How To Become A DSTV Agent In Nigeria 2023 – Complete Guide

Here is a simple and detailed guide on how to become a DSTV agent in Nigeria.


Digital satellite television (DSTV) is a direct broadcast satellite service situated in the sub-Saharan part of Africa and it is owned by a broadcast company called MultiChoice.

The MultiChoice company as an entertainment broadcast brand has gotten a huge fan base and customer loyalty all across Africa with DSTV as its satellite television service provider.

Its popularity is felt in Nigeria to a very great extent that almost every household enjoys the broadcast channels made available by this satellite television giant.


In Nigeria, MultiChoice has made a huge impact as well as in several other countries in regard to employment and entertainment satisfaction.

It has created jobs for thousands of individuals in its journey of expansion and as such, given these individuals means of making a living.

Such opportunities include the training of individuals to become DSTV agents and dealers.


Given the high number of the Nigerian population, the interest in entertainment is vast and cuts across every age, tribe, and religion which makes it easier for MultiChoice to leave its customers satisfied.

DSTV has grown so wide and has its services across Africa with its top-class television stations ranging from sports, movies, news, etc.

It has grown over the years with its expansion into various African countries and such expansion created employment opportunities for people across Africa.

One of such opportunity is that of a DSTV Agent/Dealer.

The duty of a DSTV agent or dealer is to handle all technical issues in regards to purchase, installation and repairs for DSTV users, especially in places where the company can not be accessed directly.

In other words, they are the representatives of DSTV in those places and they make their money from rendering the above-mentioned services. i.e selling DSTV equipment, installing them, or repairs of such equipment.

They also take care of subscription packages of customers to enable access to viewing the channels available on the network.

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If you want to become a DStv dealer, you must have a registered enterprise solely to deal with Multichoice products.

You should acquire training on products and services.

It would be far better if you had enough capital to acquire as many Multichoice decoders and materials as needed.

How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria

Becoming a DSTV agent is very lucrative and pays well. A lot of people wish to become a DSTV accredited dealer, but they don’t know how to become a DSTV agent in Nigeria.

In this guide, I will be explaining how to become a DSTV agent in Nigeria.

Please note that there is no difference between a DSTV agent, a DSTV dealer, and a DSTV distributor. They all mean the same thing.

Types of DSTV Agent

The DSTV agent is of two (2) types:

  • Multichoice DSTV sub-agent
  • DSTV agent

Who Is a Multichoice DSTV Sub-Agent?

A DSTV Sub-agent is one that buys DSTV equipment from a DSTV agent in small quantities and then sells to customers.

He is more like a retailer in the chain of distribution.

Becoming a DSTV sub-agent requires lesser capital to start when compared to the DSTV agent.

Besides selling DSTV equipment to customers, he also handles the installation of this equipment, correction of errors that pop up on the channels.

A DSTV sub-agent also takes care of subscription issues of customers involving the various DSTV packages and also assists customers who purchased DSTV equipment to activate DSTV bouquets during the initial installation.

Below are some of the functions or things a DSTV Sub-agents does:

1. DStv sub-agents buy and sell Multichoice decoders to customers.

2. Sub-agents sometimes offer installation services to customers in their homes.

3. Also, they render related technical services to customers.

Now, let’s find out who can become a DStv agent.

Who Is a DSTV Agent?

A DSTV agent is one that starts up with a larger capital which enables him to purchase DSTV equipment directly from the company in large quantities and sell to his sub-agents.

His establishment is larger than that of the DSTV sub-agent and has several sub-agents who work under him.

The DSTV agent trains sub-agents and has several technical experts who work under him.

So, he basically works on a higher and larger scale which ensures greater income when compared to a DSTV sub-agent.

Below are some of the functions or things DSTV Agents does:

  • As a DStv super dealer or an agent, you must own a franchise that solely delays in only Multichoice products.
  • It is the responsibility of a super dealer to offer training activities to individuals and sub-dealers who are willing to deliver services such as selling DStv decoder, installation, and other technical Multichoice training services.
  • Super dealers are responsible for the activation of new decoders for customers, even though you can reach the DStv customer care for help.

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Requirements To Becoming a DSTV Agent

If you wish to learn how to become a DStv agent in Nigeria, then carefully note the below requirement.

The requirements for becoming a DSTV agent/dealer include:

  • Training
  • Interpersonal relationship skill
  • Capital
  • Location


Every aspiring DSTV agent and dealer must undergo a certain training organized by the MultiChoice company to ensure their expertise and good knowledge of their duties.

Such training enables these individuals to represent the company better with the image of the company intact.

Interpersonal Relationship Skill

To become a DSTV dealer, it is essential that you have good interpersonal relationship skills.

This enables you to relate with customers better and encourages loyalty from the customers.

The dressing, neatness, and mode of communication in attending to customers and solving problems for customers go a long way to project the image and integrity of the company.


Starting up any form of business whether large scale or small scale requires a starting capital.

A DSTV trained agent is required to have a certain amount of capital to start up. The amount of capital he has will to a very large extent determine the size of his business.

You should know by now that you will need to buy DSTV decoders and equipment in large quantities. All these are to be done by you.

Also, to become a DSTV dealer, you will need a shop. Of course, all the DSTV equipment you will purchase won’t hang on the air.

You have to keep them at a shop or an office. This is where customers will also come and buy from you.

Hence, without capital, you can’t become a DSTV dealer.

After starting up with a certain level of capital, you can then decide to increase your input given the level of turnover you get from the previous investment.

The higher the capital invested into the business, the greater the ability to expand and operate on a larger scale.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Location for Your DSTV Shop

One very important factor to put into consideration as a DSTV agent is a good location for your DSTV office/shop.

Below are some of the things to consider when choosing a location for your DSTV shop.

1. Access to Electricity

The location of a business has a very huge implication on the success of the business because a business set up in a wrong location would run into a loss.

By the wrong location, I mean a place where the efficiency of such a business can be affected.

For example, if a DSTV agent decides to set up his business in a place where they have very low or no source of power supply, he would spend so much on alternative sources of power like fuelling his generator.

This would affect his income because he would spend more on fuel than he should, and that would make him easily run at loss.

2. Technologically Inclined

Another very good example is when a DSTV agent sets up his business in a place that has little or no interest in such technologies.

That would make it impossible for him to sell his DSTV equipment to make a profit.

Hence, he would get frustrated and be forced to either shut down or relocate to a new location.

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Wrapping Up On How to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria

MultiChoice through its digital satellite television(DSTV) network has made entertainment easy to assess from the comfort of our homes or offices at any given time with the aid of its vast and high-tech equipment and services.

This has increased its popularity and revenue due to the offices opened across Africa with the help of its trained agents and dealers.

That’s all on how to become a DSTV agent in Nigeria. I hope this article on how to become a DSTV agent/dealer in Nigeria helps?


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