14 Best Celebrity Dating Apps In 2023

Dating a celebrity is no longer a dream now; in fact, it has become a reality because of the Internet.


Nowadays celebrities are more accessible than ever, as many of them have joined celebrity dating sites.

This article will discuss the list of the 14 best celebrity dating Apps.

Yeah, exclusive Illuminati-esque inner circles are cool and stuff but have you ever thought about elite, high-class dating?


You know, a space where all the rich and famous people swipe right and left to find THE ONE. Cool stuff, isn’t it?

The elite dating apps, as the name suggests, are simply, for the elite: rich, famous, popular, beautiful, millionaires.

Here are 14 best celebrity dating apps that you can use if you check out celebrity that might be available for a date.


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14 Best Celebrity Dating Apps

1. Millionaire Match

As one of celebrity dating Apps for the rich and their admirers, MillionaireMatch was established in 2001.

Over nearly two decades, this millionaire dating platform has attracted an elite clientele of the wealthy and the beautiful.

Because Millionaire Match has strict rules and regulations to verify their users’ dating profiles, this rich men dating site is also known as “the King of all luxury dating sites” these days.

Also, this wealthy men dating site doesn’t encourage casual relationships, hook-ups or flings; therefore, only those who want to look for serious, long-term relationships with celebrities should join this website.

2. Elite Singles

Launched in 2008, Elite Singles has become one of reputable and trusted celebrity dating Apps that helps the elite of the society to find love online.

All dating profiles on this site are developed according to a very comprehensive psychological assessment. In this way, members only meet those who are compatible with them.

In other words, users don’t need to waste their time browsing hundreds of unsuitable profiles anymore.

As a result, Elite Singles is a high-quality website that has made dating a celebrity nice and easy.

3. Date Celebrity

Date Celebrity provide upscale dating services for celebrities as well as their admirers.

Their high-profile members include movie stars, top models, well-known athletes, multimillionaires, CEOS, famous entrepreneurs, very handsome men, extremely sexy women as well as their admirers.

Having been offering this high-end dating service for more than 16 years, Date Celebrity has become the most reliable celebrity dating website on the market.

Better still, placing a profile on this website is completely free. You can make your dream come true on this platform.

4. eHarmony

As a well-known dating apps which has many celebrity members, eHarmony is for straight users to join.

That is to say, if you are g#y or l#sbian, you should join their gay-friendly dating site which is run by the same company.

Although a regular user must spend at least one hour completing their dating profile on, its artificial intelligence is powerful enough to send the right people to you online because the initial questionnaire provides sufficient information about every member in this community. Consequently, finding a famous partner isn’t hard anymore.

5. Match

Developed in the late 90s, Match has the largest number of members amongst all dating apps in the world. According to their statistics, a lot of celebrities have used this website to find their soulmates on the Internet, because many celebrities find it difficult to find true love in real life – people around them like them because of their fame and status rather than who they really are.

Therefore, these elite users choose to find their partners on instead. Clearly, for those who want to date celebrities that are down-to-earth and practical, is indeed an ideal place to get started and look for famous dates.

6. Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is probably one of the most interesting Celebrity Dating Apps where you can date a celebrity. Rich men who join this site are sugar daddies who are ready to spoil sugar babies by giving them allowance regularly. Hence, people who are looking for sugar daddies can totally date celebrities via

Interestingly, a recent survey shows that at least 60% of their male members are relatively well-known, i.e. these wealthy guys are famous in their local area & some sugar daddies are actually Hollywood stars and A-list celebrities. Don’t forget that this website also has sugar mommas who are looking for male sugar babies as well. Thus, Seeking is considered to be one of the most important celebrity dating sites in the world.

7. Tinder

Though Tinder is the most mainstream, the most popular dating app in the world, it doesn’t mean it’s just for the general public. In fact, it’s also for celebrities to use. For example, internet celebrity Gala Darling met her ex-boyfriend on Tinder a few years ago, so a lot of her followers started to join Tinder because they want to date internet celebrities, too.

Furthermore, Tinder has introduced a new section Tinder Select which is for the elite to join. It is clear that if you join Tinder Select, you have a much bigger chance to meet celebrities in record time.

8. Raya

Raya is a celebrity dating app for the rich and the famous. Celebrities who have used Raya include movie stars such as Teri Hatcher (she is famous for her role Susan on Desperate Housewives). Because Raya has been featured in high-end magazines all over the world, it has attracted a large number of celebrities already. That’s why its subscription fee is so low (its database is big enough for this app to monetize its platform).

Having said that, you need to have an invitation before you can join Raya, i.e. someone you know is already using Raya. It is said that Raya’s admittance algorithm is a mystery, so you shouldn’t count on this app if you absolutely, positively want to meet a celebrity right now.

9. The Inner Circle

As one of relatively new celebrity dating Apps, TheInnerCircle values the quality of is members over the quantity. Every user has to be approved by TheInnerCircle before they can join this celebrity dating community. The benefit of this app is that you don’t have to wait for a match in order to send someone a message. Instead, you can directly send somebody a message if you like them.

Apart from that, users can attend their upscale parties for rich singles in big cities such as New York City, London, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid. As a consequence, this is an ideal celebrity dating product for anyone who wants to meet the rich and date the famous.

10. The League

The League is one of celebrity dating Apps for the rich, the famous and the ambitious. Obviously, a large number of celebrities belong to this category. This is a great community which organizes local events in 57 cities so that their members can meet local celebrities in person. Having said that, the problem is if a user doesn’t pay for a membership, they will have to be in the waitlist for a very long time.

Anyway, The League is a business; it’s not a charity & you are asking for someone to find a rich husband or a famous wife for you, so why should it be a free service?

11. Mensa Match

While the previous app looked at the ‘beauty’ of people who are let in, Mensa Match is for people “pompously obsessed with their own cleverness”. Individuals with an IQ of 130 or more get through the selection procedure. Talking about the 2.1% of the population of the globe.

12. Beautiful People

This app really lives up to its name. It only accepts applications of people who are “beautiful”, and that means the ideal-standard-of-beauty-with-hourglass-figure-abs-and-euro-centric-standard “beautiful”.

It made headlines when it rejected 3000 people for getting ‘too fat’, which was partly a publicity stunt to make it clear that the app works on sexual selection rule.

13. Millionaire Match

Yes yes, you guessed it: this app is not for Majority. Eligibilty: annual income above $200,000 and a bank balance of over $1 million. Richie Rich, this app is looking at you. And if you thought ” kaun hain woh log ?”, the community has over 4 million users and growing. The world is wealthy.

14. Luxy

This app is as luxurious as its name. At premium pricing packages ranging from $99/month to $333.99/month, this app asks you to even upload your latest tax return documents, passport, or driver’s license.

You may face rejection even before you sign up for the app, as your profile goes through a vetting process to assess your income, appearance and occupation. And you thought university admissions were difficult.

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Meeting a celebrity isn’t impossible and dating a celebrity can become your reality, as long as you decide to join one of the above-mentioned celebrity dating sites that have been tested by our luxury dating experts carefully.

Please note that you’d better join more than one celebrity dating app so as to maximize your chance of meeting a celebrity fast and make the relationship last. One of our readers joined all of these ten celebrity dating websites and met a celebrity boyfriend within one month.

That concludes the list of 14 Best Celebrity Dating Apps.


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