20 Best Cheap Roku Devices To Buy In 2023

In a market where Amazon, Apple, and Google all have streaming device offerings, Roku is one of the top producers.


Although those firms also provide great streaming players, Roku’s products stand out in our evaluations of the competition because to their reliable features, top-notch quality, and competitive prices.

The company has included the outstanding Voice Remote Pro to its premium Ultra model for 2022.

While the Ultra might be a suitable fit for some, the firm also provides a variety of other products, such as the Express, a more affordable model, as well as the Express 4K Plus and Streaming Stick 4K, more expensive models, as well as soundbars and speakers.


Roku offers a variety of options, and our list of the 20 best cheap Roku Devices to buy in 2022.

What is Roku?

The popular streaming gadget brand Roku produces a wide range of goods. You can purchase a standard streaming stick or device in addition to Roku’s own Roku TVs, soundbars, and speakers. You have access to the entire Roku app store with any of these items, which includes well-known titles like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, and a tonne more.

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20 Best Cheap Roku Devices To Buy In 2022

1. Roku Express 4K Plus


One of the least expensive of Roku Devices, 4K HDR streaming TV options is the Express 4K Plus. Your next TV will presumably support those formats, even if your current one doesn’t. This Roku gadget is one of the least expensive methods to connect your iPhone or other Apple device to your TV because of the AirPlay update. Although it doesn’t support Dolby Vision, we believe that the majority of consumers won’t need it.

We typically recommend this Roku streaming device because it is less expensive than the company’s Streaming Stick 4K and other 4K HDR streamers. It’s a fantastic option for anyone who want to maximise streaming without spending a fortune. Popular speech assistants Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are compatible with Roku Express.

2. Roku Streaming Stick 4K

After years of anticipation, Roku released the Streaming Stick 4K in 2021 as the successor to the Streaming Stick Plus from 2017.

This Roku is still reasonably priced, supports Dolby Vision and 4K HDR, and makes use of the most recent Roku capabilities, such as Apple AirPlay for casting from an iOS or Mac device.

In general, we don’t think it’s worth more than the Express 4K Plus, but if you truly want Dolby Vision support or like the streaming stick form, it is a great option.

3. Roku Ultra

More than twice as pricey as our top streaming device option, Roku’s most expensive streaming box may be worth the upgrade for you if you find the extra capabilities appealing. With the exception of the fact that it now includes the Voice Remote Pro, the 2022 model is still $100 and almost identical to earlier iterations.

But you might consider Roku’s other package, the $70 Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus, which also includes the Voice Remote Pro, if you truly love the remote and want to save a little money. Although the Streaming Stick 4K’s processor isn’t quite as powerful as the Ultra’s, it can perform almost all of the same tricks, including Dolby Vision HDR, and it’s $30 less expensive.

4. Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus is a bit quicker and more potent, can now play Dolby Vision at a good quality, and has the amazing Voice Remote Pro. With a little bit more power and functionality, it has everything we adored about the Streaming Stick Plus’s predecessor.

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus offers everyone the ultra-HD streaming, video quality, and speed they could want at a very affordable price. It also has a remarkably easy-to-use OS. Additionally, it has the top-notch Voice Remote Pro. It has two programmable buttons, a rechargeable battery, and an optional always-listening feature.

5. Roku Express

Since the Roku Express’s initial incarnation in 2016, a lot has changed. The gadget was cumbersomely made and underpowered back then. Now, those who own 1080p TVs and want the simplest streaming solution should consider buying the Express.

The Roku Express is the most affordable streaming player from a major manufacturer at $30, yet it comes with a tonne of functionality. A smartphone app gives you access to voice search and private listening in addition to dozens of streaming channels and a fully customizable user interface. The only significant drawback is that the basic IR remote occasionally performs below optimally.

6. Roku Streambar

Looking for a new Roku as well as an audio upgrade? Observe the Streambar. This small soundbar connects to the HDMI ARC port on your TV to enhance the audio from all of your sources, including game consoles and cable boxes.

