20 Best Game Streaming Apps To Stream Games On Android (2023)

Here’s a list of the best game Streaming Apps to stream games on Android smartphone devices.


Consoles are great, but playing the finest games on the best gaming phone is a whole different experience.

Have you spent a lot of time amassing a sizable game collection on your Steam Library? Or do you want to be able to play Halo on your phone because you’re an Xbox fanboy? You’ll be able to play games wherever you are and do a lot more with game streaming apps.

Unbeknownst to you, there are more cloud gaming services available thanks to the constant involvement of new businesses. As a result, you are no longer required to own the most advanced gaming PC in order to play the most recent AAA games.


It makes no difference how powerful your smartphone is. Your favourite console games will be easier to play with the game streaming software.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top game streaming apps. But you have to decide which of this game Streaming apps listed below is best for you.

If you’re reading this post on Humortainment, it will give you information on some of the top Android game streaming apps that you can use to live stream games to Facebook and YouTube.

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20 Best Game Streaming Apps To Stream Games On Android (2022)

1. Trovo


People who are ardent gamers will fit in just fine with the Trovo app. Here, you have the option of becoming a streamer and earning money without leaving your house.

The home screen of an app appears when you launch it. You can click on one of the four possible pages at the bottom of the page.

Discover, Trend, Following, and Groups are all used. Depending on the game you wish to see, you can switch and choose the category you require at the top of the “Discover” main screen.

Game Streaming Apps

You don’t need to register to watch videos, but you must do so to take any other action.

Along with creating groups with your pals, you may talk in them. You can select your preferred games now that you have registered.

2. Facebook Gaming

It’s likely that you were unaware that Facebook also has a gaming streaming service.

Although we wouldn’t call it the best app in its category, it makes perfect sense to include it on this list given the popularity of the social network and its brand.

While not the lightest app ever, it does take some time to download. On the other hand, it works just like any other reliable game streaming app.

You can either make a new account or log in with your Facebook account; the latter option is faster.

In essence, the app is like the world for gamers and is akin to Facebook. Additionally, you can add friends and view other people’s streaming.

3. Omlet Arcade

To broaden your gaming experience, try this potent platform. You’ll have access to unrestricted, excellent game streaming. Any platform’s stream can also be predicted. You will receive a unique RTMP link from the app.

Create your stream and let the audience watch you play. Omlet accepts donations and has in-game money. The amazing features of the app will be available for purchase. To stream with your buddies, form a squad. Even though you are separated by a great distance, you can still spend time together.

The app hosts competitions and other game contests. Your preferred players serve as the hosts. Observe professional athletes and evaluate their wins. You may build multiplayer in Minecraft with the software.

4. Moonlight Game Streaming

Are you trying to find ad-free gaming streaming software? This is it. No actual distraction exists. There are no Pro or Premium versions, and it is free. You can immediately access all the features if you download this app.

It functions over Wi-Fi or your smartphone’s Internet. Wi-Fi is recommended because the software wastes a lot of traffic. The best graphics are used. You are awaiting approval for 12-FPS and HD.

The app supports both the keyboard and mouse. If it is more convenient for you, connect them. The programme works with nearly all gamepads. Play with your pals by connecting up to four consoles. Concerning installation time, don’t worry.

5. Nimo TV

With the help of this well-known platform, you can play games and broadcast your victories to a global audience. The app has a tonne of awesome milestones and awards. Get them all to demonstrate your superiority as a gamer.

Modern interactive technology on Nimo TV makes it simple and quick to interact with viewers. Many events are hosted via the app. Nothing will weary you. Join a team with total strangers to meet new people.

Game-playing in front of an audience has always drawn attention. It’s exciting and fun. Playing your favourite games will help you earn popularity. Additionally, this software will enable you to showcase your identity to the globe.

6. Twitch

Being able to watch the game’s highlights is fantastic. Describe how you play in front of a large crowd to earn recognition and fame. You may stream without any issues using Twitch. You can also view other users’ streams.

Thousands of gaming competitions are hosted through the app. This is a fantastic chance to demonstrate your abilities. To live chat with many individuals, set up a cooperative. Games can be found by category. The software connects together users from many backgrounds, not just gamers.

Twitch will display suggestions for content based on your preferences. Play games together as a team with your pals. You’ll experience life-changing feelings and fortify friendships.

7. Zamer – Live Game Streaming

Zamer is a practical platform for game broadcasting. Play games live and improve your gaming abilities. More than 5,000 streamers from across the world are available on the app. Turn into one of them.

Modern, intelligent recommendation technology is built into the app. If you are not interested, you won’t see it. To generate the most accurate recommendations, the app examines the history of your areas.

Additionally, Zamer will display how many people have watched, liked, and commented on your streams. To use all features, you must register for the app.

8. Steam Link

Would you like to use your smartphone to play video games? This programme makes it feasible to do this. It is fairly easy to connect your smartphone to your computer. A neighbourhood network is required. Go to Stream after connecting your PC and smartphone to the same network.

Play your games on the Stream now. Your smartphone will display your complete Stream library. Additionally, you can arrange how you want. Every game has a high resolution and runs smoothly.

Game Streaming Apps

The sound of games will also be transmitted to you by the smartphone. Play the online multiplayer games you like. You can play anywhere you are if you teach your pals how to use this software. Different gaming consoles and gamepads are supported by the app.


You may stream anywhere, anytime with NEXPLAY. No additional hardware has to be purchased. Direct streaming is possible from a smartphone. Additionally, you can stream content simultaneously from many sites, including Facebook and YouTube.

The software has no time restrictions on streams. Despite the fact that you are streaming from a smartphone, the image resolution is the highest. Buy a premium pass if you wish the app’s features to be expanded.

