30 Top Great Tech Companies In Nigeria 2023

As a result of the presence of technology companies in Nigeria, the country continues to stand out among other countries in Africa.


Today, we’re living in a digital era, where a nation’s economic strength and digital strength is determined by the number and quality of tech companies operating there.

One of the reasons why Nigeria is referred to as the giant of Africa is that the country has a lot of quality tech companies.

As I will be talking about in this article, I will be talking about some excellent tech companies that you may be unaware of in Nigeria.


You need to keep reading to learn about these top tech companies in Nigeria…

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Tech Companies

What Are Tech Companies?

Tech companies are companies improving the breadth of capability and quality of results of what one can do with technology (largely, computers).


Tech companies are companies whose purpose is to bring technology products or services to market.

Tech companies deliver new technology products or services or deliver existing technology products or services in new ways.

30 Top Best Tech Companies In Nigeria

1. Google Nigeria

Obviously, this is not the first time you will be hearing the brand name ‘Google.’ But the term ‘Google Nigeria’ may sound new to your hearing.

Well, there is no difference between the two. It only means that Google is one of global tech companies and it has a branch office in Nigeria.

Google Nigeria’s physical office is located at Rewane, Ikoyi Lagos in case you want to partner with them on an advertising deal or something else.

According to a publication made by Forbes, Google is the most used search engine in the world and is worth billions of dollars.

2. Flutterwave

One of the leading tech companies in Nigeria is Flutterwave. The company has been making waves in the tech and software realm for the time being now.

As a matter of fact, if you are very fond of using online banking platforms, you will agree with me that flutterwave really deserves this mention.

Interestingly, Flutterwave as one of the online banking platforms came into existence a few years ago but the company is now worth billions of dollars.

The company was founded by an ex-banker and his friend, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Olugbenga Agboola sometimes 2016.

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3. Andela

One of the top tech companies in Nigeria is Andela. In fact, it’s the first best software company in Nigeria is Andela. Andela is an American company that has operational campuses in most African nations.

It launched operations in 2014 to aid global companies to overcome the skills shortage of skilled software developers. It was co-founded by Jeremy Johnson and three other persons.

4. MTN Nigeria

The Nigerian telecom industry began operation in 2001 when the GSM network was launched by the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Now, there are tons of network service providers in Nigeria and among them is MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, etc.

But among them all, MTN NG is the leading and most patronized network in Nigeria’s telecommunication industry as of today.

Findings show that MTN is not only a popular tech company in Nigeria but rather, it’s a company that over 90% of Nigerians patronized.

Informatively, MTN NG was launched in Nigeria on May 16, 2001. It holds the record of the first GSM network throughout Nigeria to make and receive calls.

Tech Companies


Talking of the top-notch tech companies in Nigeria, can never be let’s unmentioned. That’s just the bitter truth.

This blog or online directory has evolved into one of the most used and recognized hotel booking websites in the world. as a blog and online hotel booking began its operations in Nigeria in 2016. Just five years ago!

With beautiful vision, this tech company takes it upon itself to find and provide good accommodation for tourists and travelers by booking a nice hotel for them.

Though it all began as a small company, however, their quality service, as well as consistency, has made them worth what they are today.

6. ULesson

There’s no point arguing the fact that the world we are now is becoming — even more — digitized each day. We’ve seen the latest technologies in the play everywhere.

However, this digitalization of the world is not just happening coincidentally, there are people behind it all.

Before, the only feasible way to read, write, and learn is to go to school, get oneself a tutor to learn from, or use textbooks.

However, we are now in that stage of the earth where doing so is quite difficult as a result of work as well as tight schedules.

7. Opay

The Opera pay which is popularly known as Opay is one of the best online payment gateways used by Nigerians.

In fact, many people prefer using this virtual banking platform for carrying out transactions than normal banks.

The reason is that Opay doesn’t charge its customers for any transfer they make. And you know, we love and patronize things that are free in Nigeria.

