20 Best Bounce Houses of 2023

Bouncy castles! Children adore them, foolish parents adore them, and rental corporations adore making large profits off of them.


It can really make sense to buy your own instead of renting if you have a child who loves to bounce, host sleepovers and play dates, or just have a lot of birthday parties to attend.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for an inflatable bounce house for a birthday party, backyard barbeque, garden party, or just a regular activity to keep your kids engaged and active.

We looked everywhere to identify the best solutions for every age group, type of home, and price range. The Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk is our top choice overall.


Six people may fit within the enormous bounce house, which is yet portable and simple to inflate and has a complete safety cage.

The top bounce houses of 2022 are listed here.

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Best Bounce Houses Of 2022

1. Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk


The size of this inflatable bounce house for six people is generous. While you may assume that this makes it difficult to move about and inflate, you’ll be relieved to learn that it weighs just 66 pounds and can be done so with the provided tube and blower in as little as two minutes.

We also appreciate that it has a carrying case and rolls up into a space-saving sleeping bag for storage.

With plenty of areas to spare, kids may jump, leap, skip, hop, and tumble around in the Big Ol Bouncer.

Additionally, this sturdy vinyl bounce house has a double-padded slide and a fully enclosed safety netting to keep kids safe as they play.

2. Intex Jump-O-Lene Castle Bouncer

Even though this budget-friendly bouncer can only accommodate two children, it is still well worth the cost. You can be sure that the Jump-O-Lene Castle Bouncer is built to withstand frequent use because it is made of pool-grade vinyl from Intex. We especially value the soft floor, high walls, and mesh side panels that keep children safe while they burn off excess energy.

The four turrets on the royal design are decorated in bright patterns to pique children’s imaginations, making it the ideal play to let off some steam and pretend.

3. Cloud 9 Inflatable Bounce House With Slide And Blower

This sweet unicorn song is Cloud 9’s take on the inflatable bouncy house. It is made to last under heavy use and is made of puncture-proof nylon with reinforced stitching on the seams. To protect the safety of children, the company additionally tested the material in a lab and made it fire-resistant. It has a cute design and a big slide for hours of entertainment.

Additionally, it includes a 450-watt blower, a grounded power connection, and an on/off switch for safe and simple inflation. It takes only a few minutes to build up, and it deflates just as quickly.

4. Costway Inflatable Bounce House Splash Pool With Water Climb Slide

Check out this bouncer-kiddie pool combo from Costway for some outside entertainment. You can expect hours of outdoor amusement thanks to the bouncy castle component, climbing wall, slide, splash pool, water gun, football gate, and ball-shooting area.

Additionally, it includes a carrying bag and air blower for simple inflation and storage. The attractiveness is also increased by the vivid hues and castle-like look.

5. Blast Zone Magic Castle Bounce House

Buy Blast Zone’s indoor-friendly bounce house if you have space for it in your living room, basement, or large playroom. The Magic Castle is tall enough to keep kids safe inside while still being able to pass ceilings that are the same height as most homes.

Additionally, it can be inflated and deflated with the provided blower in less than two minutes, and it can be coiled up into a little package for simple storage. It easily accommodates three little children, making it ideal for play dates between friends and siblings. Now, on chilly or wet days, you can continue the outside pleasure within.

6. Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

Children who are boisterous between the ages of 3 and 8 will love bouncing and tumbling around in this Little Tikes bounce house. It features a sizable jumping area, a large slide, and a mesh safety barrier for hours of outdoor fun.

This inflatable bouncer has double-stitched seams and is composed of sturdy vinyl. Kids may enjoy the play structure for years to come because it also includes a repair kit, a storage bag, and a high-pressure blower for rapid inflation and deflation.

7. Banzai Slide N Score Inflatable Bounce House

The Banzai Slide ‘N Score is a game that is enjoyable for (nearly) everyone and is intended for kids up to the age of 12. It features a sizable bounce area that can hold up to six children, as well as an extra-large slide, a self-sticking dartboard, and a woven soccer net for the inflatable ball that is provided. The inflatable bounce house’s built-in pump and quick inflation time may be its best feature.

A built-in net, an inflatable ball, and a self-sticking dartboard will let you have even more fun. Kids can bounce and slide in their new bounce house, compete with their friends, or simply improve their aim.

