20 Best Apps to Make Free International Calls (Android & iOS) in 2023

Making international phone calls is now easier and more economical than ever. In the past, calling someone abroad was fairly expensive. and your main opponent was a poor connection. All of that has changed, though, thanks to smartphone apps and data plans, plus the ability to make international calls for free. We look at a selection of the top apps for free international calls in this article.


All of these apps provide free international phone calls to at least one other country, if not more. Additionally, many apps have chat functions that enable you to communicate quickly between calls and keep in touch. Additionally, you can share images and videos.

An international calling app is one of the most popular tools for connecting with people and establishing commercial relationships abroad. The finest paid or free app for international calling is currently being used by businesses around the nation for texting, video calls, and audio calls.

Additionally, these top international calling applications are simple to use and free from any technological difficulties.


As a result, we’ve hand-selected the Best Apps To Call Free International Calls on your Android and iOS device for today’s Humortainment article.

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International Calls

Calls placed internationally are ones between separate nations. Global gateway exchanges handle the processing of these phone calls (switches). The cost of these calls was initially quite high, but as technology and liberalisation advanced, it significantly decreased throughout the 20th century. At first, long-distance operators placed them.


Cable, satellite communications, radio, and, more recently, fibre optics and Voice over Internet Protocol were used to send the calls (VoIP). Calls can be placed directly from a country code without an operator thanks to the introduction of international direct dialling in the 1970s.

20 Best Apps to Make Free International Calls (Android & iOS) in 2022

1. WhatsApp

Prior to outlining any well-known app for making free international calls, we must first praise WhatsApp for its amazing features. While it may appear to be one of the Best Instant Messaging Apps available, WhatsApp is also an excellent call-making app. WhatsApp is the ideal Android or iOS software you need to make free international calls because it has the internet call feature.

Apps to Make Free International Calls

Once that is established, all that is left to do is verify that WhatsApp is compatible with the international number you wish to call. Because it’s now possible to make free calls online, WhatsApp was chosen as one of the best apps for Android and iOS users to make free international calls.

2. Skype

This VoIP service, which has been in operation since 2003, will always be a convenient option to make free domestic and international calls. When you speak with other Skype users, you can use it for free audio, video, and group chats with up to 10 people.

When you contact someone outside of Skype, expect to pay a fee, although the costs are reasonable and transparent. There are also unrestricted monthly packages available.

3. FaceTime

Facetime is still a top pick when it comes to the best apps for free international calls. You won’t pay anything to use this voice and video calling app for your iOS devices. With the exception of select countries, you can communicate with anyone on the planet over Wi-Fi or your data plan. You need an Apple ID to create an account.

On an iPhone, FaceTime will automatically register your phone number, but on an iPad or iPod touch, registration calls for an email address. Anyone can be contacted by using the phone number or email associated with their Apple ID.

4. Google Voice

The best virtual phone number app in the world, Google Voice, is the ideal calling software for making free international calls. You can phone and text anyone in the US or Canada for free using this software, and it even enables dialling overseas numbers—but only if you purchase credits.

If you live in the US or Canada, getting a Google Voice number is very simple. However, non-residents can also purchase Google Voice from third parties. Even if it doesn’t have many features like that, it’s still a useful tool for making free international calls.

5. Viber

Another VoIP service, this one charges reasonable rates for calls to landlines and mobile phones while offering free voice and video calls to other users. Simply register with a working phone number so that your contacts can find you in the app.

In addition to a browser version, it has iOS and Android applications. Even though it is not as well-known in the United States as WhatsApp and Skype, it is in other regions of the world, such as Eastern Europe. Viber can be used to send text messages, share images, and share other types of material.

6. Yolla

With the aid of the Yolla app, users can make inexpensive international calls and keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers, and anybody else who may be residing overseas. Yolla makes it simple to talk on mobile and landline while reducing roaming expenses by providing high-quality international phone calls at low rates.

Users of Yolla may quickly send airtime to anyone abroad and make free audio and video conversations. The recipient is not need to have a smartphone, access to the internet, or even the Yolla app. Users don’t need to meet any additional requirements to phone their loved ones whenever they desire. Yolla credits can even be bought and sent to friends and family by users.

7. KeepCalling

With the excellent international calling app KeepCalling, you can make cheaper international phone calls.

With the platform’s international calling app, you may purchase inexpensive prepaid credit and swap out phone cards and calling cards.

With KeepCalling, you may also activate the offline calling option, which enables you to call local numbers without using cellular data, 4G-LTE, or 3G. The internet is required for the application to connect to the application.

KeepCalling instantaneously gives you a local number so you can call your family, friends, or other individuals abroad if you need to connect with any international number or contact.

Make inexpensive international calls with ease from India, Mexico, Columbia, China, Thailand, Cuba, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and many other nations across the world using KeepCalling.

8. Tesco

When you download the Tesco app and create an account with them, you’ll receive one of the greatest apps for making free international calls. Tesco has affordable international calling rates, and you may send free SMS to any local or foreign number. You may have crystal-clear phone calls with friends and relatives who live abroad thanks to Tesco.

One of the best apps for making free international calls, Tesco also enables you to call mobile and landline numbers and gives you free credits when you top up your Tesco account. It has cool features, and one of the reasons you’ll love the app is because it offers free worldwide SMS.

