20 Best Websites To Download Series For Free In 2023

There are many websites claiming to offer quality and regular updates, this makes filtering through the maze a little difficult, especially for beginners.


To download quality TV shows, one should consider quality websites that are regularly updated.

There are nearly as many quality websites as there are fake or low-quality ones for downloading your favorite TV shows.

Many of these mediocre TV show sites have poor torrent quality, Some even change their domain frequently, Most of them get shut down the moment they go live.


How exactly do you avoid these low-quality sites? After a few speed tests and performance evaluations, we are delighted to present you with this ultimate list of low-quality sites.

In this article, I will share with you the best websites to download series. You can download both Nigerian and foreign series for free.

Downloading TV shows can sometimes be difficult and that is why we have decided to share this information with you.


There are many websites to download series for free for a cell phone or a PC, all you need is a good internet connection and you don’t charge anything for their services. I will list out the 20 best websites to download series for a phone or PC.

One of the major issues with some of these Websites To Download Series is that there are a lot of advertisements and that can be irritating, however, you do need to consider that they do have to generate income to support themselves.

Here are the 20 best websites to download series for free:

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20 Best Websites To Download Series For Free

1. O2tvseries

One of the best Websites To Download Series for mobile phones is O2tvseries.

O2tv series is currently one of the most popular sites to download Tv series on the internet, and actually my favorite.

This site has thousands of visitors on a daily basis because of how good the site is. homepage contains the latest release of episodes and new Tv shows.

On this site is that you can watch your favorite shows online and also download them.

One thing that makes me love this site the most is that there is hardly any series you will wish to download that you won’t find in

The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Agents of Shield, Nikita, Game of Thrones, The Flash, Arrows, I mean, you name it, you will find them all there.

There are thousands of Tv series of this site and they are currently adding new Tv Shows and ensuring you have access to new episodes as soon as they are available.

The beautiful thing is that whether you are using a laptop computer or mobile device to download, the site works perfectly well.

2. Yify TV

This site is very popular with TV series, TV shows, and even game downloads.

Recently, Yify movies TV launched a segment dedicated to TV shows and series. So far, it has a large collection of some of the latest episodes, a really huge torrent list with exhilarating user experience.

With some 4.8M torrents to choose from, is a very popular destination for TV shows.

Yify movies TV has a very attractive and intuitive user interface that makes access to contents very easy.

Because it deals in legit contents, you can be sure Yify movies TV is here to stay. Its contents are updated frequently, thanks to the large user and developer community.

Yify movies TV also has a very active and supportive customer supports team. For queries and any other form of assistance, you can be sure to get help round the clock.

3. Download Any Movie

This is home to the latest TV shows, Movies, and games. On the Downloads any movies platform, it is possible to find just about all your favorite series.

You want to download the latest or past TV show episodes, this is the place to check out.

For any queries and related concerns, this platform has a very active community of users and developers.

These are also responsible for uploading fresh contents onsite thereby keeping the TV show torrent current and updated.

Because of its rising popularity, this site has for a long time been under the regulator’s radar for a while now. In fact, it is blocked in some countries.

You can still access and download your favorite TV show episodes via proxy links and mirror sites, nonetheless.

4. Netflix

Netflix is one of the best websites to download series, probably the largest movie streaming site worldwide.

Netflix allows members to easily watch their favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more online.

With Netflix, you are sure of watching any movie or Tv show online without annoying ads that you find on some other Tv series sites.

Websites To Download Series
Woman using tablet computer and looking an online streaming platform.

Though Netflix isn’t free, you will need a little subscription to have access to the platform, and you have to watch the series online.

However, it is worth adding to the list as Netflix is undoubtedly the best site you will find high quality and original Tv shows of your choice.

Check out this article on 20 Best Netflix Alternatives To Stream For Free (2022)

5. Tvshows4Mobile

If you like o2Tvseries, then you probably will love Tvshows4Mobile, as they both have almost the same interface, etc.

This site is another great free Tv series download site for mobile phones. In fact, by the name of the site, you will know it is specifically designed for easy usage for mobile users.

That does not mean you can’t use the site on a laptop computer. What I am implying is that you have absolutely nothing to worry if you are using a mobile device and wish to download any Tv series from this site.

6. Hulu

Hulu is a movie streaming site just like Netflix that allows members to watch movies and TV series of their choice, without advertisements.

Websites To Download Series
Websites of most popular online video streaming platforms in the world – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime

Hulu claims to be the only site that offers viewers the opportunity to have access to current shows from every major U.S. broadcast network; libraries of hit TV series and films.

Though this site is not a download site, however, you get to watch any high-quality Tv series of your choice with your mobile phone or computer.

7. O2TV

If you love watching movies, O2TV is a very good place to download the same. Its attractive user interface and wide content variety make it very popular with movie enthusiasts.

Following its latest venture into TV shows, O2TV has appealed to an even bigger fan base. And unlike other TV show sites, this one is light and very easy on your bandwidth. There are plans to include more categories to this platform.

What’s more, O2TV has a very attractive and user-friendly interface. Contents are classified into different categories for easy access.

It also supports magnetic links for effective downloading of your favorite torrents.

8. Torrent Downloads

This is one of my favorite TV show torrent sites. It has very extensive movies and TV show libraries in the torrent scene.

