20 Best Nerf Guns In 2023

The summer is still in full swing, so the question is: Have you considered the hobbies you’ll take up this year? If you haven’t, here’s a suggestion: Nerf weapons


Nerf guns offer hours of safe fun for those of you who are familiar with them. However, if you’ve never heard of Nerf guns, you might start to worry that they’re harmful and would like to learn more about them before going out and buying one.

Are you looking for the world’s coolest Nerf guns? We have your back. The best Nerf guns for 2022 are those with the greatest ratings, thus we felt it was only right to do so.

What Is A NERF Gun?

A Hasbro toy gun known as a Nerf Blaster shoots foam darts, discs, or balls. The item is frequently referred to as a “Nerf gun,” but this phrase is frequently applied to any foam dart blaster, regardless of whether it bears the Nerf brand.


Numerous variations of Nerf blasters are produced; the first Nerf blasters appeared in the late 1980s with the introduction of the Nerf Blast-a-Ball and Arrowstorm.

Nerf Guns History

Nineteen years after the Nerf Ball was invented, the first Nerf blaster was created in 1989. The carrying handle of the Blast-a-Ball was pumped forward to shoot balls.

Nerf packaged two of these blasters together since they were aware that people bought their products to play games or engage in sports.


As a result of the product’s success, Nerf produced a follow-up blaster the following year that could hold more balls than the Blast-a-Ball.

At that time, ball blasters became a mainstay of the Nerf arsenal; in later years, they would nearly entirely disappear.

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How To Choose The Best Nerf Gun

Let’s look at some recommendations and things to think about before buying a Nerf toy pistol.


Always choose an age-appropriate toy, especially when purchasing something for a child. This should go without saying. Younger kids may choose a Nerf gun that can contain plenty of foam bullets because it is easier for them to use.

Size And Weight

This fits neatly into the first group. They ought to be painless and comfortable enough for the individual who is supposed to utilise them to carry without assistance.


Think about the components of the purchase’s total cost. Even if the toy itself is reasonably priced, if you have to buy the targets, bullets, and batteries separately—each of which can be rather pricey—it adds up pretty quickly.


What kind of space are you working with, last but not least? This might not be a fantastic idea for you if you live in a small condo with no outdoor area because you won’t use it very much.

However, if your basement is big enough and you can play there year-round, you might want to invest in a more expensive, longer-lasting nerf gun.

20 Best Nerf Guns In 2022

The best Nerf guns are listed here to assist you in taking out even the toughest opponents on your imaginary battlefield:

1. Rival Nemesis

Reloading, which is the worst aspect of Nerf wars, is essentially eliminated by The Nemesis! With the Nemesis, all you need to do to get going is gather a few Rival Rounds and place them in the hopper.

Nerf Guns

The Nemesis is totally automated, flywheel-powered, and hopped-fed. The Nemesis has two sling mounts located above the barrel, adding to its tacticool appeal and making it ideal for both left- and right-handed shooters. Foldable front sights are located above the sling mount.

The tactical rail system and aperture into the hopper, which may contain 100 rounds, are located on the top of the Nemesis. Some individuals are unaware of the fact that the Rival’s motor won’t start unless the hopper door is closed.

2. Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

This is undoubtedly the most powerful blaster ever created. The Prometheus is a flywheel-operated blaster with a 200-round magazine that fires precisely in full auto.

The Nemesis’s ergonomics, which are made to be held on your shoulder, are the only reason this blaster is ranked below it in my ranking system. This blaster is made to be slung more casually and fired from the hip. The heavy gunner’s fantasy is this thing!

It can shoot at a faster rate and holds twice as much ammunition as the Nemesis. For the individual using it, it is a tonne of fun, but for their opponents, it is a complete nightmare.

3. Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike

Since the Tri-Strike is manually driven, no batteries are needed for any of the parts. The bolt-action blaster needs to be cocked between firing. It does have the slam-fire feature, which lets you hold down the trigger and operate the bolt to shoot rapidly, like many single-shot Nerf guns do.

Whether you are right- or left-handed, operating the bolt on the rifle is simple thanks to the charging handles on both sides.

You only need to draw the rear stock back and pump it forward to fire the missile launcher. It’s not too challenging to use, and children shouldn’t have any issues.

4. Modulus Stryfe (Best to Mod)

The Stryfe is among the most well-known Nerf blasters ever, and as a result, a tonne of aftermarket accessories are readily available. If you’re looking for the best Nerf gun to modify, this is a fantastic choice. You’ll note that the majority of hosts on the popular Nerf YouTube channels claim that this is the best Nerf gun ever made.

