20 Best Bike Racks For SUV That You Should Have In 2023

In today’s technologically advanced world, more and more individuals are choosing cycling as a way to keep active and as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Transporting the bikes to the desired location is necessary if you wish to go cycling on trails or somewhere far away.

For example, the Thule T2 Pro XT is a good rack to start your adventure with. Bike racks are the most practical and simple-to-use tool to transport bikes from one place to another.

But making the correct fit and finding one that complements your car can be important. Due to this, we have created a list of the twenty top SUV bike racks in Three different categories.


We will also give you advice on selecting a bike rack for your car. We will also address things to think about while purchasing a Bike Rack and clear up any uncertainty you may have. Let’s go for it!

Types Of Bike Racks For SUV

There are many bike racks available. We have grouped four styles that are appropriate for practically all SUVs: roof racks, spare tyre racks, trunk racks, and hitch-mounted bike racks.

The bike racks are often universal. But you need to know whether the rack you’re acquiring will be the most useful for your cause or not.


Therefore, understanding the many types of bike racks for SUVs is the first step in obtaining the ideal item for your needs. They are:

1. Hitch-Mounted Racks

A gadget that allows you to carry a bike on the chassis of your car is a hitch-mounted bike rack.

The first prerequisite for a hitch bike rack is that your bike must already have a hitch receiver installed. The SUV’s hitch receiver typically comes in 4 sizes: 1-1/4″, 2″, 2-1/2″, and 3″. When purchasing a car rack, be sure to select the appropriate size.

The majority of hitch racks allow you to transport numerous bikes at once. When you are travelling with family or friends, it is quite useful.

There are options for swinging, tilting, and folding the rear door of the SUV so that it can be used while the bikes are stacked.

2. Strap On Trunk Mount Bike Rack

These adaptable carriers, known as trunk-mounted bike racks, are attached to the back of your car without a trailer hitch or roof rails.

Whether you drive a tiny hatchback or a full-size SUV, most trunk-mounted racks are made to fit practically any car.

Keep in mind that laden trunk bike racks could be destroyed or damaged. So, instead of a trunk rack, search for a roof rack or a hitch rack if you wish to transport more than four bikes.

In contrast to other types, trunk bike racks are significantly less expensive. Therefore, it is a good choice if you enjoy going on infrequent walks and want something that is quite portable.

3. Roof Racks For Bikes

You can transport your bike on top of your automobiles using roof racks. It also serves as a multipurpose carrier for other items in your car, such as boxes and other luggage, in addition to bikes.

These roof racks are often mounted horizontally on your car’s roof.

In addition, since most SUV roofs are already tall, roof racks would be added if you had an SUV.

An inconvenience that most individuals wouldn’t contemplate experiencing when on vacation in a strange and foreign location.

Find out if there are any height limitations on the routes and bridges you plan to use before bringing your roof rack.

4. Spare Tire Racks

Nowadays, a spare tyre is commonplace on the back deck of SUVs. Because of this, you can purchase spare tyre racks that are secured to the tyre by putting weight on it.

Spare tyre bike racks are quite similar to trunk-mounted bike racks, with the exception that some variants allow you to open your back door while the bikes are suspended. They are incredibly affordable and convenient to travel around with.

The necessity of removing tyre covers is one of the drawbacks of employing spare racks.

Additionally, there are certain security issues, and on choppy roads, bikes can occasionally become quite swingy.

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5 Best Bike Racks For SUV With No Hitch

1. YAKIMA Easy Load Bike Rack (Non-Hitch)

This is the most adaptable, aerodynamic bike mount for your car. Almost any style of bike may be loaded with the FrontLoader, which doesn’t require removing the front wheel.

It fits Yakima crossbars with a spread between 16″ and 48″ that are round, square, factory, or aerodynamic.

Bike Racks

In order to protect your carbon fibre frame or special paint job, the FrontLoader secures your bike via the wheels with no frame touch.

Add SKS (Same Key System) locks (available separately) to secure your bike and mount it to the base rack for increased security (not included). 13 pounds in weight. Size: L 56 in., W 7 in., and H 7.5 in.

