20 Best PSP Emulators For Android In 2023

What are the best PSP emulators for Android that allow you to play Android-compatible PS games on your smartphone?


PlayStation games are immersive with high-quality graphics and exceptional user control, and thus have always been a favorite among gaming enthusiasts.

Throughout this guide, you will learn about the best PSP emulators for Android. All of the emulators have been reviewed based on compatibility and performance.

Do you want to enjoy PS games compatible with Android on your smartphone? Do you want to know which are the best PSP emulators for Android? If yes! You are at the right place.


PlayStation has always been an epicenter of fascination for gaming enthusiasts. PlayStation games are immersive with high-grade graphics and exceptional user control.

In this guide, you will discover the best PSP emulators for Android. All these emulator’s review has been provided by checking compatibility and performance.

Here, you will find 20 innovative PSP emulators for Android. I have chosen these emulators based on their compatibility to run the games smoothly on your device.


Most of the time, PSP games demand devices with high specifications, especially ROM.

So, I tried to list the emulators that will run the games with more smoothness and graphics. So, look over the 20 emulators to choose the best one for you.

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What are PSP Emulators?

Emulate refers to match or surplus by imitation or to make it equal or transcribed by reproduction.

So, the task of is PSP Emulator is to make your device platform transcribed to the PlayStation for a specific game or program.

That’s the task of PSP Emulator, which ables you to enjoy PlayStation portable games on your Android device. Not just only the Android, PSP emulators also work on PC and iOS to play those PSP games smoothly.

PSP Emulators

Before PSP Emulators have innovated, the task of emulation was taken care of by JPCSP, which refers to a Java-based PSP Emulator with strong compatibility. But lots of buggy issues were found in this emulating program.

Also, it was hard to run PSP games using it. That’s the reason PSP Emulators have launched with a fresh start with no serious issue.

Even using this technology is so easy that anyone can use it just with their Android or PC to run the PSP games.

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20 Best PSP Emulator In An Android Phone


PSP Emulators

PPSSPP is, by far, the best of the PSP emulators. Of all the emulators we tested, PPSSPP was the easiest to use, had the best compatibility, and the best performance.

We wouldn’t blame you if you thought we were advertising here but we’re really not. PPSSPP gets frequent updates, has a paid version that removes ads, and it’s the one that most other developers copy from.

We highly recommend that you try this one first. The ad-supported free version works fine if you want to test it out. The $4.99 price removes ads. The app is also open-source.

2. Rocket PSP

Rocket PSP comes with new technological progression and inspires most game enthusiasts.

Users using this emulator can play PSP games and PC games as well. Rocket use CSO, ISO, and PSP ROMs to recognize and play the game.

It supports an extensive range of favorite and mainstream games.

Overall, the gameplay is also quite smooth in this emulator. Users having efficient RAM will enjoy playing with this emulator.

The application is lightweight and doesn’t consume much space. Gaming performance is quite decent for both low-end and high-end smartphones.

This emulator’s visual resolution is realistic and offers you real sound emulations for a better experience.

Rocket reads USB storage and SD cards to help you access games.

3. DamonPS2 Pro

Damon appears as one of the fastest PSP emulators on a global stage. It supports all sorts of Android devices above Android version 2.3.

Users having a snapdragon processor in smartphones can witness the smooth running of all PS2 Video games.

The only con that this emulator offers you is support for PS2 games only. Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/Note 8 are more compatible with this emulator.

The interface of this emulator is quite good. There are no annoying ads in this emulator as well.

However, an ad-free emulator demands paying a subscription fee. The free version of this emulator is available for restricted days; after that, users have to pay for it to enjoy seamless gaming.

4. PSP Emulator Pro

Emulator Pro is another one of popular PSP emulators for Android. It runs all PSP games smoothly on Android smartphones.

It offers many advanced features, including a remarkable networking system and speed.

What boosts its popularity is higher resolution gameplay with smoothness.

Smartphones with a snapdragon processor having above 2 GB RAM can witness more seamless playing.