I advise getting extra darts and a clip that can contain more rounds. 18 round clips are available on Amazon for about $6.

This is one of the Nerf arsenal’s most adaptable weapons and one of the easiest to modify.

5. Modulus Longstrike Sniper

The two best Nerf sniper rifles available right now are the Modulus Longstrike and Centurion (the Centurion is the next firearm on this list). I really enjoy some earlier models, but they’re no longer being produced.

The appearance and dart size of these two Nerf snipers are where the largest variances lie. Larger Nerf Mega darts are fired by the Centurion.

Remember that Nerf snipers shoot foam darts that are propelled by a spring, so you won’t actually be “sniping” anyone when you buy one. Despite this, these rifles are made to resemble sniper rifles and actually have a little more range than regular Nerf guns.

6. Nerf Centurion Sniper

This Centurion is a top pick for people looking for a Nerf sniper. It is the largest item on our list, at 40 inches (1 metre), and feels the most like a sniper rifle. One of the most potent Nerf guns available that doesn’t require batteries also has the longest barrel.

Nerf Mega Darts are propelled by a strong spring and bolt-action priming system up to the promised 100 feet. The darts truly generate a whizzing sound as they fly by you despite the fact that they are quite soft and move very quickly.

Despite the fact that I highly suggest this fantastic Nerf pistol, I want to discuss a few potential drawbacks.

7. N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

One of the coolest-looking Nerf guns of all time is the N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire machine gun. As the blaster fires, two barrels on it pump back and forth.

It includes two 25-dart drum magazines that look fantastic but occasionally jam. The primary criticism I hear about this blaster is that the drum mags jam. If you do decide to purchase this blaster and discover that the drum magazines are jamming, there are aftermarket magazines you can buy that jam less but don’t quite have the same great appearance.

The blaster works best when the tripod is attached and it is resting on a table or other sturdy object. It’s a bit heavy and bulky to move about with.

8. N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon

A force to be reckoned with, the Mastodon is a flywheel-powered, completely automatic Mega blaster. It’s very crazy that the drum can carry 24 of the larger Mega Darts. Using this blaster in Nerf battles is a lot of fun, especially since the darts demoralise opponents as they whistle through the air. Never once have I witnessed someone fire this thing for the first time without grinning.

The blaster is quite huge, as you can see, therefore Nerf includes a sling that can be added to the front and back of the blaster to make carrying it much simpler.

Two tactical rails for optics and other accessories are located on top of the blaster.

9. Doomlands The Judge Nerf Shotgun

The Doomlands of Nerf A spring-powered shotgun with a 30-round capacity, the Judge. Three darts are fired with each shot, giving you a total of 10 shots before you need to reload.

The shotgun is simple to put together and looks fantastic once finished. One of the scariest Nerf blasters I’ve ever seen.

There is a tactical rail for an attachment on top of the blaster. The blaster has sling mounts on the front and back as well.

This blaster’s priming handle is quite smooth, and it does create a noticeable cocking sound.

10. Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

The Zombie Strike Doominator a cool blaster that will leave your opponents wondering why you never out of ammo. When one of the four ammo cylinders runs out, all you have to do is pull the bottom trigger to rotate the cylinders, giving you six more bullets.

The RotoFury also has a design issue, which is the only true drawback I can identify with this blaster. There isn’t much room between the handle and the rotating cylinders when you pump to reload. The good news is that you can really turn the charging handle to the side and entirely eliminate that issue with this blaster.

This will undoubtedly be a hit if you’re looking for a gift suggestion for a young person.

11. Strongarm Nerf N-Strike Elite

One of the most well-liked Nerf weapons available is the N-Strike Elite Blaster, and with good reason. It is affordable, dependable, light, precise, powerful for its size, battery-free, and has a good range for the money.

It has the slam firing mode feature, which lets you hold down the trigger while operating the slide on top of the gun, enabling it to shoot more quickly than typical single shot pump guns. This feature is present on many single-shot Nerf guns.

It’s quite simple to load because the darts’ storage cylinder flips to the side. You can simply flip the barrel shut after a brief reload to resume the action.

12. N-strike Elite Disruptor

The N-Strike Elite Disruptor and the N-Strike Elite previously discussed are quite similar. This variant includes a few design upgrades and a better appearance. One of the greatest differences is that the rotating drum holding the elite darts is simpler to access, so you can reload it without having to press the side button and flip the drum out.

It’s a single fire blaster with slam-fire capability, just like the Strongarm. It includes a top priming handle that is simple to cock in between shots.

