5 Top Real estate investment platforms in Nigeria

Real estate

The downside of investing in real estate in Nigeria has always been its high barrier to entry. You will most likely need to put a large sum of money down to get started. The Nigerian real estate investment platform, however, offers a unique solution for real estate investments. In Nigeria, this type of investing is, … Read more

6 Fast Ways To Reset iPhone Network Settings

iPhone network settings

iPhone network settings reset shouldn’t be required often, but it can help to solve various internet connectivity issues encountered on an iPhone. If an iPhone does not connect to the internet over Wi-Fi then it might be worth resetting the iPhone network settings to see if that fixes the problem. These particular settings control the … Read more

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates of Banks in Nigeria (2022)

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates of Banks in Nigeria

Here’s a comprehensive guide on the fixed deposit interest rates of banks in Nigeria. Nigerian banks fixed deposit rates vary from one bank to the other. A fixed deposit is a large sum of money deposited with a bank for an agreed period in exchange for interest after investment. In furtherance of the transparency and … Read more

20 Best PC Screen Recording Software (Windows & Mac) In 2022

PC Screen Recording Software

PC Screen Recording Software: Videos are a great resource with many applications. Video can be used to produce online classes, record product reviews, and offer training. Software for screen recording has a wide range of functions. Some can capture voice, video from your webcam, and your screen. If you’ve never looked into screen recorders, let … Read more

Top 20 Best Investment Companies in Nigeria(2022)

Investment Companies In Nigeria

Looking for the best investment companies in Nigeria to start your investment journey? We’ve got you. Investment may prove somewhat daunting. Sometimes, it is associated with putting in additional effort so you do not hit rock bottom. However, there are investment companies in the industry dedicated to simplifying the process for you. Here, we make … Read more

Best Private Medical Schools In Nigeria 2022

Best Private Medical Schools In Nigeria

In this article, we have compiled a list of private medical universities in Nigeria that offer medicine as a course. Before we go any further, there are a few things you should know about studying medicine at a university. Typically, the College or Faculty of Medicine offers the Medicine and Surgery program. It consists of … Read more

How to get a Job at Chevron Nigeria 2022

How To Get A Job at Chevron Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on how to get a job at Chevron Nigeria. Chevron Corporation is an American multinational energy company with a global presence in more than 27 countries and 3 continents. Chevron Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest oil-producing countries and as such is an important part of Chevron’s operations in the … Read more