20 Cheapest VPN To Buy In 2023

VPNs are increasingly popular as more people look to keep their online activity private and their information secure.


A VPN, short for “virtual private network,” encrypts the connection between your device and the internet.

This encrypted connection helps protect your data, which is a must-have if you ever send or receive sensitive information over the internet.

A VPN can help you connect more securely to shared Wi-Fi, avoid data throttling by internet service providers and increase your personal safety by making it more difficult for public and private entities to view your browsing and search history.


It can also help you unblock geographically restricted online content while circumventing political censorship.

However, finding the cheapest VPN for your needs can be tricky. A flood of VPN providers has entered the marketplace over the past several years, which has come with both benefits and drawbacks.

In this article, we have compiled the 20 best cheapest VPNs.

What is a VPN?


A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that allows you to create a private connection over a less private network by creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the internet.

You can install a VPN just like you would any other app or program on your smartphone or computer.

A VPN can let you get around censorship in your country or access geo-restricted media content from another country — and prevents your internet service provider from being able to intrude on your privacy by snooping on your web browsing.

VPNs do this by allowing you to appear as though you’re connecting from a different location or country.

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20 Cheapest VPN in 2022

1. NordVPN

The whole point of a VPN is to keep you safe when you’re online, and VPNs don’t get much safer than NordVPN.

Not only does the company employ the very best security features, like AES-256 encryption and the OpenVPN protocol, but it offers extra features you won’t find at other VPNs.

For instance, all NordVPN IP addresses are dynamic addresses. With multihop, users’ connections aren’t routed through one encrypted tunnel but through multiple encrypted tunnels.

Plus, NordVPN has a strict logging policy and is located in Panama, a country outside the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes surveillance alliances.

Whether you’re looking to avoid government spying or garden-variety hackers, NordVPN has you covered.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the cheapest VPNs, it made it easy for you to download movies and TV shows without fear of retribution.

With unlimited devices per subscription, this VPN gave us a different IP address every time we connected, which makes tracing much harder; however, if we wanted to stick with the same IP address, that was an option as well.

In addition to that, Surfshark is based in a country that’s a non-member of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes, and it allows for Netflix in addition to torrenting.

3. Private Internet Access VPN

If you have a Windows computer, look no further than Private Internet Access.

We got really fast speeds when we tested it out on our Vivobook, but it also has great apps for iOS and Android devices. Plus, we were satisfied with their privacy policy, which is super strict.

The company has never even been asked to hand over user data, not that they would have any to hand over even if they were. According to the founder, “We don’t log, period”.

Cheapest VPN

4. IPVanish

IPVanish has all the features you expect from a top-tier VPN, like strong encryption, fast speeds, and extras like split tunneling.

What sets IPVanish apart from other companies, though, is its commitment to customer service.

We can’t tell you how much trouble we have sometimes getting companies to respond to our technical questions.

Many VPNs don’t offer phone support, and a fair number don’t provide answers 24/7.

IPVanish has friendly customer service agents you can talk to any time, via both phone and online chat.

Yet, the company doesn’t charge any more than other VPNs. A one-year subscription, for example, is just $3.75 a month.

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5. Ivacy

You won’t find the cheapest VPN with more affordable pricing than Ivacy.

Truthfully, you could get a subscription for as low as $1.19 a month. Lots of cut-rate VPNs make up the difference by selling customer information to third parties.

Not Ivacy, though. We discovered they don’t keep anything related to people’s online activities.

They don’t keep IP addresses, timestamps, or browsing histories. Plus, their location in Singapore means they’re outside the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes surveillance alliances.

In other words, they can’t be forced to turn over any data to any government agency.

6. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is a relatively new player in the VPN market, but we’re already impressed by what it can do.

We got all the security we expect from a top-tier VPN, with AES-256 encryption and a strict privacy policy.

In addition, we got tons of extras, like unlimited simultaneous connections, IP addresses that rotate while we’re browsing, and a free data breach monitor.

We predict you’ll be hearing lots more about this VPN in the months and years to come.

7. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN provider is powered by TrustedServer technology, which ExpressVPN built to ensure that there are never any logs of users’ online activities.

In the privacy world, ExpressVPN has a strong track record, having experienced a server seizure by authorities which proved its zero-log policy true at the time.

While its speeds consistently compete with heavy-hitting competitors, our speed tests saw ExpressVPN produce a 52% overall loss of our normal internet speeds, representing a significant slowdown compared with its 2019 score of 2% speed loss.

8. PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the best VPNs for travel, with more than 6,500 servers in over 78 countries including the U.K., Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

This made it easy for us to travel without joining shady Wi-Fi networks and running into internet censorship.

PureVPN hid our browsing history and IP address so we could be more anonymous online.

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9. CyberGhost

CyberGhost has over 7,500 servers in 91 different countries, so although we only tested it out in the United States, wherever in the world you are, you probably won’t have trouble connecting either.

The company is based in Romania, not a member of those international surveillance networks we keep mentioning; plus, Romania as a country has almost no data retention laws of its own, making CyberGhost a great pick for privacy.

10. Hotspot Shield

When it came to Netflix-watching parties, Hotspot Shield has you covered with fast speeds on Mac and Windows computers.

Hotspot Shield has a free option for those that don’t want to spend money on a VPN; however, you’ll be limited to a daily data cap of 500 MB, which may make watching movies and TV shows on Netflix and other streaming services a bit difficult.

11. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is another great cheapest VPN app that is both safe and available across different devices.

If you are thinking of trying a free VPN with great service, then Proton VPN is a top choice.

Proton VPN gives you a stable and secure internet connection, then you should go with the Proton VPN service.

Similar to Express VPN, Proton VPN is a premium VPN provider that also comes with a limited free version for users to test out before making a purchase.

The free plan gives you access to servers in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands.

12. Windscribe VPN

Are you looking for one of the cheapest VPN services with a superfast internet connection? Then you should go for Windscribe VPN. This is one of the best VPN software in 2022.

Their VPN service gives you access to over 2,500 servers in 10 unique locations, an inbuilt firewall, automatic ad blocker, automatic data eraser for security purposes, and a customer support menu with the live chat feature. Yes, they allow you to talk to a real person whenever you have a problem.

One of the biggest benefits of using VPN services is that it gives you free 10GB of data every month.

You can even get more data allowance every time you refer a friend to use their service. This VPN service allows you to access blocked and restricted content no matter where you are.

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13. Tunnelbear VPN

If you’re new to the world of VPN and secure internet browsing, TunnelBear VPN is a great way to get started. This free VPN service allows you to access any available of its 24 server locations of your choice.

Tunnelbear VPN can also be accessed on Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. This VPN service allows you to connect to any country of your choice, even on the free version.

You enjoy AES 256-bit safe data encryption and no data logging.

The only setback of this VPN is that it gives you merely 500MB of data every month.

This is a major setback if your line of work requires you to upload or download large files. The good thing is that you can always upgrade your plan to receive more data.

14. Speedify VPN

This is one of the fastest and cheapest VPN services in 2022. Speedify Amsterdam servers are optimized for P2P activities and give all of you about 2GB data allowance for free every month.

Speedify doesn’t just give you a fast and safe internet connection this free VPN service is one of the best ways to mask your IP and protect your privacy whenever you make a transaction or perform an action online.

With Speedify VPN, you can easily access censored and geo-restricted content and websites no matter where you are.

Speedify premium VPN service gives you access to more than 2,000 servers in over 39 countries.

Cheapest VPN

15. VPN

That means one of the cheapest VPN services for small businesses.

This pocket-friendly free VPN service gives you over 2GB with their free service please for free you get over 2GB of data per month and 5 server locations to choose from unrestricted internet speed and of course no ads all this comes in an easy-to-use interface.

You can get your very own VPN installed on your windows, Mac, Android, or iOS devices with reliable customer support to assist you all the way.

If you are new to the world of browsing but you want to encrypt your data and secure your network, you should try this VPN service right now.

