20 Best Backpacks For College Students In 2023

It can be difficult to choose the ideal Backpacks for college students. The bag will be used by you for at least a year and possibly longer, depending on how well you get along with it. Of course, you want to look fashionable.


A big, thrilling, and undoubtedly terrifying milestone in everyone’s life is college. This path leads to difficult decisions and errors, as well as endless celebrations and sleepless nights. However, because it opens the door to your future job, it also carries a lot of responsibility.

All of these things happen suddenly. The least you can do is get ready for a few long, tiring days. Of course, this entails developing mental fortitude and courage, setting objectives, and assembling the greatest tools to make college life simpler.

Consider the one item of equipment you will soon be using every day for the foreseeable future. No, despite the fact that we all carry a smartphone, this is not one! Here, we’re referring to your bag.


You should seek out sturdy materials for Backpacks For College Students that are of good quality. This backpack will be with you the entire time, unlike in high school. They’re not overly expensive, but while you’re a student, money for another backpack surely won’t come easily, so choose carefully.

We’ve chosen the top 20 backpacks for college students for their great appearance, top-notch construction, and likely the most intriguing features for any student. Now that you know what you want your bag to emphasise, you may discover the perfect one for you by answering that question. Let’s begin.

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20 Best Backpacks For College Students In 2022

1. Day Owl Backpack


You’ll stay in style in 2022 if you keep things informal. You’ll be on-trend with this effortlessly chic Day Owl backpack because today’s fashion trends are all about comfort and ease.

Backpacks For College Students

It has a rather unremarkable look that makes it easy to blend in with the crowd on campus, but it also features several hidden pockets and recycled canvas. Even better, Day Owl will patch it for you no matter how many times you rip it because it comes with a lifetime of free repairs.

2. Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Laptop Backpack

Due to its utilitarian designs and appeal to youngsters and college students, Herschel has become a highly well-known brand. Even though it only has two pockets—a large and a little one—this backpack provides enough room for a laptop, a few books, and other everyday necessities.

Additionally, the front bag contains divisions to make it simpler for kids to maintain their organisation. The backpack promises a healthy back while also providing comfort and durability. According to the reviews, those who purchased this backpack appear to be happy with its small size, which does not feel bulky on the shoulders.

3. Incase Icon Backpack

This bag catches your eye with its fashionable appearance, but it has more to offer than just a stylish appearance. It features several sections within that will aid in better organising your belongings. It contains a tiny quick-access pocket right at the top where you may store necessities.

When looking for some change, your spectacles, or your ID, this feature helps you save time. The laptop compartment is included in the backpack as well, and 840D nylon, the material used to construct it, gives it greater resistance than other materials. The backside of the case was likewise ergonomically and fully supported by Incase.

4. Olarhike Laptop Backpack

This backpack, one of the best Backpacks For College Students is stylish and has space for a laptop up to 15.6 inches, supplies for school, and other necessities. Additional front and side pockets provide easy access to your frequently used items like your water bottle. This collegiate backpack has sternum belts and “S”-shaped adjustable straps for stability.

Olarhike made use of water-resistant fabrics to guarantee that your possessions stay dry even on the wettest days. This model has a USB Charging Port, same like the first one on our list. The pricing of this style is more affordable, typically falling under $20.

5. JanSport Right Pack College Backpack

Both those who appreciate bright colours and those who prefer a more traditional appearance will enjoy this backpack’s design. It contains a laptop pocket that may also be used for other things and a smaller front opening with compartments on either side. Customers adore JanSport backpacks for their durable lather bottoms as well.

Although this design won’t shred easily, we are aware that putting your backpack in various areas can cause it to deteriorate. This design is great for displaying your personality as well as having comfy straps and a large capacity. Wearing a particular hue might reveal a lot about you.

6. The North Face Borealis Backpack

For those who require a lot of space, this model is a lifesaver. With quick-access pockets and a separate area for your laptop, it boasts a 28-liter capacity. The backpack includes an elastic bungee system up front. The North Face also made the bag extremely comfy, and they even created a model that fits women’s bodies.

The Borealis Backpack is available in a variety of hues to suit every taste. If you prefer more fashionable and exquisite backpacks, this is not the one for you because all variations have bungee cords in the front, giving it the appearance of a nice hiking backpack.

7. Bradley Mountain Day Pack

The minimalists out there will love this backpack. This is just what the doctor prescribed if you enjoy simple designs with few pockets and zippers. It has a pouch with a zipper and a flip-top section. Its manufacturer pays close attention to detail and uses high-quality, long-lasting materials in all of its goods.

Heavy waxed canvas and top-grain oiled leather straps make up the exterior. The ideal backpack for students who value high quality and lovely designs is this one.

8. Timbuk2 Spire Laptop Backpack

This backpack ought to be one of your first choices of Backpacks For College Students if you attend school in a city that frequently rains. For this backpack, Tumbuk2 employed canvas and waterproof materials in an effort to make one for people who frequently experience rainy days. It contains a zip pocket that can hold your phone, wallet, or other small, important items in addition to a laptop compartment.

There are numerous pen and other storage compartments inside for school necessities. You may store your books, an extra jacket, and other necessities in the main section. It contains a safe pocket for valuables and a covert back zip access. The straps can be adjusted for greater comfort, and a sternum strap that can be used while travelling is included.

9. Lululemon City Adventurer Backpack

This backpack is the perfect option for you if you love sports, want to succeed in school, and want to have a fit physique. Even though it has space for your laptop, it also contains an expandable compartment for your workout clothes.

