20 Best Websites To Download Movie Subtitles In 2023

If you love to watch TV series and movies, you may be wondering where can you download subtitles for your favorite movie or TV series.


Well, look no further we’ve curated a list of top best movie subtitles download sites which are the best options to download your next movie subtitle.

TV series, videos, and movies with subtitles have always beens the easiest way to understand foreign language movies or content.

There are those who find subtitles to be offensive simply because they believe that they interfere with their enjoyment of the film.


The fact remains that with subtitles we are able to understand movies in any language other than our own.

With subtitles in movies and TV shows, many audiences feel more comfortable, and the benefits are even more pronounced when watching foreign films.

Besides, not every movie has excellent dubbing, so you can even brag about learning new words.


Apart from that, not every movie has perfect dubbing, so you might learn new words.

The dubbing of some films and TV series makes them worse, so in those cases, you should watch the film or series in the original language and determine the subtitles from there.

In this article by Humortainment, we will explore the top best websites to download movies subtitles where you can access any language subtitle you desire.

The sole purpose of subtitles is to ensure that there is no language barrier and that a movie can be seen by many individuals without language limitations.

Please continue reading to explore these best sites where you can download subtitles.

What Is Subtitle?

Subtitles are the text derived from either a screenplay or transcript of the commentary or dialogue in movies, video games, and television programs. It can be in the form of a written translation of the dialogue in a foreign or the same language.

Subtitles help you to learn different foreign languages. It enables you to expand your vocabulary and increase your listening skills. Subtitles can also be useful to understand the tradition and culture of the country.

Subtitles downloading sites are online platforms that have a wide range of collection of subtitles for TV shows and movies.

It enables you to view the year and ratings of your favorite movies. These websites allow you to search for video subtitles with minimal effort.

Many such platforms are available in varieties of languages, including English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, and more.

Following is a handpicked list of Top movie/Tv series Subtitles Download site with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software to download subtitle.

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20 Best Websites To Download Movie Subtitles In 2022

1. SubtitlesHR

The first on our list is SubtitlesHR. This subtitle site may not have that beautiful interface; however, its major focus is to ensure that you get any subtitle you want to watch any movie of your choice. The site makes it easy for you to download subtitles.

One unique thing about SubtitlesHR is that it doesn’t bug you with ads popups, unlike some other subtitle download site where you will click on a particular thing, and you will be redirected somewhere outside what you want.

Download Movie Subtitles In 2022 with SubtitlesHR.

Download Movie Subtitles

2. Subscene

One of the most well-known sites for downloading subtitles, Subscene has a huge database of subtitles for many types of films, TV serials, and shows.

The subs are available across many languages, from the most common English, Hindi, and French to even Arabic and Greek. All of these subtitles are uploaded by users on a daily basis.

Just beneath the search bar, you have the filter section, which allows for searching the subtitles based on a particular language.

This definitely comes in handy, considering the site hosts so many subs. There is also a discussion forum in which you could request the subtitle of any movie or show if it isn’t yet available on the site.

You could also upload your own subs and benefit the community. However, for the latter two tasks, you will be required to create an account.

With Subscene, you can download Movie Subtitles very easily.

3. Open Subtitles

It is the biggest open-source platform for subtitles. To begin with, the website has been translated into many languages, so browsing through the subtitles shouldn’t be much of a problem, irrespective of the place you belong to.

Furthermore, the site comes with a pretty handy search tool that allows you to filter your content based on any particular season, episode, genre, or release date.

Likewise, you could also upload subtitles or even request one, if it’s not even available on the platform.

You could even see the preview of these subtitles before downloading them. With over 5 million subtitles, it is a one-stop place for all your subtitle searches.

You can download your next Movie Subtitles In 2022 with Open Subtitles.

4. Megasubtitles

Megasubtitles has always been that easy and simple website that you can freely navigate to download any subtitles of your choice. One unique thing about the website is that it provides you with real-time search features.

This means that the moment you begin to type on its search bar, it will immediately display the subtitles without you having to hit the search button yet.

You will enjoy this site’s subtitle format as it provides its subtitles in a .srt form. It has a fast download, and you wouldn’t get redirected to other pages or be bugged with unnecessary ads.

