20 Best Websites To Download Cracked Software For Free

This article discusses the top 20 websites for downloading cracked software. Read the entire article and make notes if you wish to find out additional details.


There are many websites on the internet, but they all pretend to have users by using the terms HACK & MOD in their titles.

You can download cracked software for free from a variety of websites, but not all of them are safe. Such websites are not only illegal, but they are also susceptible to well-known viruses and malware.

You should definitely go to these websites if you want to locate paid/cracked games or apps that are available for free. And if you want to visit in order to obtain Cracked Apps for Android, just click the provided link.


We’ve chosen the top legal sources to obtain cracked software rather than directing you down a dark alley of pirated websites. It seems impossible, doesn’t it? There are, however, some of the best sources on the internet for downloading free complete versions of cracked software.

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What Is Cracked Software?

Software cracking is the process of changing software in order to get rid of or disable features that the person doing the cracking finds objectionable, like copy protection features (which include defences against software manipulation, serial numbers, hardware keys, date checks, and disc checks) or software security features.

20 Best Websites To Download Cracked Software For Free

1. Get Into PC


GetintoPC offers the software that people wish to have and ranks among the top 10 crack software websites. The key is to provide instant, direct download links so that users can take advantage of limitless downloads. This is the nicest website I have ever visited, and I sincerely hope you love it if you go there.

Websites To Download Cracked Software

They will upload any requests you make for software, games, or other operations as soon as they can.

2. SharewareOnSale

One of the top cracked software download sites, SharewareOnSale offers a variety of paid software for free each day. This website continues to be one of the top 10 websites to get cracked software due to a variety of factors.

The list is extensive, ranging from hosting Android and iOS full-version software for free or at a subsidised price to offering paid products for both Windows 10 and Mac for free.

3. Ninite

Ninite is really easy to use and has a straightforward layout. You can choose the programmes you want to download by checking the box next to them on the page, then clicking the download button. A single download will contain all the programmes you’ve chosen, allowing you to install them all at once.

For its safety and security, Ninite is among the top 10 websites where you may obtain cracked software. The website does not include any viruses or malware. Ninite is one of the greatest places to get cracked software because it has a large selection of apps and tonnes of Windows software, like Chrome, Zoon, VLC, LibreOffice, etc.

4. GiveAwayOfTheDay

One of the top websites for downloading free complete versions of cracked software, GiveAwayOfTheDay has been giving away paid software to its consumers for free for more than five years. Every day, it offers one or two pieces of software for free. However, there is just a 24-hour download window for the software. That software version is a licenced full version, not a trial.

In addition to this, the fact that this website includes reviews of both the software it sells and other applications is what prompted us to include it on our list of the best 10 cracked software download websites. One of the websites that provides its Android and iOS apps without charge is GiveAwayOfTheDay.

5. iGet into PC

The goal of the development of igetintopc was to offer the most recent freeware software to its users without difficulty. It is the best cracked software site, and it is not connected to any other website or business. They have their own servers and technical team to offer the best solution to the user free of charge.

The platoon at gathers various softwares from many sources and offers fascinating softwares with a suitable partner and a direct downloading link. The exceptional quality of igetintopc that makes us proud is that we always favour their interest in marijuana. They avoid including broken links on their website since they can lead consumers astray and install malicious toolbars on their computers.

6. TopWareSale

The Topware Trade heavily curates daily discount Deals on the website, but it also occasionally lists some comps.

You can obtain discounts on Mini decorating software in addition to free downloads of commercial applications. It contains a huge selection of software, ranging from office work to multimedia to design.
Still, if you’re serious about downloading costly software for free, you should occasionally visit the website for the free specials section.

7. SnapFiles

SnapFiles has a similar appearance to the other top free full version cracked software download sites on the list, but it also has a few unique features that make it deserving of a spot among the top 10. SnapFiles’ Freeware Pick, which highlights the programme you may be familiar with, is one of its distinctive characteristics.

You may also use the applications without installing them thanks to a special page on the website. Additionally, SnapFiles offers software reviews.

8. Microsoft Store

It is difficult to disregard Microsoft Store while compiling a list of the top websites to obtain cracked software. On the website, you may actually find several reliable programmes and apps that you can download without charge.

Other advantages are also present. Some applications update themselves. You might be astonished to learn that there are thousands of applications and programmes available that you might even be unaware of if you have a look at the list of whether or not your favourite apps are available on the Microsoft Store.

