20 Best Lite Apps To Save Data, Space & Battery On Android (2023)

How much data does your favourite app consume, how slow is your smartphone, and how draining is your battery? What about trying some lite android apps for tasks like social networking, managing email, browsing, and so on.


In this content we will be discussing the best lite apps to save data, space and battery on Android.

There are many popular Android apps that consume a lot of data and battery, such as Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Chrome, etc. We can find some ways to circumvent this issue.

You can save data, space and battery on your Android smartphone by using lightweight versions of apps also called lite apps. Additionally, these Lite apps are perfect for phones with limited RAM.


Okay, without wasting time let us dive deep into the best lite apps to save data, space and battery on Android.

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20 Best Lite Apps To Save Data, Space & Battery On Android (2022)

1. Facebook Lite

Lite Apps
Lite Apps

The Facebook Lite is designed to do what has been a form of complaints from different users, that is to save data, and battery and to also work in situations where there is low internet coverage.


This app is just like the normal Facebook we use but it’s just a bit different in terms of full functions.

Facebook Lite will help you reduce battery consumption on your Android device and it’ll also help free storage space when needed. It’s one of the best Lite Apps to save data and battery on Android.

2. YouTube Go

Youtube Go was developed as a lightweight version and also an alternative to the main Youtube app, you can do almost the same thing on both versions of Youtube but Youtube Go is a bit faster and doesn’t give too many qualities on videos streamed but it can save you a lot of data and reduce the level of battery consumption.

Youtube Go can serve you anytime when you’re running on low battery, low data or even a poor internet connection, it’s a very good lite app and also one of the best lite apps to save data and battery on Android.

3. Messenger Lite

Just like Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite is one of the best lightweight instant messaging apps to stay updated with chatting with friends and family.

You can make calls, send voice messages and also do video calls and you do all that at a low bandwidth data exchange.

Messenger Lite is very fast and it takes about 10MB to have it downloaded.

Messenger Lite sometimes isn’t supported on high-end devices but on low-end devices, it’s a very good app and it works perfectly, it saves data, saves battery and it also allows you to stay active even when your internet signal is low.

4. TikTok Lite

TikTok is one of the coolest places in the social media world to spend your whole day laughing while you watch short video clips.

It’s cool and always fun to use the TikTok app but it consumes a lot of data and battery. So the TikTok Lite version was introduced.

The TikTok Lite is no different from the main app, but this one is lighter and can be downloaded with just 20MB, it saves data, saves battery and also allows you to enjoy uninterrupted video surfing on low internet connections.

5. Likee Lite

Likee is very common as we all know and it’s a much similar app to TikTok where you can make short videos, watch short skits and fill your stomach with laughter, this app also sucks data and consumes battery.

But with the Lite version, you can use the app anyhow you want and it takes nothing less than 15MB to have it downloaded.

Likee Lite saves battery, reduces data consumption and it also allows you to access the app on low internet speed. Likee Lite is one of the best Lite Apps to save battery, space and data on Android.

6. UC Mini

UC Mini is another lite browser app that makes browsing and downloading very easy, it’s so fast that even on poor internet, it’s not noticeable and you can surf websites easily with it.

UC Mini is a very good lightweight browser and it saves data and battery on Android, it also allows you to download videos easily on Facebook, Twitter and more

UC Mini is one of the best lite apps to keep your Android data and battery at the best percentage. It saves battery a lot and it also compresses web pages to load very fast on mobile.

7. LinkedIn Lite

It is a popular social media platform where people can get the opportunity to get jobs worldwide.

In LinkedIn, people create their profile for getting in touch with companies, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, speakers, and more.

If you are looking for jobs then LinkedIn is the perfect place to visit right now. There is a simple formula there for getting a job, it’s networking.

Lite Apps
Lite Apps

It is a great medium to get yourself up in life. And for accessing LinkedIn in a smart way, it releases the lite version for Android which is pretty fast.

The interface of LinkedIn lite is beyond simple. If you actually visit its Web version and login, you will find too many features and facilities.

But in his lite app, everything is compressed and customized. And that’s why it loads super fast.

8. CM Security Lite

A lite security app that alone handles every malware attacks on Android. It scans apps, system settings of Android.

In case, if you have any harmful app installed on your Android, it will detect it and recommend you to remove that.

It also scans SD card inserted on phones for better security.

CM security is very lite than I expected. It needs just one tap to make your Android super fast and secure.

It scans the system app and third-party apps, both. Because sometimes apps are the major fault of slow-speed in phones. CM security has well cared about all the factors of a true lightweight app.

9. Maps Go

Maps Go is a Google giant invention that helps people to map out the path, best routes, traffics and much more. Maps Go is so lite and takes less than 1mb to 2mb space in whole storage.

That’s fantastic! But it also requires the support of the browser.

Yes, you have heard right! Maps Go takes the help of a browser to run properly. It usually takes the help of Chrome or any default Browser.