9. Ringo

With a distinct call flow than other well-known calling applications, Ringo is a great free international calling software that offers calls of higher quality for less money. Although this calling app doesn’t use Wi-Fi or data, it does require internet access to log in. Instead, it utilises standard phone lines. Both iOS and Android users can get this calling app.

The international calling service offered by Ringo operates on a credit basis that you can top up as needed. Additionally, there are no registration requirements or monthly fees to utilise Ringo’s calling (audio and video) services.

10. Talk360

Another international calling software used by over 1 million2 people worldwide is Talk360. With the help of this calling app, you can affordably contact both landline and mobile phones. Installing the Talk360 app is all that is required.

Talk360 offers reliable connections and low call rates so that you can make international calls to friends, family, business contacts, and other loved ones. There are no additional fees, and you can effortlessly merge your contacts with the programme.

You can also activate an automatic recharging feature, which ensures that your calling credit never runs out. Talk360 is an all-around useful and effective international calling solution.

11. Rebtel

With the help of the international call app Rebtel, you can:

  • Make economic calls to landline or mobile numbers
  • Allows you to connect with people in more than 50+ countries1
  • Requires no cellular data to make calls but need internet connectivity to log in to the app
  • Uses your local number to make calls

To use Rebtel’s calling services, consumers from the 53 countries on the list will need a reliable Wi-Fi connection or cellular data. It guarantees that you have a wonderful customer experience thanks to its mobile routing technology and local landline.

It’s a trustworthy app for international calls that bills you at your local number prices rather than at international rates. Additionally, the app provides free domestic calling for users who are located in the US.

12. BOSS Revolution

One of the greatest international calling apps is BOSS Revolution, which provides practical direct dialling at very reasonable prices. It makes it simple for you to communicate with loved ones who have settled abroad, such as family, friends, and acquaintances.

The best international calling app is BOSS Revolution, which offers you a user-friendly and intuitive interface, keeps track of and manages your contact numbers, and provides a seamless experience.

BOSS Revolution provides unmatched convenience, affordability, dependability, and simplicity when compared to other international calling apps available on the market. Additionally, it may be downloaded for all devices, including iOS and Android.

13. TextNow

With the calling and texting app TextNow, you can use free services in both Canada and the US. You can use services like voicemail boxes, group messaging, conference conferencing, and more across all devices with Wi-Fi.

In addition to providing a free phone number for making internet calls and text messages, this free international calling app does so as well. If you want to use the app without a Wi-Fi connection, you may also buy a suitable calling plan. To sign into your app account and make international calls, you will need an internet connection.

For consumers who prefer to access the Sprint network rather than rely on local internet connections, TextNow also offers a SIM activation kit.

14. IMO

The free international calling app IMO provides calls with excellent audio and visual quality. To guarantee maximum confidentiality, this software ensures data encryption.

Additionally, IMO allows users to place six encrypted international calls. You may send and receive messages with the international free calling app even if your internet connection is poor.

15. Google Duo

One of the most widely used free voice and video calling apps is Google Duo. Even with a sluggish internet connection, you may use it to make international calls.

Additionally, Google Duo gives customers the option to blacklist undesirable callers and set data use caps. Even access to contacts and push alerts can be blocked or allowed.

16. Facebook Messenger

For chatting with friends, acquaintances, and coworkers, use Facebook Messenger, a free ISD calling software.

For a fast chat or video session with others, you can use WiFi or phone internet connections. For utilising the Facebook Messenger app, users can either utilise their Facebook profile or mobile phone.

17. PopTox

PopTox is a free website with unlimited international calling that enables VoIP calls over WiFi or an internet connection.

You can access the software on any web browser without downloading any particular software or installing any plug-ins. Enter the phone number, make a call, and then click “call.”

18. VoipBuster

Users of VoipBuster have access to free global calling to any phone on the planet. Use the free international calling app to make crystal-clear voice calls anywhere in the globe.

You have the option of utilising the phone application, the web browser, or the downloadable version to place international calls.

19. WeChat

You can book hotels, flights, and other travel arrangements using the free international calling app WeChat in addition to making calls and sending messages. Additionally, you can utilise this app for free international emailing. Additionally, you can recharge your phone using WeChat.

Apps to Make Free International Calls

With this software for international calling, people may express themselves more effectively because it offers a variety of social media functions like the like, comment, and share buttons.

20. NobelApp

The excellent international calling app NobelApp lets you phone anyone from anywhere at incredibly inexpensive rates. Although it isn’t free, the straightforward credit system enables you to make international calls quickly and affordably.

But that’s not all. The ordinary user will love the numerous extra features that NobelApp offers. One benefit is that it’s simple to transfer money anywhere in the world. In addition, NobelApp even includes a tiny newsfeed so you can keep up with current events between calls.

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You have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to an international calling app with the exact features that would meet your demands, regardless of the type of experience you are looking for. The app offers significant advantages when it comes to interacting with your loved ones abroad, whether it is a paid or free service.

Free international calling applications are available for download, and they have a variety of features that let you choose which business service is best for your communication needs.

These calling programmes make it simple for everyone, even those who are located in the most remote regions of the globe, to contact with one another. To call your friends and family, you simply need to register and enable the services.


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