20 Best Luxury Bicycles In 2023 (Best Buying Guide)

The following list of the best Luxury bicycles will disprove your notion that bicycles are inexpensive.


Forget about carbon fibre and even steel frames. Some of these two-wheeled luxury Bicycles are adorned with gold and jewels.

Although it might not ensure good performance, it does ensure that you won’t return from the store five minutes later and discover them where you left them.

There are some true jewels in there, despite the pointless extravagance of some of these ultra-flashy expensive bikes.


You’ve probably never heard of these ultra-expensive, high-performance vehicles, but you’d undoubtedly want to ride one.

Here is the perfect Luxury Bicycles wish list, from the city beauties to the mountain beasts, whatever your inclinations.

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20 Best Luxury Bicycles In 2022

1. House of Solid Gold 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike


Without further explanation, the House of Solid Gold 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike should be understood.

The pricey bicycle has an alligator skin saddle, a water bottle with gold plating, and an incredible emblem set made of 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires. It is only available in a limited edition of 13 units.

2. Damien Hirst Trek Madone

Lance Armstrong entered Paris on a different limited-edition Trek Madone, created by British artist Damien Hirst, during his 2009 Tour de France comeback.

The bike’s stunning appearance, which includes actual butterflies lacquered on the frame and wheel rims, caused the price to increase to $500,000 when it was sold at a charity auction.

3. Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept

The Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept is another custom-built bicycle for the same Lance Armstrong. It was made for a cancer awareness campaign in which Armstrong took part.

Yoshitomo Nara, a Japanese artist, painted the bike by hand with a Livestrong logo and a cartoon pattern of kids wearing boxing gloves and flying UFOs. The bike costs $200,000.

4. Kaws Trek Madone

At the Vuelta Leon y Castilla Race, Trek Bikes and graffiti artist Kaws worked together to produce this fantastic special edition Madone for none other than multiple Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong.

The bike’s frame and wheel rims boldly display Kaws’ recognisable “chomper” teeth motif.

5. Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

Moving up the scale of luxury, we have the 24 karat gold-plated Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike. The Brooks saddle is hardly noticeable in this picture because the bike is also covered with no less than 600 Swarovski crystals.

No matter where you leave it, the bike, despite having a classic road bike design, will undoubtedly sparkle from a great distance. Saying it is pricey is overrated with a cost of $114,400.

6. Trek Madone 7-Diamond

This is an unusual bike from Trek. Although it appears to be a typical road cycle, the item is actually the result of a unique partnership between Nike, Trek Bikes, artist Lenny Futura, and jeweller Alan Friedman.

The bike’s head insignia was studded with seven synthetic 1 carat diamonds and 100 white diamonds. It was released in 2005 following the Tour de France and auctioned for $75,000 at the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s annual gala in New York the same year.

7. Chrome Hearts X Cervélo

The Chrome Hearts x Cervelo is a gorgeous sight on two wheels and the result of a design partnership between design company Chrome Hearts and Cervelo, one of the most respected bicycle manufacturers in the world.

The bike is unlike anything you’ve ever ridden before and features Chrome Hearts designs, precious metals, rhinestones, and leather.

8. Tiffany & Co. Silver-Mounted Lady’s Bicycle

A jewellery brand like Tiffany & Co. shouldn’t be associated with bicycles. However, they did produce a few bicycles in the late 1890s. There were very few of them, and now they are quite expensive and rare.

A restored specimen with a Bonhams auction value of $57,000 was sold in 2008. Other than the Tiffany monogram, skirt guard, and ivory grips, there aren’t many features.

9. Montante Luxury Gold Collection

We now have a bicycle from the Montante Luxury Gold Collection, which is in the category of truly stunning and luxurious bicycles.

It’s a basic road bike that doesn’t offer any impressive technical features, but its gorgeous appearance with a saddle finished in python leather, a 24 carat gold leaf coating, and no less than 11,000 Swarovski crystals tells a quite different tale.

10. Litespeed Blade

The Litespeed Blade is one of the most amazing aero bikes on the market, with a titanium alloy and carbon fibre frame.