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16. SaferVPN

A powerful and one of the cheapest VPN services, SaferVPN is very useful in hiding users’ IP addresses. It also allows access to blocked websites and enables easy information sharing. Privacy is also ensured as the service uses high-security protocols.

It offers a unique Automatic Wi-Fi Security feature, which instantly activates a secure and encrypted VPN connection as soon as someone’s device connects to an unsecured Wi-Fi connection — automatically protecting them from public Wi-Fi threats.

Likewise, it features single-click applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome.

Having servers in 35 countries, SaferVPN offers absolute online anonymity with its no logs policy.

The service’s site offers a smooth interface that provides users with all the information they need, along with easy to locate tabs, links, and solutions.

It has brand new applications that support both Mac and Windows machines.

17. is a powerful VPN software that boasts over 200 servers in 40 different countries across five continents.

The service’s servers support L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN on most desktop or mobile operating systems. It uses 4096 bit RSA keys and 128 bit Blowfish cipher for encryption, which constantly regenerates every hour.

Pricing is quite flexible, with a three-day plan available for just $2.

But for those who want to enjoy the complete service and support, there is a basic plan at $5 per month, a solid plan at $10 a month, and a dedicated plan at $25 per month are also available.

These packages offer users access to servers in different countries and unlimited bandwidth.

Custom plans can be arranged; all one has to do is contact support.

18. TorGuard

A popular VPN service, TorGuard has servers in over 50 countries and enables users to unblock websites and get around censorship.

This ensures that wherever you are in the world, there is bound to be a TorGuard server near you. By default, the service enables users to make five simultaneous connections.

This allows users run the service on all their devices. To better protect users, the service has a kill switch. However, this feature is not available on mobile devices. Likewise, a Domain Name System leak protection works on Windows and OS X.

The solution is also able to bypass firewalls through stealth connections.

Additional security is provided with an ad and malware blocker, which can be switched on and off.

For those who enjoy torrenting, the software supports such a process, with certain servers optimized for P2P networks.

This is designed to keep high-speed browsing on other connections. However, the service warns users to keep torrenting activities confined to specific cities around the world.

TorGuard is being offered on different payment models. A proxy service costs $5.95 monthly; the complete service is available for $11.55 per month while the annual model costs $64.

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19. Buffered VPN

An impressive and fast VPN service, Buffered VPN offers total online security and world-class customer support.

The service boasts of providing access to content from any country in the world.

This is achieved through the service’s server locations in 45 countries.

It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, but can also be set up on Android and iOS.

The service offers excellent latencies and fast upload speeds, very good for browsing.

The service’s no logs policy means that it does not store user online activity data and promises not to release them unless required by law, ensuring that your information is in safe hands.

What sets this service apart from others is its refund policy. Users are able to use it for up to 10 hours or 10GB of bandwidth and still get a refund, a far more generous policy than what others have to offer.

However, Buffered VPN is a bit expensive. It is available at a monthly fee of $12.99, but this can be reduced if one opts to avail of its annual plan.

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20. HideIP VPN

Known for its speed, ease of use, and native clients, HideIPVPN supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.

Its Smart DNS service is known to be able to unblock some sites. The service supports a variety of protocols, which include SSTP, OpenVPN, SoftEther, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec.

With the service, torrenting is allowed, although only on German and Dutch servers, this is due to the fact that it only has seven server locations in North America and Europe.

Like other VPN providers, HideIPVPN does not log user information, keeping your data relatively safe.

The service is available on a monthly and yearly subscription basis, starting at $5.83 per month.

A 24-hour free trial of the software is also available to those who want to evaluate the tool first.

Cheapest VPN


Anyone who uses the Internet on a public Wi-Fi network needs a VPN.

They’re also ideal for anyone traveling internationally who needs to access a private network in another location or anyone that wants to bypass government, school or work restrictions on Internet usage.

VPNs are ideal for journalists, activists, whistleblowers, and anyone else that wants to be as anonymous as possible online.


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