20 Best Websites For Downloading Anime for Free 2023

Are a die-hard anime lover? Here are the best sites for download anime for free.


Anime is a global subgenre of television programming, also referred to as Japanese-style animation. The anime industry is one of the prominent genres receiving a lot of attention, with billions of viewers worldwide.

With the expansion of online streaming services, its popularity has soared. People are becoming aware of the incredible fusion of music, storytelling, animation, and art.

However, the reason we’re here is because just a select fraction of these Websites For Downloading Anime allow their users to simply download anime and watch cartoons online in HD. Despite this, only a few number of free and paid services are reliable enough to let people watch their preferred anime.


There are many websites for downloading anime from the internet, but it might be challenging to choose a good one. Therefore, out of a large number of similar rivals, we choose the top 20 anime download sites that will satisfy your needs for quickly downloading any chosen anime in good quality.

The list of top Websites For Downloading Anime with a one-click option is provided below.

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20 Best Websites For Downloading Anime for Free 2022

1. Animeheaven


This website for downloading anime should be familiar to aficionados of the genre. Compact and continually gathering the newest anime episodes is AnimeHeaven. Although there are a few commercials and pop-ups, they are not as annoying. Except for XServer, most servers do not have a direct download option on AnimeHeaven.

Websites For Downloading Anime

Fortunately, if you want to download anime TV shows from this website for offline viewing, there are several third-party URL downloaders that can be helpful. If an episode is available for download, you can download it from Google Drive.

2. Animixplay

A brand-new yet gaining popularity free anime website is Animixplay. To provide customers with high-quality and secure anime episodes and movies, it scrapes content from well-known anime sources and filters out advertising. Fast updates are a feature of Animixplay.

It also distinguishes out for having a simple, clean layout that makes it simple to browse through the many different genres of anime programmes. The download button can be found on the player’s top right after you’ve opened the appropriate episode. Choose a download option to save the link as MP4 after clicking the download button to open a new download page.

3. Animeland

Many well-known titles are accessible on Animeland, which focuses on both dubbed and subtitled anime series in high quality. To discover your favourite anime series and anime movie downloads, use the fast Search or navigate to Dubbed Animelist or Movielist on the menu bar.

You can download anime for free directly from Animeland, however if the download function isn’t working for you, you can play the video and then right-click to save it as an MP4 file. Anime download locations? Attempt Animeland!

4. Animekaizoku

Animekaizoku is unquestionably a terrific place to go if you’re seeking for the top anime download sites for batch downloads. It frequently refreshes and includes the newest anime episodes. Highlights include the lack of ads and the simple navigation bar. You may easily keep up with the most well-liked and current anime series by visiting Animekaizoku, which displays the most recent and continuing anime series on its home page.

Thousands of episodes, films, and OVAs are in its database. Users can download the most recent anime OVAs and movies in addition to the anime series. Batch downloads of anime episodes in stunning 1080p quality are available there. Here you can choose between 480p and 720p formats.

5. Kissanime

If you’re an anime enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about Kissanime, one of the greatest places to watch anime online for free where you can find a huge selection of anime. It’s also well known among anime enthusiasts as one of the top locations to download anime.

You can view and download videos in a variety of qualities, from 240p to 1080p and beyond. You can view anime from China, the United States, and other nations in addition to Japanese anime. The free anime downloads option is only accessible to registered users, and Kissanime does not function on mini-browsers.

6. 9Anime

One of the finest websites for downloading anime is 9Anime, where you can find a tonne of high-quality dubbed and subbed anime series and anime movie downloads. The quick filter tool is such a thoughtful design that it makes it simple for customers to choose the appropriate title.

Its comprehensive and self-explanatory genre taxonomy includes any genre you could possibly want. Using a third-party anime downloader like IDM, you can also select to view and download anime for free in several video quality options (HD, HD Rip, SD, TS, and CAM).

7. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime won’t let you down if you’re seeking for a reliable source to download high quality videos. It provides high-quality anime series for online viewing and allows you to download them in a variety of resolutions with or without English subtitles.

Users may easily find their desired series on GoGoAnime thanks to its well-organized navigation. Timely updates are made to new anime episodes.

8. Animepahe

A straightforward anime website and a sizable library where you can always locate the most recent releases are both available at Animepahe. Even though this website doesn’t have as many navigational options as some other websites, its rapid search box makes it simple to find the anime you want to download.

Each episode is available for download on Animepahe in a variety of resolutions, up to 1080p, and in a tiny file size that is suited for portable devices. Animepahe is a wonderful option if you want to download anime that has been small-encoded.

9. Animekisa

A quick and cost-free website where you can stream and download HD anime is AnimeKisa. Given that it offers a comparatively user-friendly experience, we have included it in our list of the top secure anime websites.

Of course, anime enthusiasts also adore this website because of its enormous collection of anime, which includes both subbed and dubbed versions in a variety of categories. It’s quite easy to download anime for free from AnimeKisa. There is no demand for registration.

10. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is another free anime streaming service that offers both classic and contemporary dubbed anime programmes, as well as a mobile-friendly user interface. You can simply find the anime content you’re looking for thanks to the site’s categorization, which also makes site navigating quite seamless. The popular “One Piece,” “High school of Death,” and other current anime programmes are also available in the Chia anime.