2. Swagman Easy Assemble Bike Rack (Non-Hitch)

This non-hitch bike rack is made of aluminium and is strong and dependable. It just weights 5 pounds and is quite simple to put together.

The rack adapts to a wide range of different bike geometries and can securely support models that weigh up to 35 pounds, according to users.

3. Thule ProRide XT Universal Bike Rack (Non-Hitch)

Go on your next journey after mounting this non-hitch bike rack to the roof of your car.

The rack has padded claws to protect your car’s paint job and a control dial to indicate whether you’ve mounted the bike securely. The unit can also be locked, but you’ll need to buy the locks separately.

4. Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mount Bike Rack (Non-Hitch), 2-Bike

This bike rack (non-hitch) is an excellent rack with long arms that can easily hold several bikes.

The device fits comfortably in the trunk of most cars thanks to the strap system that prevents your bikes from shifting while you’re driving.

You’ll also value the rubber that covers the unit’s contact points because it helps to prevent serious automobile scratches.

5. Saris Trunk Mount Bike Rack (Non-Hitch), 3-Bike

For three sizable bikes, this bike rack (non-hitch) offers tremendous strength. The layout keeps the bikes apart so they don’t collide while in transit and works well for cars with spoilers. Rubber is also used to cover the unit’s feet to further safeguard the car.

10 Best Bike Racks For SUV With Hitch

1. Saris MTR 2

This is a sturdy, reliable rack that you can depend on every day. The MTR 2 is made of steel and aluminium and is not very lightweight, but it is sturdy enough to carry bikes weighing up to 60 pounds and is compatible with wheelbases up to 53 inches long.

It have transported a wide variety of rigs in almost a year of consistent use, including track bikes with narrow, 23mm tyres, trail bikes, electric mountain bikes, fat bikes, and even a few cargo bikes. It is really challenging to locate a group of bikes that won’t fit on this rack because of the trays’ tiering and wide spacing.

2. Thule Camber 2

The Camber 2 is a two-bike hanging rack that is a fantastic cheaper substitute for more expensive tray racks. Two horizontal arms that hold the top tube in place hang bikes. The bikes are prevented from moving back and forth by rubber brackets with straps, although tray racks hold the bikes more securely.

With this kind of rack, that is impossible to avoid. The arms of the Camber are conveniently foldable when not in use and may be cranked back for simple trunk access. In contrast to tray racks, which are frequently very heavy, the Camber 2 weighs only 28 pounds and is light and quick to install, making it an excellent alternative as both a permanent feature on your car and something you only put on when you need it.

3. Hollywood Racks Trail Rider 2

The Trail Rider is a fantastic, less expensive substitute for the expensive racks on this list. Two bikes are mounted on it with fixed wheels, and one ratcheting arm that clamps down over the frame secures them.

When loading two bikes, we were able to fold the upright beam holding the frame clamps back and out of the way for trunk access. This saved us from having to lift the arm up and over the bike to place it on the rack closest to the car before positioning the second bike. The rack can be folded flat against the back of the car when not in use.

4. Küat Sherpa 2.0

You can now completely ignore any criticisms you’ve ever had regarding hitch racks. The 11-year-old tester of the Küat Sherpa 2.0 had no trouble loading and unloading bikes. It is as reliable and fashionable as it is practical and user-friendly. The Sherpa fits two bikes (maximum weight of 40 pounds each, 47-inch wheelbase, 3-inch tyres) on its light aluminium platform and pivots easily up and down via a large lever.

Bike Racks

It is offered in three colours and is available in both 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitch sizes. It also tilts down to avoid blocking your car’s hatch. The rack can be hand-tightened with a hitch cam after assembly (be sure to follow the instructions while removing parts because the packaging serves as an assembly fixture).

5. Thule T2 Pro XT/XTR

A bike rack seldom inspires awe, but the T2 Pro XT has a number of features that, well, make it fantastic. Top of the list is a handle with a wide trigger that enables you to raise and lower the rack with with one hand (and dip it out of the way for access to rear hatches).

The arms of the rack have a wide, comfortable grip and slide easily to secure the front wheel, with tyres up to 5 inches wide. Integrated cable locks prevent your bikes from sprouting legs. The T2 fastens to your hitch receiver without the use of a bolt by employing an expanding wedge that is tightened with a locking knob.

