20 Best Websites To Download PPSSPP/PSP Games (2023)

Do you enjoy PPSSPP/PSP games and do you need PPSSPP game download sites? We have compiled a list of the best websites to download PPSSPP/PSP games.


There is no doubt that the Playstation Portable (PSP) is one of the greatest gaming consoles of all time.

It gives us some of the most wonderful gaming experiences and allows us to enjoy some of the most legendary titles. However, nowadays you will seldom see a person walking with a PSP.

The introduction of smartphones has now made it possible that even smartphones running Android and iOS can now play PSP games and with the support of PPSSPP APK, a PSP emulator that enables Android and iOS users to play PSP games.


With the public’s knowledge and use of PPSSPP, people are asking where they can download PSP games for their PPSSPP emulator; we’ll be listing the websites that offer PPSSPP/PSP games to download here on Humortainment.

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How to Play PSP Games on Android devices

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20 Best Websites To Download PPSSPP/PSP Games (2022)

1. Romspedia

Romspedia is the safest website to download ROMs and emulators according to our standards. The website offers direct downloads without any sketchy schemes or hookups.

Using this website is pretty straightforward and they have fewer advertisements than almost all of the competitors. The download speed can’t get any better unless you want to download the ROMs in form of torrents.

2. Emuparadise

Emuparadise is one of the oldest websites for downloading PSP games, this website has been around for more than 20 years and it’s still making it possible for PSP lovers to download any PPSSPP games of their choice.

This website has the best retro video games out there and aside downloading PSP games, you can also gaming music files, music from games like NFS, FIFA and many more.

Emuparadise is a website that is very easy to download from, you can download PSP games and emulators from Emuparadise, you can download magazines and comics too.

Emuparadise has everything you need regarding PSP games and that makes it one of the best websites to download PPSSPP games online.

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3. Freeroms

Freeroms is another website for downloading PPSSPP games and why I love this website is that it’s very easy to navigate, very easy to download any PSP game you want and it has a very fast download link that’ll let you download any PPSSPP game you want without taking much of your time.

Freeroms is one of the best websites to download PPSSPP games and you can download any category PSP games on the website, you can also download other console games on it, you can find games for PS2, Nintendo and many more. It’s one of the best places to get PSP games.

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4. CoolRom

CoolRom is another website out there where you can download PSP games for free and also download games for other consoles, they also have games for other emulators on their website.

CoolRom is one of the best websites out there to download PSP games, and they also have a forum where you can interact with other PSP game lovers like you, you can also find tutorials on how to play any particular PSP game on the PPSSPP Emulator.

CoolRom offers a mobile-friendly interface that makes it very easy to download PPSSPP games on mobile and their download links are working perfectly.

You can bookmark CoolRom to be one of your favourite websites to download PPSSPP games online.

5. Consoleroms

Consoleroms is very much similar to Romspedia, and while their differences are clear with the contents you’ll find on both sites, Consoleroms is still very much a reliable website to download any PPSSPP games. This website has a clean interface and you can easily search for any PSP game you want to download without doing too much.

You can download ROMs for over 6 different consoles on this website and they have both the new and old games out there.

Consoleroms is a very good website to download PSP games and its downloads are fast because all their games are hosted on good servers.

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6. DownloadGamePSP

DownloadGamePSP is another good website to download PSP games, you can also download games for other emulators on this website and it’s a website where you can download PC games and also console games like PS4, PS3 and many more.

DownloadGamePSP has different categories of PPSSPP games on its database and you can download them easily.

You can download both PSP and PSVITA games on this website, all their download links work perfect and the website is very easy to navigate.

If you need any PPSSPP game on your Android and iOS you can download them on DownloadGamePSP, it’s one of the best websites to download PPSSPP games for free online.

7. Nico Blog

Nico Blog provides the complete download of ISO game PSP games and of course with various sizes.

In addition, this site also provides tutorials on how to update PSP games and how to play PSP2 on a PC without connecting the controls. This site is also available for those of you who are still confused about how to use PSP games.

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8. NitroBlog

The next game download site is NitroBlog. On this site, you can easily find and choose the PSP game that you like, because this site is quite complete and is also available in various sizes. You can adjust and choose the size according to the capacity of your PC.

For those of you who are new to the world of PSP games, this site provides tutorials on how to upgrade PSP games and how to play them too. So, you won’t be confused even though you are just about to try using PSP2 games.

