Top 20 Free Software Download Sites In 2023

This is a comprehensive list of the top free software download sites that you can use to download free soft or paid software for free.


The internet is an amazing resource. It is jam-packed with a tonne of open-source and free software created by programmers around the world.

However, it can occasionally be quite challenging to locate the download links for this free programme.

Finding a reliable and secure website to obtain these free programmes from can be difficult.


The majority of websites on the internet that provide free software downloads are rife with malware that poses as advertisements.

We require a variety of computer software and programmes to make the most of our operating system and machine. These computer programmes help us maximise the use of a computer or laptop by enhancing the system’s usability.

There are numerous websites that let you download software for free and install it without any restrictions on your computer. But we will be discussing the safe and secure website to download software for free.


All you have to do to use these best free software download sites is to search for your favorite software you want to download and click the download button to start downloading, at no cost to you.

Popular software can be downloaded on this sites to download software. But carefully scrutinise the software they offer to make sure the software you download won’t damage your computer.

There are many software download websites to download free software but don’t worry, though in this article, we’ll provide a thorough overview of the Top 20 Free Software Download Sites in 2022.

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Top 20 Free Software Download Sites In 2022


One of the most well-known websites for downloading free software is CNET. When CNET first debuted in 1996, its domain name was; it is now

One of the most dependable and potent websites for downloading software is, which offers more than 100,000 software options.

You may access various types of software, including games, movies, camera software, and more, on one comprehensive website.

This website is shareware-free, which means it has no viruses that could harm your computer or laptop.

Since is a trustworthy website and one of the top seven websites for downloading software, we advise using it.

It also includes a section of the privacy policy that will walk you through the specifics of its privacy protections.

2. FileHippo

A one-stop shop for downloading free software is FileHippo. All open-source software, including shareware and even freeware, is housed there.

The user interface of the website is slick and tidy. On the site, various categories are available. You can look through these categories to locate the ideal programme for your requirements.

More than 20,000 pieces of free software are currently offered on the website and can be downloaded with just one click.

Currently, FileHippo provides free applications for the Windows and Mac operating systems. A list of all the previous and out-of-date versions of the software is provided to you when you choose the free programme you wish to download. If you ever need an old version of a piece of software, FileHippo is the place to look.

3. Softonic

Since it was established in 1997, one of the earliest websites for downloading free software is Softonic. One of the most well-known websites for obtaining free software is Softonic. You can effortlessly navigate through the various categories and software because of its clear and responsive look. The website offers a huge selection of categories. With just one click, you can browse through hundreds of pieces of software.

You can also choose to download free software from a mirror using the website. The download page includes a list of the mirror sites. When the original download link is inoperable for some reason, mirror links come in handy.

Nowadays, Softonic maintains a well-read blog that provides the most recent technological advancements.

4. Freeware files

One of the best locations to find free software is in freeware files. It is a repository for free software, as the name suggests. A chunk of it is devoted to open-source software.

People can easily download more than 16,000 freeware files from the internet as a source for free software and applications. On the website, programmes are categorised into a wide range of groups. This category makes it simple for users to browse the website and locate particular files.

5. Sourceforge

Over 450,000 open-source projects are hosted on the open-source software portal Sourceforge. It has a simple layout and a captivating motif. The editors provide thorough evaluations and rankings for every piece of software.
Here, a variety of free software can be found. To create and distribute open source software, most people use SourceForge. Others use it to download and evaluate open source software, though. If you’re a developer, you can utilise SourceForge to view the software’s actual source code.

Multiple checks are performed to ensure the quality of software before it is featured on the website. The website makes sure that every programme is free of viruses and spyware and is safe to download.

6. MajorGeeks

You can find a tonne of software and other technical knowledge on this website, along with first-rate customer support. The software and files on these websites have all been updated. The operators of this website swiftly reply to any queries or grievances and deal with them, which is a plus. Before adding a piece of software to their collection, they test it.

This article covers almost every feature of the software. Each piece of software that they employ to assist their clients is likewise included. Major geeks are the best resource for software downloads.

7. Softpedia

Another well-known website that lets you download free software online is Softpedia. A thorough review of the software is available along with the download link. Since its debut in 2001, Softpedia has hosted approximately 850,000 files in its database. Many of these programmes are regularly updated to provide you the most recent, malware-free version.

Free software for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and web browsers can be found on Softpedia. There are also easily downloadable PC and mobile games on it. In the event that the initial download does not function, there is also an external mirror available for downloading these programmes. The website is generally quite secure.

8. ZDNet Downloads

You may find a lot of apps, links, downloads, and other resources on this page. Because it has so many uses, you can download enormous games and unusual movies as well. Moreover, its “tech news” section is well-known. In order to keep you up to date on the digitalized world, this website provides you with the most recent technology news.

ZDNet Downloads gives each software it offers a rating and a description following a thorough evaluation. They are progressing and have updated their website. They have a big collection of malware-free applications.

9. FilePuma

A fantastic resource for downloading free software is FilePuma. The website features a simple, modern design. Additionally, it features a wide range of categories that are unique to this website. The website is quite simple to navigate and explore thanks to the layout and categorization.

The software that is offered on the website has a brief summary that lists the key features and functions. You can use an application called Updater to keep the software on your machine up to date as well. The updater tool is fairly compact and runs without a hitch on the Windows operating system.