The fact that this Roku player is also a 4K HDR-capable Roku streamer is its strongest feature.

The Streambar is simple to set up and has decent sound quality for its size, especially when playing dialogue.

However, you might want to add Roku’s wireless subwoofer ($180) if you want louder bass.

7. Roku Voice Remote Pro

Although it is not a streaming service player, the Voice Remote Pro can help your Roku streaming device perform better. New features like a rechargeable battery and a 12-foot midfield microphone are added by the Voice Remote Pro. The latter is especially helpful: If you say, “Hey Roku, find my remote,” the gadget will beep to help you locate it if it gets misplaced beneath the couch cushions.

It is now included with the 2022 Roku Ultra, although it is also available separately and may be connected to any Roku device.

8. Roku Premiere

The main difference between the Roku Premiere and the Roku Express is that the latter supports HDR and can broadcast content in up to 4K quality. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to pay a little more money for better performance if you have a 4K Ultra HD TV. You can also use Roku’s 4K Spotlight channel, which features a selection of 4K Ultra HD movies and television series.

With the exception of a high-end HDMI cable, you receive the same accessories as the Roku Express, including the straightforward controller. Without getting too technical, you must make sure that your TV has an HDMI connector that supports HDCP 2.2 if you wish to successfully stream 4K or HDR.

9. Roku Express 4K

The Roku Express 4K is one of a few new Roku devices that was launched to their lineup in 2021. It has significantly superior specs than the original Express, making it seem like a beefed-up version of it.

It can broadcast in HD, 4K, and HDR, for starters. Additionally, it has dual-band wireless, which makes streaming significantly better. In contrast to the original Express, you can also attach an Ethernet cable via a USB adaptor.

The Roku Express 4K is similarly portable to the first-generation Express. With the addition of a high-quality HDMI cable, it still comes with the same remote and the same accessories.

10. Roku Streaming Stick+

The Roku Streaming Stick+ is the next device in line; as the name suggests, it is a “stick” Roku that resembles a flash drive in terms of size and appearance. The Streaming Stick+ is powered by a USB cable that plugs directly into your TV, unlike the Rokus that were previously mentioned. It also connects to your TV’s HDMI port rather than a separate HDMI lead.

It’s an excellent choice for portability because of all of that. You may bring it on a business trip, a vacation, or to a friend’s house. You can use it as long as you have power. The Roku Streaming Stick Plus also has the advantage of hiding its cords behind your TV, which is ideal if you want to hide them behind your TV.

11. Roku Ultra LT

The improved Roku Ultra LT is a step above the other Roku devices, giving it a better option for heavy streamers and main TVs. To ensure a smooth streaming experience, you can connect the Roku via an Ethernet connector if you have the more recent Ultra LT model 4801, which offers extended wireless for a stronger connection.

Although your TV must be compatible, the Ultra LT can stream material in HD, 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision for a truly cinematic experience. Additionally, it has Bluetooth, which enables you to directly stream your favourite music and more to your TV.

12. Roku Ultra

Like the Ultra LT on steroids, the Roku Ultra. With a snappy UI that allows you to access streaming channels more quickly than ever, it is Roku’s strongest and fastest streaming device. If you want the best performance, this is your best choice. Similar to the Ultra LT, you can access the internet wirelessly over a long distance or using an Ethernet connector.

It can handle three-dimensional audio effects with a Dolby Atmos-compatible sound system and broadcast content in HD, 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision. Similar to the Ultra LT, it has Bluetooth, but you can also attach an external hard drive to the USB connector to show your own pictures or videos on the TV (however, it can not be used to give your Roku DVR-capability).

13. Roku TV

After putting stand-alone players to rest, we can move on to the Roku TV, which is the streaming media player’s take on a smart TV. Although it comes with a built-in Roku player, you can connect anything to a standard TV using the same cables as other TVs, including consoles, cable, and satellite. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re already considering a TV upgrade.