With its slick and vibrant design, the website enables streaming ultra-high definition video. You can visit and do a search for the anime series you wish to download in order to download an episode. Once you’re on the streaming webpage, play the desired episode. A download link will be visible just below the video player; click it to begin the download.

11. Masteranime

The reason the Masteranime website is more well-known is for the lively discourse it has established on its platform. You only need to join up on their website, which is completely free, to become a part of it. In addition to downloading anime, you can now also ask questions and discuss plot twists on this website, where you can also learn when new anime episodes will be uploaded.

Therefore, you won’t have to check the website again to see the updates. You can subscribe to their publication to stay up to date on the latest uploads.

12. Soul Anime

There is no denying that Soul Anime is a popular website for downloading anime for free, however a VPN service is required due to the website’s geo-restrictions.

Navigating the internet website is now a breeze; you don’t even need to register for their service, and, of course, you may download and watch anime simultaneously.

13. AnimeOut

The simplest, most entertaining website for finding and downloading anime movies is AnimeOut. If available, alternatives with a number of superior resolutions will be presented to you. You will be routed to download the video from their site after clicking the download link.

For the purpose of making requests for anime or making recommendations, you can also sign up for this platform without spending a penny. The best movies are available on Anime Out with documentation and the best subtitles for any fan of anime.

14. Crunchyroll

With over 50 million monthly visitors, the prominent anime website Crunchyroll specialises in east Asian entertainment, especially anime, manga series, music, and shows. a safe and convenient method for streaming all of your favourite anime. Popular anime series including Naruto, Dragon Ball, Titan, Ace of the Diamond, Bleach, etc. are available through this site.

Despite the fact that not all of the content is free, you can access the shows and programmes for a trial period. Here is a list of anime with English dubbing.

The model used by the content provider is freemium. This indicates that they provide anime for free, but it is of lower quality and contains commercials. You have to wait a week before you can see the newest episodes of ongoing shows for free. The website was created specifically for fans of anime.

15. AnimeKaizoku

An excellent website for downloading anime is Animekaizoku. Both new and classic anime are abundant there. The website is regularly updated, has no advertisements, and is easy to use.

And one of the best features of Animekaizoku is that it supports 1080p bulk downloads! Its home page showcases the best and most latest anime in an organised manner. There is also a search bar to aid you if you still can’t locate what you’re looking for.

16. Funimation

A large number of elusive anime series and full-length movies are available on the Funimation streaming site. Offering handpicked entertainment with dubs and subtitles is Funimation. There are many shows available for free with commercials, but a few premium series require a paid subscription.

Websites For Downloading Anime

You can anticipate all the Sony-owned anime to be available on the platform because Sony owns Funimation. D. Gray-Man, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Izetta: The Last Witch, Puzzle and Dragons, and Tales of Zesiria the X are the current titles in the simulcast schedule. The almost 400 TV episodes and 80 or so feature-length films available on Funimation are all accessible with a Premium subscription.

17. Hulu

A subscription-based online streaming service is Hulu. Over 500 anime movies are available on Hulu. It collaborated with Yahoo to provide free Anime streaming, but the platform was shut down in June 2019. My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Girls Und Panzer, Your Lie in April, Death Note, Blood-C, and more well-known anime are among those that can be seen on Hulu.

Although the website itself does not permit downloading, you can use any 3rd party tools to save the anime to the internal storage of your device. Although Hulu is a premium service, if you want to watch serious anime without worrying about piracy, Hulu is the website to use.

18. RetroCrush TV

Retreocrush is an online anime resource that is free to use. There is no need to register, but if you want, you can do so to access some limited content and make a wishlist. Despite the site’s small catalogue, the majority of the shows are timeless, widely-watched Anime series that you can watch on the move. With the English dub and English Sub Support, you also receive a wide variety of anime from every genre.

Great Teacher Onizuka, Flame of Recca, Bubblegum Crisis, Fushigi Yugi, Ultra Maniac, Deltora Quest, Blue Seed, and many more are just a few of the well-known titles that can be found on the website. On the platform, you may watch some of your favourite classic Japanese anime for nothing.

19. Tubi

Many movies and TV shows that are hard to get elsewhere are available on this free site, which is accessible everywhere. On Tubi TV, you may watch Japanese animation with subtitles or without. Shows like Sola, Angel Sanctuary, Yukikaze, Spider Riders, etc. are available on the Tubi. The anime films and television episodes on The Tubi are updated frequently.

Currently second only to Netflix in terms of the number of titles in its library, Tubi TV is the best place to find movies and TV shows. There are many anime films and TV shows available on the website, and they are all free to watch. But it must run on advertisements.

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20. AnimeDao

A website to watch well-known anime films is AnimeDao. You can conduct searches in both English and Japanese for your preferred animation videos. Regarding video quality, loading times, and material availability, it is favoured among anime fans worldwide. Depending on your connection speed, you can easily change the video quality from 340p to 1080p.


As animation, a formerly specialist industry, gains popularity, it is becoming more widely accepted. With their distinctive characteristics, these free Websites For Downloading Anime are attempting to attract more people.

Anyone can be impressed by Japanese anime because to its creative imagination and vibrant storytelling techniques. Top free Websites For Downloading Anime that let you download anime and stream it on the go without worrying about a working internet connection have been covered.


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