Gain experience by watching others’ game streams. Search for streamers using their names or game genres. In order to never miss fresh streams, subscribe to them. To create your own stream channel, register.

10. Rooter

Rooter is a sizable network of streamers that celebrates many occasions and holidays. Never before has shooting streams been simpler. Use giveaways to improve your rating. India is where the app was created. It is offered in every tongue.

One of the quickest apps is this one. You’ll get news, updates, and much more right away. Find intriguing streamers by navigating the feed. Over 1,000 game specialists work for the app. Two winning teams are available each day. Sign up for leagues to get stronger. You’ll have access to all the streaming alternatives necessary to reach your potential thanks to Rooter.

The most recent technology were used to construct the app. To launch the game stream, click the blue button. The analysis of your feed will be available for live viewing.

11. Streamlabs

The last but certainly not least software is Streamlabs, one of the most well-liked ones in this area at the present, for Android users who want to stream video games.

You will also need to create an account, or select an existing one, on one of the media sites when you install the app. In addition, we’d like to point out that this software lets you sign in using your Twitch, YouTube, and even TikTok accounts in addition to your Facebook account.

The simplest part of using Streamlabs is broadcasting. You must decide whether you want to stream games or your face (in this case, the programme will work with the camera).

12. Mobizen

You can only stream your videos to Youtube with Mobizen, but it has some cool features and makes it simple to interact with your viewers via the chatbox. Mobizen is one of the simple-to-use streaming apps for streaming games or making any type of live broadcast directly from your Android device.

One of the best streaming apps for Android is Moziben, which allows face cam so that viewers can see your face while they watch your gameplays. It’s a very convenient app for streaming games online.

13. Parsec

Parsec is a relatively recent competitor on the list of the top game streaming apps. The service debuted in 2018 and has since undergone significant improvement to become one of the top choices. The ability to play co-op games without both players actually having to be in the same room, let alone the same house, is one of Parsec’s main advantages. This is accomplished via a proprietary networking technique that only increases delay by 7 milliseconds. In essence, it enables cloud-based multiplayer gaming with your pals.

Additionally, this service is being developed into a powerful Remote Desktop utility. You can start Parsec and move the party anyplace if you’re stranded at home but still want to watch a movie with your buddies.

14. Xbox Game Streaming

A considerably more ambitious effort has evolved from what was originally intended to be a beta programme. The standard method for accessing all of your Xbox games from wherever you are is Xbox Game Pass. Grab your preferred controller, mount your phone, then launch the Xbox Game Streaming software.

There are already more than 100 titles available, but both first-party and third-party titles are anticipated to be added. We wouldn’t be surprised to see games like Fallout or Doom made available sooner rather than later following Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

15. Google Stadia

Most likely, if you appreciate being a part of the Google community, you’ve already given Stadia a shot. When the service first debuted in 2019, there were just 22 games available. Since then, Stadia’s game selection has grown to over 100 titles and is now accessible on a large number of devices other than those in the Pixel family.

The Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra are required for game streaming to your TV. Although there have been some issues with the service over the past year or so, if you have a Stadia Pro subscription, you are given the freedom to regularly play pre-selected games for free that you may keep as long as you have the subscription.

16. NVIDIA GeForce Now

Given its enormous repertoire, NVIDIA GeForce Now is an obvious pick when it comes to the top game streaming applications. More than 500 games are listed as compatible with the service. You should be able to play the game through GeForce Now if you purchased it on Steam, UPlay, or another PC platform. Then you may use other PCs or even your phone to play it.

Even while using GeForce Now to stream your games is free, you can only do it for an hour at a time. This indicates that after the hourly limit has been reached, you will be “kicked” from the service and forced to wait again.

17. PS4 Remote Play

There are times when a new PlayStation 4 game is released, but the TV is already in use. You can play that game from your phone or tablet using PS4 Remote Play, so you won’t have to miss out. After setting up PS4 Remote Play, there are only a few steps left before the game begins!

There aren’t any additional expenses involved with using PS4 Remote Play because you previously paid for the PS4 and the games. Simply get a PS4 controller phone mount so you can place your phone on the cradle while watching TV. Following the conclusion of the film, you can continue playing on the big screen.

18. AMD Link

Although it lacks some features, AMD’s own cloud gaming service is ideal for users with compatible graphics cards. You may start streaming any of your games directly to your mobile device after setting up the AMD Link server on your desktop computer.

As a secondary display for your smartphone that displays your metrics during hard gaming sessions, AMD Link is also distinctive. Without ever leaving the game you are playing, you can quickly check your FPS, RAM and CPU usage, and other information.

19. Amazon Luna

The newest kid on the block is Amazon Luna, which the company says will debut later this year. More than 100 games are available on Luna, and a separate deal with Ubisoft will allow for the launch of even more. The fact that you won’t need an Amazon Fire TV Stick to play makes this much more great.

Games may be played at up to 4K resolution at 60 FPS on Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and, of course, Fire TV. Thanks to Amazon’s Cloud Servers, users of the new Luna Controller may switch between devices more easily than ever without having to link it with every device they want to use for gaming.

20. Streamkar

Another live streaming software programme is StreamKar. Gamers in the nation frequently utilise this application to do live broadcasting echoes.

Numerous functionalities in this application are also available to facilitate live streaming. Additionally, this software offers an affiliate network that can help users earn a lot of money.

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Friends, these are the top Game Streaming Apps to stream games on Android. Making live broadcasts of the games you play will undoubtedly be simpler if you use the aforementioned live streaming application.

These are the best streaming apps to use if you want Game Streaming Apps on your Android device. Some of these apps even let you make money by expanding your community; the more interactions you have, the more you can earn.


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