20 Best Minecraft Texture Packs For PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10 And 11

What are the best Minecraft Texture Packs that you can find and install on a PS4, Xbox One, or PC running Windows 10 and 11 that are actually functional, realistic, and well-liked?


There are many free and paid Minecraft Texture Packs that improve the graphics and gameplay while changing the game’s feel. However, there are some that are the Best and you should try them.

The pixelated blocky world of Minecraft is renowned for offering a distinctive gaming experience.

Many developers produce Minecraft texture packs to provide you a fresh and improved experience with this block-based world, much like the finest Minecraft modifications do.


The Minecraft texture packs, unlike mods, don’t directly alter how you play the game, but they nevertheless have a significant visual influence.

Even while many texture packs are typically designed for the Minecraft Java Edition, some of them nonetheless give Bedrock gamers an advantage.

But that can wait. Let’s look at the top Minecraft texture packs available in 2022 for the time being.


Let’s look at the top Minecraft texture packs available in 2022 for the time being.

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20 Best Minecraft Texture Packs For PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10 And 11

1. LB Photo Realism Reload

Since it includes a photo-realistic resource collection based on Scuttles’ work, the first Texture Pack on the list is one of the Best Minecraft Texture Packs (LB Photo Realism).

The “Reloaded” version makes use of very ancient LBPR textures. This resource pack’s main goal is to make Minecraft as realistic as possible, but also as beautiful and alluring as possible to new users.

This texture features various wood textures, cool villager faces, and High Definition door opening upon breaking blocks.

Minecraft Texture Packs
Minecraft Texture Packs

Since it is somewhat similar to the default Minecraft textures, using it won’t cause any leadership problems. There are numerous 3D models, animations, and random textures in the collection that you could find useful.

2. Glimmars Steampunk

This is one of the oldest and best Minecraft texture packs; it is still supported by its original developer and features 32x scale, recently released Mojang textures at 16x Vallina, as well as fresh upgrades and a new HD x64 focus. You can also enjoy stunning animations of daytime and nighttime skies that seem so real, as well as more random animated mobs, villagers, and paintings included in this texture mod. Richer colours, animated lighting, and animated firearms are some additional features.

For animated improved skies, biome colours, lighting, HD typeface, terrain blocks, commodities, guis, and mobs, you’ll need OptiFine. With full HD texture support, a variety of setup options, and speedier performance, OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod. Therefore, it is advised to pair this with Glimmar’s Steampunk.

3. Lithos

Other Best Minecraft Texture Packs did not give as many Mods support as Lithos does. Lithos is focused on making the default Minecraft textures more recognisable.

Construction blocks are still similar to default blocks in terms of colour and brightness, and colour schemes function the same way in default and Lithos. Textures are also made to be as appealing as possible, and the entire pack has a unified aesthetic.

It completely changes all default textures, has a more familiar default appearance with appealing detail, and replaces all default textures. Random Mobs for the majority of common mobs (MCPatcher Optifine required), Numerous small 3D enhancements, A Lot of Random, Alternate Textures (without MCPatcher Optifine! used for #1), 62 mods are supported, in addition to a consistent, user-friendly GUI, a readable font, and early snapshot support.

4. ZeldaCraft

This pack is based on “The Legend of Zelda,” and it emphasises keeping the two games in balance so that you can play Zelda-style adventures while still focusing on Minecraft’s survival. Players can access new resource packs, redesigned user interfaces, updated redesigned enemies, fresh sounds, catchy Zelda music, and animated textures in ZeldaCraft.

When you choose the Legend of Zelda, you receive a better display and graphics based on the story, but you may still play the standard Minecraft Mode because this Texture Pack provides you a separate game mode inside the one you are already playing.

It has more than 100,000 installations, however the sad thing is that its developers no longer update it; the most recent update was in 2017.

5. Rovescio NES

One of the best Minecraft texture packs is Rovescio NES, which includes new blocks with a honey or bee theme with icons for hunger, saturation, quick damage, and health. All Bee Textures, Bee Nest, Bee Hive, Wax Block, Honeycomb, Honey, Crystallized Honey, 3D Doors, 3D Rails, 3D Ladders, and Wolf Textures are among the 3D models in this texture mod. This Minecraft Texture Pack is awesome, and you’ll undoubtedly have fun with it.

6. Mine Wars

Are you a Stat Wars series fan? Some intriguing features are offered by the Best Minecraft Texture Packs, but Mine Wars went above and beyond. You may enjoy Stella Wars to its fullest using Minecraft, but you’ll need MCPatcher to get the enhanced lighting, unique sky, and other features!

This mod offers a darker, 1616 pack created by combining multiple existing Stella Wars texture packs that have been abandoned, as well as lightsabers, blasters, and everything else you’d need to fully enjoy Stella Wars in Minecraft. Even though it’s an older Minecraft texture pack, this one contains some great mods.

7. Adventure Time Craft

If you’re a fan of the Adventure Time animated series, playing with this, of the Minecraft texture packs will be a blast. Fin and Jake are the two best friends featured in Adventure Time Craft. You can play as Fin and Jake to smash blocks, visit their treehouse, explore the candy kingdom, meet other of their cool friends, and process bubble gum.