8. Jumia

Worthy of mention on the list of the top tech companies in Nigeria is Jumia. Jumia is an online marketplace used by most Nigerians.

This e-commerce website is very famous and almost every household in Nigeria has someone who sells or buys products from Jumia.

The online store is very unique, simple, and user-friendly. There’s no need for special registration and every sale there is legit.

On a daily basis, hundreds of thousands of people visit Jumia to buy or sell their products. Hence, making things easier for Nigerians to get in the comfort of their room.

9. Paystack

Just like Flutterwave, paystack is another online payment gateway, one of top tech companies that makes life easier for Nigerians when it comes to receiving funds sent from abroad.

This payment gateway is making business transactions easier as people now have the means of receiving funds from abroad.

Unlike before where the ability of Nigerians is limited in terms of online services because there is no means of receiving payment.

Thanks to paystack, sending or receiving money from international countries is now made simple. There is no limitation to what Nigerians can do online now.

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10. International Business Machine (IBM)

When it comes to the early top tech companies in Nigeria that are still in existence today, international business machines (IBM) cannot be overemphasized.

The IBM technology company is a multinational company that deals with hardware and software. The company head office is based in America.
This company develops and sells software and hardware, and it’s one of the companies that make most of the organizations in Nigeria go digital within a short while.

Accordingly, ever since IBM started its operation fully in Nigeria, there has been a great and massive development in terms of computer software and hardware usage.

11. Ericsson Nigeria

Also one of the early tech companies in the country. Without any doubt, Ericsson will forever continue to be relevant in the midst of other top technology companies in Nigeria.

Importantly, Ericsson Nigeria is one of the few technology and software companies that exposes Nigerians to the importance and usefulness of technology.

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12. Oracle

Respectfully, Oracle is, without any iota of doubt, the world’s most patronized and leading business software provider.

Well, you probably knew that already.

What you may therefore be hearing for the first time is the fact that the company also have a branch here in Nigeria.

The Oracle tech and software company has a highly recognized presence in more than 175 countries. It is apparently one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

13. Interswitch Limited

Another worthy of mention is one of the powerful tech companies in Nigeria is Interswitch limited and it was founded by Mitchell Elegbe in 2002.

Ever since Interswitch inception, the magnificent tech company has been performing wonderfully well in its industry.

The company is dedicated to making online transactions easier and faster in Nigeria and in most African countries as a whole.

What’s more, Interswitch had been ranked No 1 on the list of the top tech companies in Africa that are into payments processing for businesses.

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14. Dataflex

Equally, Dataflex is also one of the oldest software and tech companies in Nigeria. This company renders uninterrupted internet service to Nigerians.

The company has been operating in Nigeria for quite some time now and it has grown to the extent of having international partners with Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Oracle, Symantec, etc.

15. Globacom

Glo Nigeria Limited is the first indigenous Nigerian owned telecommunication company and also among the leading firms in the IT industry and telecommunications sector.

GLO’s submarine cable extends from the United Kingdom to the West African coasts, providing ultra-fast internet connections to Nigerians as well as other West African countries.

Globacom primary services involve providing cheap data (4GLTE) and telephony services.

Their headquarters is located in Lagos State, Nigeria and with operational branches in several other African countries, Ghana, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire.

16. Airtel Nigeria

Airtel is a recognized telecommunication company in Nigeria, that provides postpaid, prepaid, and 4G services for Nigerians.

Their internet service is easy to afford, which is why many prefer to use their service.

Many people whose work is basically online-based, prefer to use the Airtel Network, because they have good internet bundle packages, and their service is as well very strong.

I, as a person, love using the Airtel Network, because their service is very fast and reliable.

17. 9Mobile Nigeria

9Mobile was formerly recognized as Etisalat. The company is a multinational company from the United Arab Emirates and has its operation spread to most parts of Africa including Nigeria.

Among all the internet service providers in Nigeria, I can say this network offers the cheapest among them all.

9mobile started its operation in Nigeria in 2008, and its headquarters in Lagos. You can browse their website at, to learn more about this company.