8. DHGate Customed White Wedding Commercial Inflatable Bouncy Jumping Castle

Consider bringing this inflatable bounce house from DHGate to a workplace event, wedding, graduation party, or other outdoor celebration to increase the enjoyment. It comes in several sizes and can fit four to eight individuals.

This huge jumper is made of high-grade PVC-coated oxford fabric and is made to withstand hot, cold, and even wet conditions. It’s unquestionably more expensive than the other bouncers on this list, but it comes with a two-year warranty.

9. PicassoTiles KC102 Jump Slide & Dunk Bouncing House

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for the greatest party bounce house with everything: slide, built-in basketball hoop, spacious play area, various entrances, and built-in slide pockets. This outdoor bounce house gives your backyard a fun touch and takes less than two minutes to inflate.

Four different sports balls are included with the inflatable bouncer, along with a Velcro-tape shade cover. The bouncer also has a large back entrance and a retractable design. It’s a fantastic bounce house for kids and is ideal for children between the ages of three and eight. It can support up to 250 lbs.

10. Action Air Bounce House

By acquiring one of the greatest bounce houses now on the market, you can start making wonderful memories. This bounce house can be inflated in only a few minutes to start the fun and has a sizable jumping area. A carrying bag, bouncer, heavy-duty air blower, repair patches, and a manual are included with the inflatable bounce house.

It has a maximum occupancy of three children and a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs. It is made with durable materials and is expertly sewn. This movable setup is a fantastic outdoor bounce house for youngsters and complies with child safety regulations.

11. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Inflatable Bouncer

Most parents are already familiar with the Little Tikes brand. And if you’re looking for the greatest bounce house for kids, this 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Bouncer is the ideal option. The bouncer has a climbing wall that leads to a sizable slide that travels through a crawl space.

The splash pool allows kids to land in a variety of exciting and fun ways. The inflatable bounce house has a mesh entrance and a central area for jumping. The outdoor bounce house can be utilized dry or wet and has a maximum total weight limit of 350 lbs (around 4 kids).

12. Little Castle Bounce House With Step

What child doesn’t adore the thought of having a basketball hoop within their bouncy house? This Little Castle inflatable bounce house has a built-in ball hoop and a small step leading up to the entrance. This bounce house is the ideal option for small families because it can hold a maximum of two children who weigh 75 lbs each.

The bounce house is simple to use because it takes only a minute to inflate and only around two minutes to deflate and pack up. Ground anchors, a 350W UL Low Noise Continue-flow Blower, color-matching patch materials, and a carrying bag are all included in the kit.

13. Sportspower My First Jump N’ Play Inflatable Bounce House

Make space in your backyard for some outdoor recreation with one of the greatest bounce houses now on the market. The bounce house’s slide can be used to enter or exit it, and it is enclosed by netting. Additionally, it has outside mesh storage compartments for shoes and other items.

The bounce house is made of sturdy polyester and has a PVC coating, making it sturdy enough for three children between the ages of 3 and 8 to play together. The bounce house is in compliance with ASTM safety regulations and is appropriate for medium to large backyards.

14. Island Hopper Curved Double Slide Inflatable Bounce House

Who wouldn’t like some bouncing and sliding entertainment? This inflatable bounce house serves as both a gym and an amusement park at once. It has a big bounce area, two slides, two entrances, and a climbing wall.

This vibrant bounce house, which can hold up to four children or 400 pounds, is ideal for keeping your kids entertained this summer. The bounce house is made of sturdy nylon material and features a distinctive safe return curved slide. A storage bag, blower, stakes, and repair kit are all included in the box (no glue).

15. BESTPARTY Dinosaur Inflatable Water-Slide Bounce House

The Dinosaur Inflatable Water-Slide from BESTPARTY is the next bouncy house on our list of the finest bounce houses. It has a climbing wall, splash pool, water cannon, and two curved water slides as its standout attractions. Kids will like the water slide and the fast inflation and deflation that the bounce house offers.

For access to water fun without visiting an amusement park, this outdoor bounce house for kids may be set up at a park, lawn, or yard. It can hold three children between the ages of three and 10 and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. A blower, ground stake kit, repair kit, instructions, and carry bag are also included with the product.

16. Action Air Bounce House

Polyester is used to create the Action Air Bounce House, ensuring its lifespan and toughness. Multiple children can enjoy it because it has dimensions of 144 x 108 x 73 inches and can hold 250 lbs. Your children are kept safe from falls because of the mesh safety netting that encloses it on three sides. In order to prevent our bounce house from over-inflating, it also has a minor air leak.