Emulator Pro offers extensive support to many Android devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Phone specs are not much obligatory, as it also works with low-end devices. Many powerful games run in this emulator, depending on the power of the phone.

High-end games can seem to be a little fuzzy when the phone has not had much power. Besides, games quite run at full speed without any lagging.

5. Rapid Emulator

The rapid emulator has an extensive fan base as well. It is quite prevalent for its higher resolution offering in gameplay. One significant characteristic about this emulator is it can run almost all-powerful games.

PS3 and PS4 games run smoothly on this emulator. However, the user should also have the phone’s power to back the features of this emulator.

A control panel enables users to adjust game control settings such as speed of the game, picture quality, the sound of games, and many more.

Using the emulator offers the same experience as using a console. The game formats that it supports are CSO, ISO, and ROM.

The rapid emulator also has a great sound quality for powerful games. Separate gaming controls are also an addictive feature of this emulator.

6. John GBA

John GBA is an emulator for all Android devices above Android 4.1. Playing in the emulator is smooth if you have a robust device.

All the features that you achieve in this emulator are user-friendly it provides you with gamepad mapping to adjust the placement of controls as per your choice.

However, this app doesn’t support, if you don’t have your own game files.

There is a free and lite version of this emulator, but users can also use the paid versions for more features.

Keys are quite customizable, and they also have turbo buttons.

There are no ads in the premium version of this emulator. As it runs only the pre-installed games on your phones, it doesn’t require any internet connection to run.

7. Emulator PSP

Emulator PSP for mobile is another competitive emulator. The name may say pro version, but it is completely free for all Android users.

Graphics in this emulator are quite decent and run all high-end games smoothly. But the eventual performance gets decided by your phone’s power.

Emulator PSP supports all extensive ROMs and game formats including CSO and ISO files. Users can tune the graphics quality in the settings of this emulator, which is quite great.

Users can also modify the DS screen size with several modes available. Many new games are compatible with this emulator.

Further, the game controller has no reported issues and offers smooth control.

8. PPSSPP Gold

PSP Emulators

This is the pro version of the famous PPSSPP. It offers you a seamless gaming experience and is compatible with all the latest Play Station games.

As a premium emulator, it offers you all features without any system issues. However, device compatibility may have fewer challenges.

It is only compatible with a certain number of devices. System navigations with this emulator are quite easy to achieve.

Gameplay control also doesn’t have any complaints.

PPSSPP gold even has a new-age interface supporting gamers with a lot of features.

The most preeminent feature of this emulator is, it offers you an ad-free experience.

As the standard version, gold also supports all new and old games.

9. PSP download

PSP download is one of PSP emulators and PSP game downloader. Users can use the interface to download many popular games like GTA Vice City, NFS most wanted, Naruto ultimate, Dragon ball z shin Budokai, FIFA, PES 2020, Tekken 6, and many more.

Apart from downloading, users can also enjoy playing. Emulator controls are smooth and have no lagging issues.

However, there are not many opportunities to customize the gamepad. It supports all high-end games, as long as your smartphone is powerful.

The user interface of this emulator is smooth and offers you easy management of games. Users can also change visual settings and tune them as convenient.

10. Enjoy PSP

Enjoy PSP offers you a realistic PSP experience. This is a free emulator with a plethora of perks. It includes some remarkable functionalities.

As an emulator, it doesn’t lack in offering you great visuals and graphics. It is quite supportive of all game formats that include ISO, CSO, PPS, and ROMs. Users using this app can also download PSP games. Apart from that, game performance is of high standards.

But you also need a robust smartphone to back it. There are no complaints about the gamepad and controls.

It works smoothly and offers you the same experience as you get on PS or PC.

Emulator saves your game proceeding and enables you to restart from where you left.

11. Lemuroid

Lemuroid is a free emulator designed for a better gaming experience. Users can use it on smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and other Android devices with game compatibility.

Users’ experience in this emulator is quite good.

Despite being a free emulator doesn’t offer you any sort of ads. Game performance is quite decent unless you have a robust smart device.