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18. Softcom

Softcom, the parent company of Eyowo—a mobile money service, is ranked as the 95th best company to work for in Nigeria.

The 12-year-old engineering company also has an enviable workspace, what some might refer to as one of the best designed in Nigeria.

19. Tek Experts Nigeria

Tek Experts is one leading tech company, global provider of business and IT support services. It is ranked as the 67th best company to work for in Nigeria.

20. Microsoft

With its African Development Centre recently launched in Lagos, Microsoft is ranked as the 28th best company to work for in Nigeria.

21. MainOne

The MainOne Company has a submarine cable that stretches from Portugal to South Africa, wiMicrosoft

With its African Development Centre recently launched in Lagos, Microsoft is ranked as the 28th best company to work for in landings in Lagos and Accra.

Founded in 2010, the firm is an indigenous communication service provider of wholesale Internet services to telecom operators, ISPs, government agencies, educational institutions, and large enterprises.

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22. Zinox

Zinox is a trailblazer in Nigeria’s IT industry, Stanley Ekeh set up Zinox Technologies Limited in 2001 determined to fill the gap of manufacturing computers locally.

To achieve this, Zinox Computers was launched. Nigeria’s First Internationally Certified Branded Computers came with a Naira sign and a power supply designed to the country’s unstable power.

23. Omatek

Omatek Computers Limited is the first factory to locally assemble Computer cases, Speakers, Keyboards and Mouse, other than Computer systems and Notebooks in the whole of Africa.

The assembling of these components in this factory has created a great advantage to other systems builders as well as resellers all over Africa for retailing.

24. Huawei

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Huawei has focused on expanding its mobile technology and networking solutions through a number of partnerships.

In March 2003, Huawei and 3Com Corporation formed a joint venture company, 3Com-Huawei (H3C), which focuses on the R&D, production and sales of data networking products.

25. iPNX

iPNX is an Information, Communications Technology (ICT) company specializing in network connectivity and delivery of internet, telephony, television as well as cloud-based software application services to corporate and residential customers.

26. Cloudware Technologies

Cloudware Technologies design, develop, implement Cloud-based Solutions and designs website, Applications, and software.

Cloudware Technologies also designs; Android, Blackberry, IOS, Java, Symbian & SMS, Mobile Applications.

CloudSMS a subsidiary of Cloudware Technologies is Nigeria’s most reliable bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria. Dubbed the No. 1 in customer service, CloudSMS can bring SMS Alert sending capability of your software/app to life via its robust API.

27. Sidmach

Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited is a wholly indigenous Information Technology (IT) company working assiduously to transform lives by creating platforms that makes people work smarter thus, making life better for the populace.

Its services range from biometric-enabled solutions, end-to-end examination processing, e-Agriculture, Pension Management System (e-Pension) and Cloud-based IT solutions amongst others.

28. eTranzact

eTranzact is one of the tech companies that got CBN Approval to offer mobile money services in Nigeria. Mr. Valetine Obi is the Chief Executive Officer of eTranzact. As a merchant, you can integrate your web portal to the eTranzact platform for your customers’ online payments.

29. Chams Plc

Chams is a leading provider of integrated identity management systems and verification platforms in Nigeria since 1992 to date.

Chams Plc is the first home-grown company to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records for setting up the mega ChamsCity Digital Mall. Chams Plc is also the first computer technology company listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

30. Galaxy backbone

Galaxy Backbone PLC is an Information and Communications Technology Services provider, wholly owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Galaxy Backbone PLC was established in 2006 by the Federal Government based on the need for the Government to pursue a coordinated and harmonized approach to information and communications technology acquisition, operation and use in the public sector.

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Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) are essential components of our world today and will never cease to be so (and never will be). Technological advancements enable a country to grow economically and digitally. Technology aids human life in many ways.

It would not be possible for Nigeria to achieve the international recognition that it has today if these tech companies did not exist.

Even so, Nigeria is filled with a lot of businesses, and the above mentioned tech companies are just fortunate to make the cut.


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