Top 30 Best & Cheapest POS Machine in Nigeria (Price and Charges 2023)

The cost of starting a POS business in Nigeria and the cheapest POS machine in Nigeria are things that a large number of people are curious about.


The reason could be due to the widespread ignorance about the charges for POS businesses in Nigeria.

Read the article on how to start a POS business in Nigeria from beginning to end to clear up any curiosity about starting a POS business in Nigeria.

Starting a POS business is profitable in Nigeria. If you can work harder you will earn more accordingly.


POS business in Nigeria, or the Point of Sale business in Nigeria, is promising with many future opportunities available.

Nigerian merchants are currently adopting POS systems at a faster rate than ever before due to the advancement in technology in the use of cards and virtual payments.

It is no surprise that Nigeria is one of the key markets for innovative electronic payment system providers since it has a population of nearly 186 million people.


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POS Machine

POS Machine

POS Machine business charges in Nigeria are much cheaper than the traditional POS Machine. They are unique because of their multifunctional capabilities and their cost-effectiveness.

The value for money that comes with these devices is one feature that makes them much more popular than the regular ones. These machines can serve as the cheapest POS charges in Nigeria looking at their price tag.

This has led to a wider acceptance of these devices across the country thus, it is quite easy to acquire them even in small towns.

If you have a call center, mobile company, or an online store, then you can get a POS terminal to boost your sales, save time and make all your operations easy.

Cheapest POS Machine Charges in Nigeria

1. Bankly POS

Withdrawal: 0.3% charges on withdrawals

Transfer: ₦35 flat rate.

2. Moniepoint POS

Withdrawal: 0.3% charges on withdrawals

Transfer: ₦20 flat rate. For transactions above ₦20,000.

3. Kolomoni POS

Withdrawal: 0.5% charges on withdrawals

Transfer: ₦30 flat rate. ₦100 For transfer above ₦20,000.

4. Baxi box POS

0.55% from N1000 – ₦20,000.

N100 flat rate from ₦20,001 – ₦100,000

5. OPay POS

Withdrawal: 0.6% charges on withdrawals

Transfer: ₦120 For transfer above ₦20,000.

6. Kudi POS

Withdrawal: 0.6% charges on withdrawals

Transfer: ₦150 For transfer above ₦50,000.

7. First Bank POS

0.75% per transaction.

8. Zenith Bank POS

0.75% per transaction

9. GTBank POS

0.75% POS service charge

POS Machine
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Cheapest POS Machine Price in Nigeria

1. Firstmonie POS (By the First bank)


2. Zenith Bank POS


3. Access Close (By Access bank)


4. Surepadi POS (By Polaris bank)




6. Wema Bank POS


7. GTBank POS


8. Stanbic Bank POS


9. Heritage Bank POS


10. Union Bank POS


11. Opay


12. Accelerex POS


13. Kudi POS


14. Flutterwave POS


15. Surebanka POS


16. Playcentre


17. Palmpay


18. Baxi android


19. Opay Traditional


POS Machine

POS Machine Charges For Merchants

Since you have know how to get Cheapest POS Machine in Nigeria, you should know how much you will charge your customer.

So here are the most common agent POS Machine charges in Nigeria. POS service charge depends on your location and terminal ( or let’s’s say your POS Business).

Amount to Withdraw/Transfer (₦)Charges (₦)
1,000 to 5,000You can charge 100 Naira to 150 Naira. Or 20naira per thousand depends on your terminal
6,000 to 9,000You can charge 150naira to 200naira. Or 20naira per thousand
10,000 to 15,000You can charge 200naira to 300naira. Or 20naira per thousand
16,000 to 20,000You can charge 250naira to 400naira. Or 20naira per thousand

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With the list of the cheapest POS charges in Nigeria in front of you, you can choose which one of the vendors to apply with.

The above list was compiled based on the prices information provided by each POS vendor/platform.

I hope you find the information on the cheapest POS charges in Nigeria helpful.


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