5. YIFY Subtitles

Among the most visited sites for downloading subtitles, YiFY has managed to carve out a name for itself in this domain as well.

Rather than just providing the subtitles for the movies, you could also get a short synopsis about that movie, its launch date, the characters involved, and even the IMDB rating.

Apart from that, it also allows you to search for subtitles based on different genres like animation, crime, family, a mystery among others.

You will even be able to find out subtitles for the movies that were released way back in the 1930s and 1940s.

Just set your favorite language in the top menu bar and begin your filtered search.

6. Addic7ed

Don’t let the name confuse you, it actually does its job pretty good. It hosts a plentitude of subtitles across a varied domain.

You could even find subtitles in languages such as Telugu and Tamil and man other regional languages.

Although the same is only limited to some famous movies and TV shows, still a useful addition nevertheless.

There is also a separate section for the most downloaded subtitles and even the recently started and finished translated subtitles.

The site also allows you to drop in your views on any subtitles, but for that, you will have to create an account.

However, for downloading subtitles no such account creation is needed.

Addic7ed is a great website to download Movie Subtitles In 2022.

7. Subdl

Even though this website isn’t as well-known as other subtitle download sites, it gives you an amazing database of subtitles to download from.

The website has a search you can use to search for any subtitle you want to download without having to browse through a long list of subtitles.

One unique thing about Subdl is that it has subtitles in multiple languages, and it categorizes them according to release type.

That is, it can categorize a group of subtitles under DVD release, BluRay release, and others.

Download Movie Subtitles In 2022 with Subdl.

8. BollyNook

This website is quite different from other subtitle download websites. This is because its approach to subtitle download is different from others.

Downsub has an easy user interface that allows you to easily download subtitles from websites such as VIU, Viki, Vlive, YouTube, etc.

It is free to download subtitles from this website. Another unique thing is that it offers subtitles in various formats such as TXT, VTT, or SRT.

9. Podnapisi

Another pretty handy subtitles downloading websites, the site comes with a strong search tool as well.

It allows you to filter your search based on genre, type (i.e. TV series, Short series, or Movies), season, episode or the year in which it was launched.

There is also a separate section where you could upload your own subtitles or discuss more on the same in the blogs.

By default, only English subtitles will be shown. To add more languages, tap on the plus icon situated at the top left.

They also have subtitles adapted especially for hearing-impaired viewers. All in all, Podnapisi comes with around 2 million subtitles. So you might definitely find your favorite one from this site.

Download your next movie subtitles with Podnapisi.

10. TVSubtitles

The site has subtitles in over 18+ common languages including German, Spanish, English, and others.

TVSubtities further has segregated the website into different sections. For example, there is one section for the most downloaded subtitles to date, one for the newly released, another one for the top TV shows like Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, etc.

You could also contribute subtitles to this site. Just create your account and start uploading.

Although there is nothing so special that you could brag about in favor of this site, yet it is able to provide most of the subtitles with ease.

Also, if you find any useful subs, you could share the same with others as well.

11. English Subtitles

Here, on this site, you will be able to get subtitles for popular and not-so-popular movies, Tv serials, and episodes.

The site has pretty neatly arranged all these subs into different sections, so finding your desired one should be much of an issue.

All the subs are free to download, without the need to log in.

Download Movie Subtitles

Only if you wish to add your own subs over their site, you will need an account.

Although it holds subs from many different genres, yet they all will only be available in the English language.

Well, that is pretty much evident from its name itself. So if you are looking for subs in any other language, this wouldn’t be able to meet your requirements.

12. GetCaption

GetCaption is not a website but a tool for downloading subtitles of movies and TV shows.

It is free open-source software that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

The user interface of Caption is easy and accessible. Users can search for subtitles with a simple drag and drop.

Caption has a very useful auto-download feature that downloads subtitles in a jiffy. Quick downloads and renaming the subtitles help the user organize their subtitles files seamlessly.

So, while Caption is not a website, but it is an amazing free tool for downloading subtitles of various movies and TV shows.

13. Subdl Subtitles

Subdl is a free website that has subtitles of popular movies and TV shows. All a user has to do is type the name of the movie or show whose subtitles they are looking for in the search bar on the website.