6. Küat NV 2.0

The last thing you want to hear rattling behind your bumper as you speed down the road are expensive bikes costing thousands of dollars. The NV 2.0 remained stable during our testing because of an expanding-wedge design that anchors the rack in your car’s receiver hitch and locks in place with a theft-preventing thru-bolt.

When transporting bikes, you can flip the rack up, deploy it flat, or lower it to a 45-degree angle for simple access to pickup beds and trunks. Other good features include adjustable cradles that provide better clearance for stacked bikes when loaded, integrated cable locks, a repair stand, and these features.

7. 1Up Equip-D Double

With its industrial-looking racks that lock your bike simply, 1Up has developed a cult-like following. Its two ratcheting arms clamp down on your wheels; no straps, hooks, or base or size changes are required. To better handle 29-inch wheels and fat tyres, this variant has arms that are broader and taller.

The Equip-pivot D’s mechanism is easy to use, and to fold it up, a T-handle release located at the end of the hitch bar is used rather than reaching through the rack. Closer spacing is made possible by tiered trays, and the rack rides high enough to avoid most exhaust pipes.

8. Yakima SingleSpeed

Singlespeed is a straightforward and excellent single-bike hitch rack from Yakima. Although the front-wheel holder folds into the rack, it cannot be expanded to carry more, which is something to keep in mind when parallel parking without a bike.

When you’re through, the Singlespeed is simple to remove and put away because it just weighs 27 pounds and instals quickly and without the use of any tools. In comparison to many bike racks, it is situated lower and nearer the bumper. The bike will be easier to load and less likely to obscure your vision behind you as a result. On some vehicles with rear-facing exhaust, however, it might align the bike’s wheels directly with it, which might potentially result in damage.

9. Thule Helium Platform 2

Thule can now be added to the list of companies that use the 1UP-famous dual ratcheting arm mechanism. The Helium Platform 2 is clean, streamlined, and incredibly user-friendly, as you would expect from Thule. It is kept as light as feasible by the use of aluminium without sacrificing load capacity.

It slides snugly and securely into your hitch receiver without jiggling or bouncing once you’ve managed to get it in there. Since there are no straps to tighten, loading bikes with different wheelbase lengths is straightforward and simple thanks to the ratcheting arms. Place the bicycle on the rack, cross your arms over the wheels, and then start moving.

10. Yakima HoldUp EVO 2

We’ve loaded and unloaded bikes from the Yakima Holdup Evo nearly every day without seeing any issues. Everything we threw at the Evo, including heavy mountain bikes and extra-thick e-bikes, it handled with ease.

For added capacity, the optional EVO +2 two-bike add-on is simple to install and useful. When you’re done riding, the whole thing folds up nicely. The rack’s aluminium tubing is light and feels sturdy. It holds bikes securely with little bouncing. The bottle opener that is integrated at the end of the rack is an added advantage.

5 Best Bike Racks For SUV With Spoiler

1. Saris Bones Trunk 2 Bike Rack

The Saris Bones Trunk 2 Bikes Rack Carrier has a good design and is practical. The Saris Bones trunk-mounted bike rack with 2 bike carrier, created by the renowned Fabio Pedrini, is a stunning, practical addition to your trekking equipment. This bike rack that attaches to the trunk was intended to be more than just a rack for the back. It is a style, convenience, design, and durability-focused construction.

Arc-based design principles were used to create this bike rack. This makes it possible for the frame to cover the majority of available vehicles and spoilers. Each of the two bikes that may be carried by the frame weighs roughly 35 pounds.

2. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-bike Trunk Mount Rack

An all-purpose tool, the Allen Sports 102DN Deluxe 2 Bike Carrier has attachments for every job. It is produced in accordance with a patent that emphasises the design of one specific configuration. This guarantees that this bike rack will work with a variety of automobiles.

The Allen Sports bike trunk rack is really simple and quick to set up. Even in the most difficult terrains, you can grip onto your bike with ease. The side straps have a remarkable lateral stability capacity. Thus, your motorcycles won’t continue to steal while you’re driving.

The innovative tie-down system is also crucial in keeping each bike firmly but independently in place. The carry arms are purposefully designed to be small enough to fit in a variety of bicycles.

