not working for you. See below for more methods.

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Send an SMS to Someone Close

This method is more of a double to the above-mentioned “call a friend method”. However, this method requires that you have a minimum of N4 for SMS charges. Am sure you already know sending an SMS isn’t free of charge before now. See below for instructions on how to check your Airtel number using the SMS method;

  • Pick up your phone and open your messaging app
  • Collect the phone number of anyone close to you and insert as the recipient of the message
  • In the message body, type anything
  • Now send your message (make sure you send using your Airtel number)
  • Now check the person’s phone (receiver of the sent message) to view your phone number.

This method is way easier than written above though. I hope you find it easy in recovering your lost Airtel number in minutes. You can also check below for other methods.

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Call Customer Care Representatives

This is a cool method but really delaying as you have to wait for them to pick for assistance. I’m sure they will redirect you back to using the USSD method revealed on this page. Anyways, see below for how to reach Airtel customer care.

  • First, you need to open your mobile phone dialer
  • Enter Airtel customer service number “111” and call using your Airtel number
  • Follow all command prompt to speak with an agent
  • Ask them for your Airtel number and they’ll sure put you on.

It’s just as easy as I mentioned above. Let’s check out the last method on how to check Airtel phone number below.

Check by Visiting an Airtel Shop Near You

Visiting an Airtel Shop for checking lost airtel numbers could really be stressful compared to other options on this page. But it’s still a win after all, since you will get the same result.

All you have to do here is;

  • Search online for the nearest Airtel Store to your location
  • Visit there and speak with the reception about what you need
  • They sure will provide you with a fitting solution.

That’s just it guys. Following any of the above-mentioned methods will sure help you recover your lost Airtel number. We recommend you make use of the USSD method as it is way easier than others.


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