The user interface is straightforward and responsive, and setup is simple. To make sure that your preferred channels and services are available, you can personalise your home screen tiles.

Input devices can be added with labels to the tiles, making it simple to switch to, instance, your gaming console.

14. Roku Streambar Pro

The Streambar Pro is the newest soundbar model offered by Roku. It is essentially an upgrade of the 2019 Smart Soundbar, with nearly identical characteristics and a few improvements. Unfortunately, it also has a 32-inch length like the Smart Soundbar. It can be mounted on a wall, however the mounting hardware must be purchased separately.

The Roku Streambar shares most of the characteristics with this device, but it produces superior sound because it has four 2.5-inch speakers rather as the Roku Streambar’s four 1.9-inch speakers. In the audio options, there is an additional “virtual surround” option.

The Streambar Pro features the earphones and a superior remote than the Streambar, a voice remote with TV controls, personal shortcuts, and private listening.

15. Roku Wireless Speakers

The wireless speakers from Roku are a fantastic addition for cinematic sound and are tuned for full surround sound. However, not all of Roku’s players are compatible with them. For these bad boys, you’ll need a Roku TV, Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, or even that older Roku Smart Soundbar.

They are simple to set up, and since they are wireless, no cable tracks will be left behind. You can pair a Bluetooth device with them to stream music, and you can place them on your wall or speaker stands.

16. Roku Wireless Subwoofer

The Roku wireless subwoofer is the last option. It may be used to form a full-range surround system with any of the Roku soundbars or a Roku TV and the Roku Wireless speakers. However, it won’t function with only the Roku smart TV or a stand-alone Roku player.

Again, thanks to its wireless connectivity, you won’t trip over cables, and as long as the subwoofer is within 30 feet of your connected device, you can pretty much put it anywhere. You can continue using your current Roku remote without purchasing an additional one.

17. Roku Premiere Plus

For those who prefer not to utilise buttons to navigate their material, this one has a voice remote.

You can locate your favourite TV shows using simple voice queries. Additionally, the streaming quality is excellent.

18. TCL 43-inch 4K Roku Smart TV

This one facilitates the use of a Roku device in conjunction with a Smart TV for effortless setup and excellent streaming. Users will be able to stream content in 4K with HDR10, and connecting additional devices using the three HDMI connections is simple. Twenty buttons and appropriate voice control are on the additional remote control.

19. TCL 65-inch 4K QLED Roku Smart TV

This may not be the most affordable offer, but 65-inch QLED Smart TVs have a reputation for being pricey. To advance its Roku Smart TV, TLC increased the display to 65 inches, added a QLED screen, and kept the 4K resolution. For enjoyable viewing, it has Dolby Vision, HDR10, CCZ Technology, and wide colour.

20. TCL 6 Series 4K

We know we keep saying it, but Roku was also among the first to sign agreements with independent TV makers to have its Roku OS integrated into smart TVs. Many TV manufacturers have shipped TVs with their own proprietary smart software in the past and in the present, but overall, these efforts have received mixed reviews.

Over the past few years, the manufacturers who partner with companies like Amazon and Roku to offer more established and sophisticated smart TV operating systems to smart TVs at more affordable prices have seemed to find favour with the market.

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Whether you’re searching for affordable entry into the streaming world or high-quality Dolby Vision streaming, Roku Devices has a solution for you. The nicest thing about all of Roku’s streaming products is that they all give you access to the company’s sizable app store, where you can view all of your favourite TV series, films, documentaries, and other content.

Regardless of whether you select the opulent Roku Ultra or the stylish Roku Express, you can access all of your services.

Even while all of Roku Devices are excellent alternatives, the Roku Express 4K+ is the ideal compromise because it offers incredible 4K streaming for a very reasonable price.

That ends our list of 20 Best Cheap Roku Devices To Buy In 2022.


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