The Blade is the only bike that can equal its speed and ride quality. The $40,800 price tag is most likely justified given the futuristic style and use of only premium components.

11. Aston Martin One-77 Cycle

The Aston Martin One-77 Cycle is another futuristic two-wheeled invention. It has some of the most cutting-edge features that can be fitted on a bike, but it comes with a hefty price tag that is just under $40,000.

Obviously a carbon fibre frame, together with an electronic display and built-in LED lighting.

12. Beru Factor 001

What do you suppose would happen if Formula 1 engineers attempted to build a bicycle? The Beru Factor 001 is what occurs, then.

The Factor 001 is a road bike unlike any other, developed by the British Formula One technical company BERU F1 Systems. It’s a fantastic bike with a carbon fibre monocoque frame, carbon ceramic brakes, and an LCD touch-screen for biometrics and other data.

A few hundred pieces of the Factor 001 will be produced in a limited edition, and it will cost about $36,000.

13. Phanuel Krencker’s Bicyclettes de Luxe

Danish design engineer Phanuel Krencker demonstrated that a bike doesn’t need to be very advanced to be valuable.

A Bicyclettes de Luxe bike with chrome and carbon fibre was his demonstration, and it was displayed to the public in 2011 at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The bike is a stunning design that exudes luxury just by looking at it.

14. KGS “Tier 3” Custom Bike

Texas based bicycle manufacturer Kevin Saunders and his obsession for making the perfect bike has brought this “Tier 3” custom which rivals an automobile in terms of costs.

Besides the high end components, the bike features fine woodwork, making it one of a kind, something like the Lamborghini of the bicycle world.

15. Paul Smith + Mercian Cycles Tandem Bicycle

This amazing tandem bike was created through a partnership between Paul Smith and Mercian Cycles.

It’s handcrafted, has a Reynolds 853 steel frame that’s lightweight, and several high-quality parts. Even an electronic group set is available. By any measure, it is not the fastest, but it is incredibly beautiful.

Additionally, you can split the high fare in half with the person you’re riding with. After all, it is a tandem, right?

16. P-G Bikes BlackBraid

The P-G Bikes BlackBraid, which weighs just 11 pounds, is even lighter still. It is among the world’s lightest bikes based on that measurement.

The designers employed a manually put-together frame and carbon braiding technology to make it so light. Its single speed fixie design, which eliminates the need for the complicated and heavy drivetrains present on the majority of other bicycles, helps to reduce weight.

17. SAGE Skyline Project Bike

This handcrafted bike has some tricks up its sleeve to impress everyone, and it costs a whopping $20k.

The SAGE Skyline Project Bike, which was created by SAGE Titanium Bicycles and debuted at the Sea Otter Classic in 2018, is just 13.2 pounds. Even if you don’t know much about bicycles, you should be aware of how light it is.

18. Sunrise Cycles Commuter

The Sunrise Cycles Commuter, which was unveiled back in 2014 at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, or NAHBS, is nothing in terms of performance. Simple bicycle made of stainless steel.

Art is what makes it unique. Strange enough, but this is a concept bike that creates art as it moves. The headtube, where the creative side is located, has a window.

It won’t be quick, but it will draw attention.

19. Scott Plasma RC Ultimate

The Scott Plasma RC Ultimate would have been Batman’s bike if he had one.

This triathlon bike has a few unique features. You won’t find storage compartments or a hydration system on other bikes, but it has both. For optimal aerodynamic capability, cables are integrated into the frame, and the components are of the highest calibre possible to guarantee the fastest bike.

20. Koga Spyker Aeroblade

The Koga Spyker Aeroblade is an intriguing fusion of vintage style with cutting-edge technology and eccentric wheel aesthetics. A commuter bike with a titanium frame, a leather saddle, disc brakes, and an internal rear hub is the end result.

It cost $15,000 and was produced in a small batch of 50 pieces.

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There are many methods to increase the price of something when technology can no longer offer anything, and bicycles aren’t exempt from the tendency.

There is a Luxury Bicycles for every type of dreamer, from the most luxurious and high-performance models available today to gold frames and components encrusted with diamonds, butterflies on the rims, and anything you can imagine.


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