Auto-saving and restoring game proceedings is a significant feature of this game.

Touch controls and gamepad in this emulator come optimized. With cloud-save sync, users can also save games to cloud storage.

Besides, Lemuroid is lightweight and doesn’t consume a battery as well. Users can play local multiplayer games in this emulator as well.

12. Ultra Emulator for PSP

This one is an excellent option for those that want a clean, but well performing app for emulating PSP games on any Android device.

This one was actually designed to work and be optimized well for Android tablets as well, so you can take gaming on the big screen.

This one is able to run your PSP ROMs in full high definition resolution, and with some extra back-end optimization, you get improved textures that scale with the larger screen.

13. Sunshine Emulator

Sunshine emulator is prevalent for boosting gaming speed. You can enjoy playing most of the advanced and new-age games in this emulator.

This emulator supports all gaming formats like CSO, ISO, COS, and many more.

Among Android users, it is quite popular, as it is smooth to run. Games run without any lagging if there is a robust device.

At the same time, the graphics and visuals of this game are also great. Smooth control and higher sound quality are also two of its major USPs.


This emulator on the list runs only PS2 games. Despite having limitations in the choice of game, the controls on this emulator are quite good.

It works great with all mid-range and high-end devices; PPSSTWO has no issues with a gamepad.

The gamepad is quite standard, with not many options available for customization; it supports all game formats of PS2 titles.

It includes ISO, CSO, and ROMs. Graphics and visuals are decent but cannot be rated impressive.

The sound quality is also good. Users who want to play PS2 games only can install this one.

15. RetroArch

RetroArch is one of the more unique PSP emulators. It can actually emulate a ton of different gaming systems.

RetroArch uses the Libretro system. It essentially runs plugins that act as emulators.

Thus, RetroArch can do anything from SNES to PSP as long as you have the required plugin.

The emulator seems to work okay, but like most, there are compatibility problems here and there.

There is also a learning curve since the system is rather complex. Even so, it’s a good one to try out and it’s completely free and open-source.

16. Enjoy Emulator for PSP

To turn your device into a real PSP console, you can also try Enjoy Emulator for PSP.

This advanced PSP emulator includes the best functionalities to emulate your favorite PSP games with high graphics and smoothness.

With this supportive emulator app, you can download PSP games easily and also run them.

Even the performance quality of those games with this emulator is quite similar to the games you play on a PS4 or a PC.

17. Free PSP Emulator

One of PSP emulators you can try to enjoy your favorite PSP games is here. It is a Free PSP Emulator.

It is also a very popular PSP emulator for your Android device. The best part of this app is it works free, and it won’t ask you to pay a single penny for any of its activities.

You can play games with very high-quality graphics and sound effects if you start using this app.

Also, you don’t have to worry about how you can use it.

18. Golden PSP Emulator

The last one is a new and completely free PSP Emulator for Android devices. It is a Golden PSP Emulator.

You can now reach great performance with satisfying graphics and sound systems of the most popular PSP games with this emulator.

Also, it is good to save and restore the gaming stay so that you can start from where you did stop before.

So, you don’t have to worry about how it works with an emulator. You can play and enjoy those high-definition games just like you do for other Android games.

19. Ox Emulator

Most users refer to this app as the Emulator for PSP, the developer YellowES, made sure you get updates regularly, adding new features to the emulator and making it easier for user is what makes this app superb.

20. Emulator By WoaEmama

Lots of PSP gamers have also rated this app to be one of the best available for gamers to choose from, this app has a very easy interface to configure the controls and navigation.

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Despite the fact that all of these PSP Emulators For Android have pretty great features, we recommend checking out a few to see which one fits what you’re looking for best.

With these PSP emulators, you can have comfort while playing, and you can also enjoy remarkable graphics at the same time.

If you want an immersive experience, you can purchase premium versions. Since you know the Best 20 PSP Emulators, consider selecting one that will offer you convenience.

It is also important to check if the emulator you install will work with your phone, and you can check out reviews on the Play store to make an instant decision.


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