Owodaily Review 2023: How To Make 200K Monthly With Owodaily

Looking for how to make 200K monthly with Owodaily? This is a guide that covers everything you need to know about Owodaily and how to make 200k monthly.


Are you one of those looking for the legit place to make money online in Nigeria? In this article, we’ll teach you how to make 200K and above from Owodaily with no stress or much work.

Today, it is possible to make money online in Nigeria without having any skill, and Owodaily platform is one of the best places to make money, all you need to do is to follow this instructions, do little work such as sharing posts and other tasks, then you’ll be rewarded for your incredible work.

So our article will give you all you need to know about Owodaily platform and also teaches you step-by-step guides to make at least 200k a month from this platform.


Before moving further to explain what Owodaily is, we’ll like to show you the screenshots of a previous earnings on this platform to motivate and show you that it is not a scam. 

Yes, this will serve as motivation for you to show more interest in and make money on Owodaily platform.

Imagine how fast your life will change financially if you are making this huge money continuously within a short period of time.


Majority of reputable Nigerian online marketers have testified that this platform is a legit and profitable one.

Prosper Noah, the Nigerian popular marketer testified that he earned not less than 200K from the Owodaily platform every Month.

So this proof should clear your doubts about this platform, it is a golden opportunity for you to make 7-figures online.

For successful online marketers to Recommend this platform, it shows that it’s not a scam.

Having known this, let’s quickly go into what Owodaily platform is and how it works.

What Is Owodaily?

Owodaily is a freelancing platform created for Nigerian freelancers or business owners to perform certain task and get paid in return (by having little skill and know how to follow simple instructions, you can work on this website)

Job vacancy is posted by the business owner, and you’ll apply for the job if it is your field. Then you’ll be offered the job if the client shows interest.

If  you are fortunate to get the job, you’ll have to complete the task based on the agreement between you and him/her, before receiving the work, the price has to be paid to the Owodaily account, and you’ll receive the payment immediately after confirming your work to merit his/her need. (We’ll show you how you can become a successful freelancer on this platform.

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Owodaily Review: Is it legit or Scam

Owodaily is legitimate site to make money online in Nigeria. It is an 100% legit platform that pays you to complete simple tasks and so referral other people.

What are the jobs offered on Owodaily platform?

There are numerous work opportunities on this platform that you can carry out within a few hours. Some of the works you can do on Owodaily platform are mentioned below;

  • Article writing
  • Web designing
  • Subscribing to YouTube 
  • Sharing posts on Facebook or Instagram
  • Retweeting a Twitter post 
  • Following people on Facebook or Instagram
  • And many more

Aside from these, there are several other tasks for you.

Your earnings depend on the test, you get between  N10 to N3000 for completing any task.

If your employer considers your work to be ok, he will instantly make the payment to your bank account ( it takes some job owners, 2-3 hours to go through your work to verify it).

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How to Make Money on Owodaily

There are several ways to make money on Owodaily. However, below are the three (3) ways I make thousands from the platform every month.

By carrying out a task

As stated earlier, the main way to make money on Owodaily platform is by doing easy tasks. Your money increases as you complete more work.

There is no limitation to the amount of money you can make on the platform a day.

For instance, I set to be making a minimum of 5k from the platform everyday. You can also set your target.

Interestingly,  there are new jobs every minute on the platform, so you always come across a job whenever logged into Owodaily.

So it is suggested to be smart enough and be fast in your work so you’ll be able to complete many tasks a day.

After completing your work, your employer will go through it to confirm if it’s ok, then he will send your money. Now how do you withdraw money from your Owodaily account?

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What is the Minimum Withdrawal on Owodaily?

Your employer will pay you instantly after completed work is confirmed okay. And this payment will go directly to your Owodaily account.

And the money can easily be withdraw direct to your bank account (the minimum withdrawal is N5,000) 

Owodaily payment portal will be open on Friday of every week. So you should try harder to reach N5,000 (minimum withdrawal) before withdrawal time.

When it is time, you will seamless cash out the money into your bank account.

We think this is so simple to make money online especially if you don’t have any skill or if you don’t have any experience with online money making platforms.

By referring people 

Another way to make cool cash from Owodaily is by bringing people to register on the platform. This is archived by convincing people to show interest in and join the platform. Tell them how you make money everyday without doing much task.

When the person shows interest and registers through your referral link, you’ll be rewarded with N1,600 and you can bring as many people as you want, sounds cool right?

Now, let’s assume 20 people completed the registration through your link with a week, your reward will be N1,600 * 20 which gives you N32,000.

Let’s check the final option to earn from Owodaily platform.

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Upgrading to Owodaily plus

To make more money on this platform, an advanced option has been added, which is Owodaily plus.

Owodaily+ is an affiliate marketing package where they will rewards you for helping people sell their online products. There is a great reward for you.

Here, the commission will be given on any product you want to sell. For example, if the commission given on a particular product whose price is N6,000 is 25%, you’ll earn N1,500.

Let’s do little calculation

If you sell this type of product to 20 people, your commission will be N1,500 x 20 which is N30,000.

Aside from this, you can also promote your products on Owodaily platform which will fetch you more clients.

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How to Join Owodaily platform

You can either register on the platform through Google or by simply downloading it’s app from Playstore.

Then, click on sign in and fill in your details including your bank details and other requirements.

The registration is of two categories, 

First, you can register as basic membership which require the payment of N3,000 or you can register as Owodaily plus Which you will pay the amount of N10,000.

The seller is #15,000 and it is only available to seller who wants to sell something on Owodaily.

But for you, if you are on low budget you can go for the #3,000. But if you want to do advance option of making money, you can go for the #10,000 Owodaily plus.

How To Withdraw On Owodaily

Owodaily pays their member every friday. Once you reach the minimum threshold of 5,000 naira, you can request for withdrawal and you’ll receive your cash out on friday straight into the bank account you provided on Owodaily.

Try to always request for withdrawal before friday so that you receive your money on friday.

You do not need to have referrals to receive your money. But you need to earn at least 5,000 naira.

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click the menu tab
  • Go to wallet and select withdraw
  • Click the withdraw button
  • Note: They charge 5% withdrawal fee and the remaining money will be sent to you after they have deducted the 5% withdrawal fee.

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Other Sites To Make Money Online

Conclusion On How To Make 200k Monthly On Owodaily

Owodaily is great money-making platform to make money at the comfort of your home.

The platform provides a lot of avenues to make money, especially for those who haven’t made a dime online.

It is easy to set up an Owodaily account and start making money. The task on the app are very easy to do and Owodaily create multiple ways through which you can make money.

That’s all on the Owodaily review and how to make 200k monthly on Owodaily. What others things would you want to know about Owodaily? Leave in comment section below.


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