3. Allen Sports Deluxe 3-bike Trunk Mount Rack

Unexpectedly, the Allen Sports Deluxe 3-bike Trunk Mount Rack 102DN-R is the ideal rack.

It is highly compatible, just like every other trunk-mounted bike rack from Allen Sports. Its identical, patent-protected design emphasises the development of a single configuration. This makes sure that the bike rack’s compatibility range is wider. The setup is quite quick and simple.

The same side straps and proprietary tie-down technology are included. The carrier arms of the rack, which were previously discussed, are similar in design to the carry arms. It is small enough to accommodate a variety of bikes. Additionally, premium tough components are employed. This ensures prolonged use without observable wear.

4. YAKIMA Fullback 3 Trunk Mount Bike Rack

A modern twist on our classic 3-bike trunk rack is the YAKIMA Fullback 3 bike rack. It is a newly developed bike rack that mounts to the trunk. It is fashionable and chic.

It is available in two different configurations: one holds two bikes, the other three bikes on a trunk rack. The bike was fastened to the YAKIMA fullback 3 bike trunk rack using proprietary zip strips. Strong zip strips provide sturdy cradles. It may therefore quickly hold onto your bikes.

The stand’s whole structure is a bomber. As a result, it helps the rack cling onto the car securely.

5. Hollywood Bike Racks Over-the-top Mounted Bike Rack

The most recent model from Hollywood Racks is an extravagant, high-rise bike rack fitted on the trunk. Hollywood Racks’ proprietary features and design are intended to safeguard your car’s rear spoiler.

Bike Racks

Many SUVs come with a rear spoiler to improve fuel economy. The rack cannot come into touch with the spoiler or the straps thanks to the innovative design. It also works with automobiles without a spoiler. They are simple to fasten to the trunk seam, anchors, or roof rail.

You don’t need to get your toolbox out to put the pieces together because the rack comes fully put together. A quick-release mechanism is also included. Even over the hardest terrains, your bike is safe thanks to the anti-sway rubber cradles.

Factors To Consider When Buying Bike Rack

Let’s talk about some things to think about while purchasing a bike rack.

1. Security

Whenever you go Hiking, security is a top priority. Therefore, it is crucial that your bike racks offer sufficient protection to your bikes in case of your absence or carelessness. These racks include anti-theft technology in some cases. Some could demand that you purchase your straps and hooks. So, before making the final purchase, consider the security issue.

2. Number of Bikes

One bike rack alone may be mounted to your vehicle. be it in the back or on your roof. Therefore, it is important to know how many bikes your bike rack can hold.

A bike rack can typically hold two bikes, but it frequently holds three. Therefore, if your family is three or larger and you intend to travel together, you should think about how many bikes your rack can accommodate.

Additionally, the weight of your frame will increase as your rack’s capacity increases. Therefore, it would be better if you took your frames’ weight into consideration.

3. Straps

The Bike Racks are fastened to the racks using straps. Bikes must be securely fastened to the rack using the straps. Various materials are frequently used to make the straps.

The ones composed of flexible yet rigid materials are the best. Due to the shape of the motorcycles, these straps can be attached to them.

Hold on to it hard as well. So, while purchasing a bike rack, check the belts’ materials.

4. Attachment Points

Recognize that there doesn’t need to be more than one attachment point in a bike rack because each will serve the same objective.

However, the fact that your bike rack has many connection points makes it compatible with a variety of automobile models. You are free to utilise it whichever suits your needs. Therefore, despite it is not required, consider whether the attachment point is suitable with the vehicle of your choice.

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Don’t be reluctant to spend a little additional money on a bike rack because it is a long-term investment. Prior to paying for the rack, confirm that it will suit your car; this will put an end to your search for the finest bike rack for SUV.

Don’t try to overload your bike by using all of the bike spots, which is another crucial piece of advice worth repeating.

Finally, the only thing left for you to do is to purchase a bike. If you’re still unsure of which bike to choose, choose the Kuat Sherpa 2.0. This fulfils every requirement you would have when purchasing your first rack.

That’s all about the 20 Best Bike Racks For SUV That You Should Have In 2022


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