The cloth is available in a variety of colours and is water-repellent. This backpack’s simplistic style makes it appropriate for both the gym and class. The creators of this bag undoubtedly understood how time-consuming college is and created a design that will enable you to save time.

10. GoRuck GR1 Backpack

This bag is unique in some way. The Special Forces soldiers who tested it were ecstatic with this particular design. However, it is suitable for students as well as military.

It offers room for a laptop and books and is one of the safest backpacks you can get right now. It boasts an intriguing internal organisation system with numerous compartments for all your necessities, and because it’s so well crafted, you can even take it hiking.

11. Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

We adore this stunning design from Dagne Dover because it combines an athletic and contemporary aesthetic. This bag is suitable for carrying both school essentials and athletic clothing. This particular model comes in a variety of colours and sizes and includes numerous pockets for greater organisation. The straps were adjustable by the designers for comfort and greater back support.

The bag also contains the key leash, which is a distinguishing characteristic of Dagne Dover’s backpacks and handbags. The backpack is one of the most durable on the market thanks to the superior material it is made of, premium neoprene. It is also water-resistant and hand washable. For those times when you want to go out with your friends or simply don’t have a lot of things to take around, it also comes in a tiny version.

12. Everlane Modern Snap Backpack

This bag, which has yet another minimalist design from Everlane, readily meets all of a student’s demands. Your laptop, notepad, and other school necessities fit in the backpack. It is safer for your inner possessions because it has an outer side pocket for your water bottle. It can fit most of your daily necessities thanks to its respectable 19-liter capacity.

You will be able to keep it for a very long time thanks to its exterior’s water-resistant cotton twill. The design contains leather accents that look incredibly chic and will probably make you stand out from the crowd. You can use this backpack while travelling or even working out at the gym.

13. Herschel Heritage Backpack

This Herschel pack is the best option for you if you enjoy wearing a thin, unassuming backpack. The straightforward style, which is typically only two colours, is ideal for both business and informal attire. It includes two primary pockets, the front one being positioned for quick access to your most often used items. It is available in a variety of hues and designs.

There are also rainbow designs available for individuals who enjoy colourful attire. The large compartment of the backpack, which also has a headphone plug, is the ideal size for holding your laptop and books. People who reviewed this Herschel backpack praised how stylish and comfortable it is.

14. Vessel Skyline Backpack

This bag has the most elegant design we’ve ever seen. The Vessel Skyline backpack boasts a faux leather exterior and a water-resistant inside that will keep your valuables dry when it rains. Due to the model’s all-black construction and delicate detailing, it almost has a science-fiction appearance.

Your laptop, notebooks, and other school necessities will fit with ease through the spacious opening, and the front pocket will contain the items you use the most frequently, such your wallet, sunglasses, or chopsticks. If you don’t like black for a backpack, it also comes in dark blue.

15. Vera Bradley Signature Cotton Campus Backpack

Vera Bradley’s signature backpack comes in more than 35 fun patterns to suit all personalities, and it’s specially designed for college students. It has a laptop pouch and a hidden pocket placed in the back for valuable items such as your phone, money or your ID. It also has three pen holders. Additionally, it has no natural wool fibre, being perfect for animal lovers.

The material is 100% cotton, which makes it soft to the touch, and offers an adorable look. However, cotton is not waterproof and it can get heavy when it is soaked, allowing your belongings to get wet.

16. The Friendly Swede Waterproof Backpack

The unique elements on this backpack, despite its unusual design, give it a highly cool appeal for college students. However, its ability to keep your essentials dry is perhaps the major selling point, thanks to the waterproof material and roll-top main compartment. Both black and white versions of this bag are offered by The Friendly Swede.

The exterior pockets are suitable for storing your phone or other priceless items that you do not want to get wet because they are also water-resistant. The fact that it is light is another major benefit. The manufacturer of this bag avoided including any extraneous elements that would be cumbersome for you.

17. Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Chelsea Backpack

This backpack can be the best option for you if you want a feminine bag with room for all of your necessities. The bag will still hold your laptop and other school supplies even if it is smaller than most of our top recommendations. Because it contains internal compartments for pens, your phone, and tablet, it is appropriate for folks who value organisation.

It would be ideal if it were a convertible backpack, said Kenneth Cole. As a result, they developed a design that is roomy and ideal for different types of costumes while still fitting conveniently beneath your aeroplane seat.

18. Himawari School Backpack

This backpack’s design, which will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, is its most remarkable feature. It is ideal for many types of personalities because it comes in 17 different colours and designs.

In addition to having a USB charging connector for those who constantly need to charge their phone on the go, the material is water-resistant.

19. Most Dapper Monos Metro Backpack

This smaller bag from Monos is perfect for daily use if you don’t like to carry around a lot of unnecessary items. Your laptop, a few books, and some of your necessities will still fit within.

It has a lovely design and a selection of colours. You can never pack too much in this backpack, so your back will thank you for carrying less weight.

20. Fjallraven Recycled Kanken Backpack

This choice will make you the happiest if you care about the environment and want to help save the earth! Water bottles that have been recycled were used to create this pattern. It is coloured in a way that also protects the environment.

Backpacks For College Students

Even though it doesn’t have as many compartments as some of the other backpacks on this list, there is still enough room for all of your belongings.

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Being a student is challenging enough as it is. Avoid making things more difficult by picking the incorrect backpack. Beyond having enough room for your belongings and trendy appearance, a smart college bag should also be functional.

Additionally, it benefits your health because a poor-quality pack may cause spinal deformity and excruciating discomfort.

Pick out one of the top backpacks for college students while being polite to yourself. In a few years, you will unquestionably thank yourself (and us)!

That’s all about the 20 Best Backpacks For College Students In 2022.


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