Minecraft Texture Packs
Minecraft Texture Packs

This texture pack includes new clock and compass animations, fireworks, new blocks compatible with 1.5.1, horse textures, zombie pigmen, and improved GUIs. Even if you have never watched the cartoons, you will undoubtedly enjoy this texture mod because it has more than 600,000 instals and is a popular choice among many people.

8. MoreFPSPack

The name speaks for itself. Even on low-end PCs, you can play the game at 60+ frames per second thanks to this pack. Though it doesn’t fully remove the typical Minecraft look and feel when you start looking at the entities, the game appears more simple than you are used to.

9. 2×2 Texture

True to its name, this one the best Minecraft texture packs drastically increases the lower resolution texture change by making the textures 2 × 2.

In its native version, Minecraft set 16 x 16 as the minimum resolution by default. Although the developer preserved some textures at 4 × 4 to keep the game functional, what you encounter in this pack may initially appear to be a problem.

10. Pixelate

When it comes to specific blocks, this texture pack doesn’t put too much of a strain on the game, but it still produces good results.

It concentrates on extra items like fire, glass, flowers, and rain that might not require the most attention during gaming, in contrast to other packs. With few cosmetic concessions, it improves FPS performance.

This is the texture pack you should download if you require a smooth frame rate but do not want a simplistic Minecraft world.

11. AlluringBliss

This one of the best light-weight Minecraft texture packs with a bright design makes numerous small adjustments to make your game feel more authentic.

This texture pack has a lot to offer, from the realistic fire to the way wood and dirt textures are characterised. It gives the entire universe a classically royal, knightly appearance.

Even the sky’s textures have an old-fashioned vibe to them. We advise you to look at the best armour enchantments and sword enchantments in Minecraft to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and grow powerful in this mediaeval world.

12. Andorhal HD

This texture collection provides you with a vibrant, realistic universe. The textures are fixed at 64 x 64 pixels, which isn’t very high, but the colours are more brilliant and the FPS will benefit.

It’s a little bit more powerful than Alluring Bliss and only needs a medium-range PC’s power. When you enter a village, the lush grass, fresh lamps, and more varied woodlands are immediately noticeable.

As you progress through the game, you will learn about the other new improvements.

13. ModernArch R

ModernArch R is a realistic texture collection based on contemporary interiors with three tiers of paid textures that is updated frequently.

Custom 3D models of the game blocks are also included for interior decoration. Furthermore, you may download the same resolution pack for free that was used in the screenshot up above.

The original Minecraft aesthetics are just going to make you want to avoid going any higher than this.

14. Rodrigo’s Pack

With its few blocks, this soft-styled texture pack not only gives your environment a rubbery appearance but also improves performance.

You won’t notice the 8 × 8 blocks in Rodrigo’s Pack decreasing your quality. The designers worked hard to preserve the Minecraft aesthetic while slapping on a cartoonish veneer.

It is one of the most enjoyable packs to play with a performance bump as a result.

15. Pastel Craft

Pastel Craft, one of the best Minecraft texture packs, emphasises colour and comical effects while maintaining the individuality of each block.

Many cartoon- or minimal-style packs have a tendency to oversimplify the blocks so much that it takes extra work to recognise them.

This pack is one of many restricted ones that emphasises maintaining excellent quality while pixelation is used to create a comical impression.

16. Hafen

In a literal translation from German, Hafen is rendered as pottery. Additionally, this texture pack offers your scene a clay-like appearance.

This is the best-looking cartoonish texture collection for Minecraft, with the most dynamic textures. It has a strong emphasis on aesthetics and the interaction of colours, which is seen in how well each hue blends with the others in this pack.

17. Star Odyssey: Beyond Space

This resource pack, which was largely influenced by the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, gives you a full experience with oddly accurate sounds, new mob skins, and new general textures for the game. As you can see, it’s a little bit brighter than the typical Minecraft, but when darkness falls, things significantly alter. To get the most out of this pack, keep in mind that you must install Optifine in Minecraft.

18. Overgrowth

With this texture pack, the game is not only more engaging and realistic but also feels darker at night (see screenshot comparison above). A new nether, creepers based on different biomes, and many other improvements are added. This Minecraft texture collection continues to receive weekly updates with fresh additions. When you download it, you can investigate more if you want to know where it goes.

19. Bombies 15K

This texture pack has low-quality blocks, which is easier on the visuals and results in higher FPS. Additionally, it makes your sword smaller so you can see foes around corners more easily. Additionally, there are meticulously crafted armors that can serve as a distraction when you wish to stand out or as camouflage in the appropriate environment.

20. Bloom

This retro-styled texture pack will instantly transport you back to the era of classic video games, when it was illegal to play Contra on mobile devices. Unfortunately, the impacts are restricted to the world blocks and do not alter the creatures.

Minecraft Texture Packs
Minecraft Texture Packs

The same Minecraft critters will still be available for you to play with, but in a backdrop that is more reminiscent of the colourful, retro pixelated universe that served as inspiration.

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These are the best Minecraft texture packs available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows 10, and Steam platforms. Although there are thousands of these textures available, I tried my best to grab the most popular ones because they are the most realistic you can get. Therefore, you can use all of these since they are free if you’re like me and don’t like the default Minecraft Skin and need a realistic texture.

That’s all about the 20 Best Minecraft Texture Packs For PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10 And 11.


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