Additionally, it inflates in just 3 minutes, enabling speedy setup and takedown. In order to travel around easily, it also includes a boner, air blower, repair patches, lawn stakes, and a portable carrying bag.

17. Radio Flyer Bounce House

The Radio Flyer Bounce House is made of vinyl and is made for youngsters to bounce, slide, and play with ease. It inflates quickly, guaranteeing you a quick setup. Additionally, it features an 84 x 84-inch body that adds extra bounce and a straightforward entrance for children.

As an added convenience in case of damage, it also includes 8 anchors, 4 blower stakes, a carrying bag, a repair kit, and a heavy-duty blower. Its dimensions of 140 x 106 x 73 inches make it ideal for children of various ages and size ranges.

18. Bounceland Bounce House

The PVC-coated Terylene and laminated Oxford Terylene used to create the popstar-themed Bounceland Bounce House provide you with a durable product. You can access it safely and easily thanks to its hook and fastener and puncture-proof body. Additionally, it includes 6-feet of the air intake tube and 9-inch ground anchors for convenience.

It is designed for children and weighs 68 lbs. and measures 15 x 13 x 8.3 inches. Additionally, it includes a second sliding cover, giving you complete accident safety.

19. Bounceland Royal Palace with Slide

The Bounceland Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House is one of the largest and unquestionably the highest inflatables on this list, measuring 13 feet by 12 feet by 9 feet. The additional height was added to make room for a 10-foot-long slide that guests enter through the bounce house.

There is plenty of playroom because the bouncing area can accommodate up to five children (each weighing up to 500 pounds). The slide has a net over the top in case kids get the bright notion to use it as a diving platform, and the castle is completely covered in safety netting.

The slide also contains an additional layer of cloth connected to its surface that can be taken off and changed when it becomes worn.

20. Jumper Castle Commercial Bounce House

The Inflatable Jumper Castle Commercial Bounce House is a sizable 13′ x 13′ x 14′, fully-enclosed bounce castle if the Big Ol Bouncer isn’t big enough for you.

This choice could appear excessive unless you have a large family or enjoy hosting lots of events. On the other hand, it’s a great option for bringing enjoyment to church, school, or block gatherings, as well as other significant social occasions.

This product isn’t really commercial-grade, despite its name. While the rest of the castle is constructed of stronger, lighter materials, the base and slide are built of heavy-duty PVC.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Bounce Houses of 2022

Where can you put a bounce house?

Always locate a bounce house on a flat surface with space for anchoring. Additionally, the location you choose for it should be devoid of extra trash and dangerous objects. Before setting it up, you might want to consider laying down a tarp or other layer of protection.

For anchoring a bounce house, surfaces like generally level grass and concrete work well. You can place one in your garage, backyard, front lawn, or driveway. After inflating your bounce house, always be sure you anchor it because this is an essential safety precaution. As the bounce house inflates, it will move, so it is best to set the anchors down afterward to make sure they are securely fastened.

Are Bounce Houses Worth Buying?

We can quite easily see that inexpensive bounce homes are not worth the money. Cheap bouncers are prone to lack a variety of entertaining accessories as well as being unstable and weak in durability. You have a variety of options, including renting or purchasing a secondhand bounce house.

Are Bounce Houses Durable?

Depending on usage, cleanliness, and maintenance, a bounce house can typically be expected to survive between 6 and 10 years.

How Do I Choose A Bounce House?

Consider purchasing a bouncy house. Before putting money into one, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Quality: It’s crucial to determine whether the bounce house is constructed of sturdy, high-quality materials or inexpensive ones. Before buying a bounce house, check the amount of stitches it has.
  2. Budget: Jumping castle prices can range from $200 to over $1000. Make sure a product is well within your budget before deciding you must have it.
  3. Age and capacity: While some bounce houses can only accommodate three people at once, others may accommodate five or six people. Additionally, look for the suggested age range on a product to avoid purchasing anything that your child is either too young or too old to utilise.
  4. Size: Are you looking for a bouncy house for a carnival or a birthday party? Do you like one that can be used both inside and outside? Check the size of a thing before buying it to make sure it won’t be too large for your living space or lawn.

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The Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk is the best bounce house overall due to its large jumping area, six child capacity, built-in blower, and quick-inflating construction. The Intex Jump O Lene Castle Bouncer is a good choice if you’re on a budget.


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