Indeed, this site used to be addressed at but now it has moved to under a different name.

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9. PS2Gamer

This site provides games from various genres ranging from RPG, action, adventure to survival.

Various emulators are also available on this site. What is unique, this site also provides instructions and explanations on how to cheat the game. Even so, you better not have to cheat!

10. DownArea51

The eighth site of the next ppsspp game ft 55 site article is Downarea51. The contents of the games available on this site are also quite complete, guys.

In addition, the names of the games on this site are also available alphabetically, which makes it easier for you to search.

Some PSP ISO games on this site include Sims 2, Assassins’s Creed, and Avatar The Legends of Aang, and other PSP games.

In addition to providing PPSSPP ISO games, Downarea51 also provides downloads for PES, PS1, and other Android games.

Don’t know how to download it? This site also provides tutorials if you are still new to the ppsspp game, you know! So, this one site is quite recommended for those of you who are new.

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11. EmulatorGames

EmulatorGames is a well-known PPSSPP website that have a huge collection of high-rated PSP games available for free download.

To download the games, you just need to look for your favorite games and click on the links provided to them.

They usually provide you links to download the PSP ISO’s but we recommend you to download from Google Drive as it is fast and more secure.

12. Gamulator

Gamulator is one of the newer brands on the list but goes shoulder to shoulder with all the major websites listed here.

Even though there are not as many ROMs and ISOs compared to other websites, Gamulator features a simple structure, fast download, and extreme safety when it comes to malware and viruses.

The best thing is they are expanding their ROMs list every single day, so you will always have new titles to choose from. Head out to Gamulator and download your favorite arcade ROMs and Emulators.

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13. PspShare

PspShare is another platform where you can easily download PSP games for free. It has a cool and simple Interface design and has 800+ PSP available for download.

You can view their top categories like:

  • Action,
  • Adventure,
  • Fantasy,
  • Fighting,
  • Football,
  • Horror,
  • Racing,
  • Shooter,
  • Strategy etc.

And download the ISO’s or you can simply search your favorite games in the search bar.

You can also browse their top Lists and download the ISO from 2-3 alternative links given for download.

14. Romance CD

This site provides services for downloading PSP ISO games that are quite complete. Moreover, this site displays the rating of the game.

PSP Games

Many games are available on this site. Oh yeah, apparently there are also anime games in the form of PSP ISO games.

Oh yeah, not only PSP ISO is available, but there are also PSX ISO games, PS2 ISO, GB ROM, GBC ROM, GBA ROM, and others.

15. Portal Roms

This site is no less complete than other PSP game download sites. Many games along with ROM and ISO are available on this site.

One example is PS VITA, PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, NDS, GBA, Mega Drive, XBOX, and others. Unfortunately, this site only has 3 foreign languages ​​namely Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

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16. LoveRoms

The site has a look that is quite unique and interesting but still simple. There are many PSP games available on this site.

Not just a game, you can also download emulators and Roms on this site easily and certainly more complete.

17. PSP Indonesia

One of the top ppsspp game download sites that are also quite complete is PSP Indonesia.

This one site can be said to be very cool, you know, because after downloading the game from this site you can really play PS2 games on your Android phone without root.

When you will download the game on this site, you will be given a password. Apart from that, this site also provides ppsspp games in various languages.

However, because it has been neglected for a long time, maybe some links are no longer usable and some even get an error.

18. LibertyVF

LibertyVF is known for its films and series. It is one of the best sites to follow films and series in French on the internet without registration. Besides movies and series, LibertyVF also offers XBOX, PC, PSP games, etc.

19. Download PSP Games

This site is also not incomplete with other sites. Many PSP games are available on this site.

Besides PSP games, you can also download PC games, PS4 games, PS3 games, PSVita games, XBOX games, and WII games. PSP game updates are also available, it’s guaranteed all the latest games.

20. Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler provides thousands of games from various consoles that have been downloaded millions of times by its users.

You can download all kinds of PPSSPP games such as adventure, war, fighting, football, wrestling and more on this website.

It’s definitely one of the best websites to download reviewed PSP games online. And it’s download process is easy and simple.

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After reading through these articles, you should not have any difficulty downloading any PPSSPP games again.

You can bookmark any of these websites and visit them whenever you need a PSP game to download and play on your Android or iOS device using PPSSPP.

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