About the website, there is a news area where you can discover tutorials and the most recent information on technology.

10. Ninite

A well-known website for downloading free software called Ninite guards your security and safety. It is a reliable website that offers spam- and virus-free downloads. Ninite provides bulk software downloads so you can download several programmes at once and save time.

Additionally, it updates your programme with the same file and makes it simple for you to download your preferred games, movies, and other stuff. It is the most dependable because it forbids the installation of bloatware, which is something that most freeware download websites do.

11. Full Free Software

Freewarehome is a website that only offers freeware for download; shareware or cracked are not offered. It is a very straightforward and simple website that is easy to use and does not necessitate extensive programme downloads. It is one of the best websites for downloading free software since you can quickly and easily download your desired programme with only one click.

This website inspects each piece of software separately in order to make sure that it is authentic and virus-free. Its dependability and security are noteworthy, and you’ll get the top freeware programmes from it.

12. Download Crew

If reading those lengthy evaluations is becoming to be a chore, you might want to check out Download Crew, which has a concise and useful review that briefly explains what the software performs. The homepage of the website features a great number of categories. On the website, you may get free software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android. Additionally, the homepage has a section that lists featured downloads.

You must register for an account if you want to rate and review software. You can rate and review the programme you want once you’ve created an account. Don’t forget to look through the Most Popular Downloads area as well; you’ll discover a tonne of helpful programmes there.

13. FileHorse

FileHorse is a well-known website for downloading free software for the Windows operating system that has a simple and basic design. Although the website also sells Mac-compatible software, the selection of Windows-compatible products is larger.

All of the website’s categories are included on the home page. You can quickly scan the categories to find the programme you require. You can subscribe to the website’s mailing list to get email updates on the newest software releases, news, software discounts, promotions, and more.

14. Software Informer

For anyone looking to learn more about software, Software Informer is a useful resource. This website will teach you all you need to know if you’re new to the software and don’t know where to begin. This website offers a lot of possibilities for software downloads, however they are few in comparison to those offered by other websites.

Additionally, it has a mechanism for automated updates that will update your software if it goes out of date. It is almost entirely free of junkware and other damaged or unnecessary files, and it has all the necessary software.

15. Download Crew

This website is well known for carefully selecting each piece of software that is promoted and preventing junkware from entering your computer. This website may be relied upon as a result of the more than 93 percent good reviews it has received. It is a trustworthy website that provides you with the most latest software and upgrades without lying or running deceptive advertisements.

You may read user reviews to find out more about the dependability of the software, and the Download team also reviews and describes each product they promote. It offers a variety of news, reviews, and applications.

16. Brothersoft

One of the most popular websites on the Internet is It has a significant amount of popularity because to the wide range of software it provides. Widgets, utilities, drivers, browsers, mobile apps, and video games are all available for free download. In the event that the primary download link is down, it also provides mirror download URLs.

On the website, one may look out free software for many different operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Additionally, it offers a website where you can download apps from its own app store.

Although Brothersoft is a fantastic website for getting free software, you must download and use the Brothersoft Downloader for downloading large-sized software.

17. BytesIn

This website offers you the best chances for software downloads and is a top-rated new generation site. A wide range of download categories are available through this very secure and trustworthy service. Additionally, it has a user-friendly and well-organized website that offers news on the tech industry. You may get the best and most recent software by using FileCluster.

This website can help you with a range of jobs if you’re new to the industry because it also offers a lot of tech-related expertise. One of the easiest ways to get free shareware software is through this method.

18. Shareware Junkies

Shareware junkies will help people who aren’t familiar with software and its features. It provides you with a one-paragraph programme review that describes the characteristics, prices, visuals, and user-friendly aspects of each piece of software. In order to keep its clients out of trouble, it also provides software reviews.

When it comes to downloading free and legitimate shareware and freeware software, you can rely on this comprehensive, highly secure website. This website’s organisation is quite good because it classifies the programme.

19. 5 Star Shareware

This website is on our list of the best websites because it makes the promise to only offer the best software in each category. Formerly showcasing only the greatest software, 5-star shareware is now more of a general software download website that offers access to virtually all freeware and shareware. Despite its absurd marketing approach, the business offers top-notch software download services.

This shareware website offers a remarkable experience due to its simplicity of use and quick downloads. It can be downloaded without any polishing or mistakes in a matter of minutes. Additionally, it is extremely safe because they promise to hand-pick and check each piece of software.

20. Cracks software guru

This website poses the least amount of risk to the software and data on your computer. All of the most well-known software cracks, patches, and keygens are included. This website is easy to use since all you have to do is type in the name of the programme you want to download, and then it will appear on the screen for you to download. You may do it in a few minutes with a single click.

To use crack software, you don’t even need to register, do surveys, or provide any personal information. Additionally, it provides updates and fresh software to keep you abreast of the most recent advancements in technology.

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These are the top 20 sites where you may download free software in 2022 and receive the most recent versions of programmes for your computer. You can get free complete versions of software and apps from these download websites.

We sincerely hope that the whole list of the Top 20 Free Software Download Sites for 2022 was helpful. Please share the software download websites you use in the comments section below if you want to receive free PC software or free full versions of PC software.


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