Overall, this blaster and the Strongarm discussed above are extremely similar. I advise buying whichever one you find to be more appealing visually. One of the greatest inexpensive Nerf guns available is this one.

13. Rival Artemis XVII-3000

I had to include the Artemis as another blaster from the Rival line in this list. It does not require batteries and fires the same ball rounds as the Nemesis above. It is a quite remarkable single-shot slam-fire blaster with a revolving barrel and four cylinder tubes that can each hold 30 rounds.

This blaster is strong and precise, and it can fire at speeds of up to 100 fps. It is therefore more advanced to use eye protection when engaging in combat with friends and relatives.

Overall, I must admit that I favour the battery-operated Nemesis over this one, but this is a lot less expensive alternative that delivers comparable performance.

14. Nerf Mega Series RotoFury Blaster

The RotoFury from the Nerf Mega series is a dependable blaster with good range. The Mega Whistler Darts are kept inside a rotating cylinder with 10 rounds on it.

The foregrip on the pump mechanism makes it simple to wield and fire the rifle fast. With the foregrip and slam-fire features, you can shoot this blaster very quickly and easily.

The fact that you can’t attach a stock to this pistol and the fact that when you pull the pump mechanism back, there isn’t much room between the cylinder that contains the darts and my hand means that, if you aren’t paying attention, you could pinch your hand in there.

15. Nerf N-Strike Mega

A super potent dual shot Nerf blaster that can fire one or two darts at once is called the N-strike mega. The darts actually move so quickly through the air that they whistle.

It is capable of slam fire, like the majority of single shot pump blasters. Slam-fire makes it possible to shoot exceedingly quickly and makes it a lot of fun when combined with its dual fire capabilities. The drawback is that it can only contain 10 darts, which makes the enjoyment fleeting. You should absolutely get a second secondary blaster if you plan to use this as your main firearm.

Remember that this is a very huge blaster that can be a little difficult for young children to handle.

16. Nerf Recon Battlescout

The Recon Battlescout is an unusual-looking, spring-powered pump-action blaster with a camera attachment. It has a N-Strike tactical attachment point for a barrel extension or other accessory because it is a part of the Modulus range. This blaster has a distinct appearance and feel because of the clip design. The clip is horizontally compatible with the Battlescout and carries 10 rounds.

The 720p camera that comes with the blaster can be attached to a tactical rail on top of the weapon to snap pictures and make videos. Since it lacks built-in memory, you must first insert an SD card (which is not provided) in order to operate the camera.

17. Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Similar to the Strongarm I previously reviewed, the zombie Strike FlipFurry functions similarly. The blaster’s top-rear priming handle is simple to use, and slam-fire allows you to hold down the trigger while firing rapidly.

The second trigger and ammo drum on this blaster are two distinctive features. Squeezing the bottom trigger will cause the bottom drum to switch to the top once the top drum has been emptied.

18. N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

The huge 15 round cylinder of the N-Strike Elite SurgeFire is 15 rounds. You may have noticed that this blaster resembles the RotoFury in design. The primary distinction is that this blaster fires Nerf Elite darts, which are smaller than the Mega Whistler Darts fired by the Rotofury.

The wider distance between the foregrip and the drum is a wonderful design enhancement. The RotoFury doesn’t have a lot of additional room, and if you’re not careful, your hand could get squeezed. You won’t need to worry about it with this model.

Along with a rail system for N-Strike attachments on the top of the blaster, it incorporates front and rear sling mounts.

19. Nerf Modulus Regulator

One of the best Nerf weapons available is without a doubt the Modulus Regulator. It is one of the few Nerf guns available with a fire selector switch that lets you choose between single fire, 3-round bursts, and full-auto. It is as tactical as they come.

Blaster, detachable stock, carry handle, two barrel attachments, two 12-round magazines, empty chamber indicator, and instructions are all included with the Modulus Regulator.

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The stock is solidly made and provides connection slots for the carry handle and an extra magazine.

20. Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

This blaster has been around for a very long time and is tested and reliable. The Hammershot includes a hammer cocking mechanism that I think looks and feels fantastic, unlike most Nerf guns that are pump-action. This is a really entertaining gun to dual wield because you can operate the hammer with one hand as well.

Nerf Guns

It has a respectable range for a little spring-powered blaster. This is a gun that every serious Nerf collector needs to have in their arsenal.


With our top suggestions in hand, go back in time and begin collecting and having fun with your most beloved Nerf toys. Your inner child may not have changed despite your adulthood.


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