9. TechTipLib

One of the top websites for downloading cracked software and offering a free complete version of the programme is However, you need a social account in order to take advantage of the deal.

You can download over 6,700 pieces of software for free from the website, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, MS Office, Freeware, SEO, WordPress, Themes, eBooks, and much more. This is why it is included in our list of the top 10 websites to obtain cracked software.

10. Most I Want

Another programme in the top 20 cracked software download sites’ list is Most I Want. Users can download a variety of premium programmes, including games, security programmes, video and image software, and more, for nothing. The software is also available with a free licence on the website. For instance, the website’s last software with a one-year subscription is AVG internet security.

Although the interface and navigation are user-friendly, Google custom search for search terms makes it simple for customers to look for particular cracked software.

11. MalwareTips

MalwareTips is important to consider when discussing the top websites for downloading cracked software. It is a website that mostly focuses on giving away copies of Windows 10 for free. The website’s inclusion on the top 10 cracked software download sites is due to the variety of content it provides, including reviews, virus samples, tech news, and more.

Although the website has just recently begun offering free access to download the paid software, it is still regarded as one of the greatest places to obtain free complete versions of cracked software.


On the website, which is dedicated to game and software comps, you may download both free and commercial software. Also possible is a price reduction. Comps are accessible on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. In their forum, users can trade offers and freebies.

13. Giveaway Radar

Giveaway Radar is the best spot to go in 2022 if you’re looking for free PC software. Software can be downloaded from a variety of places, such as safe download sites and various suppliers, all in one place. However, they exclude gifts of VPNs and antivirus software.

14. FileHippo

You may easily get a direct link to a free software download on this website. Additionally, you can download the programme right away without wasting any time. The available download speed is also very quick.

15. Kickass Torrents

Another item on our list is a torrent library with peer-to-peer file sharing that is deactivated and outlawed practically everywhere in the world. The first two applications on our list, however, and this one, too, continue to offer their customers free access to premium software, games, and other digital material.

Only their proxy websites can now be used to access it, and most of the time a VPN must be enabled.

16. 1337x

1337x is a one-stop shop website that offers a wide variety of stuff, including games, movies, TV episodes, and cracked PC software. It is a sizable online library that contains torrents from all the most well-known websites. In a way, you may think of it as the supermarket for torrents, where you can explore for a specific item and have a variety of possibilities put in front of you.

This crack software website is extremely simple to use. All you need is a computer with enough processing power, a quick internet connection, a VPN-enabled browser for security, and—most importantly—a torrent downloader like uTorrent or BitTorrent.

17. Techno360

You can download software for both Windows and Android from this. The fact that you can download the software after receiving thorough information about it is one of the website’s most intriguing features. You benefit much from ease and convenience while selecting the software as a result.

18. The Pirate Bay

This website’s reputation in the world of piracy is a result of both its long existence and the value it provides to its consumers. Although the website, like all pirate sites, has been officially prohibited and closed by the authorities after its creators were found guilty in their court case, proxy websites still provide access to it.

Websites To Download Cracked Software

It was first made available in 2003, and for a while it ranked as the top website for PC crack software.

The TPB website is also quite easy to use and navigate, and it doesn’t overly complicate things for its users. Instead, the download procedure is almost exact to 1337x alone.

19. SadeemPC

It is a respectable website for people looking for a reliable place to get cracked software as well as numerous online tools, particularly WordPress plug-ins and the like.

Similar to the previous one, this one may not always feature your go-to, well-known programmes, but it does have some really helpful information.

20. Pro free crack

It is also a well-known website offering free software and utility downloads that have been cracked. Along with cracked games, it also includes a large selection of PC software & utilities.

On this website, you can discover practically all of the computer software you need. The experience isn’t at all unpleasant despite the UI’s shortcomings. It completes the task.

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So those are the websites we think are the finest for finding cracked software.

It has some quite straightforward advantages. From the many online sources, you can find a number of download alternatives for a specific piece of software. You won’t need to spend hours searching through individual websites for the files you want.

However, there is a reasonable and obvious warning attached to using a crack software site. So it’s difficult to state that there are many secure websites where you can get cracked software. It has a wide range of potential for harming you. As a result, avoid it as much as you can, and even when you must, be cautious to protect your online security.


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