The website will display all subtitles available of the various movies or seasons of the show. It sources its subtitles from several sources.

Subdl has subtitles of not just the English language but also other languages like Greek, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Russian, etc.

It also features subtitles of new shows and movies and popular shows and movies for easy access.

Overall, Subdl is a great website for downloading subtitles for free.

14. Subtitle Seeker

Things work a little bit differently here. Rather than the users uploading subtitles, the sites collect and combine subtitles from over 20 different websites.

So if you aren’t able to find subtitles on other sites across the web, chances are your search might stop here, for good.

The subtitles are in the usual .srt format. If you’re having trouble finding for any subtitles from the plethora of collection that it boasts of, don’t forget to use the search bar and add your desired criteria to it before beginning with the search.

15. MovieSubtitles

MovieSubtitles is probably the most basic website that you will ever likely to see. For the purpose of downloading subtitles, there is a search bar situated at the top left.

Apart from that, there is nothing worth checking out. Once you type in your query for the desired sub and hit Enter, it will bring you the list of all the available subs related to your search, but it will be a mixed result consisting of subs from all the languages in one place.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way for you to filter the search based on any particular language.

In this regard, you could use Ctrl+F Find a shortcut. Just enter the desired language in the Find box and if the list has one, it will get highlighted right away.

However, there is one thing of which you could be sure. And it is the plentitude of subs that the site has to offer.

You could find the subtitles of even the cult classics ranging all the way back to the 1930s and 1940s.

16. DownSub

Out of all the sites that we have mentioned in this list, this site works totally different. You cannot search for or browse any subs on this site. To download your desired subtitles, you’ll be required to copy-paste that video’s URL in the provided area.

It supports many sites including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Google Drive, OnDemandKorea, Viki, and countless others.

Just paste the video or movie’s link and hit Enter. Then click on Download once to let the site extract those subtitles for you and hit Download again to save it onto your device.

The subtitles are present in three different formats: SRT, TXT, and VTT. One complains that many users have from this site is the fact if you don’t have the URL of the desired TV/Show or movie, then this site becomes completely useless.

17. EnglishSubtitles

The site is pretty basic, with just a search bar to look out for your favorite subtitles.

There are no separate sections for most downloaded subs, newly added subs, or anything as such.

Furthermore, you don’t get to filter your search based on your requirements. It throws all the available subs for the required movies at one go.

It is then up to you to search for among the plethora of subs. One thing that this site gives you is the ability to view the subs before you head over to the downloads section.

As evident by its name, you only would be able to get subs for movies, they don’t have subtitles for TV shows or series.

18. Subs4Free

The site has a plethora of subtitles uploaded by users across the world. On its homepage, you will see all the recently added subs. Apart from that.

The right-hand side is filled with tags of movies and Tv shows that have been downloaded the most number of times. A single click and you will directly be taken to the downloads section.

Apart from that, there is also a US top 10, most user votes, and top-rated. Although some of the sections of the site are in Greek, yet the important ones are still in English, so browsing through the site shouldn’t be an issue.

19. SubsMax

The page interface is very simple and neat. Though, such a neat interface might at times deter movie lovers, as there are not even previews for movie or TV series are visible on the screen.

Download Movie Subtitles

Download Movie Subtitles In 2022 with SubsMax

20. SRT Subtitle

The website has both movie and TV series subtitles. You can find them on two different categories displayed on the right-hand side of the page.

New TV or movie series is featured at the main portion of the screen, as per your selection tab, i.e., ‘TV Series Subtitles’/’Movie Subtitles.’

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When it comes to movies in other languages, subtitles are one of the best ways to enjoy and appreciate them.

For example, when it comes to Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish movies, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

The websites we have reviewed in this article are the best subtitles download sites we have ever come across.

We hope you find the right website for to Download Movie Subtitles In 2022 for your favorite movies, TV shows, and TV series.

Our list of websites discussed in this post is completely free. You won’t have to spend a penny to download subtitles from them.

While some offer subtitles in several different languages, others have subtitles in English only. No matter which you choose, they are all easy to use and great.

You can download movie subtitles with the above mentioned websites.


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