It is fairly easy to navigate thanks to the attractive and user-friendly interface. Contents on the platform are arranged into categories for easy access.

It is basically a software haven but also has TV shows and movie torrents.

It has some very old collections that are hardly found on other torrent platforms. Even though it is very popular, this site is blocked in some countries.

If it’s blocked in your country, you can still use VPNs to access your favorite contents.

Torrent Download also has a very responsive 24/7 customer support and an active community of developers.

9. Today TV Series

Today TV Series is one of the new Websites To Download Series. It specializes in TV shows, movies, games, and software.

With more than 3.5M verified torrents, this is a very good place to check if you are looking for variety and quality in TV shows.

Reality shows and even late-night shows, find everything TV shows on this platform.

Something very outstanding is the platform’s super attractive interface. All contents: software, movies, and TV shows are arranged into categories for easy access.

It has a large active community responsible for updating it with fresh and new contents on a routine basis.


Even though not so popular, this platform has among the best collection of TV shows, Movies, and games.

It has a very attractive and intuitive user interface making it ideal for use by novices as well as experienced users.

Enjoy downloading high-quality torrents at speeds of up to 2.0 MB/s. even though it focuses more on music downloads, you will also spot age-old torrents with 20+ seeders.

Recent adjustments to the design and site features also improved its magnetic links. It has one of the best customer support team with a 24/7 availability.

11. 300MB Films

The 300MB Films has a simple and attractive interface featuring a well-organized layout. It has a relatively small collection of TV show library.

That is to say, it should be your very last choice when it comes to select destinations for downloading favorite TV shows.

It has some reliable magnetic links for easy access to your favorite TV show torrents. It might be down once in a while, but it is generally stable.

One notable flipside that comes with this torrent site is that old contents are forgotten relatively fast.

It’s not clear why that is the case, but it appears they focus more on new contents at the expense of old torrents.

300MB Films also has a very responsive 24/7 customer supports team and a very active community of developers.

12. Drama cool 9

This is the most popular TV show torrent trackers you’ll ever come-by online. Drama cool 9 has a long and rough history marked by incessant shutdown and block attempts.

Even with all that, this popular TV show torrent platform is still going strong. In terms of variety, this platform is simply unbeatable.

It has millions of some of the latest torrents, all available in different video qualities and sizes.

It has a very intuitive and simple user interface. In addition to its torrents, Drama cool 9 also has very reliable magnetic links.

Besides, it supports magnetic links and has a very simple and intuitive user interface. This makes access to contents very easy for experienced users and novices alike.

During its rough years, Drama cool 9 used to be very slow and unreliable. Its torrent and magnetic links weren’t the best.

Today, however, it is super reliable. Rumor has it that the owners made peace with the regulator.

And they no longer change domains like was the case years back. In fact, they have reverted to their original domain.

13. Kanopy

Kanopy is yet another free movie download site. To access the collection of movies and series on this site, one is required to have a library card.

These cards are issued by various campuses and public libraries all over the world.

Each library gives access to different content. Read more:

14. Added

Adder is one of the best Websites To Download Series and favorite movies. It is straightforward to navigate, granting its users smooth searches and their favorite television series, by just a few clicks.

A user can choose to download their movies and television shows in Full HD, SD, or in H video quality format.

The exciting thing about it is the fact that it gives its users direct download links for every episode.

Therefore, if you prefer direct download links, then adder is the place to be. Read more:

15. DramaFire

If you are a fan of Korean movies and Asian shows, then is the site you want to go to right away.

On this site, you will find various Korean Tv drama and movies all arranged serially and in the genre.

Movies on this site are arranged in a way that makes it easy for movie lovers to find the movies of their choice.

The good thing about this site is that Tv shows and movies from this site are all subtitled.

16. 300MbFilms

300MbFilms.Co is a free Tv series download site for mobile phones where you have access to the latest Tv shows/series, movies, etc.

This site is very easy to use, as you can search for any Tv series of your choice. Movies in this site is listed in order of categories and genre.

17. 123Movies

123Movies website is another site where you can easily watch your favorite series online.

On 123Movies, you have access to thousands of Tv series, and movies in HD and high quality.

The good thing is that you can watch them right on your mobile phones.

18. Toptvshows

Toptvshows is also one of the best Websites To Download Series for free. Tv Series from Toptv shows are of good quality.

On their homepage, you will find various listed Tv shows that you might find very interesting.

Also, this free tv series download site allows their users to be able to request for tv series that is not on their platform.

19. Toxicwap

Toxicwap is a site where you not only download free tv series, but also files such as music, movies, and videos.

Websites To Download Series
Man watching streaming series in a laptop computer, lying in the bed.

This site happens to be one of the oldest free Tv series download sites for mobile phones.

20. MobileTvShows is another best free tv series download site for mobile phones. which was formally known as Fztvseries is a site you will want to go to find your favorite Tv shows.

This site contains mostly Tv shows, Cartoons, etc, and you get to download any of them in good quality right on your mobile phones.

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Now, we’ve come to the end of our selection of some of the best Websites To Download Series or your favorite television shows.

Make sure to take a look at each of the enlisted sites and choose the one you like the best.

Choose from our selection of TV shows if you want to download the most recent episodes of your favorite TV show or past episodes of some reality TV shows.

In addition, most of the sites included here have 24/7 customer support for all your TV show related queries.


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