21 Fun Things You Can Do During Vacation In 2023

This guide contains a list of the 21 fun things you can do during vacation.


Vacation is a period to take some time off your work or school.

The time is taken off to rest and get refreshed for a new phase at work or school.

It is a time to enjoy, but it can be one of your most boring moments especially if you lack ideas on fun activities you can do during vacation.


In this post, you will learn some of the fun things you can do during vacation.

After reading this post, your next vacation will definitely be a different experience because of the ideas you will learn here.

What are Some Fun Things You Can Do During Vacation?

Do you want to map out a plan for your next vacation?


There are various fun things you can get yourself engaged in during vacation.

Although, there are some things that are more suitable for students, others for singles, and some others for couples and so on.

However, in this post, I shall be dealing with general fun activities that are not limited to any set of people.

I will be giving you things that are suitable for almost everybody. A few examples of which include:

Swimming, Visiting a historical place, Going to a park or national park, Walking Tours, Day Trips, and many more.

If you would love to get more insight on this, read on to unravel them.

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Fun Things You Can Do During Vacation

There are many fun activities you can do during vacation; some are very expensive, and some don’t cost much.

However, with the right vacation management tips, and with the following fun activities that are listed in this article, you will definitely have a fun-filled vacation and will keep your family or loved ones looking forward to another vacation together.

1. Visit A Museum

A museum is another unique location that will give you an exciting sense when you visit.

A museum is an institution (or a structure) that houses artifacts and a variety of other artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific materials.

Many public museums around the world are interested in making the previously stated artefacts available for public inspection.

Museums can be found in both large cities and little towns.

Despite the fact that really large museums are only located in major cities, rural areas do not have many large museums.

Museums provide a variety of options, including the following:

It allows for a more personal relationship with family and friends.

It aids in the engagement and education of visitors.

It can provide opportunities to make new friendships.

2. Do Yoga

While we’re on the subject of mental health, Yoga is beneficial to both the mind and the body. Plus, almost everyone may participate. It’s a soothing activity that improves strength, flexibility, and general fitness.

So, if your vacation has been canceled but you still want to relax, Yoga may be the perfect solution.

3. Go For Shopping

Shopping is another enjoyable activity to partake in during your holiday, particularly with your family.

Yes, one of the reasons I would advise you to go shopping while on vacation is that it is ideal for you if you are the sort that enjoys giving gifts to friends after a memorable trip such as a vacation.

You’d have plenty of time to look around other boutiques for one-of-a-kind presents to take home or give to coworkers.

Shopping also appears to be ideal in that it allows you to see all of the luxuries that you wouldn’t be able to see at home.

You might be able to go to one of the most well-known stores, boutiques, supermarkets, or shopping malls.

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 4. Try a cooking challenge

Why not take on a cooking challenge if you enjoy being creative in the kitchen? Pick some ingredients from your pantry or refrigerator and see what you can come up with. You can get ideas from recipes and even compete with your pals. If you live with your spouse or roommate, consider making a dish for each of you.

5. Play Mini Golf

Playing Golf during vacation is another activity you can integrate into your vacation plans.

The good part of this is that it doesn’t stop you from having other activities.

You may decide to play very early in the morning, after which other activities can still follow during the day.

Mornings at golf will help to super-charge your body, mind, and soul to regain enough strength.

6. Start a new adventure

Sure, going to a different country would be fantastic, but what about a different world? If you’ve never played a character game like Dungeons & Dragons, now is the moment.

You can play as a character of your choice and travel through several realms, completing quests and defeating enemies.

You may even play role-playing games like D&D remotely. All you have to do is master the fundamentals and have your friends construct their own characters. It’s entertaining, engrossing, and one of a kind on our fun things you can do during vacation.

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7. Visit An Aquarium

A visit to an aquarium is one of the interesting and entertaining activities you may do on your vacation to make your next vacation thrilling and fun-filled.

A tank of water of any size with at least one transparent side in which aquatic plants or animals are housed and shown is known as an aquarium.

Fishkeepers use aquariums to keep fish, crustaceans, amphibians, aquatic reptiles like turtles, and aquatic plants.

During your holiday, you can visit a variety of aquariums, both huge and tiny.

A trip to an aquarium will benefit you in a variety of ways, including:

  • The environment will encourage relaxation
  • It will encourage family bonding
  • It will give you exposure
  • It will spark your imagination
  • It will help you to appreciate nature

8. Recreate the Olympics

Why not hold a mini-tournament for the competitive among you to settle some scores? Although pole-vaulting and archery are not recommended, there are many hobbies that you can do at home.

Track events are always a favorite if you have the space. Basketball, shotput (beanbag), discus (Frisbee), long jump, and other sports are also available. Form teams, make your own mascots, and compete to see who can win the most medals. 

9. Do a holiday photoshoot

It would be a shame if your photo album had blank pages with all of the great things to do durig vacation. Instead, ou should try capturing as much of your staycation adventures as possible. Dress everyone up in their best summer attire, strike a pose, and be creative.

If you’re a budding photographer, it’s a great chance to practice your skills.

