15 Best Site To Download Filipino Movies And Series 2023

Are you interested in downloading the lastest Filipino movies and series? Here’s a list of the top site to download Filipino movies and series for free.


People have diverse preferences for the movies and TV shows they watch, and some Hollywood fans prefer to obtain their entertainment online.

Others enjoy learning more about the world of Asian cinema, and we are aware that depending on the Asian nation you support, there are several categories of Asian films and television shows.

Korean dramas are one example, and while some people like Filipino films and television programmes, we have chosen to compile a list of the top websites that provide the best and most recent Filipino films and programmes.


You can download Filipino Movies and television shows on your smartphone or computer by visiting the websites listed in today’s Humortainment post.

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15 Best Site To Download Filipino Movies And Series 2022

1. Allmovie

Are you looking for a romantic movie from the Philipines? Then focus Allmovie in your search.


The website is a major player in the industry of offering romantic, action-adventure movies from the Philippines for free download.

Additionally, there are horror films available that are primarily targeted for horror movie fans. Well, you can learn more by visiting this website.

2. WeTV iFlix

WeTV iFlix also provides a few free Filipino movies in addition to their respectable selection of Chinese, Korean, and other Asian programming.

The titles My Rebound Girl, starring Alex Gonzaga and Joseph Marco; Woke Up Like This, starring Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe; and Mikhail Red’s Neomanila are some of the ones you may now view on the platform without the subscription.

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3. Nkiri

You may download a variety of movies from Nkiri, which is a great service for doing so.

Nkiri is a good place to look if you want to download Filipino movies online, although you’ll largely find films from the past few years.

Both Filipino and English movies are uploaded on this website, and both can be downloaded without registration or payment right away.

Despite its recent slowness in producing Filipino movies and series, Nkiri is actually quite well-liked; the website has a variety of Pinoy films from years ago to 2019.

For any of your previous favourite Pinoy films, you can always visit Nkiri. They offer these films in good quality, and you can also stream them.

4. ReleaseBB

Download Filipino Movies

On the website ReleaseBB, movies are posted for free download by fans. On ReleaseBB, you can watch movies in a variety of categories and according to language and country.

In addition to Pinoy movies, you can also watch Hollywood productions and other movies.

When you search for a movie on ReleaseBB, the download link is automatically added below it, making it very simple to download movies.

ReleaseBB is a fantastic website and one of the best places to download Filipino movies. Their movies run smoothly on both PCs and mobile devices.

ReleaseBB is a very dependable website to download movies and is where you can get a variety of Filipino films and television shows.

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WLEXT is the ideal website to visit if you want to download Filipino movies for your computers or mobile devices and you need a dependable source to do so.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the incredible selection of Filipino movies and series you’ll discover here.

They feature a variety of soap operas, and the most recent episodes are consistently updated and promptly posted.

WLEXT is a reliable resource for free online downloads of Filipino movies. WLEXT is one of the best websites to download Filipino movies and series online.

They also have movies for other countries, and you can download Hollywood movies for free and in the highest clarity possible.

6. PinoyMoviePedia

Any Filipino movies you wish to download online may be found at PinoyMoviePedia, which is also one of the busiest websites for offering just Filipino movies online and enabling simultaneous streaming and downloading.

One of the greatest websites to download Filipino movies is PinoyMoviePedia because it has a sizable selection and makes it simple to download them.

The most recent Filipino films are still available on PinoyMoviePedia for free download; there are films from 2020 to 2022. This website is excellent for downloading Filipino movies.

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7. iQiyi

Two unique Filipino series are even planned for this Chinese streamer, which is growing in popularity when it comes to Asian programming.

You might love what iQiyi has to offer if you’re interested in watching films from China, Korea, and Japan.

Take advantage of their VIP subscription to gain access to more movies without being interrupted by advertising as you watch!

8. Tubi

You may all watch more than 35,000 films and television shows for free on Tubi, a branch of Fox Entertainment.

Even though the titles they provide aren’t the most well-known, viewers will undoubtedly discover some hidden treasures on the internet, so keep streaming!

9. Plex

Actually, Plex is a software that guarantees to give consumers a more individualised and user-friendly experience with regard to their own media library.

However, the Plex website also provides you with thousands of titles, primarily B movies and older movies, all of which are accessible for free streaming without any registration.

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10. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a sizable, free digital library of websites, public documents, and other types of information preserved in digital form, with the goal of providing “universal access to all knowledge.”

If you want to learn more about the modest origins of film, you might check out some of the ancient, black and white movies they have available.

11. YouTube

The most popular site for watching music videos, vlogs, and other entertainment videos is YouTube.

Of course, if movie makers wish to, they may easily use the website and make their films freely available as well!

Local production companies including TBA Studios, Black Sheep, Star Cinema, and Viva Films are just a few of them that have posted some of their movies on YouTube for free watching.

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12. 123movies

Another website for watching movies online in this group is 123Movies, which consistently ranks as the top destination for all genres of films, including Korean drama, Bollywood, Filipino, and other titles.

As a result, you may watch and download your favourite Philippine movies for nothing on this website.

Don’t worry about the quality of the Filipino movies you’ll find on 123movies because those movies are available in HD.

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13. Fdmovie

One of the most well-known websites is fdmovie, where you can find a tonne of intriguing romance and action movies and dramas from the Philippines for free online streaming or download based on customers’ preferences.

The website offers high-quality, readily available movies, many of which are in full HD. What are you still holding out for? Hurry! Visit Fdmovie to take a look for yourself.

14. Putlocker5movies

When it comes to offering Filipino movies, this website is unique in its field. It just so happens to be the website I often suggest to Filipino film lovers looking for a place to stream or download their favourite films. The website provides free HD downloads and streaming of both recent and classic films.

15. Muvilo

Filipino or Pinoy movies are available for free download and streaming on Muvilo, one of the online movie platforms.

It is among the most user-friendly and straightforward websites for downloading Philippian Drama.

The website is a veritable treasure trove of the best romantic Filipino films, dramas, and TV episodes available online. On this website, you’re likely to find both new and ancient Philipine movies.


Conclusion On The Best Site To Download Filipino Movies And Series

You would concur with me if I said that Filipino movies are entertaining.

These are the top websites for downloading free, on-demand Filipino movies online. You can also download movies with no connection to the Philippines, and some of them come with English subtitles.

Therefore, if you enjoy watching films from this region of the world, don’t waste any time and download your favourites from the sites mentioned above.


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