Best Kdrama Apps for Android to Watch Korean Dramas

Looking for where to watch your favorite Kdrama? This is a guide on the best Kdrama apps for Android to watch Korean dramas.


K-dramas has become extremely popular throughout Asia and are increasingly popular around the world.

Korean dramas have been a significant part of the general phenomenon called Hallyu.If you are interested in Korean dramas and television series, then we compiled a list of the best Kdrama apps for Android to watch Korean movies.

The popularity of K-drama has kept growing and the number of Korean show enthusiasts does not decrease year after year.


Many people would rather want to download Korean drama directly into their mobile phone than to stream them while others prefer to watch online.

Here is a researched list of several sites and apps where you can download K-drama of your choice.

Korean television dramas cover a wide range of genres; Romantic melodramas and young comedies; colorful fantasy with a twisted plot; complicated detective adventures; and criminal intrigues are among the films included.


So let dive into the best Kdrama apps to watch Korean dramas.

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Best Kdrama Apps for Android to Watch Korean Dramas

1. is a subscription based application. Both the website and the mobile app work tremendous well. And it’s quite afford to use this subscription based application.

The apps comes with different subscription plans that fit into different users needs. And this Kdrama apps to watch Korean drama is available for download on playstore.

This app could also be found for AppStore for iPhone users and you can visit there website on any browser. Enjoy your favorite Korean dramas.

2. Viki

Viki is one of the most popular Korean drama apps to watch your favorite Korean Drama. The application is also legal for watching K-dramas.

The Viki mobile app give you access to watch your favorite shows and movies. This application have extensive library of the top quality films and tv shows.

The content on this app is refreshed regularly. You can find various genres and categories of Korean drama in this app.

Moreso, the application also have a search function which allows you to find the content you are looking for.

Also, the app is compatible with any smartphone. It has a feature which allows you to view later any Korean drama by saving the title into the ‘view later’ category.

3. iQIYI

Another best app to watch K-drama that is also worth mentioning is the iQIYI Korean drama app. It is great Kdrama apps for Android.

This app allows you to view your past history so as to know what you’ve watched and where you should stop watching so as to continue from there.

This app also allow you to download the Korean movies of your choice directly into your android smartphone.

This application provides you with the high quality videos and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices.

4. Netflix

Netflix happens to be one of the best streaming service that allow you to stream any video content. Netflix produces Tv shows every seconds and to be quite honest this movie shows is fascinating.

On Netflix you can watch your preferred Korean drama and also choose the language of a movie or a show while watching it (including the original), add subtitles, and adjust the quality.

The app will recommend you a subscription plan after verifying your age and personality.

Even if you sign up for a single plan, Netflix will still be offering you a free month to watch unlimited movies.

But first you must first download the app and set up an account to gain access. Not just that alone, you can also split a shared plan among friends or family, as it costs nearly nothing.

There are exclusive Korean dramas and episodes or any kind of movies of your choice on Netflix.

And also take your time to browse the platform for the most interesting Korean films and series.

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4. Korean TV

Korean Tv is a fantastic app with huge library of high quality Korean shows. The application has various subtitles in different languages for great users experience.

This is a great platform to watch and download Korean episodes with different video quality options, so you can watch your favorite TV series, TV shows, and movies.

The app allows you to download videos for offline viewing when you are not connected to the internet and the app have a great recommendation system that recommend other series.

You can review the movies, TV series, and other shows that you watch on this app. This further helps the application in curating an engaging video selection for you.

Do you like to know the recent events such as a new movie release the app provide a “live” category which also includes live concerts and television show broadcasts.

The app is refreshed regularly and it is completely free to use. Nevertheless, the app contains ads but you can find exclusive footage and the latest news from Korean shows on the Korean TV app.

Furthermore, you can install the app on any device and watch your favorite K-drama for free. This is one of the best Kdrama apps for watching Korean dramas out there.

5. WeTV

WeTV is one of the best K-drama apps for watching Korean drama and series for free. This application comes with lot of useful function which makes it one of the best free K-drama app.

WeTV is popularly known as the best place to watch Korean dramas, series and movies of your choice.

This application also allow you to watch your favorite K-dramas with English subtitles and it’s available for all movies and episodes.

Another intriguing thing is that it is free to watch your preferred shows but to watch this movies for free, you have to view some ads on the app which might be annoying at times.

6. Viu is widely known app to for watching Korean dramas. You can download this app straight to your android smartphone.

To overcome the stream of looking for your favorite Korean movies and episodes subtitles, this app offer you English subtitles so that you can understand your preferred K-drama.

Another interesting part of Viu is that is cost you nothing to watch your favorite content on this platform.

Just that the free plan comes with ads but you can upgrade to a paid plan if you don’t want to see those annoying ads.

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KORTV app is an awesome app for those Korean drama fans. This app features thousands of high quality Korean movies.

All you need is to pick your any Korean drama of your choice and keep watching. The application allows you to create a profile for yourself.

This platform can be used anywhere in the world to watch Korean drama even if there is no internet connection.

While watching your video content you can turn off advertisment. This application also keep track of how many times you’ve watched something.

This feature help you in writing review for your help movies and episodes. It also save your choice and recommend new videos based on those choices.

8. KBS World TV

KBS is a Korean television channel who created the KBS World TV app. This app is available on Google Playstore for Android.

It is a free app that allows you to watch your favorite K-dramas and also the app has a popular music program called Music Bank.

This app simply allows you to watch high quality movies online for free.

9. OnDemand Korean

This is one of the best legal place to watch K-dramas. This app has extensive library of different genres, movies and films.

Nearly all the television shows and movies on this application is in English or Korea language.

One of the reasons why people love this app is that people like diverse selection of Korean films and series.

Once you register an account on this app you will be able to resume viewing of an episode from where you left it each time.

10. DramaFever

DramaFever is probably one of the best K-dramas Apps for Android to watch Korean Drama.

The application provides multiple options for downloading the Korean dramas and films.This application also provides HD quality streaming options.

The application also provides various other native Chinese, American, and Taiwan dramas as well.


Wrapping Up On The Best Kdrama Apps for Android to Watch Korean Dramas

Reviewed above are the best Kdrama apps for Android to watch Korean dramas or movies. This app listed allow you to watch your favorite Korean shows of your choice.

What is your best Korean movie that you’ve ever watched? Leave the answer in comment section below for others to watch.


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