10. Go camping (in your garden)

Even if it’s just in your backyard, camping is always a good time. Even if your garden isn’t nearly as wild as the wilderness (depending on how it appears), you can still enjoy all the pleasures of a night under the sky.

Make sure you have everything you’ll need for your adventure, including lots of provision. You can even bust out the guitar and patio fire pit, just be sure not to disturb the neighbours.

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11. Go On A Day Trip

Another desirable and enjoyable vacation activity is taking a day excursion.

A day excursion is when you go to a tourist attraction from your house, hotel, or holiday camp.

The journey will normally start in the morning and end in the evening.

Because it is a day excursion, you will be visiting a spot that is not far from your current position. This will allow you to travel and return in the same day.

You have the option of driving yourself, taking public transportation, or even taking the train.

During your vacation, you can visit as many places as possible, devoting one day to each trip.

12. Have a night at the drive-in

Although a night at the movies might not quite be feasible at the moment, you can bring the silver screen to your home. If you have a TV that you can easily move or a projector, you can sit out, put on a favourite movie, and grab some popcorn.

13. Take an exercise challenge

If you’re looking for active things to do if your summer holiday has been cancelled, an exercise challenge could be just the thing. They’re ideal whether you’re aiming to set a personal best on a cycle or run, follow a structured workout program like P90x, or improve your overall fitness.

14. Segway Tour

Going on a Segway Tour is another enjoyable vacation activity. This is another form of vacation excursion that you might take.

A Segway Tour is similar to a walking tour, but it differs for a few reasons, and it also provides a unique experience.

A Segway tour is a tour on a Segway vehicle that takes you around a city. A Segway vehicle is a personal transportation gadget that was created specifically for this purpose.

A Segway tour is an exciting way to discover new locations. It will enable you to cover a wider area in less time.

In contrast to a walking tour, you will be provided with a Segway vehicle, a helmet, and headphones. The headphones will allow you to hear the tour’s instructions.

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15. Learn mindfulness and gratitude

If your summer vacation has been cancelled, you might be feeling a bit fed up. If you’re seeking a bit of a mental boost, then mindfulness and gratitude can be the ideal remedy. 

Mindfulness is the process of being aware of yourself and your surroundings. It can help you relieve stress, and has many positive benefits.

Gratitude is the practice of being thankful for the things in life you have. Try writing a few points down each day about the good things and people in your life. It can help you feel much better.

16. Walking Tours

Taking a walking tour is a pleasant activity to undertake while on vacation. A walking tour is simply defined as a guided walking tour of a new, historical, or cultural location.

A tour guide or escort will accompany you and your family on foot around a place during a walking tour.

You may have grown accustomed to traveling by car and trekking just the smallest distances possible. On the other hand, you can take a walking tour that can last an hour or more.

It could take an entire day or several days at other times.

A walking tour is a great method to gain a sense of a new place you’ve visited.

It might assist you in navigating when you are new to the area.

Also, it can help you to meet new travelers, make new friends, or even have new business contacts.

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17. Revamp your home

If you’ve got a refund for your planned vacation and want to divert the funds elsewhere, it could be time to redecorate. Whether you want to add some beautiful design changes, fix the niggling issues you’ve noticed during lockdown, or revamp your whole home, now is your chance.

18. You Can Go On Food Tour

Have you ever heard of a food tour?
It doesn’t really matter.
A walking tour may have you following a guide from one location to another to learn about the sights or the city, whereas a food tour takes you into stores and restaurants.

A food tour often consists of a smaller group of individuals that travel from one restaurant or eatery to the next.

You will still be escorted by a knowledgeable guide who is familiar with the area, restaurants, and cuisines.

In a food tour, you will have the room to:

  • Try and taste various foods
  • Learn about the foods
  • Learn about how they fit into the culture of the cities.
  • You may have a new favorite after a food tour.

19. Run a murder mystery

Although you might not be able to indulge in the drama, intrigue, and mystery that come with a holiday with friends, a murder mystery can be a good replacement. Everyone gets a character and backstory, and you must work to figure out who the killer is!

With a digital murder mystery, you can invite all your friends to take part. All you need is webcam and mic, and you can get as creative with it as you like.

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20. Visit A Zoo

The Zoo is another exciting spot to visit during your holiday. If you have young children, this is usually one of the finest options. That isn’t to imply that grownups can’t enjoy a trip to the zoo.

When you take your children to the zoo, they get enthralled, and you can see them beaming with delight in their eyes.

When you visit the zoo, you will have many wonderful and exciting learning opportunities. It is predetermined that you will have a good time, and your children will obtain valuable and fantastic knowledge.

A trip to the zoo will strengthen family bonding, inspire children’s interest, and help them learn new things and explore their environment . Also, it will help you to become more aware of your environment.

21. Write a summer song

The long sunny days are perfect for song inspiration. So whether summer lovin’ happens so fast or you have the summertime blues, why not put your feelings to music? It can be a fun and rewarding use of your time.

That is all on fun things you can do during vacation.

Hope this was helpful?


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