And there is an obvious reason behind this and its ultra-lite. Just think, can map app that contains huge data of the whole world is only under 1mb?

It’s just not possible! But Google made it possible with its genius intelligent developers.

They made an app that has huge info of the world and it just under 1mb.

10. Internet Speed Meter Lite

We always need to measure our Internet usages to stay conscious before we run out of Internet data.

That’s what I have done earlier in my teens. I always try to keep on the radar so, I can manage other things too.

Internet Speed Meter Lite is very helpful for those who just want to be in limit. It is for those who want to maintain a work-life balance in all the aspects.

Most of the time we spend time watching videos on YouTube and forget ourselves to take action on other things. And that mistake punch later in the face when work got the imbalance.

So, by using its data usage limit features you can determine yourself when you are exceeding your internet limit.

And this is really helpful for most of the people because most of us are very engaged with internet stuff.

11. Camera 360 Lite

Frustrated by space running out due to Images because your phone camera has high pixel? Camera 360 Lite is brilliant to save a lot of images without getting Space running out notification.

Because the picture taken by this app gets saved in normal size.

With this camera app, you can also take beautiful pictures of people because it has a lot of filters like lemon, HDR, Gothic and more.

I must recommend using this Camera 360 Lite app because it is way better than any other camera.

12. Du Browser Mini

With DU Browser Mini, anyone can surf and download files faster. It is lightweight, convenient, Fast downloading, and user-friendly.

DU Browser mini is actually very convenient to use. Because all the layouts are well designed and structured.

DU Browser consumes almost zero space in Android phones. It also, don’t stress up Android to get stuck and hang.

There is only one thing that I don’t like about it and it is font size! It’s too small to read. Overall, it is a good lightweight app and I must suggest trying.

13. Applock Lite

With this app, you can add a security password to various installed apps. There is no headache setup or configuration you have to do. Just open it after installing, select the apps, set the password and done.

Now your selected apps are secured by Applock Lite. In Applock lite settings, you can access more features like brief Exit time (app locking time), Password resetting.

14. 360 Security Lite

It is another lightweight Android apps built for High security. 360 Security Lite has awesome abilities since it launched to act on malware and virus.

It is also well known for boosting Android performance. 360 Security Lite clean Junk files, Boost Android, and more.

15. Vigo Lite

Vigo Lite is an entertainment app where people can watch funny videos, short videos, comedy, etc delightfully. It also has an HD video player and video uploader.

Vigo Lite is a good platform to build an audience and get attention. And it is also a great platform to make your mind stress free.

16. Amazon Kindle Lite

Amazon Kindle Lite is an Amazon product where anyone can read books conveniently.

In Amazon Kindle Lite you don’t have to wait for longer to load a Book to open.

Lite Apps
Lite Apps

It is super fast and opens a book in second. Now you can also save a lot of books offline for reading later because it takes low space and gives less pressure to Android that makes phones work fantastic.

17. Twitter Lite

Are you a Twitter fan? Well, installing this Lite Twitter on your Android phone will save your time in tweeting.

However, it is 3x fast than the Original Twitter app because all the functions are now compressed in this Twitter lite app.

It also has some cool features like Night mode, Data saving mode, etc. This one is a good example of lightweight Android apps.

18. Parallel Space Lite

Do you use multiple same apps? Now its time to reduce the load of your android phone.

Parallel space lite helps to multiple the same apps with less load on Android. And this way you can use your multiple apps with less stress on your Android.

Parallel Space lite can clone any high size apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.

19. Hermit Lite App browser

Hermit lite Browser is well known for fast surfing, ad blocking, night mode, etc. If you are the one who just loves the user-friendly customization to enjoy the internet.

Then the Hermit Lite app browser is for you. It converts heavy web pages into the app that loads instantly.

So, if you love reading sites like Forbes, Entreprenuer, Inc, and other news and heavy sites then Hermit Browser Lite App is perfect for you.

20. Opera Mini

Lite Apps
Lite Apps

Opera mini is famous for saving data even in a low Internet connection. With this, you can surf fast, download fast, and save data. It also has good security and privacy feature.

So, if you are kind of care about privacy too much then Opera privacy will fit best for you.

And another feature that I liked is Adblocker. It really prevents trackers from tracking behavior and time spent on web pages you visit.

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Conclusion On The Best Lite Apps To Save Data, Space & Battery On Android

So, we have reached the end of this post! All the above best lite apps are fantastic and will save a huge amount of space in your Android.

These are the best lite apps to save data, space and battery on Android, with these apps you can worry less about the high rate of battery reduction and also data wiping that happens most times when you use the normal apps, these lite apps will also save you storage space and allow you stay active on low internet connection.

Just replace large in MB apps with the above-suggested lite apps on your phone. After doing that, you will get many benefits like your battery will last longer, the phone will always be in the Cool state, etc.


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